thahaan (a true love) part 5

the episode start with roshni calls bihaan and bihaan goes thapki fumes and decided to follow him. bihaan and roshni reached a hotel and thapki follows them bihaan and roshni go inside.Roshni” now bihaan u want to thank thapki for understanding u so firstly u have to tell me her favr8 things food etc.then i will decorate this room very nicely”. bihaan ” oh roshni i don’t know much about her but i know that she loves spicy thing and she like SRK style” roshni” oh great now i decorate the room and order some spicy food now u think what about SRk style ok i m going and sending her u think quickly”. bihaan thinks and got an idea he inform roshni to send thapki. roshni call thapki and say that bihaan is calling u urgently please reach the hotel” thapki is there so she went inside and wonders why bihaan calls her.

she get into a room it was dark in the room she can’t see anything suddenly lights get on and she see the wonderful decoration and a thank u card which bihaan has written for her. she smiles suddenly bihaan comes in SRK style and say “aye simran aise bade bade sehro mai choti choti baatein to hoti rhti hai naa”. thapki smiles and say wow bihaan wonderful very nice.U won my heart today and happily she hugs him ( hua hai aaj pehlibaar) plays. bihaan says” oh chuk chuk gari ur welcome if u understand me then its my duty to give smile in ur face. i do it with help of roshni who is my best friend. thapki say ” now she is also my gud friend” her misunderstanding gets clear. thahaan do dinner their and come home they both sleep and they r very happy but they both don’t know the reason of happiness( it was the happiness which one can feel when love happens).

it is morning roshni harsh and thahaan is doing breakfast.harsh informs everyone that he is going to kanpur for a bussiness trip so thapki & bihaan have to look after the house( it was harsh and roshni plan to bring them closure). thahaan agrees when harsh is leaving the house roshni tell him to unite them the vasu truth have to reveal infront of thapki. roshni calls paan and tell him to help him for god sake. paan agrees here bihaan is trying to reveal shraddha’s truth infront of family so that thapki can prove innocent before the family. thapki(in her mind) what will happen if bihaan know about her mother his heart will broken what will he feel. paan calls thapki to meet him urgently without informing bihaan and come at film studio.thapki say ok and said bihaan that she is going to meet her friend. thapki reaches the place and see paan and ask him why did he called her.

precap: paan show thapki the photograph in which vasu face is very clear and bihaan is standing their and dhruv is faint in the photo. thapki get shatters

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  1. Finally truth came out we will enjoy thahaan’s romantic scenes

  2. Finally the truth came out


  4. yes frnds truth will come out

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