thahaan (a true love) part 4

the episode start with bihaan promise that he will change his habit and impressd thapki.Harsh come and said “oh roshni and bihaan u here we have to go hotel for the lunch so come as i promise roshni.” harsh and roshni go to hotel with car and our thahaan in bihaan’s bike.They all reached and have their lunch after it all decided to eat icecream everyone order their favr8 icecream but our bihaan orders vanilla icecream and everyone shock including thapki.Roshni is happy as she knew bihaan do this for thapki thapki asks bihaan “bihaan have u left ur habit?” bihaan said ” no thapki i thought to try something new” .thapki in her mind Oh bihaan u felt so embrassing by my words i m really sorry. They all reached home and thahaan went to their room thapki try to talk to bihaan but she didn’t get a chance. Harsh come and talk to bihaan that u love teddy bear i bought some for u. bihaan say”no harsh it was my old habit now i m boy i like bikes awesome bikes”. harsh say ok and went sadly.thapki found it strange and feels bad.She said” bihaan i want to talk to u. plz tell me why u left ur habits which u love the most if its because of me i m really sorry for it but please don’t left them”

bihaan says “oh mahan aatma u think that its not a boy’s choice so i want to show u that bihaan pandey is a boy who don’t want anybody to laugh at me.”thapki laughs and take a teddy bear and said” take it bihaan it’s yours and one more thing if a person change his/her habits or behavior he/she doesn’t remain natural.Everyone love and likes natural guy no one want anything artificial or created so how can one like artificial people tell me? am i wrong U r a Moti Budi”. she smiles and bihaan also smiles suddenly she went outside and brings strawberry icecream they both eats and laugh. thapki say ” bihaan remember my word always be natural ok” and she goes. bihaan in his mind thank u thapki to understand me. it was evening and thapki is making tea suddenly bihaan comes and lifts her from behind she is shock and cried oh bihaan what did u do? r u crazy? bihaan is shock and said” oh chuk chuk gari its u i thought…..

thapki interferes and said” what u thought bihaan tell me. i thought u r gud but i m wrong” she try to go but bihaan stops her and said” firstly listen to me i thought u r roshni and i m always gud it’s u who misguide me ok” then thapki said”oh roshni is ur friend how can u left her from behind its not gud.” bihaan ” what not gud we r friends and roshni had no problem with it” thapki go and she is very angry she thought this roshni is very clever and come to snatch bihaan from whole family. they all r angry from him and now if they come to know that that roshni is snatching bihaan from them they become very angry from me also.What i do. SHE IS MISGUIDING roshni and roshni want to unite thahaan.She is planning with harsh to unite them. harsh give her a idea and they both say fabulous now we will clear their misunderstanding and sown a seed of love in their mind.

it was night thapki try to tell bihaan roshni’s truth but she fails.roshni calls bihaan and he goes thapki fumes.

precap: roshni and bihaan come to a hotel and thapki follows them.

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