thahaan (a true love) part 3

the episode start with everyone clapping and praises thahaan for their performance.harsh come and praised thahaan “woh bihaan i doesn’t know that u r such a gud dancer.oh i see i know it’ because of bhabhi’s love.her love make u such a gud dancer.” and thahaan look each other bihaan says “what r u saying harsh. i m always a gud dancer.” harsh give a smile emotican and went away.suddenly a girl come and hug bihaan and bihaan smiles and say “oh roshni u what a pleasant suprise”(u all can assume sara khan as roshni.she has a positive character in my ff)
roshni” come bihaan let’s dance” bihaan agreed and went with her. thapki in his mind( what a girl she is; just ignored me and this bihaan also doesn’t introduced me)

bihaan and roshni danced on manma emotion jaage.thapki get jealous.The party gets over everyone goes and roshni stays as bihaan stops her. thapki fumes (why she doesn’t go). bihaan comes in the room and see thapki’s red face and say “oh chuk chuk gari what happened. why u seems angry plz tell me”. thapki says “oh u r asking me.Mr.bihaan pandey i know that our relation is only a mistake only a curse but everyone doesn’t know it then why r u dancing with a girl infront of everyone tell me? bihaan said “oh mahan aatma b 4 bihaan pandey doesn’t show anyone anything.All r my frnds there and all know that roshni is my best friend so what is problem and it was u that have problem because u r jealous that someone is my frnd that bihaan pandey who is very bad had a frnd.Oh please leave me it is my life my choice no one has right to interfere in my life”. bihaan goes angrily thapki repents oh what i did he become angry Oh sit.

next day thapki try to make him happy but she fails.she write a sorry letter and placed under his pillow. bihaan pick it and read it oh chuk chuk gari is sorry for her deeds but i know it was not her fault she fear for this so called SAMAJ. suddenly thapki comes and bihaan says “it’s gud that u say sorry other than i will throw u from this house”. thapki says”oh bihaan pandey i just do it as my papa told me not to let anyone cry or sad because of u so i do it”. bihaan “oh then why u let the whole family heart broken because of u tell me?” thapki ignores and go. bihaan “i know it was happen because of shraddha i will sure expose her. i promise u thapki”. roshni comes and say “bihaan come with me please”. bihaan goes and see that it was a beautiful teddy bear which bihaan loves very much.He recalls the moment when bihaan say to roshni that he love teddy bear a lot.bihaan thanks her then thapki comes and say “oh bihaan pandey u love those things which girls like that strawberry flavored icecream and now teddy bear so funny”

roshni says “yes thapki bihaan likes all this but why u so happy.” thapki says ” u never understand roshni”. bihaan ” leave her roshni she is mad who laugh sometimes and become angry sometimes”. thapki” i will not talk to u but it is right ur favr8 things r like girls.i dont know the reason but is very funny” thapki laughs and goes.bihaan get angry but suddenly he also laughed as he also thought that thapki is right oh i m like girls no no no. roshni get puzzled but she is happy as thapki changed him and now he will leave his habit.
precap: bihaan promises that he will change his habit and made thapki impressed.

Frnds my net pack finishes and i m sorry as i don’t know when will i update the next part but i will try my best.

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  4. Hi!! Keep updating.. Mainly thanks for daily updates….ur Thapki is so good….keep going…….

  5. I read ur ff just now and I liked it a lot, so cute to see Thapki’s jealousy 😛


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