thahaan (a true love) part 2

the episode start with it was morning and thapki wakes up and bihaan also wake up and said “oh mahan atma u wake up i m going to bathroom.” saying this bihaan gets up and went to the bathroom bt suddenly thapki stops him and try to go inside the bathroom and their nok jhok starts. bihaan “see thapki i m still worried for the whole family and u also troubling me.plz humein phle jane do.”

thapki”so u want to say only u care for them not i and i m not troubling me u r the person who is troubling me why u came with me if u have problem with me. b 4 bihaan pandey so plz don’t argue with me.”bihaan “oh i m argueing wow so nice the person who helped u; who take u here.who broke a mum’s heart is bad only u mahan aatma is right. fine i don’t want the day will become bad for me by quarreling with u. go first i will wait “. thapki ” so u surrender before me ” bihaan fumes and try to stop her bt she went inside.
it is lunch time and harsh inform thahaan about the evening party and tell them to wear beautifull dresses. thahaan agrees.

it is evening and thapki is wearing a beautiful dress and she was ready. bihaan come wearing a black suit looking very handsome. bihaan sees her and they both look each other.bihaan in his mind oh how beautiful she is looking. thapki also in his mind how handsome he is looking. thapki asks him how she was looking. he said not like my katrina but u r looking gud. bihaan also asks her and she also reply not so much bt seems gud.
the party starts all guests r enjoying but our thahaan stay away thinking about their family.harsh come and take them with him and come on stage and says”ladies and gentlemen now the most beautiful jodi thapki and bihaan will dance infront of us and entertain us. so give a big hand for them”. thahaan doesn’t want to do but harsh agreed them. thahaan dances on “sanam re”and everyone claps.

precap: bihaan dances with a girl and thapki get jealous

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  1. Hi….friend Anubhuthi,your imagination power absolutely good.Interesting way of writing,anyway keep going …..waiting for next part.

  2. Wow I loved it a lot especially thahaan nok-Jhok n blossoming love, n thanks for updating it in English n sanam re I love that song a lot was great imagining thahaan dance on sanam re

  3. hey anubhuti your storyline is gud
    thanxx for writing it in english
    but plzz don’t stop writing
    post the nxt part soon
    waiting to see jealous thapki!!.

  4. And one more thing make it a little bit long
    hope u don’t mind me asking so many thing at one time

  5. Awesome

  6. Thanks for English to write. Way of stories is good …..

  7. ok frnds i will try to make it long and try tp post regularly

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