thahaan ( a true love) part 19


The episode start with thapki is crying and recalling her moments with bihaan she cried and say,”oh bihaan where have u gone? U know I love u a lot and can’t live without u. No thapki its not time for crying u have to do something to rescue him.” Thapki thinks.
At bihaan’s home
Everyone is waiting for thahaan and get worried as they haven’t come yet. Kiran said,” dadi ma I think they r spending quality time with each other.hope they come soon.” Dadi ma say:” may be u r right.”
Here thapki is running on the road suddenly she collides with some girls she say sorry to them ( they r non other all girls who r fan of thahaan my dear friends mineey, fatarajo, prtibha, shruti,vennila,pooja, nisi etc. Whoever is on the page is part of my ff who help thapki to rescue bihaan.they r members of crime investigation agency CIA)
They saw thapki sad and asked about it. Thapki told them.mineey said:”don’t worry thapki we will helped u to rescue bihaan after all we r big fan of bihaan.”

Pooja said;” don’t be surprised thapki we all know u & bihaan ur neighbour dimpi aunti is my mausi she always told me about ur story so we become a huge fan of u & bihaan.”
Prtibha said:” now its our duty to helped u.” Fatarajo said:” is anyone ur enemy? Or someone who loved bihaan madly.”thapki told them about shraddha who always create problems in their life.
Shruti said:”no I think it was someone else who kidnap him.”
All began to think suddenly thapki received a video in which bihaan is faint and muttering thapki’s name and calling her to save him.a lady laughs and say no she never come here(u can assumed ritika of MATSH as amisha who is madly in love with bihaan)
Thapki cries and girls console her

Precap: thapki come to save bihaan amisha points gun at her

Credit to: anubhuti

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  1. Dear Anu,iam extremely happy and thankful to you for mentioning my name,its a really a great surprise.nice ff……once again thank you…………….

  2. How sweet Anubhuti thanks for including all TPK fans in your ff haha I imagined myself asking Thapki is anyone your enemy? 😛 and I didn’t comment these days as I was busy but I read all the episodes 🙂

    1. Its my pleasure to include u frnd

  3. Nice episode.Thnx anubhuti my frnd 4 introducing all of us as d pt of ur ff??? nd also Thnx 4 taking my suggestion. But prcp is nt good.

  4. Why didn t you include me??
    Won t you like. people from Kerala??

    1. No sannu u r included I have written whoever is in the page is part of my ff

  5. Superb creativity, U using thahaan fans names in your fan fiction, it’s really awesome. U using my name also, thank u so much for consider me as your friend.
    I loved your ff.
    Present Story track also very nice, I like it. I am very happy bcos u update your fan fiction regularly, so once again thanks ya

  6. OMG!!! How did u get this idea…..of including us. I mean its fabulous….Anubhuti. Great job yarr. Thankyou so much for making me a part of this. I am so glad.
    i can imagine myself as CIA agent Lol.
    superb episode egaerly Waiting for the next part.

  7. Wow yaar nice…eagerly waiting for next episode

  8. Thank u for adding me I m very happy to be a part of ur ff..

  9. Hey Anubhooti…wow yr superb….m so glad to being a part of it …really nice n i can imagine myself as Agent Prtibha…

  10. fantastic idea dear.keep it up.

  11. Next episode in publish karoge. ..

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