thahaan ( a true love) part 17

the episode start with thapki & bihaan both are looking at their mobiles and want to call each other they try to call but the phone is going engage. they both sat sadly and recalling each other.(ye duriyan plays)

everone is doing dinner but our charming princess is sad but she also don’t want to make their parent sad so she is doing dinner quietly. she saw bihaan sitting beside her and smiling seeing her.she smiles but suddenly she saw he vanished oh! she was dreaming by open eyes.
thapki comes in her room and sat sadly:”oh what had happened to me why i m recalling him everytime.he is my husband i have done a bad job by coming here i can’t leave him i love u bihaan pandey. i really love u”. she hugs her photo( na na na plays).
suddenly she heard a voice ;”u r searching me there and i m standing here my chuk chuk gadi”. she says:” bihaan!oh i m dreaming again i have gone mad”.”no mahan aatma u r not dreaming ur dream boy is standing in front of u.see”.
thapki says:” u here but how is anyone saw u.”bihaan puts finger in her mouth & says:” B 4 bihaan pandey wife B 4 bak bak na karo. i have come here to spend a quality time with u so don’t waste the time by asking silly questions. i have bring CHAT for u i know in my absence u had eaten little bit.” thapki say:” don’t talk to me u haven’t call me from afternun. u B 4 bihaan B 4 bad husband i m angry and leave me alone.” bihaan sings (MAIN TENU SAMHJAWA KI NA TERE BAJU LAGDA G TU KI JANE PYAR MERE MAI KARU INTZAAR TERA TU DIL TU U JAAN MERI JAAN MERI). thapki smiles and hugs her they start to eat chat suddenly someone knock the door. bihaan jumps and say:” mar gaya” thapki worries and say;” go hid in bathroom.” bihaan hides
thapki open the door and saw shubh she says:” what happen shubh? any problem.” “didi i have a problem in mathematics plz help me na”. shubh says.
thapki began to solve the problems and bihaan who is hiding in bathroom thinking ( why did he come here plz go)
after some time shubh thanks thapki and go from there.thapki got relief. bihaan comes outside the bathroom and say;” saale sahab i show u one day”. thapki says:” leave it now come we have to eat the chat”
they both spend a romantic time with each other and thapki saw the time and say:” bihaan its almost 12 u have to go from here.” bihaan:” u want me to go from here”.
bihaan hugs her and kissed her and say:” take care i will soon come here to take u from here.” bihaan go near window and slips with help of a rope suddenly he is about to fall thapki sees it and smiles bihaan also see her and smiles. he gives her a flying kiss and she also give him.
bihaan say bye to her and goes.

hope u like it frnds
give ur views

precap:someone call thapki and said that ur husband is kidnap.
she gets shocked and cry

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  1. Interesting very interesting.keep your writing style and realistic way of writing.

  2. Wow…. It’s superb, I like it

  3. nice one. thnks for keeping the track romantic .continue in this manner.

  4. Romantic..

  5. Lovely episode

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