thahaan ( a true love) part 16

the episode start with thahaan take blessing from guru g.He blessed them and after some time he goes.
after 2 or3 days all the family members are doing breakfast thapki is looking worries and and dadi ma asked her why she is sad.
thapki said:” dadi ma actually i m missing ma papa aditi & shubh i want to meet them. so i want permission that will i go there?”
dadi ma smiles and say:” ok beta u can go i am giving u permission”.
after listening dadi’s words thapki hugs her but our bihaan is sad as he didn’t want to that thapki will go there.
bihaan comes in his room angrily and said:” oh chuk chuk gadi haven’t told me i m much angry from u”.thapki comes and hugs him from behind but bihaan didn’t look her. thapki try to convince him and said;” oh my dear bihaan plZ try to understand i really want to meet them if u love me u will give me permission. i also don’t want to leave u but aditi tell me that papa is ill and he want to meet plzz jane do”.

bihaan agrees and said that only for u and only for sasur g i m giving u permission” thapki hugs him and say thank u husband g.(na na na plays).IN AFTERNUN thapki is leaving from pandey nivaas and taking blessing from elders. dadi says:” bihaan i m giving u permission its ur duty to drop thapki to her home.bihaan nods
thahaan reached at thapki residence.
everyone welcome thahaan and poonam do aarti.
thapki enters and bihaan says;” take care and i m going from here as i have a urgent work.
he goes. thapki asks her father about his health. he say:” u have come now i will be fine”
its evening and everyone is drinking TEA but our beautiful princess thinking about his handsome husband.aditi understand it and says:” di what r u thinking? is about jiju hun”.thapki said:” no aditi u r becoming SHAITAN day by day.” but thapki is still thinking about bihaan and (in his mind) u havent call me yet .r u angry from me.oh bihaan i m much worry about u( changing his tone) now u showing me attitude i also doesn’t call u bihaan pandey.
shubh said;” di jiju calling u. ur phone is ringing”. thapki rushes to see but shubh is done it to tease her. poonam and krishnikant laugh.

everyone is sitting at dining table and drinking tea but same condition here also our bihaan is thinking about thapki and want to call her but he didn’t do so.
kiran and dhruv teases him and dadi ma & bauji laughs and vasu also laughs
hope u like it

precap: bihaan come to meet thapki at night

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  2. today only i read ur ffs n i liked it a lot especially the valentine time.i will try my best to read it regularly n encourage u as u are a good writer.plz try to include thahaan romance more as i saw u have done earlier.Last but not the least thank u so much for encouraging me n sorry as i couldn’t do it for u earlier.

  3. Really like it and also satisfied.keep going without losing your storyline.Anu,iam sorry for the last comment i dont want to hurt you, i will tried to encourage you….dont feel bad about me.plssssss.

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  5. Awesome yaar. waiting 4 d nxt pt.

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