thahaan (a true love) part 15

The essence of romantic love is that wonderful beginning, after which sadness and impossibility may become the rule.
thahaan love is also like this. there life is imcomplete without each other but after they meet each other there life’s complete.

dear frnds as my exam finishes i m back with my ff.
the epi start with thahaan is in their room and bihaan says:” oh thapki i can’t believe yet that i m in love.” thapki kiss him on his cheeks and said:” now u believe that u r in love samjhe”.
bihaan hugs her and said:” yes my better half ” thapki said:”oh u speaks english very gud husband g”.
kiran comes and inform thahaan that dadi is calling them.
thahaan comes in hall and dadi said that a priest who is her teacher and want to bless thapki & bihaan. thahaan said:”ok dadi ma” thapki began to do arrangement for his arrival.
GURU G comes and dadi ma touches his feet he blessed her. everyone take blessing from him. when thahaan is about to touch his feet then he said:”oh the true lovers the symbol of true love
a kind of unconditional love is here i know all about u. i know past future and present.”
guru g blessed them and sit on sofa and take long breath and said:”i know about ur previous life and the most emotional and example of true love.” suman said:” guru g plz tell us the story.”
guru g closes his eyes and said :” long long ago when thapki & bihaan is not humans they r elephants a beautiful couple.

the both baby elephants play together spend whole day with each other. time passes now they r young. female elephant is very beautiful and appearing like princess, male one is also very handsome and good looking.
they both r making garlands for their marriage . they both put the garlands in each other neck. all animals claps and nature is blessing them.
one day female elephant is resting near the river and thinking about her husband suddenly she saw fire coming out from forest. she is stunned and say:”oh my beloved is in forest picking flowers for me oh i have to save him.”
she went there she saw that fire surrounds her husband she cried:” oh my dear.” male elephant saw her and said;” why u come here my love why u endangered ur life go from here else the fire also surrounds u”

she said;” no i will not go anywhere i m here with u. we will live together and die together”.
now the fire surrounds her and male one is free to go but he didn’t move and said;” u endangered ur life for me i also doesnt go now whole world will see a true love that what can one do for his/her love.”after that when does their eyes are closed they didn’t realised.
the lovers end but their true love never ends.” guru g finish his story all of them get teary eyed and thahaan look each other and take blessing from guru g.

hey friends hope u like it
give ur views

precap: not decided

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  1. welcome back,how is your exams………iam not fully satisfied with your present ff,hey……dont get disappoint take it as a positive way and tried to write can dear.

  2. Good work anubhuti.
    keep writing.
    waiting for the nxt part.

  3. ok my dear pooja
    i have plot the new ff story and soon i will end this one
    thanks for ur suggestion
    i have done best in my xam

  4. Nice episode.

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