thahaan (a true love) part 14…Valentine special

hey my dear friends as u all r liking my ff so i m writing this special epi for u all.
the episode start with thapki saying to bihaan that:” today is hug day and i want to hug u so tightly that their r no space for air to pass from us.” bihaan ;” oh my dear thapki u bring happiness in my life and i m always with u as ur shield who protect and by the way i haven’t take bath so if u wan’t to hug me than u can but don’t say after that i m don’t so romantic.” thapki annoys and say;” u never changes but i will hug u as i love u a lot.”Saying this thapki hugs him. they totally lost in their thoughts( i love you song plays).
this is called true love my dear friends u can’t imagine ur life without ur partner. the heart was urs but it beats for anyone else.U can’t bear tears in ur partner’s eyes. thahaan loves is also like this.

NEXT DAY bihaan plans a romantic date for thapki it was kiss day today. bihaan says:” oh MAHAN AATMA leave all this and come with me and before this u have to covered ur eyes.” thapki say :” but where”. bihaan forcely take her and they reached near a beautiful lake where bihaan arrange everything. thapki opens her eyes and saw the beautiful scene. the moonlight is awesome the flowers look amazing. stars are twinkling and the most the TWINKLE TWINKLE THAPKI STAR. The nature is witness of thahaan true love.
thapki smiles and look lovingly at bihaan & say:” oh my dear romantic husband u r so nice u plans it for me. i love it and i love u the most.” bihaan say:” my wife thapki today is kiss day. will u not kiss me only SHUKA SHUKA thanks no i want kiss from u”. thapki blussed but as she is DHARAM PATNI so she have to do it. thahaan kissed each other and after a long kiss they separate but they r very happy. bihaan says:” thapki i also want one morething for u .a answer for a question.

he sit on knees and say oh dear thapki bihaan pandey will u marry me again.i want to marry u tommorow.” thapki say:” yes i want to forget everything and i want to start a new life”. bihaan becomes happy. a cute child come and thapki holds him and bihaan says:” thapki will our children be so cute.they called u mumma and i plays with him” thapki blussed and say:” oh bihaan u r too naughty”. the child’s mother come and take him from there.
thahaan have their dinner and returned back.

next day everyone is so excited as today is the marriage of our beautiful thahaan.
dadima say to servant:” decorate the pandey nivaas as u beautiful u can. today is marriage of my grandchild and my dear thapki.
suman preeti is also busy.they talked :”oh wow bihaan devar g and thapki’s marriage. we have to look beautiful.”
everyone is busy in doing arrangements and our thahaan don’t miss a chance to romance but suddenly vasu comes and say:” today before the marriage u can’t meet each other ok”. they become sad and thapki goes with vasu.
it was evening and everyone is lookling the beautiful decoration. the DULHA Bihaan comes and everyone look at him he is looking so handsome that each & every girl want to leave her bf or husband and thinks that oh KAASH he is my partner.
bihaan comes and look here & there. sanjay taunts him that whom u r searching is coming down.thapki comes she is looking beautiful and bihaan looks at her and insists that she is looking awesome.

the marriage time comes but kiran want a dance of our thahaan.
bihaan dances on( mujhse shaddi karogi) thapki also joins them . both of them r looking beautiful.
the pandits chant the MANTRAS and the marriage starts everyone is happy for them.
finally no problems in their life and thahaan can live their life peacefully.
pandit says;” now both of u stand for the PHERAS. thahaan do the pheras and after that bihaan puts mangalsutra in thapki’s neck.

the marriage no one can separate them, thahaan take the blessing from elders.
everyone blessed them and is very happy to see them together.
it was night and SUHAGRAT of thahaan.
thapki is siting on bed. bihaan comes hesitately he said:” u sleep on bed i will sleep on sofa”. thapki said:” dont do acting now no one separate us and thahaan will live together.” bihaan laughs and say Gajab my chuk chuk gadi become smart.

bihaan turn the light off and after that no shraddha and no vasu create problems in their life.
they live peacefully and this valentine day solve all problems in their life.

hope u like it
give ur views

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  1. Wow!!! Superb… it the last part or will u continue updating yaar….

  2. It will be good if u continue but u prefer ur good…….

  3. It’s Superb! is it the last ep? or will u be updating dear…

  4. Mindblowing imagination of THAHAANS life,iam a regular reader of your fan fiction.But,you already said that you are busy for preparing exam…so..dont waste more time for FANFICTION.Iam so happy to read this and this is a small advise for you to concentrate exams after that you must continue this.GOODLUCK.

    1. thanks pooja for ur comment and its was my last epi
      i tried to continue after the completion of my exam
      thanks to understand me

  5. This episode was soooo cute……. And very Romantic……..! I love it……..


    After finishing your exam, plz try to continue your fan fiction…,
    I am waiting…………!

  6. Very romantic can u continue or not

  7. Hey anubhuti ur ff was awesome I loved all the 14 episodes a lot among which this one is the best u just combined everything well done and I hope u come up with a new ff after your exams good luck for your exams 🙂

    1. thanks fatarajo for ur comment

  8. Nice and all d best for ur exams….

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