thahaan (a true love) part 12

the episode start with thahaan are talking to each other. thapki;” bihaan what will happen if my mom dad doesn’t accept our relation .” bihaan comes near her and say:” my innocent thapki no one can separate us and if some one do so it was the last day of my life” thapki put her hand on his mouth and say:” how can u die leaving me alone thahaan will live together and die together. we r two body one sole (hum mar jayenge) plays. thapki hugs him.

next day thahaan decided to tell everyone about them.they r trying to tell them suddenly krishnkant and poonam enters and thapki rushes to them she hugs them. krishnkant say:” thapki beta we come here as today the 3 months get over so we bring the divorce paper, thapki is sad & whole pandey family become sad as they know thahaan love each other and they will shattered if they separated. it was the most challenging day for our thahaan as they have to show everyone that they love each other without annoying them. thapki says:” sorry papa but i don’t divorce him as i loves him.Everyone is shocked she continues maa papa i really love him and can’t let him go anywhere from my life. ” poonam says:” what love which kind of love the “love” which give u pains always that love which ruins ur life. i saw pain in ur eyes whenever u come at home. u have to divorce him if u dont then never call me ur mum” thapki cries and say:” maa it was not bihaan who give me pain but others.He always support me he become my shield every time whenever i m in need. maa try to understand. she again cries bihaan can’t see tears in her eyes and say:” sasu maa if u don’t like me then i’ll not come infront of ur eyes but don’t separate us as i loves her i can’t see her pain.” but poonam wants there divorce ( she is doing it intentionally as she want to test bihaan that how much he love thapki. she say:” thapki come with me. we will leave and don’t argue. thapki look at bihaan ( hamari adhuri kahani plays). they get teary eyes. poonam pressurized thapki to come. they r leaving suddenly bihaan say:” no sasu maa u will not take her like this. if a suhagan enters her sasural she will leave from there when her husband died or she died. so i will kill myself then u can take her along with u” he take a knife and try to cut his hand but thapki stops him and say” maa we decided to live together and die together u have to take my dead body with u not me. thahaan look each other and say i love u to each other and put knife in front of there stomach and try to stab but poonam stops them and say:” u both r true lovers i m repenting for my words. u can live together and promise me as today is promise day as u both never separate. thahaan nods and look at each other.

precap: thahaan share some romantic moments as today is valentine day.

friends i still dont know how much u like the ff
i will post the next part on valentine day as it was my last epi
after that my exams r going to started.
please give ur views

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  1. Wow what a fantastic confession of their love.I like it keep going

  2. Nice episode… Plz don’t finish it, after the exam finished then will continue to write. I like this story

  3. awesome episode

  4. Amazing…Superb…i like it very much


  6. Awesome episode.

  7. thank u my friends to encourage me i tried my best

  8. nice episode

  9. Nice yr n i would like to say that u r awesome. I want u to continue this ff but it’s about ur studies so i can’t insist but i don’t want end of it.all the best for ur exams n try to make next part a bit longer if that would b last….tc

    1. ok dear prtibha i will make it long
      thank for ur comments

  10. Nice.
    all the best for ur xams

  11. LOVE this ff jst wisnin 2 get the same ways entering TPK thanx for dis best ff anubhuti

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