thahaan (a true love) part 11

the episode start with thahaan laughing unusually. thapki;” bihaan u always become shield for me. i promise untill i m alive and i have last breadth i never let u go anywhere coz i love u and i can’t see u in problem.” bihaan smiles and say:” oh thapki if u r here to give me problem no one will dare to harm me.” thapki say:” very funny now u see i will create more problem and then u will realise that in love problems r the main companion.” bihaan ;” i loved ur this spirit but i m joking as i know no one can harm me untill u r in my life” and he put hands in her shoulder and say” so mrs. bihaan pandey do u want to sleep or i will go to ram pyari’s home as she love more than u.” thapki fumes and say:” no 1 can love u more than me u have to sleep with me otherwise i’ll divorce u ” bihaan say:” gajab direct blackmailing . no no.i will not go to ram pyari home i will sleep with u.”

thahaan sleeps. It is morning and everyone is doing breakfast but thapki is worried for bihaan as he go somewhere early in the morning after receiving someone call. thapki say:” bauji i m worried for bihaan.his phone is not reachable i m really very worried for him. ” bauji say sanjay to go with thapki to find bihaan.

they leaves thapki is searching bihaan and suddenly she saw bihaan is on other side of road and sees thapki & said;” i m coming chuk chuk gadi wait there.” thapki got a relief as she feels before that her heart is not beating and her life become blank. suddenly she saw A man shooting at bihaan and he cried:” bihaan “!!!
thapki wakes up & cried bihaan!! oh it was her nightmare so horrible. bihaan say:” what happen thapki?” she hugs him tightly and was fully scared.she began to cry as it was most horrible dream for her. bihaan say;” why r u crying dear thapki . I worries please tell me do u see a horrible dream ” thapki say yes and tell him whole her nightmare. bihaan laughs ;” oh thapki u always care for me so u saw this dream. see i m fine thapki got relief she say:” u r right i always thinks about u so i saw this dream but u promised me u not go anywhere today as it was early morning dream and i m scared. promise me” bihaan promises and say:” today bihaan pandey spent his day with b4 beautiful and b4 bihaan pandey’s wife happy now smile” thapki smiles and he say to go and freshnes up.

thapki goes and bihaan say:” how much u cared for me thapki.I love u my love.”
everyone is doing breakfast and kiran say to dhruv:” see bhai how this loving birds try to hide their love from everyone” dhruv say:” yes kiran but i m happy as they accept each other finally. may god blessed them” kiran nods and say:” bihaan bhai i saw some chocolate rapper in ur room do u buy it the previous day” thahaan felt shy and said” no kiran. it wasn’t”. everyone smiles as they understand that loves blossoms in their life.Dadimaa pray for them. bauji give them blessing and say(in mind) may god blessed ur jodi.
kiran says:” may be i m wrong bhai & bhabhi how can chocolates come in ur room.U r two different poles how can u become friend.” thahaan( in their mind) we r two different poles but now we r single sole in two different body. they smiles.

bihaan is in his room but thapki went somewhere. suddenly she comes with beautiful teddy bear as today is teddy day. she give it to him and say:”its for one whom i love most in this world” bihaan smiles and say:” thank u beautiful thapki for this beautiful gift.He kissed her on the forehead and she hugs him

precap: thapki’s mother poonam saying that thapki u have to divorce this man and u have to come with us at agra.

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  1. Superb episode, I like it

  2. Very nice episode.

  3. Thahaan r so romantic very nice

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