thahaan (a true love) part 10

the episode start with it is morning thapki wakes up but bihaan still sleeping. thapki:” u r sleeping bihaan now wake up & go to freshnes up”. bihaan doesn’t response thapki worries and put out the blanket from his face he is awaking and watching photograph of katrina ; thapki become angry & say;” u r betrayer bihaan u cheated me again. Does a married man see another woman or lady instead of her wife. i will not talk to u i m going to my house.” bihAan holds her hand from behind ( aa jao meri tamanna song play from the movie ajab prem ki gajab kahani). bihaan:” oh dear thapki i m just deleting her photos from the mobile. please don’t leave me”. thapki said;” i will not talk to u whole day untill u proof ur innocence.” bihaan thinks oh what i have done. now how i bring smile on her face suddenly he got an idea.

it was afternun all r having lunch but bihaan is not there. Everyone worries for him. thapki thinks its coz of me i say harsh words to him. where did u go bihaan. i m sorry for my behaviour plz come back. bihaan comes and everyone smiles all asked where did he go? He replied:” paan have a urgent work so he calls me”.( in his mind) sorry i m saying lie to u all but what can i do its surprise for my beautiful lovely wife.

He eats his lunch and still thapki don’t talk to him. He feels bad.
it was evening thapki said” oh i just forget today is chocolate day but i’m angry with him now what to do.” suddenly bihaaj enters as a hero and said:” my love its all for u ” . he brings chocolates for her. thapki smiles and said;” u remembered that today is chocolate day thank u my handsome hushand i love u”. bihaan said;” i love u too now we will finish it” thapki said;” i love spicy food it doesn’t mean that i will not eat it. i will finish it alone no need ur help ( thapki smiles but bihaan doesnt notice it ) He give sad emotican .thapki laughs he also laugh with her and said;”

today u r troubling me now i’ll give u punishment u have to kiss me twice”. thapki said” ok my hubby” she kissed him on both cheeks. bihaan say;” now my turn “. thapki :” no bihaan” she began to ran bihaan also followed her suddenly she is about to slip but bihaan saves her and they have a eyelock.( na na na plays). thapki said :” ok u can” bihaan kissed her. they both share some romantic moments .& then they eat chocolates and smile unusually.

precap: bihaan goes somewhere and thapki is searching him suddenly she saw a man shoot bihaan.she cried “bihaan”.

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Shockingg

  3. Nice plz dnt kill bihaan

  4. Angry Thapki and jealous Thapki hahah, and the last part was so romantic 😛 I also love chocolates , precap :O

  5. Nice superb……

  6. Nice but precap is horrible yr

  7. nice episode but I don’t want bihaan to die

  8. Nice but don’t kill bihaan plzz
    anubhuti dear

  9. superb……eagerly waiting for next part

  10. thank u dear friends

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