thahaan ( a true love) last part


Thanks to all to like my ff its a last part as my smartphone is not working properly but I promise I’ll be back with a new ff.
It will be long.

The episode start with thapki is crying and all the girls r consoling her.
Mineey said;” don’t cry thapki bihaan will be back soon.”
Fatarajo said:” yes thapki don’t cry if u lose hope its not good that evil lady will tortured bihaan so wipe ur tears and be brave.”
Prtibha said:” yes now its our duty to bring him back.”
All girls console her suddenly nisi said something to pooja in her ears.
Pooja said to everyone:” have u all saw something the place where bihaan is kidnap seems that its is familiar to us.
Mineey did u remember that we have visited the place before.”
They all began to think suddenly Payal said:” its the godown where WE have rescued Mrs. Tiwari.”
They all jumped with joy
Thapki look puzzled. Girls said:” mission b 4 bihaan ko b 4 bachana start.”
They all planned how to rescue him. They reached the place which is situated a miles away from noida border.
The girls called their some more friends sonnu & kayva.
They surrounds the place and began to fight with goons.
Mineey said to fatarajo:” hey its seems our dream come true. We come here to save bihaan( she fights with a man and is talking to fatarajo).
Fatarajo said:” be careful yar don’t be excited”.
Thapki enters in room and reached near bihaan she saw him and cry. Bihaan also cry.( na na na plays) .thapki began to free him suddenly amisha points gun at him and said:” no thapki its wrong. Now game finishes I kill a wife in front of husband and then i’all marry with u bihaan.”
Suddenly our brave & courageous girls surround Amisha and pooja said:” u r wrong a girl will dead in front of us and then a husband wife will unite.”
Amisha tried to shoot pooja but kavya & soonu caught her from behind.
They all handover her to police and their mission got successful.
Bihaan thanks them and said:” thank u so much to u to help us.”thahaan r returning to home but mineey stop them.
Mineey said:” no not so early come with us we want to give u something.”
They all reached a restaurant where all the girls planned a romantic date for thahaan.
Thahaan get surprised an become happy.
Pooja said:” bihaan g u have to do something as we all r ur fans so u can’t say no to us OK.”
Prtibha said:” u have to purpose thapki in front of us so come on do it.”
All girls cried bihaan bihaan.
Thahaan blussed but bihaan accepted the challenge and try to purpose thapki but he fails.
He said:” thapki I want.. to say…Oh it is so difficult.”
All girls laugh bihaan say:” oh H 4 hum par H 4 Hans the bihaan be brave.”
Fatarajo said:” bihaan g closed ur eyes and than say.”
Thapki said yes may be u can do like that.
Bihaan try to do but he again fails by seeing his childish act all laughs again
Bihaan says:” when I closed my eyes I can’t see u and if I open it I forgot.”
Thapki holds his hand and said:”now u say I know u will do it.”
This time bihaan succeed and say:” thapki I loved u a lot will u marry me?”
Thapki thinks and said:”yes.”
All claps.

Bihaan say:”now happy.” Now can we go.
Vennila said:”first have ur dinner as it was dark.”
They all sit and do dinner. Thahaan lost in each other eyes and fatarajo & mineey said:” uhum uhum.”
Thahaan blussed and began to have their dinner.
When they finished they began to leave but again they stopped them and Payal said:” we want to click a selfie with u.”
Thahaan and all girls posed for selfie.
The photo get clicked after that they gift thahaan a beautiful sketch of them in which thahaan is showed hugging each other and its was written that thahaan a true love.
Thahaan liked it & thanks them
Bihaan said:”u all have gift me now its my turn I will give u a group hug to u.”
Bihaan hugs them.
Thapki also joins them
Bihaan said:” this sketch will be always near my heart. Love u all”
They all said:”love u thahaan”
Thahaan wave bye to them and they also said bye to them
Bihaan gives them flying kiss.
The girls r about to fall.
They all said:”gud nite to them and all give flying kiss to him also.

Here the ff finishes hope u liked it
If anyone not included i. M sorry
But in this all r included.

Credit to: anubhuti

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  1. Great ff i like your story plz make another one…??

  2. wonderful dear.thnku for including me ,i m very happy to see my name.plz come back quickly with another ff.i will be waiting…………………..

  3. I will miss u n ur ff both n please write another ff n b back soon….it was an awesome one n yeah u really wrote correct dialogue of mine..i would have definitely asked bihaan to propose her……feeling like a celebrity……

  4. Oh God!! I am on cloud nine. Bihaan gave flying kiss to us. And a hug too.
    i wish this was true…….
    i am so glad anubhuti u considered me as ur friend.
    thanxx a lot for a wonderful episode
    Plzz come back soon with a new ff. W’ll be waiting…..

  5. Thanks to all to like it
    I will be back with new ff

  6. Nice episode my frnd anubhuti☺.But u didn’t included me I was a little bit upset with u.But it doesn’t matter I understand.

  7. I really miss you dear……to be very frank,i feel a special happiness for you considering me a friend and including me in this super ff…….oh! i couldnot imagine a dialogue with Bihaan its a shocking surprise.onceagain thankyou for considering me…waiting for your coming with a new ff……..

  8. Wow u know anu the day I read ur ff where I was helping Bihaan Bhaia and Thapki didi(:P) I dreamed myself watching cricket match with them lol

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