thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 9) part 02


Episode 9 (part 2)
Here it goes;

Thahaan were dancing. Bihaan hugs thapki from back.
“bihaan……”she sighed deeply.
“hmmm…?” he starts playing with her hair.
“I am sorry.” She exclaimed.
“no…no….thapki , why are u saying sorry?….. I m sorry. I got annoyed. I didn’t even try to understand your situation.” He holds his ears and made a innocent puppy face.
Thapki cross her arms and pull her lower lip to show that she’s still sad and he has to make some more efforts. After all she enjoyed her attention.
“chuk chuk gadi….. c’mon I said sorry na. please smile now.” He requested. But she didn’t give response. He cursed himself for getting angry. He was thinking of how to persuade her.
He turns on music. (jeena jeena – movie badlapur plays)
As he came in front of her she turns her face. He holds her and starts singing. She smiles with blushing. Both hug each other and enjoy that moment.

Shradhaa and dhruv enters in to restaurant.
Shradhaa : this place is so nice.
Dhruv:have a sit. (pull chair for her) so what u wanaa order?
Shradhaa:ok….let me see…
One servant was passing from there with glass of juice and he slips. Glass got bounced in air and juice fall on Shradhaa. She looked like she had a shower in juice.
“ohhh no….my designer saari….” She fumes in anger.
She looked at servant like she will burn him in her anger.
“I m so sorry, ma’am. It happens by mistake.” Servant apologize.
“you rascal, you have no idea what you’d done. You spoil my designer saari , you can’t even imagine it’s prize. You…..illiterate people” she cursed him.
“Shradhaa…..enough” Dhruv shouts at her. “Calm down okay. He already said sorry for a mistake which he didn’t do. He didn’t slip intentionally. So stop screaming.”
He looked at servant and says “it’s okay. You can go now.”
“thank u sir.” Servant leaves.
Dhruv looked at shradhaa. Her face clearly shows what she’s thinking right now. “How could he yell at her in front of everyone. And he take side of a servant not his wife.” She go to washroom.
When she came out, dhruv was standing outside with apology look.
“Shradhaa, I m sorry I shouts at you.”
“it’s okay dhruv. I can understand…”she looked at him with teary eyes. “….that everyone is more important for you than your wife.”
“Shradhaa…. Don’t say that. I can’t see an innocent get insulted.” He said. “you know that you were wrong and you can’t deny that. You could handle that matter with cool mind.”
“I wanna go home.” she ordered.
Manager hears that and rushes towards her.
Manager: ma’am, I say sorry for servant’s mistake. Please ma’am, don’t leave without having dinner.
Shradhaa: no, I don’t want to eat here.
Manager: please ma’am.
Dhruv: c’mon shradhaa, maan jao bhi ab. For me….please?
Shradhaa: okay.
Manager: thank u ma’am. Please come with me.

@Thahaan’s room
Bihaan look at the table and asked. “what’s that?”
Thapki smiles and says “surprise..!!!” she open it . It’s a chocalate cake,”bihaan loves thapki” written on it. Bihaan kissed her on cheek and says “it’s beautiful just like you.”
“let’s cut it together.” she smiles.
They cut cake together and feed each other. Thapki take a piece of cake, bihaan thinks thapki will feed him so he opens his mouth but thapki apply cake on his face. She giggled. He looked at her chaidish laugh. He can’t take off his eyes from her cute smile. He takes a piece of cake and apply on her face. They laugh together. And slowly it disappears. They keep looking in each other’s eyes. Thapki breaks the eye lock and go to wash her face. Bihaan follow her.

Dhruv saw shradhaa eating silently so decide to break sileance.
Dhruv: this restaurant is maa’s favorite one.
Shradhaa: so you like her choice.
Dhruv: like…?? I love her choices. She has nice test.
Shradhaa: dhruv….i m one of her choice. So you like me or love me ?
Dhruv: Actually……
Shradhaa: I know the answer. None of them. You don’t even like me and don’t even love me.
Dhruv : no shradhaa, I like you. You r a nice girl. I know you are disappointed b’cuzz of me. I can’t give you my time . but shradhaa, can’t you see? I am trying.
Shradhaa : I can your trying. You r trying… insulting me in front of everyone.
Dhruv: shradhaa…..don’t start that topic again. Enough talking. Let’s go home.
He leaves.
@Thahaan’s room
(In bathroom)
“chuk chuk gadi….you are washing your face like chuk chuk gadi…. So slow.” he makes faces to her. She smiles in anger.
“if you r in so hurry then..,why don’u try this?” she open up shower and try to run but she slips and bihaan hold her. They lost in each other’s eyes for a while. She stood up with support of his strong arms. Both got wet. She came close to her, she was so close that she can feel his warm breath. She lovingly clean his face, she stops shower. She was about to leave but she felt her pallu got stuck. She closed her eyes and turn pink because she knows it’s bihaan. She turns, “bihaan..what….?” she stops and her blushing vanished. Her pallu was stuck in something else. She releases her pallu and turn to leave. But again she stops, again she felt like her pallu got stuck. She turns with little anger but a cute and full of shyness smile appear on her face. She tries to hide it.
“bihaan…what are u doing” she shows fake anger and try to take it from his hand.
He pull her.
“bihaan……” her hands are weak in front of him. Even she’s giving her fail try. He in pull her and now she is in his arms. She felt like shiver passed down to her spine. He came closer and she step back but His strong grip around her waist does not let her move. Both share an eye lock. Thapki’s hand unknowingly reaches to his neck. They can feel each other’s warm breath. The space between their lips got filled sharply that they didn’t even realize. They lost in each other. They kissed passionately. Thapki’s fingers are runing through his hairs. And bihaan unknowingly rub her waist. He open her blouse doori and touched her back. She came more close to him. Both got separated due to lack of oxygen and found each other patenting. They touched forehead. He kissed on her cheek and her neck. She hugs him more tightly. Bihaan keep kissed her. He gently takes her in arms and went towards bad. They take their marriage to next level.
Episode ends.
(hey guys, I have a question for you. should I turn shradhaa’s character to positive. Or she is good at being dark? Please tell me by comments. Keep motivate me by your comments. Your comments mean a lot to me. Thank u 🙂 )

Credit to: truelove

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  1. amazing.i think u should turn shradha +ve

    1. thanks tara. keep reading.


    1. thanks for suggestion. yes shradhaa loves dhruv so much. i’ll think on it. thanks for commenting. keep readin. 🙂

  3. Pls upload soon… I m waiting…Please change sharadha character positive….

    1. thanks for comment. i’ll upload it soon.

  4. Amazing ? don’t know how many months we have to wait for thahaan romance in original TPK …current track is so bakwass.. Turn shradha positive….

    1. true yaar, current track and specially bihaan’s behaviour is so disturbing. i hope bihaan forgive thapki and become friends again. after she prove his innocence (that he didn’t stab bauji).

  5. turn shraddha ve ok
    love thahaan

    1. thanks anu for comment and suggestion.

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw the ending so cute! I love thahaan in your ff, I wanna see sharddha positive aha, but anyways loved this episode, also I’m writing a new ff called
    Hope you can comment on it, love you..~Nusz

    1. thanks nusz. i read your ragsan ff. it’s awesome. love you too. 🙂

  7. Loved everything about this episode so nice and cute thahaan scenes were sooo good can’t wait for the next part and yes make Shraddha positive can’t tolerate negativity 😛

    1. thanks fatarajo. i love your ff too. it’s awesome.

  8. Yaar true love! U are ane amazing fanfiction writer, real drama main to ye sab kabhi bhi na ho! Thanks yaar for this very update:-) but please, do’nt change sharaddha’s evil behavior, i really love her role! Agar wo change ho gaye to drama ka maza chala jaye ga:-) thanks yaar! Thank you soooo very much!!!

    1. thank you maira. i appreciate your comment. even i was thinking of not to change shraddha’s character. i didn’t decide anything yet. i’ll tell about it in next episode.

  9. Plz upload this episode soon…this drama is thapki pyaar ki????????? A bit cnfused plz clear confusion

    1. it’s fan fiction of thapki pyaar ki but not actual update of serial.

  10. super……loving it

    1. thanks shinny. keep reading and keep commenting.

  11. super……… ??????loving it????

    1. thanks girl. i’m glad you like it. 🙂

  12. I just read this part for the first time and i didn’t like it but i loved it. i think u should turn shardha in possitive

    1. and yes upload soon

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