thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 9) part 01


Episode 9
(first of all I m sorry guys for late update. My ff was not uploaded due to some problems by internet.
Plz do comment about today ‘s episode.)
@dhruv-shradhaa’s room
Vasu : Shradhaa, get ready.
Shradhaa : why mammy ji ?? are we going somewhere?
Vasu : yes, u and dhruv are going for dinner tonight.
Shradhaa: but dhruv is still at office. Why would he come with me? He’s not even interested in me.
Vasu : Shradhaa beta don’t lose hope. That’s why I m sending both of you for dinner. Spend time with him. show your love toward him that he forget thapki.
Shradhaa got glad and takes blessing of vasu.

Bihaan enters and look for thapki. He goes in their room but she was not even there.
“where did she go?” he got worried.
He go in vasu’s room.
“maa, do u know where is thapki ?” he asked worriedly.
“She’s in kitchen.” She replied.
(Flash back)
Vasu hear conversion of thahaan.
“u r destroying my dhruv’s life. You didn’t let him to move on in his life. I have to do something that she can’t go with bihaan.” She saw dadima and smirks.
(Flash back end)
“did she forget about our date??” he thought.
Thapki was working in kitchen and she was lost in her work. Bihaan came and pat her.
She froze for a moment and pink shades appear on her cheek.
“you scared me….!!!!” She slightly slap on his shoulder. She hope for his childish laugh but she get a annoyed smile.
“What happen….???” She asked. She thought maybe he didn’t like the way she slap him. after all he’s so sensitive from inside.
“What is this..??” he asked her by pointing towards her cloths.
“what….?? Anything wrong?” she takes a look at her cloths.
“Yes…..Why are u still in this cloths?? You should be got ready by now. We’re going for date today. I already told u in morning.” He gave aggrieved look.
She came close and held him by neck.
“ooohhh…..sorry but we can’t. I’ve so much work.”
Bihaan: “what kind of work which important than me?”
Thapki : dadima’s work. She told me make bhog for mandir.
Bihaan: no, that’s not fair. You can say no for this.
Thapki: bihaan , she requested me. how can I deny.
Bihaan: you never care for me. I’m not going to talk to u. bye.
He leave with anger. Thapki got sad.
@dinner table
Bihaan was avoiding thapki. Thapki try to take his attention. She tries to serve him but he refuse and take it himself. Whenever he looked at her, she gave apology look. Today he was not even in mood of talk as his planning ruined. Why should he talk to her, she didn’t gave importance to his wish. He was planning about date from morning, he wanted to take her to her favorite restorant, then a long drive, then….so many things he planned for tonight. But what did she do? She refused to come. Even She could tell to dadima about date. Or she could say no for work. He’ll not talk to her. That’s her punishment.
@Thahaan’s room
Bihaan was sitting on bed. Thapki enters and saw a box.
“what’s this?” she opened it. It’s a beautiful blue saari with black border. She got extremely happy.
“I brought this for u.” he said without looking at her.
“it’s so beautiful. Thank u.”
Bihaan turn and sleep. He switched of lights even thapki was standing there. thapki got sad and leave.
(after some time)
“bihaan….., wake up” she whispered sweetly.
“kya hua chuk chuk gadi….” He slowly opened his eyes and he got surprisingly shocked. Room was beautifully decorated by candles. He looked at thapki. She was wearing blue saari that he gifted her.
Bihaan : thapki….. u did this? It is beautiful.
Thapki : u wanted to go on candle light dinner with me. Look I brought it here.
He kissed on her forehead. (Sab tera plays – movie baaghi.)
He holds her and both dance. She hugged him and continue dance. (Nazdeekiya plays – movie Shandaar )
Episode ends.

Credit to: truelove

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  1. Fabulous….I wish next part will be update soon.

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  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw my girl you always rock and make me smile while I read this beautiful ff…
    Thank you for making this ff rock with thahaan..
    Also I have commented to your question on my ff…
    Love you Hun~Nusz

    1. thank u nuszat. i love your ff on ragsan. that was awesome like destiny vs love. love you too.

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  4. Nice episode

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  5. Lovely ep but it’s short…Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

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