thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 8)


Episode 8
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Here it goes;
Thapki gave bihaan flying kiss and ran from there. As she was kept looking back, she collide with dhruv in middle way.
Dhruv: wooo…aaa….careful thapki.
Thapki: sorry dhruv sir and thank u too.
Dhruv: thank u ??? for what?
Thapki : for accepting bihaan apology.
Dhruv: okk…now if everything is alright then can we be friends again??
Thapki: no….not only friends but best friends.
Both smile and handshake.
Vasu and shradhaa saw this and fumes.
Shradhaa: mammy ji , did u see that? Thapki came back in house on name of bihaan but see what she is doing. Can u understand her real intention now??
She said it furiously while clenching her jaws.
Vasu: I can’t believe this. How she could fall to this level? I knew it because stammering people have bad heart. How bihaan fall in love with her??
“because he is moti buddhi.“ Shradhaa say it in low voice.
Vasu: what?
Shradhaa: mammy ji, what should we do now?? How we will stop her??? she will snatch my dhruv.
Vasu : I’ll not let her. you take care of dhruv. I’ll take care of her.
Both fumes.
@Thahaan’s room
Bihaan: and you got super scared when I say word cockroach. Your face became like……
He makes funny scared face at her.
“hahaa… funny” She got angry and throw pillow but he catches it.
“you were behave same like a child last night. You know you were dancing on bed. I was afraid that bed will get broken as you are too heavy. ” he starts teasing him.
“you think I’m fat ???” She looked at herself and get worried. She remembers everything happen last night.
Bihaan : I m not thinking. I’m saying truth that you are fat.
Thapki: really??? But what else I can expect from you. After all your m for moti buddhi see everything as m for motu (fat).
“you….. I’ll not spear you.” He rush towards her but she escape. He starts chasing her. both run in room here and there.
“time please” she said while panting hard. She lied down on bed and bihaan sat beside her.
“bihaan, last night u told me about your one friend that u want to tell him some secret. What was that?”
“Actually I wanted to tell my friend that…….” He came close and kissed her. “that I love her”
She gets glad and hugs him tightly.
“I love u too.” She whispered. Both sleep in each other’s arms.
Bihaan came out from bathroom and saw thapki getting ready. She was wearing pink sari , which perfectly suit on her. She took matching earrings and gently put her hair behind ear. Bihaan hug her from back and help her to wear earring. They share an eye-lock.
“you look perfectly beautiful today.” he looked at her image in mirror.
Thapki :“don’t u think it’s incomplete ? Something remains ?”
Bihaan : “what ?? I think it’s perfect.”
Thapki : this…..
She show him sindoor. He fills her mang and hugs her.
“today we’ll go for dinner. Be ready” he said it joyfully.
“Anything special ?“ she asked suspiciously.
“nothing, just want to spend some quality time with my wife. “ he wink at her and leave.
Aditi was sitting on bench , here she find some peace. That’s why she didn’t want to go home. She is tired of diwakar’s drama. she saw a old lady who sat beside her. she is looking weak.
Aditi : aunty, are you okay?
Lady: no beta. I’m feeling dizzy.
Aditi: does anyone come with you?
Lady: I came alone. My house is in near distance. Can u drop me there? Please beta.
Aditi: of course aunty. Come with me. I’ll take you.
They reach to her home. Simple but beautiful house. She takes her inside and call doctor.
Lady: Abhi beta……..
A guy appears from kitchen.
“you…???” both say it together in shocked voice.
Lady: u know each other??
Abhi: yes maa. She is the girl who saved my life.
Lady: well, I think she saved my life too.
Abhi (worried): maa, what happen to u ??
Lady : I was feeling dizzy at mandir. She came to drop me here. Such a nice girl na.
Doctor arrives and checks Abhi’s mom.
Doctor: it’s because of low b.p. . lataji are u taking your medicine regularly???
Lata(Abhi’s mom): yes doctor. But maybe I forget to take it in morning.
Doctor: take your medicine regularly. Nothing to worry about.
Lata : thank u doctor.
Doctor leave.
Lata: Abhi beta, now you go and drop her home.
Aditi: no aunty it’s okay.
Abhi: yes maa. She’ll go by rickshaw. I am not going to leave you in this status.
Lata: I m fine. You go, it’s my order.
Abhi (sadly) : okay.
He took her by car. But he was driving in wrong direction.
Aditi : hey, where r we going? My home is not is this way.
Abhi: keep quite. I know where panday nivaas is. U don’t need to tell me okay.
Aditi: but I don’t live in panday nivaas.
Abhi: what ?why? then where did u live?
Aditi : take left turn. Because I’m Aditi chaturvedi. Not aditi panday.
They reach to destination.
Aditi : my house is there.
She took out some money and gave it to abhi.
Abhi : hey what’s this?
Aditi: remember ?? last time you help me. You pay to doctor for me because I didn’t have. I thought you helped as normal person do. But call me selfish. I realize last night that may be you felt bad that I use your money. So I’m giving back. Thanks for helping me.
She gave her fake smile.
Abhi : but…… I didn’t mean that…… I can’t take this.
Aditi: mr.abhi , I’m not a princess of big mansion. But I’m princess of middle class family and I have self respect. Please take this for my self-respect.
“oh no, I hurt her so much. But how I will apologize to her.“ he looked at her but she was not there. he saw her walking towards her home. He saw her mobile.
“oh she forget her phone.” He could stop her and gave it back. But some strange feeling stop him to do so. If he stops her now then maybe he couldn’t meet her again.
“I’ll go to her home to give it back and apologize properly for my behavior.” He leave.
Episode end.

Credit to: truelove

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