thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 6)


Episode 6
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Thapki was giving tea to everyone. When she gave tea to bihaan, bihaan knowingly touch her figure and wink at her. She tries to show her fake anger but she fail to control her smile.
“Can I join you?” they heard voice of someone. Everyone was looking at the door.
One handsome man was standing in door.
“Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Abhishek. ACP Abhishek Sharma. I came here for ask some question on Mr. bihaan panday’s case.”
Bauji: “yes, officer please come in.”
Abhi: “we caught some goons. Here are photographs. Did u recognize anyone of them?”
He gave photographs to bihaan.
Bihaan: “I’ll never forget their faces. None of them. “
Abhi ask questions to thahaan about that incident.
He got a call. “okk, enough questions for today. Take care Mr. bihaan.” He leaves.
He was talking on phone. He get too busy on talking that he can’t realize that rampyaari eat paper from his hand.
Abhi: yes I have number…… where does it go????
He looks surrounding for paper and he saw rampyari chewing.
Abhi: so this goat eat my important paper. I’ll not leave her.
He starts running behind her. Aditi enters into panday nivaas. (our old aditi – beautiful , charming and sweet) Gulabo make noice seeing her.
“so you understand what I brought.” She smiled at her. she took out a box and about to give laddu but abhi collide with her. They both fall. Box of laddus fall down on them.
Aditi : hey….. Can’t u just watch and then walk? … u ruin my all laddus. Stupid.
Abhi got extremely angry on word stupid. He thought aditi is daughter of panday house.
Abhi : hey…. Princess of big mansion, u should learn some manners of talking. And It’s your fault. If you are standing in between road then of course you will get hit by someone.
Thapki came show them fighting. She saw aditi’s dusty cloths.
Thapki : Mr.Abhishek why on the earth are u screaming?
Abhi : Sorry Mrs. Pandy but your goat eat my important paper and I was chasing her at that time I collide with this madam.
Thapki : sorry for rampyari.
Abhi: so your name is rampyari. Huh?
He burst out of laughing.
“It is goat’s name. My name is Aditi.” She shouts at him.
“whatever” he pulled her eyebrow up and leave.
Aditi : dii, who is he?
Thapki : he is police officer. He came here for inquiry.
“let’s go inside.” Thapki takes her inside. She kept looking back, watching him leaving.
“Such a statue of attitude.” She fumes.
Aditi takes blessing of elders.
Sumanbhabi: “Aditi, what happen to your clothes?”
Aditi: that police officer collide with me. And…
Vasu : Aditi, u can tell that story later, first u need to change. Thapki, take her in your room.
Thapki nods.
Aditi :“look, what I brought for u. I came here with two boxes but now I have only one.” she took out a box. Thapki open it.
“wow, laddus” “but what happen to these laddus?” she asked pointing towards some unshaped laddus.
“Actually …. Which laddus are round like ball, they are made by maa and rest of them, unshaped laddus are made by me.” She said giving an apology look.
All family members start laughing. Her cheeks became red like cheery.
Dadima :“It’s ok my child. I’m happy that you give it a try. But u didn’t tell us laddus for what?”
“We’ve done pooja yesterday. Maa was missing thapki so she told me give Prasad to u all.”she replied. Thapki give laddus one by one to all family members.

@Thaan’s room
“now I’m feeling fresh.” Aditi came out of bathroom.
“dii…how are u?” aditi asked as no one is there except both sisters.
“fine” she replied with smile.
Aditi : “dii, r u sure? I mean I still can’t believe that u give second chance to jiju. That person, once you were used to hate the most. ”
Thapki :“yes, I was used to hate him but time changes everything. time change our hate in to friendship and our friendship into love.”
Aditi: love? …. Means u love him?
Thapki : yes.
Her checks became pink.
Aditi : how do u fall in love with him? Di… tell me na.
“okk….”she closed her eyes and she saw all her moments with bihaan.
Episode end.

Credit to: truelove

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