thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 5)

Episode 5
Here it goes:
@Thahaan’s room
Bihaan was standing near the window. He saw thapki sleeping. He took a deep breath and looked at twinkle twinkle thapki star. His eyes became wet again. Today his eyes are not obeying his orders. He memorized his moments with thapki. He remembers how he kneels down to her in front of court and how much he was happy when she agreed. But that was all lie. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He can’t stand anymore. He took support of wall and sit on the floor. He can’t take this pain inside him. He cry burst out.
“Why? Why u did this with me thapki? I thought u love me. Even I started loving u. but u lied to me. U betrayed me.”
“How was the feeling of getting betrayed Mr. bihaan pandy. How does it feel when u lose your love ? ” his heart asked him.
He was speechless. He doesn’t have single word to say in his defense.
“Now you understand from what thapki was going through this whole time? What else you were expecting from her? She did this to know her marriage truth.”
“But at least she could ask me. Why she lied?”
“Didn’t she try before? Yes she did. But you lied to her. You lied for your mother and she lied for her self-respect. It is her marriage secret that she deserves to know. She did nothing wrong. “
He got up and sat beside thapki. “thapki, u know when we close our eyes we saw picture of whom we deeply love. When I close my eyes I saw you. U know why? Because I love u. and I will do whatever that makes u happy.”
Thapki wake and saw bihaan sleeping besides her.
“When did he come? Oh my head.” She put her hand on hand. “this headache is so bad.”
(After some time)
Bihaan came out of bathroom and thapki enters. They both look at each other.
“look bihaan, I brought breakfast for u.” she smiles.
“thapki , I want to talk to u something important.” He said as normal as possible. He doesn’t want to show his pain to thapki.
“yes, say” she said while sitting on sofa.
“Do u remembers anything about last night?”
“Yes, I was waiting for u. Then I drink milk and I feel sleepy so I go to sleep. ” she tries to remember.
“I m sorry I go to sleep. Actually I wanted to tell u that……” before she completes bihaan interrupts.
“I know …… u want to tell me that u lied to me. You don’t want to give me second chance.” he got teary eyes. Thapki is socked and tears start falling down from her eyes.
“bihaan….. u r misunderstanding me. I can explain.” She start weeping.
“I can’t let her feel guilty for my pain” he said to himself.
“No thapki, no need for explanations. I can understand. Thapki I’m ready to give u divorce.” He avoids eye-contact with her.
“divorce…???!!!” she feels like her heart will stop beating. She can’t even think of going away from him.
“bihaan….. look at me.” She put her hand on his shoulder. But bihaan didn’t response her as he is trying hide his tears.
She came close to him and whisper “bihaan…… I love u.”
He looked at her, surprisingly happy. He can’t believe what just happened.
“Really…??” She nods.
Bihaan hug her tightly and she hugs him back. Both cry but this time it was tears of happiness.
“I love u too.” He kissed on her forehead. He doesn’t want to stop today. He kissed on her cheek. He was going to take a bold step. He looked into thapki’s eyes asking for permission. She blinks her eyes. Now he can’t stop himself. He brushed his lips against her. They kissed deeply. They separated due to lake of oxygen. Thapki put her head on bihaan’s shoulder as she’s feeling shy. Her headache starts again.
“bihaan, my head…..” she put her both hands on head.
“it’s because of drugs that shradhaa give u last night. Let me give u medicine.” He goes take medicine.
“drugs?? How do u know shradhaa give me??” she get worried.
“yes, she is the only person in house who can do it. She might have mixed it in your milk.”
He gave her medicine. He saw dhruv talking on phone, passed from there.
“I still can’t remember what happened last night. What else I did?” she asked.
He kissed on her forehead. “I’ll tell u later. First I need to apologize to someone.”
She smiles at him as she knew he was talking about dhruv.
Bihaan rushed towards dhruv’s room.
Dhruv was about to close the door, but bihaan stops him.
“dhruv I need to talk to u.” bihaan enters.
“bihaaan, I’m busy right now.” Dhruv continue talking on phone. Bihaan close the door and give big hug to him. “bihaan, what happened?” dhruv cut the call and hug him back.
“Dhruv, I love thapki. I love thapki more than anything in the world. She’s became my life. “
Dhruv was too speechless to utter even a single word.
“Last night I realize that if she leaves me then I will die. But I can’t even live without my family. If thapki is my soul then my family is my body. Dhruv, me and thapki are going to start a new life but we can’t be happy if u are not happy. Dhruv , will u forgive me for what I did?”
“Apology accepted” he said with smile on his face.
“Well, I never know that in love man becomes a poet from a moti buddhi.” He teases him.
They both laugh. Bihaan feels happy seeing dhruv laughing. Someone knocks the door.
Bihaan open the door and fumes seeing shradhaa.
“dhruv, breakfast is ready.”
Dhruv look at the clock. “bihaan, you make me super late today.“ he took his cloths and go into bathroom.
Just then Bihaan brought out a knife from his pocket and put it on shradhaa’s neck.
“bihaan….what r u doing.” She gets scared.
“Shradhaa bhabiji, naaaahhh……don’t move or you’ll be hurt. I just wanted to ask u some question what is your problem with thapki?”
“Nothing. What problem it could be? “
“then what u mix in her milk?” his eyes became red in anger.
“What r u talking about?? I don’t understand. “She starts trembling with fear.
“This is my last warning to u. if again try to play with her health then u will be so sorry for that.” He remove knife from her neck and leave with angry look.
“You will be so sorry for what you’ve done today, bihaan panday.” She fumes.
Episode end.
Precap : Aditi collide with a man. She told him to watch and then walk. He replied him that she doesn’t have manners of talking.
Spoilers : vaibhav roy will make new entry as police officer.
Hey guys, I’m glad that u like my previous episodes. Please keep doing comments.
Please comments me ideas and thank u for reading my ff. bye. 🙂

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