thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi 4)


Episode 4

Here it goes:
Bihaan: what thapki wanted to talk about?
“what else it could be bihaan?” “Your d for dear thapki , d for deeply loves you.” His heart instantly replied.
“Really” a cute smile appear on his face. He saw thapki infront of him and he was about to hug her but someone knock the door.
He opens the door and saw bauji with angry look. He gave him an apologetic look.
“Let’s have lunch bauji”
“Listen, today we are going for a meeting. We are having lots of work today. We will have dinner there.”
“okk bauji” bihaan nods with little sadness. “ but thapki told me to come home early. I will finish work as soon as possible. “

@dining table
“badi sasuma I made this awesome daal specially for you.” Preeti says with her awesome smile.
“but where are others?” vasu ask looking here and there.
“bauji , bihaan deverji , sanjay, and ashwin are at meeting. Dhruv deverji is still at his office.”
Thapki came and here the conversion.
“oh no, bihaan is at meeting. I have to wait more.”
She sat beside suman bhabi.
“Thapki bitiya , kya hua? Why are u not eating anything?”dadima breaks her chain of thoughts.
“actually dadima, I am not feeling of eating anything.”
“why ? what happen my child?”
“nothing. Just a little stomach pain. I will drink milk only.” She lied. “it’s not stomach pain but butterflies flying in my tummy. It’s side effect of falling in love.” She smiles.
“okk “ “I will tell servant , he’ll send it in your bedroom.”
“I got an idea” Shradhaa smirks.
“okk dadima” thapki leave.

Shradhaa finish her dinner fast and rush towards her room.
Shradhaa saw servant pouring milk in glass.
Shradhaa: “what are u doing here? I told u to clean table first.
Servant : sorry ma’am , I’ll do it but dadima told me to give milk to thapki bhabi.
“do what I told you. give milk to thapki later. Go and clean table now.” She said it in full of her anger.
Servent leave.
Shradhaa mix something in milk.
“thapki, you always show your good side to everyone. Now this drug will help you to show your bad side. “ she smirks and leave.
@Thahaan’s room

Thapki was standing near window , looking at moon ,waiting for her love.
Servant knocks the door . “thapki bhabi “
“Yes, put that on table.”
Servant put glass on table and leave. Thapki looked at clock. It’s 9 p.m.
“oh bihaan, when u will come?” she sat on bed . now she’s tired and hungry too.
(After one hour)
Bihaan enters. He saw empty glass and thapki sleeping.
“oh, she’s sleeping. This is my punishment for being late.” He close the door. And as he turn, he collide with thapki.

“thapki, I thought u were sleeping.” He said surprisingly but he is happy inside seeing her awake.
“you told me that you want to talk with me ! what u want to say?” he try to hide his cute smile.
“who r u?” thapki said it in her childish voice and childish behavior.
“why are u talking in this voice? Thapki….r u drunk?”
“Something is definitely wrong.” He thought.
“yes…..I m drunk. Because I drink this milk. “she laugh like a child.
“now, I want to go outside.” She demands.
“No…….” bihaan scream but he realize his voice as he see thapki crying.
“why are u crying?” he make her sit on bed.
“I want to go outside.” She replied with her teary eyes.
“she is not in her sense.” He thought.
“no, you can’t go outside.” He said in a voice like he’s trying to convince a child.

“because…..aahh… because a big cockroach is standing outside.” He threw his hands up in air and says “this much big. Do u want to meet him?”
“cockroach…?? ” her face became white due to fear. Bihaan chuckled.
“okk, I am going to open the door.”
“no…..” she screamed at him. “no one is going outside this room.” She said in her normal voice.
Bihaan burst out laughing. Bihaan ‘s phone start ringing. Thapki grab it and cut the call.
“hey….. it’s my phone.” Bihaan try to take it from her. Both cutely fight in between thapki by mistake start music player.
(kheech meri photo – sanam teri kasam plays)

Thapki claps and start dancing on bed. Bihaan get worried and try to stop her.
“you will hurt yourself again…..thapki stop.” He pull her down.
“no…..don’t stop me. I wanted to dance.” She again start dancing. Bihaan watch her innocent act.
“okkk,…. I will also do this d for dhamakedaar d for dance.” He started dancing.
(kar gayi chull – kapoor and sons plays)
They dance with full energy. Thapki fall in bihaan’s arm , bihan fall on bed. Both have eye lock. (Na na na plays) both get into sense after a while.
she get up and looked at him suspiciously.
“u didn’t tell me . who r u? why u came here?”
“I am your friend. Don’t u recognize me?” he made sad face.
“Maybe this is the time , I could know what she think about me” he thought.
“I came to ask for a help.”
“what kind of help?” she asked.
“actually I wanted tell a secret to my friend. But I don’t know how he will react. I’m afraid. May be I lose his friendship. I don’t know how to tell him.”
“Every person has some secrets. He might have some secrets. tell him, he deserve to know. And after all he is your friend. He’ll understand you. “
“but what if he don’t understand?”

“I facing the same fear.” Tears come out of her eyes.
“Tell me your secret. I’ll understand.” He gently squeezed her hand.
“maa….” She started weeping.
“maa was with bihaan on my wedding night. She did this because she hates my stammering. Once she told me that stammering people like having a bad heart. She destroy my life. I lied to bihaan that I wanted to give him second chance. I did this because I just wanted to know truth. ”
Bihaan is hell socked. Tears cover his eyes. He put his hand on mouth and cry silently.
“and……”she try to continue but she’s feeling dizzy.
“and….i also wanted to tell him…..maa….divorce…..blood…” she put her head on bihaan’s chest.
Bihaan unknowingly rub her waist. She hugged him. Both cry.
Thapki sleeps. Bihaan laid her down.

Precap: thapki confess her love. New entry in panday nivaas.

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Credit to: truelove

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