thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi 3)


Episode 3
Here we go;
Rays of sunlight were coming through window. Bihaan slowly open his eyes, struggling with sunlight, looking here and there, he was about to get up but he feel something soft like flower. He looked at his hand. He got shocked. He remembers last night what happened.
(Flash back)
Bihaan came after having dinner. He saw thapki sleeping.
“She look like an angel” he thought and smile. “An angel who always worry about others, never care for herself, but someone has to take care of this angel. That’s why i am here…! For you my dear. I will be there for you no matter what. “
He holds her hand and sleep beside her.
(Flash back end)
“Gajab” he says and a cute smile appears on his face. “Look like she doesn’t want me to go anywhere. “
“Maybe she did this in sleep but whatever I did if she get to know….. “ He take his hand out gently and about to go but he saw thapki ‘s eyes,due to sunlight disturbance she was about to open. He silently close the curtains and go for bath.
Thapki wake up and saw clock. “8 baj gaye, ohhh no, I m so late” she try to stand up but pain was so hard that her tears came out.
“No, I m not going to give up.” She again tries to stand up but with one leg.
Bihaan enters with breakfast. “ooo chuk chuk gadi …..subah hote hi suru ho gai , what I told you yesterday?” he says while putting tray on table.
“what?” she was trying to walk with one leg. She was about to fall but bihaan hold her.
They have an eyelock.

“Rest” he says but he is unaware of that thapki is still in his arms.
“kya?” she was again try to stand up properly but again in fall in his arms.
“To take rest. I told you to take rest.” He makes her to sit.
“bihaan, it’s 8’o clock. I have to get ready. I am already late for pooja.” She said and she again started walking on one leg. But she again about to fall but bihaan hold her.
“thapki, if you need help then you can ask for it.” He shows her his angry look.
He takes her in his arms and step towards bathroom.
“bihaan , I can take bath by myself.” She says in her tense voice.
Bihan wanted to laugh but he controls it and says “don’t worry. I just came here to drop you.”
He softly pats on her cheek and leave smiling. “please hurry, I m waiting for breakfast .“
Days passed.
Bihaan massage thapki ‘s leg. He makes her eat medicine regularly. They develop feeling for each other but they didn’t show it.
Now thapki can walk as doctor remove her bandage.

Thapki was walking down to stairs with help of bihaan.
“bihaan, now I m fine. I can walk. “She looked at him.
“Remember this the place where you get injured so I don’t want to take any risk. I can’t see you in pain.” Thapki saw something in his eyes. It’s not just only care but something more than that. Bihaan looked at thapki. But she turns her face.
“He will read my eyes. He will know what I feel for him. “ she thought.
“what you feel for him?” her heart asked.
“same what I saw in his eyes. Something more than care.”
“Then why don’t you name it love. You love him right?”
“Yes. I love him. But I’m afraid to accept it.”
“you are an idiot.”
“thapki beta how are you feeling now?” dadi asked her which break her chain of thoughts.
“I m fine dadima.” She takes blessings of dadima.
“dadima I m going for work…..”bihaan says
“I’ll take care of thapki. Don’t worry.” Dadi interrupt. Suman & preeti smile seeing bihaan blush.
Bihaan leaves.
Thapki saw vasundhara coming downstairs.
“maa, I was annoyed with you. But now I feel pity for you. Because this injury give me time to think that all you do this because of your belive. But you didn’t even think for moment about me and bihaan. You hate me because I stammer. But now I will change your believe. I will prove that my stammering, my weakness cannot stop me. My stammering does not make me a bad person. “
“thapki…..thapki…..kaha kho gai?” dadima pats thapki.
“come with me in my room. You can rest there.” Dadima says.
“but dadima, what about my work?”
“shradhaa hai na.” dadima looked at shradhaa. shradhaa give her smile and leaves.

@shradhaa-dhruv’s room
“what is this nonsense. Why should I do thapki’s works?” sharadhaa fumes.
“thapki…thapki….all time thapki. What they saw in her? No one asked me how are you shradhaa. How are you feeling today. I can even bear this if dhruv is wih me. But he was also all time busy in his office. He never asked me shradhaa , how you deal with this illiterate bhabies. I m frustrated. This is all because of this thapki. She is taking sympathy of all family members. I have to do something so that all hate her.“ she fumes.

Bihaan was checking some files. Bauji comes and call him for lunch.
“I should call thapki. I need to know did she eat anything yet or not. She might forget to take her medicine. I have to remind her.” He calls thapki. But suman bhabi takes the call.
Suman bhabi : hello?
Bihaan get surprised hearing sumanbhabi ‘s voice.
“suman bhabi , can you give phone to thapki?”
“why?” sumanbhabi ask controlling her laughter.
“actually, I forgot one file at home. Thapki know where is the file. So…”
“please give phone to thapki.” Bihaan request her.
“thapki is having lunch with dadima so she can’t talk. Bihan deverji , you don’t worry , I’ll give her medicine too. Now happy? Or you still need that file?” sumanbhabi start giggling.
“okkk….sorry I’m giving” suman bhabi start laughing. Sumanbhabi give phone to thapki and leave.
“hello bihaan” thapki says it with full of sweetness.
“omg only her voice is enough to kill me.” He feel like a cold wind begun to blow. He get shocked when he saw thapki standing infront of him. She was playing with her hair which looks so cute.
“thapki….” He lost his senses and start smiling.
“ha bihaan. Kya hua?” he open his eyes , thapki was not there. Now he feel like someone just wake him up from a beautiful dream. But he still look here and there for hope , may be thapki is here.
“bihaan….. hello??” thapki get worried.
“hmmm…..ha…. thapki where are you?” he became sad as his dream breaks.
“at home. why? Everything all right?” “why he is behaving different” she thought.
“yes. Everything is fine. Did u eat anything or not?”
“I just finished my lunch. Now you tell me. Did u eat anything or not?”
“No, I was going but then I thought to call you. “ he slowly slowly specks every words so he don’t let thapki to know about what’s in his heart.
“okk. Now go and have lunch. Can you please come early today? I wanted to talk to u.” she said it as normal as possible.
“okk, I will.” He smiles. “ I hope she says what I want to hear.”
Both smiles.
Episode end.

Precap : shradhaa mix something in milk. Thapki drinks that milk.

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Credit to: truelove

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