thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi 2)


Hey guys, I m back with second episode.

Here we go,
Thapki enter into panday nivaas. She take a deep breath and smile. Try to hide her pain. She look at vasundhara who was talking with dadima and suman –preeti.
“they look so happy . This smile will disappear forever if I tell them truth.” She thought.
“no.. I can’t do that”. She was feeling weak, physically and mentally both.
“thapki , come have tea. “ suman said lovingly.
“bhabi, I just come back , I need to freshen up” she said try to be normal. As her tears appeared in her eyes , she turn and start walking towards stairs without looking at anyone.
As she took some steps, she felt dizzy. But she continue walking. She saw bihaan talking on phone. She take some steps on stairs but she closed her eyes as everything become dark. She put both hands on head, try to maintain her balance. But she fell down.
“thapki….” Bihaan scream like hell.
He ran towards her as fast as he can. Everyone get shocked and come to hall.
“thapki , what happen to you??” dadima get worried.
Bihaan take thapki in his arm gently and start walking toward their room.
“chutki, you call doctor , I go get some water” preeti said.

@Thahaan’s room
“ She have take bedrest for few days as her leg get injured.” Doctor said.
“and she is having fever” “bring this medicine” doctor gave prescription to bihaan.
“don’t let her take too much stress.” Doctor whispered to him.
Bihaan nods. Doctor leaves. Bihaan goes to get medicine.
Thapki slowly open her eyes. She saw dadima sitting beside her. Suman ,preeti look at her and smile.
“dadima, thapki is awake” suman said happily.
“Meri bachii ko hosh aa gaya. Thapki beta ab kaisa lag raha hai.”
Thapki try to get up but dadi stop her and said “ no, doctor told you to take rest. “
“ I am fine, Dadima”
“no, it’s my order . now you sleep.” She kissed thapki on her forehead and leave.
Bihaan came with medicine.
“thapki , take this medicine” Bihaan show his concern.
Suman: bihaan deverji aa gaye. Ab to thapki ko theek hona hi padega.
Suman and preeti laugh seeing them blushing. They leave.
Bihaan help thapki to eat medicine. Bihaan get a call so he go near to window and attend the call. Thapki try to stand but pain was so hard that she screamed.
Bihaan hear her voice and rush to her.
“ooo…chuk chuk gadi. Can’t u just stay on one station???” he makes her sit on bed.
“what??” she asked surprisingly.
“ Is it necessary for you to run here and there like a chuk chuk gadi from one station to another station?? “ he show his fake anger.
“ I am hungry” she make sad face.
“okk. You sit here. I’ll be right back.”

After sometime bihaan came with food. He sat beside her , make a bite and feed her.
“Bihaan, I can eat by myself.”
“no,doctor gave you injection. Your hand might having pain.” He feed her second time.
She remember how bihaan feed her last time when due to injection she was not able to move her hand.
“But this time, I can move my hand still I want him to feed me. Why??”
“because you like his concern for you” her heart replied.
“bihaan, I m full.”
“ok, just have this one” he said so lovingly that she can’t deny it.
She smile at him. Music plays. They have an eyelock.

Someone knock the door. It’s bauji.
Bauji : “how are you feeling now, thapki bitiya??”
“better” she smiled.
“bihaan, come it’s time for dinner.” Bauji said.
“yes bauji. “ “ chuk chuk gadi , if u want something then just call me. “ thapki nods.
Bihaan and bauji leave.
Thapki sleep.

Thapki wake up due to thirst. She found bihaan sleeping next to her with holding her hand.
“I can’t tell you maa’s truth because you are not able to bear this betrayal. Maa ask me to sign divorce paper for her blood. She hates me for my stammering. But you have right to know. I don’t know what to do. I know one thing that I will be with as you were there for me in my hard time”. Tear started tricking at the back of her eyes.
She looked at his innocent face.
“He looks so cute when he sleeps like baby. “ she thought and smile
She put her hand on bihaan’s hand and kissed him on his cheek, and sleep.

Episode ends.

Precap : not decided.

Hey guys, did u like this second episode?? Please tell me by your comments. And I not as talented as other ff writers but I will try to give my best. Thanks for comment on my previous episode. Keep motivate me by your comments.
Sorry, for late upload it’s because of my exam.

Credit to: truelove

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