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Episode 15
Here it goes;
Bihaan was crazily running in dark, to find thapki.
“thapki….” he shouted worridly.
“bihaan….” her soft and sweet voice tickled his ears. He looked back happily and signed in relief. Tears of happiness made his eyes wet. She was looked like an angel in white dress. She opened her arms and signed him to come. Both smile at each other. He starts taking steps towards her but his feet stopped in fear when he saw a dark shadow standing behind her. Before he could act, dark shadow shoots her. His heart skipped a bit. Thapki’s dress turns red. She was about to fell down but bihaan hold her.
“THAPKIIII……” He screamed his heart out. He wakes up. His body was trembling in fear and he was showered in swat. He got up and goes to window.
“Where are you my thapki?” he looked at mood with teary eyes.
After some time;
He was talking walk in gallery. He can’t sleep after this horrible dream. His thought was running in his mind like a storm.
“I’ve informed abhi about kidnapper’s call but I’m worried if kidnaper gets to know about it, he can harm her. What should I do? How can I find her?” he sighed deeply. “God, please help me.”
His chain of thought breaks when he heard sound of door opening.
“Who else is wake up in mid-night?” he saw door of dhruv’s room was opening. He hides in dark corner. Shradhaa came out of room, looks around and leave quietly. Bihaan rushed to dhruv’s room and wake him up.
“bihaan….what happened?” dhruv says while rubbing his eyes.
“dhruv, get up fast. We need to follow shradhaa. C’mon.” Bihaan pulled him out of bed.
“What…follow shradhaa….” He looked around. “Where is she? Where did she go?”
“dhruv, we don’t have time.” Bihaan haled him out of the room.
They saw shradhaa sit in a car and leave. They follow her. In between dhruv made a call to abhi. They reached to forest area where shradhaa stopped car. She quickly reached to a horrible house. Dhruv and bihaan silently followed her. House was covered with dark from inside. Only one room has light. Shradhaa quickly enters into that room. Dhruv and bihaan stayed outside. Three goons were sitting and playing cards. They stood up seeing shradhaa coming. Shradhaa throw money towards them.
“Bring them to me….” Shradhaa said harshly. Dhruv and bihaan was watching this standing outside room as no one could notice. Dhruv was super shocked.
“I knew it….only she can do this….” Bihaan clutches his jaws angrily.
“oh….Shradhaa…I can’t believe on my eyes. Why did u do this….?” Dhruv got teary eyes.
Goon brought vasu and thapki, throw them in shradhaa’s feet. Thapki looked injured and weak. Their hands were tied to back tightly and mouths were covered by tape. Vasu looked up and get shocked. She tries to speak but couldn’t. Shradhaa take out their taps.
“Shradhaa….you…..” both stand up and get shocked.
“yes….me…..” she slapped thapki hard. Bihaan got furious and about go inside but dhruv stopped him. “We have to wait till abhi come.”
“Shradhaa….. please stop…. I’m bagging you.” vasu cries.
“you… old lady….. shut your mouth. You acted like everything is under your control but nothing…..nothing is in your control.” She pulled thapki’s hair and thapki screamed in pain. “This th…th…thapki snatch my husband from me. You did nothing. You just stand there and keep watching.”
“Where are you abhi…..please come fast.” Bihaan said worriedly.
“Shradhaa….you’re getting wrong. Dhruv loves you.” vasu consoled her.
“No….he doesn’t love me. I don’t understand what he sees in this thapki…..” she pushed thapki hardly that she fell down. Vasu cries.
“Shradhaa beta…..please stop….we can talk on it.”
“talk…..old lady there is nothing left to talk. Now it’s time to do something that I should do it a long time ago….” She took out a gun. “this thapki has to die. She snatched my life….my dhruv from me. I will snatch her life.”
“Dhruv we can’t wait for abhi…..we have to do something.” Bihaan got anxious.
“I have an idea….” Dhruv gave him something.
Shradhaa pointed gun towards thapki. “Shradhaa….No…for god shake stop this nonsense” vasu got worried. All at once Bihaan and dhruv came in room and throw dust in Shradhaa and goons eyes. Bihaan pushed shradhaa on floor and gun fall down from her hand. Dhruv freed thapki and vasu. Bihaan and dhruv start beating goons. In between shradhaa got up and find gun. She pointed gun towards thapki. Bihaan get shocked and tries to stop her but she shoot. They heard two shot. Thapki closed her eyes in fear but she opened it and shocked because she doesn’t felt any pain. She didn’t get shoot. She saw vasu standing in front of her. Her body got covered in blood. Everyone looked shocked. Vasu turned to thapki and smile. She’s about to fall but thapki and bihaan hold her and laid her down. Dhruv looked at shradhaa, her chest was covered in blood. She looked at him with teary eyes and fell down but dhruv hold her.
Abhi arrived at kidnapping place and show shradhaa was point gun to thapki. He has to save thapki any how so he shoots shradhaa. Shradhaa want to shoot thapki but vasu came in between.
(Flashback ends)
Abhi came with constables and arrest goons.
“Shradhaa…..” dhruv put his hand on her head. She opened her eyes slowly. “shradha…. Why you did this?” he cries.
“because I love you dhruv. I can’t see my love get snached from me. This all is for you dhruv.” She can’t bear pain and cries.
“I love you too shradhaa….. and I never loved thapki. It’s my fault that I never tell you what’s in my heart.” He squeezed her hand.
“what…..??” she smiled in pain. “say it again…”
“I love you shradhaa…..” he cried. She smile and close her eyes. Her face shows she got relief from pain, both inner pain and outer pain. Dhruv checks her pulse and cries hugging her body.
“Maa….” bihaan made vasu sleep in his lap. Thapki cries.
“bihaan beta….” She was breathing in gasps. “I am sorry. I always differentiate you and dhruv. I can’t be a good mother but you are the best son. This all is my fault. I am sorry beta.”
“Maa…..don’t say this…” bihaan hugged her.
“bihaan, I love you beta……” she tries to wake up but pain doesn’t let her. “where is dhruv?”
“Dhruv…..” bihaan called him; he was crying hugging shradhaa’s body.
“dhruv…” Abhi pats him. Constables take shradhaa’s body to ambulance. Dhruv goes to vasu.
“dhruv, bihaan, I am with my sons. Both are with me.” She held bihaan and dhruv’s hand tightly and closed her eyes. “Now, i can die peacefully.”
“maa……” bihaan screamed and cries.
“Bihaan …dhruv sir…….we’ve to take maa to hospital. C’mon fast.” Dhruv take vasu in arms.
@Panday Nivaas.
Pandy Nivaas was beautifully decorated. Decorations were going on. Bihaan is a businessman now. He and thapki started business on their own.
@Thahaan’s room
Thapki was getting ready. She was wearing red sari with golden border, looking perfectly beautiful. Bihaan enters and gazed at her. He was wearing black suit, looking super handsome. He lost in her beauty. Thapki looked back and pull her eyebrows up to ask what? He dragged her and made a grip around her.
“s for sunder and s for s*xy.” He gave a naughty smile and pulls her chin up.
“Bihaan…. You are a father now.” She pushed him back as she feels shy.
“So, what….?” he hold her tightly and put his lips on her. They kissed. But separated when they heard someone knocking the door. Bihaan open the door. A little girl, wearing pink dress was standing outside with a tooth in her hand. Yes, she was thahaan’s daughter pihu.
“papa…..” she hugged bihaan. Bihaan takes her in arms.
“papa….see… my tooth came out.” She was stammering while speaking. She shows him her tooth. “Oooohhh…..put it under your pillow tonight and tooth fairy will come and take it.” Bihaan gave her surprise expression.
“Okkk.. papa” bihaan put her down and she leave.
@dhruv’s room
A lady was getting ready. Her face showed. She was looked like shradhaa, but she was not shradhaa. She has long straight hair, beautiful eyes. Her smile made her beauty shine. Dhruv came and hugs her from back. “Shalini, i love you.”
“I love you too, dhruv” she smile shyly.
(Flash back)
After shradhaa’s death, dhruv blame himself for all of this. He was lost and frustrated, walking on road aimlessly. He decided to commit suicide. He saw a truck coming faster and he decided to jump towards the truck. As he was about to jump but someone pulled him back. he fell down on her. She get up and gave him lecture which he didn’t listen properly but got motivated. Later he get back to work. Surprisingly she was thapki’s childhood friend. She came to meet her and stayed in panday nivaas for few days. Incidents happen in way that both fall in love with each other and got married happily.
(Flashback end)
A 10 year old boy slowly came down. He was little shy. He is son of thahaan, adopted.
He was watching everything surprisingly. He saw vasu who was talking with group of girls. He goes to her. Yes she is alive. Law gave her punishment for her deeds. She was in jail for 3 years. But after her changed behaviour family accept her.
Vasu: aarav likes blue color and pihu likes pink color.
Nusz: we are doing decorations as per their choice. (she’s event manager here.)
Aarav: dadimaa, actually……
Vasu: aarav beta, meet this is nusz & friends. They’ve done decorations for your birthday.
Nusz: so he is the birthday boy.
Aarav: hello didi.
Fatarajo: aweeee… he’s so cute. (Pull his cheek and he blush)
Anu: auntie, can we go and play with him??
Nusz: yea…. Do u wanna play with us cutie pie? (She pinched his nose. He was super blushing by girls act. He nodes)
Vasu: yeaa… if work is completed than go play.
Jaggu: we just about to complete it.
Nusz: auntie, remain work will complete by fatarajo.
Fatarajo: what…..??? But i also wanna play.
Nusz: No, u will work and we will play. (she show her tongue to fatarajo. Nusz takes aarav’s hand in her hand and run. Fatarajo follow her angrily.)
Anu and jaggu laugh watching this. Bihaan comes down.
Aditi and abhi enters. Aditi was six month pregnant.
Abhi: aditi, please eat something. It’s been 17 minutes since you didn’t eat anything.
Aditi: i am okay abhi. If i get hungry than….
Abhi: no, have this apple now….
Aditi(angrily): no…. I’ll not.
Bihaan smile seeing them fighting.
Bihaan: finally the great abhishek is here.
Abhi: bihaan….my brother…. ( he hugged him happily.)
Aditi: see bihaan jiju, he’s still fighting with me. (she made a fake sad face.)
Bihaan: no no, i am not going to speak between you husband-wife. I know your day didn’t pass without fighting. But i can see love in your fighting.
Abhi- Aditi(together): that’s right.
Bihaan: where is aarav?
Abhi: i saw him playing outside.
Bihaan: you guys enjoy party. I’ll just come back.
Abhi: okay.
Bihaan go outside. He saw aarav was playing football with girls. Bihaan smile seeing aarav happy. Nusz kicked football hardly that it rushed to bihaan. Bihaan catched it. Everyone clapped happily.
Aarav: wow papa, awesome catch.
Nusz: sir, you are amazing.
Fatarajo: let’s click some selfie. (She pouted.)
Anu & juggu: we also wanna come.
Bihaan: of course. Come come.
They clicks selfies. Thapki came there.
Thapki: bihaan….aarav let’s go. Time for cake cutting.
Bihaan: yea…coming.
Nusz: let’s go aarav.
Bihaan: (whisper) hey wait, what happen to my surprise?
Nusz: it’s ready sir.
Thapki: (looking suspiciously) what you guys are whispering to each other?
Bihaan: (shocked) Nothing nothing. Let’s go.
Aarav cuts cake and feed thapki and bihaan. DJ plays music and everyone start dancing. Thapki was looking all this happily. Bihaan came to her and sign her come. She follow him.
Thapki: bihaan, what happen?
Bihaan: just wait and watch. Actually you can’t watch. (blindfold her.)
Thapki: bihaan….what are doing?
Bihaan: shusshh….. Just wait na.
He takes her in arms and go to backyard of house. When she puts her feet on floor she was standing on flowers. Bihaan open her blindfold. She got surprisingly happy. Backyard was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights.
Thapki: bihaan, what’s this for?
Bihaan: so Mrs. vaani bihaan pandy, today teri meri kahani completed here. Today is celebration of our love, our trust on each other, our faith in each other.
Thapki: i love you bihaan. (hugs him tightly.)
Bihaan: i love you too.
Both dance on music and lost in each other’s eyes.
(so guys here teri meri kahani ends. This was my first ff. I never expect the love and new friends i get here. Thank u so much guys for you love. I am really bad at expressing my feelings. But i will say only that i love u all. Thanks again. Bye take care. 🙂 )

Credit to: truelove

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    Playing with thahaan son aarav and selfie with bihaan…no words

    I m fainting Ah ah

    Love u dear for a fabulous ff
    my favr8
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    Come back soon with awesome ff
    miss u always

    both happy & sad feeling

    sad bcoz its end
    happy bcoz u add me here

    love u dear bye bye tc

    now stoping my bak bak otherwise u will say Now stop anu its enough
    ha ha ha


    1. i am glad you like it. i wish we could meet thahaan in real life. i love your comments. even i’m feeling sad for ending it. and i’m always here to listen you girl. 😉

  2. Its my favorite ff y r u ending tis ????

    But awesome ending luv u
    Hope to c u soon wid another ff my dear darl???

    1. Thanks juggu. Your ff is mine fav. Too. May be i could come back with another ff. And hey do u like i add your name?

      1. Its awesome. I was spell bound
        Wow selfie with Manish awesome
        Tq yar

  3. Nice ending… Lovely episode…

  4. Nice ending….. But y u ending soon da….come back another ff pls……

    1. Thanks kumutha. Ending it due to some problem. I hope you guys will understand. I’ll try to come back. Love you girl. Keep smiling. 🙂

      1. ok da….love u too dear…

  5. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    This might be very long, but it’s okay aha!!! Sweta you’re amazing and impressive!!! So proud to meet a sister like you, I honestly enjoyed thahaan so much in this Fan-fiction, but when I saw shardda die that was sad!!! Arnav reminds me of arshi hehe!!! I don’t know why, I just hope you come back with another fan-fiction soon!!! Also thank you so much my doll for adding my name :))) in my beintehha and qubool hai ff you will be playing a big role now, love you and please keep shining.

    Love you so much from your dear best friend.


    1. Thanks nusz…. and yes, i inspired aarav name from aarshi. May be i come back with another ff. I’m exicited about you qubool hai and beintehaa ff. You are amezing hun. Keep smiling. 🙂

  6. awesome girl

    1. Thanks girl. I think you first time commented on my ff. Ri8? i happy you like it. Love you. 🙂

  7. Akanksha Gupta

    I am not talking with you WriterWriter?.. My fav ff is ending..?? please back with another story.. Love your writing..

    1. Awee…that’s so sweet of
      You girl. I never know you guys love my ff this much. I’ll come back with another ff. Love you dear.

  8. HeY truelove u have no idea how much I loved ur ff And it was too good. Sorry couldn’t comment as I was in class. I was very happy today but by reading ur ff made me happier but I m sad as this ff ended but I understand u r busy and yes u rock 🙂

    1. And yeah loved my role 😛

    2. Thanks hun. Your comment made me happier too. Your ff is also awesome. Your privious ff thapki pyaar ki- a loving pat inspired me to write. And hey can i request you for something. In your next episode of the strange and full of krazyness story, can you add shaan’s famous dialoge i’m so prode of me. I love his expression in when he say it. If you like. 🙂

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. awesome…
    Thank u true love.. for giving us the supper story…
    All the best for great future.

    1. I am not abel to understand your tamil part. Because i’m not south indian. But i appriciate that you like my ff. Thanks for reading. Love you.

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