thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 14)


Episode 14
Here we go;
@Thahaan’s room
bihaan was sitting on bed with thapki’s pic in hand. His vision got blurred.
Bihaan was running in hospital like a mad. He searched every room every possible place every corner of hospital but didn’t found any clue related to thapki. He came back and sat beside sumanbhabi. Sumanbhabi pats him. “i hope thapki might be fine.”
Abhi arrived and started scolding constables. “for why on earth i put you here? For sleeping? Answer me….” he was yelling at them and constable’s head were down. Abhi looked at bihaan, he looked totally broke and eyes show his tension.
“bihaan, you go home if get any kind of clue i’ll tell you.”
Thapki’s family and Pandy family arrived. Abhi told them to take bihaan home.
(Flashback ends)
Bihaan cries hugging thapki’s pic. Someone knocks the door. He looked up and wiped his tears. Sumanbhabi and preetibhabi were standing at door.
Preeti: look bihaan deverji, we brought food for you.
Bihaan: but bhabi i don’t feel to eat anything.
Suman: it’s been two days bihaan deverji. If you don’t eat today than you surely be ill.
Bihaan: but bhabi, how could i eat without my chuk chuk gadi? I don’t even know in what condition she is right now. And maa…. She just go throw an heart attack. How was she? (Start weeping) for what i should eat? I lost everything. I felt like dying.
Suman: don’t say that bihaan deverji. You have to be strong. God will not let anything happen to thapki and badisasumaa.
Preeti: yes bihaan deverji, aapko thapki ki kasam. Please eat something for her.
Suman: I wish badisasumaa could understand that he got best son in the world.
Preetibhabi feeds him. He eats with teary eyes recalling thapki. They leave after feeding bihaan. Bihaan again lost in thoughts.
Abhi came to bihaan’s room. Bihaan got anxious seeing him.
Bihaan: did you find anything about thapki?
Abhi: yes, you need to see this.
He saw him a video clip.
Bihaan: it’s a CCTV footage.
Abhi: yes, they cut down all camera’s wires but forgot about this one. See….
In footage, thapki go inside room. Three man come there and spray some drug on bihaan and constable’s face. They go inside and came out with unconscious thapki and vasu in their arms. They leaves. Video clip ends.
Bihaan: oh my god…. My thapki got kidnapped???? Did u find those bastards?
Abhi: no, bihaan but I am searching. But bihaan make sure that no third person should know about this. I don’t want kidnappers got alert.
Bihaan: then why are you telling me this?
Abhi: because aditi told me to do so….she can’t see you in this condition. And you know i can’t see my girlfriend’s condition.
Bihaan: what…?? Girlfriend??
Abhi: honestly i never mix my duty and my relation but now i think everything is fair in love but not in war.
Bihaan: so you came here to tell me how much romantic you are?
Abhi: No, but……I love her so much.
Bihaan: No wonder a person became stupid in love. Abhi, we can discuss your love matter later. Can we please focus on my love matter……. I mean….on thapki and maa’s kidnapping.
Abhi: yes..yes…
(Flashback ends.)
@Unknown place.
In a dark room, two persons were laid down on floor unconsciously. They were thapki and vasundhara. Thapki wake up and look around. She can’t remember how she got here. She recalls that it’s their third day here. She looked at vasu who was struggling to get up.
“thapki beta…..” she said in trembling voice. What…?? Did she just call her beta…?
Thapki and vasu were thrown into dark room. Vasu screamed in pain.
“maa, are you ok..?” thapki helped her and looked furiously at kidnapper whose face was covered. “How dare you touched her….??”
“Shut your mouth….” His hoarse voice echoed in room. She realized that she’s been kidnapped and it’s not a good thing to fight with a kidnapper alone. He could harm her. She back off. Kidnapper leaved.
(Flashback ends)
“yes, maa do you need anything…??” She asked even she knows that the question was totally useless. What she could bring for her at here.
“yes thapki beta, I need something. I need to apologize.” She holds thapki’s hand.
“what…??” she gave a confuse look.
“I am sorry thapki. I always misunderstood you. My eyes were closed in dhruv’s love. I’ve hurt you more than anything. My love got so much worst that I tried to kill bihaan. He treated me as his god and me…..what I’ve done. I know my mistakes are not forgivable.” She cries.
“maa….please don’t say this….” Thapki hugged her and cried. “maa, it’s saying that whatever happens with us that happen for a reason. If my marriage didn’t happen with bihaan than I could never know what is love. I think it was written in my fate. Please don’t apologize.”
“but our fate depends upon our deeds. It was me who ruined you life.”
“maa…please….don’t cry.” She hugged tightly.
@Thahaan’s room
Bihaan was sleeping while hugging thapki’s pic. His phone rang. A cold shiver passed from his spine.
Bihaan: hello
Goon: Mr.bihaan pandy, missing you wife and mother??? Huh..?
Bihaan: who are you?
Goon: question is not who am i. but what I want.
Bihaan (clutching his jaw): what do you want?
Goon: 5 crores. When and where I’ll tell you later. Till than be ready with money.
Bihaan: wait…….
But he already cut the call.
Bihaan: what should I do now?
@Unknown place
Goon call someone.
Lady: did u do the same I say?
Goon: yes.
Lady: very good. but I didn’t understand. I told you to kidnap thapki. Why did you kidnap vasundhara?
Goon: in hospital, the stammering girl screamed seeing me and the old lady wake up by that. She tried to stop me and in between my mask got off. She saw my face. So I have to kidnap her too.
Lady: you are an idiot. Listen, if you do any kind of mistake in our further plan than I’ll blo*dy kill you. (Hang up the phone angrily)
Face of lady shown. She was shradhaa. She laid back on chair and chair start moving further back further back like her thoughts. Dhruv’s voice surrounded her head, she felt like head-ach and her eyes became wet.
(Dhruv’s voice)
“Thapki love aam-papad. That’s why she always carried it with her.” “Thapki made nice coffee. Same of my choice.” “thapki…..” “thapki…..” “thapki…..”
She saw dhruv standing in front of her, pointing towards her. “you never can be like thapki.”
Thapki came out behind her. “dhruv doesn’t love you…..because he loves me.” She whispered and laugh evilly. Thapki run and hugs dhruv tightly.
“aaaah……” She throw phone in anger towards them and they disappeared. “thapki…thapki…thapki….. I’ll kill that thapki.” She pulled her hair, screamed and cries.
Episode ends.
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Credit to: truelove

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