thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 13)


Episode 13
Here it goes;
@Pandy nivaas
Dhruv was standing alone in garden. He just arrived from hospital. His eyes were red due to lack of sleep and his face shows his tiredness. He sat on bench and closed his eyes.
“dhruv…it’s my drawing book…give it back to me.. “ little bihaan was running behind little dhruv.
“No…..catch me if you can…” he made faces at him continue running. He knows that it’s bihaan’s drawing book to which bihaan love more than himself. He can ask for a chocolate instead of his drawing book. But he was not fast enough, bihaan catch him.
“I’m not giving it. I want chocolate. I want chocolate…..” both fought to take drawing book. In between their cat-dog fight, bihaan’s drawing book got tore up. Bihaan saw that and start crying.
“you did this…..” he pushed dhruv angrily and shocked dhruv fell down. Vasundhara was passing by and she saw bihaan pushed dhruv down.
“dhruv beta…. Are you okay?” she checked dhruv that was he hurt. But he didn’t get hurt. “maa, I’m okay.” Vasundhara turn towards bihaan and pull his ear angrily.
“how dare you touch my son…?” she shouted on him and started beating him. bihaan didn’t utter a single word. Dhruv looked all this with teary eyes.
(Flashback ends)
“why did mom hate thapki and bihaan so much?? No she didn’t hate them but she love me so much.” He opened his eyes and looked at sky. “but what kind of love it is? It’s like poision. She broke my marriage. I can’t imagine bihaan’s situation when he was forced to marry thapki. It’s good that both fell in love with each other else both’s life became hell because of maa. I don’t understand after all this bihaan remain silent. How could he call maa his god? Still maa play game with him. she doesn’t have heart. Why even I am call her maa? She didn’t deserve this name.” He clenched his fists tightly, nails digging into his palms.
“dhruv, are you okay?” shradhaa’s voice break his chain of thoughts.
“Shradhaa……..nothing. I mean I am okay.” He wipes his tears. He stands up and about to leave but shradhaa stops him. . (tu hi na jane- movie Azhar plays.)
“tell me what happened?”
“I told you nothing…..” he avoids her eye-contact.
(Dil ne dhadkano ko hi tod diya……)
Shradhaa take his hand in her hand and looked at him with teary eyes.
(Mere hisse aayi teri parchhaiyan…………)
Both share an eye lock. Sumanbhabi’s voice, who was calling them for dinner brought them in present. They leave.
Aditi was eagerly waiting for someone in the park. She looked aggressive after watching wrist watch.
“Where the hell are you?” she screamed on phone.
“Just behind you…” a guy put hand on her shoulder.
“you……” she turned and start beating him. “you are one hour 10 minutes 37 seconds and 43 milliseconds late.”
“Sorry sorry……” abhi stops her and hold his ears. “I was busy….and you know traffic…..”
“Stop lying.” She gave sad and angry look.
“sorry na baba….. I brought chocolates for you….. now you happy.” He gave her chocolates. She takes and starts eating.
“hey u should share it.” Abhi try to take on but she pull back the box.
“No…’s your punishment.”
“ok…. Now tell me. Why did you call me?”
“I’m so happy today. because two good thing happen with me.” She took one chocolate and put it in abhi’s mouth. He got embarrassed and happy by her act.
“what two things….” He looked at her and get ready to lost in her shining eyes. He can’t take off his eyes from her when she talks.
“first I got job…..and second finally my and diwakar’s divorce happened. You know he leave noida forever.” She jumped in happiness. She squeezed his hand and said.
“it can only happen because of you. my friend. thank you.”
“what friend..?? She called me friend. Am I just her friend? No no….. abhi tell her your feelings.Before it’s late. C’mon tell her what’s in your heart. You can do it.” He thought.
He sighed deeply.
“Aditi we know each other for little long time. We’ve become good friends. But don’t you think it’s time for become more than just friend???” he said every word slowly.
“you mean best friends….” She gave a confused look.
“No more than that…..” he looked at her helplessly.
“you mean mega best friends…” she looked super happy. Abhi hit his head. He looked disappointed.
“what happened abhi…? Are you okay?” she asked. Her behavior shows that she was over-acting.
Abhi gave confuse and dumb look. She burst out of laughing.
“Sorry…sorry….” She can’t control her laugh. “abhi, which girl wait for a boy for an hour ?”
Abhi still gave that dumb look. She stopped laughing and shake his head. “I love you too. buddhu”
Abhi can’t believe on his eyes. “really…..”
“yes….” She holds his hand. He got super excited and starts dancing without music. She laugh on his innocent and childish act.
“Stop abhi…..sab dekh rahe hai….” She pull him and make him sit.
“then let them see…..i love you…I love you…I love you so much” he try to show some hero actions but fail. Aditi show an awkward look towards his action.
“Aditi will you marry me…?” he kneel downed and forward his hand.
“Why should I marry a guy like you? who is a khadus when he’s on duty and a buddhu when he’s with me. I don’t want to marry a guy who can’t even say I love u first. Budus.” She teases him. She removes his hand and leave like a model showing attitude. Abhi follow him.
“hey girl I don’t mix my duty and relation. If you don’t like this soft abhi then want to be my criminal….” He winked at her. she continue walking.
(Ab tere dil me…. Plays) (I don’t remember movie name. sorry)
Abhi: ab…tere….dil…me…hum…aa …gaye…
Aditi: to….to…to?
Abhi: tere dil me rahenge.
Aditi: to?
Abhi: tuhje apna kahenge….
Aditi: jhothaaa…(lier)
Abhi: kasam ki kasam hum tere hain hum, baat meri maan jhoothe nahin hum
Song plays on. At the end of song Abhi hugged aditi from back. “muhje yeh umraked manjur hai” she kissed on his cheek. Abhi jumped in happiness.
@pandy nivaas
Preeti came with aswin. Her leg was hurt.
Thapki: what happened bhabi??
Preeti: Nothing to worry about. I just slipped in hospital. If I take bed rest then I’ll be okay.
Thapki: sumanbhabi must be alone at hospital right now. Someone has to be there.
Preeti: yes, you are right.
Dhruv: don’t worry bhabi. I’ll go.
Thapki: No dhruv sir. You didn’t get sleep from last night. You take rest. I’ll go.
Bihaan: if you are going. Then I also come.
Thapki: okay.

Suman bhabi was inside room. Thahaan was sleeping on bench outside. Constables were also sleeping. Suman bhabi came out and wake up thapki.
“thapki, I want to go washroom. Can you please be with badi sasuma for some time. Don’t worry She’s sleeping.”
“okay bhabi…” she go inside.
(After sometime)
“Bihaan deverji…..wake up…” sumanbhabi wake up bihaan worriedly.
“what happened bhabi?” he yawed and look around. “where is thapki?”
“same question I want to ask you. where is she and where is badisasumaa? I searched inside but….strange thing is that badisasuma also not inside.” She said worriedly.
“What…..” bihaan screamed. “what…..maa and thapki both disappeared…???? Where did they go??”
Episode ends.
(Where did vasu and thapki both go???? Any guess??? Tell me by comment. Thank for commenting on my previous episode. So sorry for this super late update.)

Credit to: truelove

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