thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 12)

Episode 12
Here it goes;
Abhi enters into a cell. Thahaan and dhruv followed. It was dark and dirty room. One man was tied with hand-cuffs in center of cell. He looked unconscious. His condition shows that he was beaten badly. Thapki got scared so she hold bihaan’s hand.
Abhi slaps that man hardly, he slowly got conscious. He slowly looked up. Bihaan skips his heartbeat seeing face. He recalls the horrible hotel incident.
“you…???…. thapki….. he is the one who shoot me” his voice was trembling.
“yes bihaan….” She squeezed his hand harder.
“you want to know who told him to do…?” abhi asked angrily and thahaan nods.
“tell them……” he again slap him hardly.
“I was paid for beating bihaan panday…..yes this man….” He pointed towards bihaan. “a lady came to me and gave money to injured him but not to kill him. All thing was planned by her. She gave me a restorant address and told me to do drama.”
“was she…??” abhi show him vasu’s pic. He nods yes. Thapki recall vasu’s words. She looked on shocked.
“NO….” bihaan screamed at him. “you are lying….” he started beating him.
“bihaan….stop” thapki cries.
“mr. Bihaan…..stop” abhi hold him but he was uncontrollable. Dhruv and abhi hold him tightly and took him out. They took him to abhi’s cabin.
“bihaan….calm down” dhruv hold him tightly but he’s still struggling.
“bihaan please calm down…” thapki cried and try to stop him.
“dhruv….. leave me” his voice echoed in room. “i’ll kill that lier.”
“bihaan…. He is not lying” thapki yelled at him and cries.
“thapki….. how could u believe him” he stop struggling and looked at her shocked.
“because I know something that you don’t know….” She sobbed.
“what is it…..??” his voice chocked.

“the night u got shoot, I rushed to maa and asked her to give you blood. She agreed but she asked me to pay the price of your blood. She asked me to give u divorce. I was helpless. One side our marriage and other side you were dying without blood. So I choose you bihaan…. She gave me divorce paper and forced me to ask you for divorce on holi day. I did it just to pay the price of your blood.” She hides her face in hands and cries.
“Maa…..what have u done.?? Why maa?? Why??” he felt like he can’t stand anymore. He sat on floor.
“you know the reason bihaan. She hates my stammering. She hates me.” She looked at him with teary eyes. “that’s why she force u to marry me.”
Dhruv and abhi got shocked.
“What…??” dhruv’s voice got tore off. Thapki realize that dhruv is in the room and what just she said.
“I am sorry dhruv….” Bihaan cries. “yes dhruv, maa was that person who was with me in storeroom on your wedding night. She told me that u don’t love thapki but you have pity on her as she stammers. I am sorry dhruv I snatched your love.”
Thapki hugs bihaan and both cries. Dhruv also cries silently.

@Pandy Nivaas
Thahaan and dhruv arrives. Dadima, Shradhaa, latika, suman bhabi was waiting for them. Rest of family was at hospital. Pandy nivaas was quite like even house was showing its sadness. As they entered, everyone stands up worriedly. Sumanbhabi was about ask something but dadima stops her. thapki takes bihaan to their room. Everyone looked at dhruv hopefully.
@thahaan’s room
Thapki make bihaan sit on bad. She looked at bihaan’s sad face. He was lost in his thoughts. She knew that this day will come, she never hoped it will come like this.
“maybe he need his alone time.” She thought.
“bihaan, I’ll go and bring water for you.” she turned and about to leave but bihaan hold her hand. She turned. (Ranjha – movie queen plays) He was smiling sadly and sobbed. He pulled thapki towards him, and slammed his head to her chest. He cried burst out. Thapki’s figures running through his hair. He cried so bed that her salwar got wet. She sat beside him and laid him down. He put his head in her lap and sleeps. She also sleeps while her fingers were circulating through his hair.
She wake up at mid-night and found bihaan was not with her. She looked around and get shocked. He was packing.
“bihaan…. What are u doing..??” she pats him. She knew the answer but still she was asking.
“we are leaving…” he replied without looking at her.
“why…?” she gathered her courage and asked. She was ready for his reaction. He pulled her in his arms and looked at her angrily.
“because…” he recall his childhood moments, hates of vasu, her anger towards him. His eyes got wet. He leaves her and continues packing.
Thapki hugs him from back and whisper. “I know bihaan…we are leaving because of maa….but it’s not right timing.”
He turns towards her. “the place where you didn’t get respect, I will not stay there for moment. Here, I didn’t have a single reason to stay.”
“you have a reason bihaan…” she cupped his face. “stay here for bauji, who love you more than himself. Stay here for dadima, whose morning starts by watching your face. Stay here for those bhabis who see their young brother in you.”

“and what about maa…..should I stay here to bear her hate….?”
“No bihaan, if you want to leave then let’s go right now but just turn and look back. Family needs u. Family members are broke, especially bauji and dadima. Bauji needs his son…… bihaan…outside wounds can be heal by medicine but for inside wounds, there is only one medicine exist….. it is love. If inside wounds didn’t get medicine soon then they’ll last forever.” Bihaan nods.
“but thapki whatever happen today, I can’t stay here.” He said with teary eyes.
She didn’t have the salutation. All she could do is try to reduce his pain. After all she is the only one to whom he share his all fillings. She came close to him and wipes his tears. She slowly put her lips on his and gently kissed him. He found her kiss was way more relaxing than anything. He felt like his pain is reducing. His hands made a grip around her waist, the grip became tighter and they kissed passionately. He felt her tears on his cheek. He looked in to her eyes. She was also in pain. He kissed her again with more passion. The cozy and full of intimacy moments that they shared were not just happy or not just sad but mix of all emotions. They share their pain with each other without saying a word.
Episode ends.

(so how’s today’s episode. I know lot’s of crying. But I’ll end it soon. Just one more episode and get back to happy thahaan. Thank u guys for commenting in my previous episode. Keep supporting. Do comment and share your thoughts.)

Credit to: truelove


  1. anu

    why u r ending it
    u cant
    thahaan scenes gajabb
    want vasu to get punishment
    plz write some more epi plz yar

    • truelove

      okk okk…. i’ll not end it. actually i was little sad by less comments in my last episode. but don’t worry i’m not ending it.

  2. Maira

    This was not amaizing! It was super amazing.but i really felt bad for bihaan:-)it was really emotional episode:-) but truelove…! I wanna say something”truelove! Tusi great nahi! Super great ho!”

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Hey doll… Don’t end this ff… I’m not really in the mood today… But your ff cheers me up… Always here to comment on here… Lots of love~Nusz

    • truelove

      thanks for your support sissy. i happy that i could cheer you up. love you too bestie. 🙂

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