thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 11)


Episode 11
Here it goes;

“Mrs. Vasundhara panday, you are under arrest in crime of trying to kill your own son.” Abhishek said to vasu and show her handcuffs.
(30 min before)
Panday family was sitting on couch and talking. Abhi came with constables.
“Abhishek, please come in. did u find anything about that goons?” bihaan got happy seeing him.
Abhi nods. He was looking little bit serious today.
“What u r talking about, bihaan?” vasu asked in tensed voice.
“maa, yesterday abhi finally caught one of those goons who beaten me up and try to kill me. May be he leads us to his boss. And real culprit will be punished.” Bihaan replied.
“Really? Abhishek, how did you catch him?” bauji asked.

Abhi was patrolling at market. He saw a guy and recall he is the one of them who tease aditi. He didn’t wait for a second and rushes towards him. He started beating him. thapki saw them fighting with shocked eyes. Some constables came and arrest that goon and leave. Thapki goes to abhi and says “Abhishek, He is one of them.” Her voice was trembling while recalling those horrible moments. “He is the one who break bottle on my bihaan’s head.”. Abhi got shocked. He thinks for a moment and says, “Mrs. thapki, I will rich to his boss soon but this matter should be between us. No third person would know about this until we found his boos. It’s only for your husband’s good. if anyone know about this then they’ll again try to harm your husband again. So please don’t tell about this to your family too.” Thapki nods.
(Flashback ends)

“bauji, yesterday i saw abhi beating one man. I recall that he is the one who broke bottle on bihaan’s head. So i told him and….” thapki replied before she completed abhi interrupted.
“and we beaten the goon so badly that he has speak up about his boss. And his boss leads us to the real culprit. The person who gave them money to kill bihaan…….” he stopped for a moment and look at vasu. She was sweating badly. He continues.
“i’m sorry for my mistake. The person didn’t gave money to kill bihaan but gave money to badly beat him that bihaan could return after death touch. All drama happen at hotel was already planned.” he exclaimed.
“Oh my god, who is the culprit? Who tried to kill our bihaan deverji?” suman asked.
“but thapki bitiya why u didn’t tell u about this to us? Only bihaan?” bauji asked.
“because abhi told me to do so. He strictly instructs me not to tell anyone, not even family members. It’s for bihaan’s security. That’s why I only told about it to bihaan.” she replied. Bihaan nods.
“but what danger could be to bihaan from family members? Hum sab uske apne hai. No one could think of harm bihaan” bauji asked to abhi.
“I only take bihaan’s security as excuse because in real I thought there must be a family member involved“. He saw vasu trembling.
“family member’s involvement?? What are u talking about?” dadima asked.
“yes beta, may be you are mistaken. May be the goon is still lying.” Bauji said.
Everyone got tensed.
“but we have confession of goon, in written. Now court will decide who is lying and who is not.” Abhi says.

Bauji wrap his hands and looked at family members. It’s a pin-drop silence in hall. Everyone were looking at each other but avoiding eye contact especially vasu.
“then reveal who is real culprit. I am ready to know the name of betrayer.” Bauji replied with trembling voice.
Everyone look at abhi. They all pry silently that the name came out should be non family member.
Abhi gave a killing look to vasu.
“Mrs. Vasundhara panday, you are under arrest in crime of trying to kill your own son.”
“WHAT???” everyone screamed at abhi.
He didn’t listen and step towards vasu. Bihaan came in between stops him.
“no no abhishek, you must be in a big misunderstanding. maa can’t do this” he said in chocked voice.
“bihaan, evidences are against vasundhara panday. Try to understand.” He said in calm voice and try to move bihaan from his way. Vasu looked on.
“NOOO…….”bihaan screamed at him. “you try to understand. She is my god. Even more than god. U can’t understand our relationship. She gave her blood to save me twice. Why she want to do this?”
His voice echoed in hall. Everyone is silently cry.

“why don’t u ask her? she is the only one who know the truth.” Abhi yelled at him.
Bihaan rush towards vasu and hold her hand gently.
“Maa, please tell this man that whatever he is saying is absolutely wrong. You can’t even think of this. Am I right na maa……maa…say something please?” he literally shakes vasu.
Vasu didn’t reply. She was breathing heavily and sweating badly. Her eyes were dry and her face was emotionless. Her lips were turning white. She looked at dhruv and then bihaan. She fell down.
“Maaa…..” thapki screams.
Everyone was waiting outside OT worriedly. Thapki was crying standing in one corner. Bihaan was sitting with bauji and dadima. Dhruv was walking worriedly here and there. Dhruv looked at shradhaa and she gave a cold glance.

Shradhaa enters into her bedroom. It was dark inside so she turns on light. A beautifully decorated room gave her goose bumps. She saw dhruv sitting on bed with ‘I m sorry’ board in his hand. She chuckled. Dhruv came near to him and asked, “I am sorry for my bad behavior.”
“it’s okkkk…” she hugged him. Hug can help you in relief your pain but here hug gave her pain. Because she didn’t feel warmthness in his hug. They had dinner together, it was her favorite food but she didn’t like it. She realize that he was standing at one point, from where he doesn’t want to go back and doesn’t even want to move further. He already leaves his past but he doesn’t want to build a new future. He doesn’t want to fall in love again. From that day, she stopped asking for love from him. They became good friends but they couldn’t develop husband wife relationship.
(Flashback ends)

“What are you doing here??” dhruv’s furious voice brings her back into present.
Everyone looked on. Abhi came with two constables.
“You can’t stop me from doing my duty. Mr. dhruv panday” he replied in cold voice.
“you…..” dhruv was about to rush towards him but doctor came out and he stopped.
Family members gathered around doctor.
“She survives heart attack.” Doctors said and everyone exclaimed in relief. “but she is still unwell. We’re putting her under observation.”
“can we meet her?” bauji asked with teary eyes.
“No, we’ll only allow to meet her when she’ll get conscious. Till then you can only see her from outside.” He replied.

“my constables will stay here and keep watch on her.” abhi breaks the silence.
“Abhishek, it’s my last warning…..stay back or I’ll….” Dhruv said angrily.
“please stop….” Dadima yelled at him. “let him do whatever he wants. He can’t arrest my unconscious vasubahu.”
“yes dadima, I’ll not let him arrest maa. we’ll bring out the truth before maa wake up.” Bihaan said furiously.
“I am with you bihaan.” Dhruv squeeze bihaan’s hand.
“so you all wants to know the truth???” Abhi asked and everyone nods. “Then come with me.”
He leaves angrily. dhruv and thahaan follow him.

Episode ends.
(hey guys, so sorry for no thahaan scenes. I’m changing track little bit. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to tell me about it via comments. )

Credit to: truelove

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  1. nice yar now vasu will.punished but try to add thahaan scenes in upcoming epi

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    1. i’m glad you like it. thanks for commenting.

  3. nice dear….i like ur new track….pls upload soon…

    1. thanks kunutha. your comment mean a lot to me. i’ll upload it soon.

  4. Episode was really nice…but i’m angry with u bcoz u do’nt add thahaan scenes…………hahahaha just joking yaar. I do’nt wanna hurt u. 🙂 sorry for scaring u:-) u are a good writer! true love:-) i liked this instant track:-) but make sure that in next episode there would be thahaan scenes with happines:-) may god shower his countless blessings on u:-)

    1. thanks maira. u didn’t hurt me girl. 🙂 i love to read your comments. in next episode i’ll add thahaan scene but it’ll not be happy. but happiness is on the way. keep reading.

  5. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    It’s okay if there wasn’t any thahaan scenes because the episode was awesome!! Man sissy you’re amazing!!! Next episode hope you add some thahaan scenes!!! Love you aha~Nusz

    1. thanks bestie. i’m happy that u like it. i’ll surely add thahaan scene in next epi. love you too. 🙂

  6. Awesome episode. Waiting for the next episode.

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  7. it’s awesome missed thahaan scenes but the track is great.

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