thahaan – teri meri kahani (epi – 10)


Episode 10
Here it goes;
Tweeting of birds disturbed her sweet sleep. She opened her eyes and looked around. She felt like she got sweetest sleep in her life. Memory of last night makes her pink. She found herself in bihaan’s arms. Her back was snugly joint with his chest. She felt strong grip of his hands around her waist. She gently open that grip and make sure that his sleep didn’t get disturbed. She got up but about to leave, but bihaan hold her hand.
“oh no, he’s awake.” she looked back. He was sitting there with complain “why she’s leaving” in his eyes. She read his eyes and point toward clock. It’s 7’o clock. He pull her back, she was in his arms now.
“no clock can stop me from romancing with my wife” he says with naughty glint on his face.
“i’ve to go. “ she said.
“why?” he asked with complaint in his eyes.
“to make your breakfast.” she replied with smile.
“no i don’t want breakfast now.” he pull her closer.
“so what u want?” she put hands around his neck.
“be in my arms for sometime.”
She put her head on his chest and hugged him tightly.

@thapki’s house.
Abhi rang the door bell. He takes out his mobile and takes a look. He closed her eyes and recall his plan. He was thinking about her whole night. He felt really guilty for his mistakes.
“This time no mistakes. I’ll go inside and give back her mobile. And give her this sorry card as no one could notice” he smiles and again rang the bell.
“Who is ringing doorbell again and again” diwakar said furiously and open the door. “kya hai…?” he asked in insulting manner.
Abhi looked him for a while.
“go call your madam” he also replied in insulting manner.
Diwakar :do u know who am i?
Abhi:(try to copy him in funny way) do u know who am i?
Diwakar: you….. get out from my house.
Abhi: No.
Abhi enters in to house. He came so near him that diwakar got scared.
Poonam :what’s happening??
Abhi: hello aunty.
Poonam: hello beta, aap koun?
Abhi: I’m ……
Krishnakant came out of room.
Krishnakant: poonamji, where is aditi?
Poonam: she goes to police station as she lost her mobile.
“ohhh no, she’s not home. what is use of being here. Should I give her phone to her parents?? No… no…then how I m going to apologize to her? I want to meet her.” he thought.
“beta….” Poonam breaks his chain of thoughts. “you were saying something….”
“yaaahh….. I’m ACP Abhishek Sharma.” He hand-shake with krishnakant. “I came here to ask some question about bihaan panday’s case.” He lied.
“please have a sit.” Poonam requested him.
“no, I’ll came another day. This shuck-face wasted my time today.” He looked furiously at diwakar.
He leaves.
@Dhruv-Shradhaa’s room
Vasundhara enters, she was worried as shradhaa told her about fight happen between her and dhruv. As she entered in to room, she was surprisingly shocked. The room was beautifully decorated with flowers. “sorry” word was written on board. Dhruv was so busy in decorating that he didn’t realize his mom’s presence. Vasu came and pat him.
“Dhruv, u did this? It’s so beautiful.” She said happily.
“yes maa” he replied with smile.
“I was so worried about both of you when I get know about your fight. But now, I think I don’t need to worry.” She hugged him. “I’m so proud of you, dhruv beta.”
“Thanks maa.” He hugged her back.

@Abhi’s house
Abhi enters; he was still in thoughts of aditi. He heard a laugh, he know this laugh. He rushes towards drawing room. Aditi was there with his mother. He froze there for a moment seeing them happy.
Lata: Abhi beta, when did u come?
Abhi: just a moment before. Maa, what r u doing?
Lata: I’m making coconut laddus. Aditi teach me.
Abhi: ohh….so she know cooking.
Aditi: I m still learning. My mother and sister are best cooks in the world.
Lata: I’ll make something for you.
Aditi: no no aunty it’s okay. I’m leaving.
Abhi: I’ll take you home.
Aditi look at him surprisingly.
Abhi: I mean if u want.
Aditi: okay.
Both leaves. Lata smile seeing them together.

Abhi stops car in middle way.
Aditi: hey, why did u stop here?
Abhi: for this…..
He brought out sorry card and gave her.
Aditi: what is this?
Abhi: my apology. I’m sorry I behave rudely with you that day. But I didn’t mean it. Please take it back.
He gave her money. She accept it with smile.
Abhi : oh…yes. And you phone. You forgot it in my car.
Aditi: yaah…thank u.
Abhi: I go to your home for give it back. but I met your servant. Such a manners less person. Why are you even tolerating him? why don’t you kick him out?
Aditi: servant? But we don’t have any servant.
Abhi: then who was that tiny person?
She burst out of laughing.
Aditi : you mean diwakar. You suppose him as servant….hahahaa….
Slowly her laugh gets converted into crying. She starts weeping. Abhi was shocked by her behavior.
Abhi: aditi, are u okay?
Aditi: he’s not servant. He is son-in-low of my family. He is my husband.
Abhi got hell shocked.
Abhi: why did u get married with person like him?
Aditi: because he blackmailed me. He took some bad photographs of mine and forced me marry him. I was helpless. We don’t have husband wife relation but he tortured me. Not only me but my parents too.That’s why I didn’t stay in my home much. Sometimes I thought of doing suicide.
She covers her face by hand and continue crying. Abhi put his hand on her head. She looked at him.
Abhi: why are you thinking of punishing yourself for a mistake you didn’t do. Don’t even think of suicide again. I’ll help you. I’ll punish him, and I’ll gave him punishment that he will remember it in his whole life.
She kept looking at him.
Episode ends.
(heyy guys. Today we completed ten episodes. I’m so happy. Thank u so much for your love and support. Keep giving me love like always. Love you.)

Credit to: truelove

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    1. thank u so much pooja. i’ll try to add more thahaan scene next time.

  2. What a fast update:-) episode was’nt was super cute:-).thanks true love for very fast and fantastic episode:-)

    1. thank u maira. you just scared me for a moment. thanks for love and support .

  3. add thahaan scenes more plz plz

    1. sure hun. 🙂

  4. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    I missed this ff so much!! You’re the best true love, by the way is your name true love? Anyways I hope you post the next episode soon, love you bestie~Nusz

    1. where u been girl. i missed u so much. i’m waiting for your next episode of dvsl. my real name is ‘sweta’. i named my self true love because i felt that my true love is bihaan. after arshi (Arnav & knushi) thahaan is my fav couple. i wanted to ask u a question too. what T!B!H! stands for in your name? love you bestie.

      1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        Thank you so much sweta, if you don’t mind.. But yes I have posted ragsan and dvl… Also i loved khushi and Arnav… TBH stands for tellywood, Bollywood and Hollywood aha, love
        You too Hun~Nusz

    2. rafay don kon

      When will you post yor ff part?

      1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

        I have posted it Hun~Nusz

  5. It’s awesome yaar thahaan so cute, aditi-abhi also good

    1. thanks fatarajo.

  6. amazing , waiting for next part.

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  7. Superb episode sweta…u hve amazing writing skills..whn u r posting the next episode dear. Waiting eagerly for that.?☺?

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  8. iss ff k cover page pe kya jigyasa hai manish k saath????? kitne cute lag rhe hain dono….tell me tell me…mjhe samjh nhi aa rha…ye photo kahan se mili…mjhe bhi dekhni hai…and chahiye bhi

    1. its pic from their previous show chore tera gaon bada pyara
      go and search images on google by the name u will find it

  9. oh thanku soooo much…..and haan…and ur story is really nice…

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