Thahaan : Shot 2 by NaiTan

Hello to all …. NaiTan here …. I’m back with the 2nd episode . Hope u like it … Plz comment ur views …

Bihaan starts staying alone in the tabela . Pandey Family received a wedding invitation card from their old friend Sharma Ji . Maa thinks to refresh everyone’s mood decided to go to this wedding . Bihaan refuses at first but reluctantly agreed . He sees the name on the card it’s written –

Bihaan- Kya ye koi ittefaak Hai ? Ya ye sach mein Kabir Katyal ki shaadi Hai ?
( Is it a coincidence ? Or is it actually Kabir Katyal’s wedding )

Maa- Bihaan bhool jaao uss Kabir Katyal ko . Voh aaya aur tumhari poori zindagi kharaab kar Chala gaya .
( Bihaan forget that Kabir Katyal . He came and he destroyed ur whole life )

Bihaan- Jaane se pehle , usne kaha tha ki voh kisi badle ko poora karne aaya Hai . Par uska maksat tha kya ?
( Before he left , he said that he came to fulfill his revenge . But what was his motive ? )

Maa- Bihaan bhool jaao ye sab . Tumhe Arunima yaad Hai Na ? Sharma Ji ki beti Hai . Voh tumhare bauji ke khaas dost Hai .
Tumhe aana hoga .
( Bihaan forget all this . You remember Arunima right ? She is Sharma ji’s daughter . He is your dad’s closest friend . )

Bihaan- Par maa ….
( But maa …. )

Maa- Bihaan tumne usse humesha apni behen mana Hai . Tumhe aana hi hoga
( Bihaan u always considered as her sister . You have to come )

Bihaan- Ok Maa …

In the evening they go to the venue and get shocked seeing Kabir Katyal as groom .

Bihaan- Iski himmat kaise huyi ? Jis din Thapki mari thi , uss din toh voh ro raha tha and apna hak dikha raha tha Thapki pe . Maa isne pehle hi meri aur Thapki ki zindagi kharaab kar di . Main isse apni behen ki zindagi kharaab karne nhi doonga .
( How dare he ? The day Thapki died , he was crying and showing full rights over Thapki . Maa he already spoiled my and Thapki’s life . I won’t let him spoil my sister’s life . )

Maa- Ruko Bihaan . Tum uski shaadi mat roko . Dekho voh Kabir ke saath kitni Khush lag rahi Hai . Shayad Bhagwaan ki yahi marzi Hai .
( Stop Bihaan . Do not stop her marriage . See she is looking so happy with Kabir . May be this is what God planned . )

Kabir gets a call and tells Arunima that he would come back in a moment and he leaves . Meanwhile the Pandey Family comes and congratulates Arunima . Then they go and stand with Sharma Ji and guests . Kabir comes back and as soon as he sits , the lights go off .

Sharma Ji – Ye lights ko kya ho gaya ? Ye kisne kiya ?
( What happened to these lights ? Who did this ? )
A girl – Maine kiya Hai . Aap jaante Hai Na uncle Shaadi se pehle dance toh zaroori Hai .
( I did this . You know Na uncle before wedding dance performance )

Kabir- Tu aa gayi ?
( You came ? )

Girl – Aana hi tha . Teri shaadi Hai aakhir kaar .
( I had to come . After all it’s ur wedding )

( Just informing when she is speaking the lights were not there . )

And then she claps and all lights fall on her . She turns . She is revealed to be Thapki . Pandey Family is shocked and happy both . Bihaan continuously stares at Thapki without a blink . Thapki asks the DJ to play music . He plays the song MOST WANTED MUNDA ….

She starts dancing and asks Kabir to join . He comes and joins her . She dances with Kabir . Bihaan is getting jealous seeing that . He thinks –

Bihaan (mind voice) – Ye uski hi shaadi Hai aur voh meri biwi ke saath naach raha Hai .
( It is his wedding and he is dancing with my wife )

As soon as the song finishes , Kabir kisses Thapki’s hand . She smiles . Bihaan looks at them and thinks –

Bihaan (mind voice) – Agar yahan sab na hote toh main iska M for Murder kar Deta . Iski himmat kaise huyi meri Thapki ke haath ko choomne ki .
( If everyone was not here then I would have done M for Murder of this Kabir . How dare he kiss my Thapki’s hand . )

A guy comes ( hiding his face with a scarf and only eyes are visible ) bends on his knee and proposes Thapki . Bihaan is shocked . Thapki accepts the proposal . And he gives her hand to dance . They dance together on UDE DIL BEFIKRE ….

Kabir – Kaash Neha yahan hoti . Usne khoob maze kiye hote . Umeed Hai ki voh Rehabilitation center mein theek Hai .
( I wish Neha was here . She would have enjoyed a lot . I hope she is fine at the Rehabilitation centre . )

As soon as the dance is over Thapki kisses that guy on forehead . The to be couple and audience claps for them . Kabir comes to them .

Kabir- Thapki ye ladka kon Hai ? Isne tujhe propose kiya aur tu ne haan Keh di ?
( Thapki who is this guy ? He proposed u and u accepted it ? )

Thapki- Tum isse acchi tarah jaante ho .
( You know him very well )

Kabir – Inn 6 mahino mein tumne kabhi bataya nhi.
( In these 6 months you never told me )

Thapki- Ruk . ( Wait )

She removes the fake wig , scarf , moustache and cap .

Bihaan and Kabir are shocked .
Who is that guy ? Get to know in the last episode

So this is the end of Part -2 of my 3 shots. I hope u liked it . I know it’s short but I tried my level best. Plz leave ur comments … ?

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  1. Wow Naitan, it’s great. But who’s the guy? I’m clueless..i wish it’s bihaan 😉 but impossible.
    Can’t wait for the next. Thanks and tc 🙂

    1. In the second thought, i think it’s kabir sister in disguise…

  2. Vinolin.d

    hai dear naitan…its fabulous darl. I admires that bihaan was getting jealous on thapki.hats off for your imagination darling.keep writing you so much.I am so exciting to see the next surprising

  3. Kiran..8

    Amazing shot waiting for next part

  4. Sulbi

    Awsme dear…. i think that guy is neha… guess so… wonderful part…. update nxt one soon… tc…

  5. I am waiting for the last episode… and also I want to know how is thapki alive still? and how thahaan reconcile…

  6. He nani darling..
    how r u ?
    I think that guy …. .NEHA
    plz nani try 2 post soon.
    v r eagrly waiting 4 shot 3..
    love u
    stay happy and blessed……….always….
    or ha!
    thank u so much 4 updat..

    ab jaldi s post ker do..
    vese aaj ke to choti hogi na…

  7. Extremely a exciting wala episode…so much of expectations about the next part…good going dear friend.

  8. Amazing.and I am waiting for last part

  9. Alm.Abi

    NaitAn dear no more suspense… i am dying yr… upadte soon…

  10. gajab but furious to know why thapki with kabir??? Upload next part very sooN I can’t wait please

  11. Vinni7

    What a suspense!! ?
    Well I guess it’s Neha …..let’s see
    But I loved it ??
    Good going ?
    Stay happy ???

  12. Manish ki deewani

    oh dear awsome wala part .i’m curios to know what happened next ….plz update soon the last one.

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