Thahaan : Shot 1 by NaiTan

Hello to all … NaiTan here … Inspired by all of u … I decided to write a 3 shot …. I don’t know whether all would like it because there wouldn’t be Thahaan much . But the 3rd shot is a surprise . I hope u would like that .
And I am sorry Alm.Abi because I used ur idea .
It starts when Bihaan loses cricket match and is asked to leave Pandey Nivas . Thapki asks them to stay back .
Thapki – Maa Sirf aaj raat ke liye ruk jaaiye
( Maa Plz stay just for tonight )

Bihaan- Nahi Mrs.Katyal . Hum aapke saath kabhi nhi Reh sakte . Jo kuch bhi aapne aur aapke pati ne kiya Hai voh bahut galat kiya .
( No Mrs.Katyal . We will never stay with u . Whatever u and ur husband did was already very wrong )

Thapki signs maa . And she convinced Bihaan . Next morning they leave and Bihaan finds a old small house with help of his friends . The whole family rests . Bihaan and maa go out to the market to buy basic needs with whatever money they have . Thapki is also in the market . She sees them .She goes to them .

Thapki- Maa aap yahan ? Aapko kuch chahiye ? Main aapki koi madad karoon ?
( Maa u here ? You need anything ? May I help u ? )

Bihaan- Nhi Mrs.Katyal . Hume aapke aisaano ki koi zaroorat nhi . Chaliye maa .
( No Mrs.Katyal . We don’t need any favour of yours . Let’s go maa )

Thapki- Bihaan main tumse abhi bhi bahut Pyaar karti hoon . Plz Mujhe 1 mauka toh do . Plz Bihaan .
( Bihaan I still love u . Plz give me 1 chance. Plz Bihaan )

Bihaan- Mauka aur voh bhi tumhe de ? Galti se bhi yeh mat sochna Thapki . Humse koi umeed mat rakho .
( Chance and you ? Don’t u dare think that Thapki . Do not expect anything from me . )
And Bihaan and maa move . Bihaan is subconsciously thinking something . They do not see a speeding car from other side . Thapki notices it and pushes them and in the process gets hit by the car .Thapki lies in pool of blood . Bihaan and maa are still in shock . When they get back to normal , they see crowd behind and get shocked seeing Thapki in that state . Bihaan lifts her in his arms and takes her to hospital . Doctors operate her . After 2 hrs the OT light goes off , but doctor doesn’t come out and after 4 hours he comes out .

Bihaan- Doctor Saab Thapki kaisi Hai ? Usse kuch hua toh nhi Na ? Sab theek Hai Na ? Boliye Na …
( Doctor how is Thapki ? Nothing has happened to her Na ? Everything is OK Na ? Plz say something )

Doctor – Mujhe maaf kariyega Mr Pandey . Thapki ab iss duniya mein nhi Hai . Voh Mar chuki Hai .
( I’m sorry Mr. Pandey . Thapki is no more . She is dead )
Bihaan falls on his knees and shouts … No this can’t happen . He runs to OT … Hugs her body and taps her face and says

Bihaan- Thapki tum aise nhi jaa sakti . Apne Bihaan ko chodd ke nhi .
( Thapki u can’t go like this . You can’t leave ur Bihaan like this )
He cries badly . Meanwhile Vasu called everyone and tries to console Bihaan . Kabir is also shocked when he enters OT . He notices something and asks everyone to leave . After sometime he comes out .

Kabir- Chaliye aap sab apne Pandey Nivas . ( All come back to Pandey Nivas )

As they reach home , Kabir gives keys to him and Bihaan looks at him .

Kabir – Jis kaam ke liye main yahan aaya tha voh toh poora ho gaya . Mujhe tumse badla lena tha Bihaan . Par tumhe toh tumhari zindagi ka sabse bada dukh mil gaya.
(For the motive I came here , it’s fulfilled now. I wanted to take revenge from u Bihaan . But u got the biggest sorrow of ur life )

Bihaan looks at Kabir .

Kabir – Aise mat Dekho . Thapki tumse Pyaar karti thi . Usne kitni baar bola ki yeh shaadi Nakli Hai . Aur voh sahi Keh rahi thi . Humne kabhi shaadi hi nhi ki . Voh sab jhooth tha . Par tumne uska vishvaas nhi kiya aur ab tumne usse humesha ke liye kho diya . Ab main chalta hoon . Tumhe tumhara ghar Mubarak ho . Main Thapki ki body leke jaa raha hoon . Main isse jalaonga .
( Do not look at me like this . Thapki loved u . She always tried to prove that this marriage is fake . And she was right . We never got married . Everything was a lie . But u didn’t trust her and now u lost her forever. I’m leaving . Your house is ur’s and I am taking Thapki’s body with me . I will burn it . )

And Kabir takes the body with him . Bihaan realised Thapki was never at fault and breaks down and shouts Thapkiiii …

6 Months Leap …
Pandey Family received an wedding invitation from one of their old friends . They get shocked seeing the name on wedding card .
Who’s name was there ? What did Kabir notice in hospital ?
Get to know in next episode … Hope u liked it . I know that it’s short . But Plz do comment . It’s three shot … As much as I planned . Do comment ??

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  1. Hi NaiTan my friend it is me sandy I am in love with the story ❤️?❤️️ I felt sad when thapki die but my feelings say she is alive am guessing ?? but really naitan it is very good ? your story amazing waiting for next part ❤️❤️️

    1. Di …. I’m very happy that u liked it ?? . Di ur guess might be true … ? … And I will surely upload it tmrw . Di ❤ u .. Take care ?

  2. Lovely dear Naira… I am looking forward to the next… I think the wedding card has kabir weds thapki….may be let’s see

    1. Di Thank u so much ….? I’m happy that all liked it .. Hope u like the next part too . ? Di ❤ u … Take care ?

  3. It’s awesome….
    I think kabir noticed that thapki’s still alive, and they made an agreement to make the property back to the pandey’s family.
    About the invitation, because you said it’s from their oldfriend, so i guess it’s thapki or kabir name written, but not both of them. But i’m not sure…
    I’m curious, waiting for the next… Tc 🙂

    1. Thank u so much for commenting and liking it .. ? … I hope u will like the next part too ? … Take care ?

  4. Vinolin.d

    hai my dear sweet sis naitan… I am so happy to read your ff.really I am so shocked and scary about thapki.its heart touching dear.I am eagaly waiting for next part to see the surprising between thapki and bihaan.I loved it.thanks for such a wonderfull ff you created for us.keep writing you and tc.

    1. Thank u di … Thank u so much ?? … I’m so glad and happy that u liked it . Can’t describe my happiness right now . Di I hope u would like the next part too .? Di ❤ u … Take care ?

  5. Vinolin.d

    you are nailed it.because first time I am seeing like this kind of ff Hindi and everyone’s can understood this.its really nice.I am seeing your hard work here.thanks a lot dear.keep rocking and all the best dear naitan.

  6. Vinni7

    Wow dear ?? happy to see u with TS
    Its amazing…. Yeah I too think its thapki n kabir’s wedding card…well waiting for next
    Loads of luv ❤

    1. Di how r u ? I’m missing u alot …
      And I’m so happy that u liked it …?? … Can’t describe my right now happiness …?? … Di I really hope that u like next part too . Di ❤ u …. Take care ?

      1. Vinni7

        Well I updated an OS named “Thahaan OS : Me and my Snivels” do read it dear ??
        Actually, I updated it earlier n now I’m waiting for ur precious comment ?
        I’m missing u too ❤

  7. Nice dear

    1. Thank u so much for commenting ? … I hope u like next part also ?

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    Yeah it’s very interesting looking forward for the next part..I think we will get to know much about them in nxt part..I’m loving it dear.nice imagination.

    1. Thank u so much … ?? . I’m so so so happy that all are liking it …? …Hope u like the next part also ?

  9. Alm.Abi

    NaiTan dear its awesome… nd no need to say sorry. because u are building ur own story… look forward for nxt parts…

    1. Thank u … For giving me such an amazing idea ….? … And I’m so happy that u liked it ? . Hope u like next part also .

      1. Alm.Abi

        no need to say thank u buddy.. nd i have posted my new os… hope you like it…

  10. Hello di,
    how r u ?
    di u nailed…
    mindblowing TS
    eagrly waiting 4 next..
    I think in mandap kabir thahaan ki sadi kerva dega..
    hearti.. Thank u thanku di
    thank u thank u so much 4 writing lovely t…S..
    di plz jaldi se agla post ker do..
    v can’t wait..
    plz apna dhyen rekna..

    v r still waiting…

    1. Hi Kudrat … Actually I don’t know whether u should call me di … Because I’m only 15 . So May I know ur age ?
      And I love the way u comment on each and every ff … ?
      You surely bring smile on faces of the author ?
      And I’m happy that u liked it …?? …
      Hope u like next part also …
      Take care ?

  11. Di plz try to post soon..
    etna cur..ty. To tab bhi nehi jab ketappa n bahubeli ko mara tha

    plz plz … Please.. Jaldi s next part post ker do..

  12. hey….keep writting….its fab and intresting….

  13. Really waiting for next part plz yaar post it soon………….storyline is interesting

  14. You just rock it dear sis…I am happy to read your fabulous work.the end section is incredible.waiting for next part I wish you will upload that part soon.

  15. Manish ki deewani

    dear its very heart touching but its very interesting…. next soon dear

  16. Age m kya reka h jaan
    if u don’t like it I never .. U di
    So sorry
    Love u nani
    Lekin abi tek tumne next part post nehi kiya
    Yaar plz post ker do
    Tora sa to ters kao
    Hum per

    Good night

  17. Sulbi

    Hey naitan… am sry am late… awsme episode… loved it… and so curious to know about next part…. so many mystery…. well done dear… post soon… tc 🙂

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