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So here we go
It was a night bihan was sitting on the bed remembering what thapki tell to shradha he gets teary eyes ???suddenly a voice came bihan u r u crying when I am always with u bihan I love u so much ❤❤❤❤I feel bad when u cry
Bihan :really u I love me
Thapki: do u doubting on me I really loves u I want to marry u I want u n me to make a new world where u n me will say happily
Bihan: I can’t believe

Vasu came what u can’t believe
Bihan came out from his dremy world he looks here n there may when do u came
Vasu : what u don’t know r u fine what happen what u can’t believe
Bihan: nothing maa I was thinking about thapki that how much she care about everyone
Vasu : she will be yours soon now sleep good night
Bihan sleeps
Here thapki is thinking about bihan how he saves her how shradha told that bihan loves her n bihan confess there Good movements how she beat bihan’s chest when kabir propose her how they give each other a cute name jaggu n mangu how she fall on him in office how they meet first time n???????????thapki in mind bihan u r the best friend in this whole world n I am the lukest girl how got a friend like u I have always listen that friendship is the best releatin that s n I get it from u .
Shradha came with tablet
Shradha :di di
Thapki was ☺☺☺☺☺smiling
Shradha :do what happen y r u blushing
Thapki : nothing
Shradha : u will hide from me also n.a.
Thapki : shradha I just remember bihan n my friendship nothing else
Shradha : di accept bihan n.a. plzz
Thapki : shradha plzz I don’t want to talk about this now plzz I am tired plzz I want to sleep now
Shradha : ok take medicine first then sleep
She gives her medicine n they both sleep

Next morning

Adithi came to vasu
Adithi : maa what r u doing keeping secret secret
Vasu : nothing beta
Adithi :maa don’t hide from me I have listened it n shradha’s conversation I have seen paan acting doing mischieve with thapki di bihan saving her n u n shradha was talking to make bihan n thapki marry i I was there maa with my friends at night also with bihan .
Vasu get shocked she goes n closed the door
Vasu : beta we r doing someone good we r u don’t know anything as u just came from abrod day before yesterday day beta ur kabir bhai loved her but ……………………………………..everything she told her n aft that bihan s confession he loves her but he didn’t tell for kabir thapki’s first word bihan her memory loss she remember only him when kabir talk about marriage she consider bihan as a husband…………………………
Bihan’s happiness with her etc…….
She ask author to support her adithi shakes hand with vasu
Adithi maa I have an idea to let them came close she tell it to vasu
Vasu but we will not tell it to bihan so that he will not have to act n both will get same feeling
They share their plan with shradha n she agreed
A long time ago adithi goes to bihan
Adithi: what bhai this is not fair u have no time for me I came aft a long time
Bihan: gajaab what I have done
Adithi : bhai I want to meet my all noise friend but how within a day I have just today free after that so much of studies I don’t have time
Bihan : so meet them later n.a. u r going to leave here now
Adithi : if I didn’t meet thapki do for 10 years how do I feel
Bihan : what u mean she is my friend nothing else
Adithi : so I also meet my friends
Bihan: so ok we will keep get together u invite ur friends
Adithi : bhai in a hotel
Bihan : y
Adithi: plzz bhai I want to stay with them late night
Bihan: ok he booked a big room in a hotel
Adithi : u r the best bhai she hugs him n goes

Aft some time adithi calls at the same hotel n book on more soundproof room for a romantic couple
She called thapki n request her to come in a party she refuse but adithi ask her for her for shradha sake n also ask her to bring shradha

She arrange everything

At evening
Adithi comes to bihan
Adithi: bhai plzz come with me n.a. in party there is no one from the home no one no one have time for me not kabir bhai also pls come n.a. she act to cry????
Bihan : ok ok I will come u r looking very beautiful now plzz don’t cry
They both leave for the party
Here thapki n shradha also leave for the party but thapki take gift for adithi so they gets late here adithi friends came she was talking with them bihan gets bored suddenly thapki n shradha entre the room of get together bihan get mesmerized by thapki’s beauty she was wearing a red coloured dress with a golden flowers border m little silver diamond design her dupatta was very big it’s is of golden colour it is half laying on ground n half on her shoulder her dress was simple but very royal in design she has wored a golden colour big earing with a rose red lipstick her hairs r flying in air she has done very less makeup but looking so hot bihan stared at her thapki gives adithi a small gift she sees bihan n also get mesmerized by his beauty he was wearing a black jeans white short short which is silky it has no selves with a black coat which is like plain jacket she stares at him shradha tickle her figure n makes her came to her sense
Adithi also done same with bihan
Adithi take thapki to bihan n make her sit beside him
Adithi : thapki di u sit here u r not well right actually bihan is also not enjoying so u both talk as u r friends
Thapki: ilk adithi u r very good adithinis correct
Adithi : di shall i enjoy
Thapki: y not u go
Bihañ: I r looking so beautiful
Thapki: thank u u too
Adithi goes to reception n gives them money n ask them to send bihan in that room she goes to waiter n gives him money n tell him that lock the door from outside n give me keys he agrees
Adithi comes to bihan
Adithi:bhai till pizza ????n other food??????ndidn’t cake came will you go n ask
Bihan went to reception n ask for pizza ????????n food they send him to that room n ask him tell to waiter he is there only
He went to room
Adithi make glass of water fall on thapki’s dress she said sorry n ask her to come with her she takes her to the roomit was dark but she
send her in washroom n n told her to come properly she closed the door of washroom n goes from there .
Here bihan entire the room there was no light he calls for waiter adithi sign the waiter who was outside he close the door .
Thapki opens comes out from washroom n glance to see author was not there she waok a n gets collide with bihan n hold his hand n tell adithi u r here
Bihañ get shocked to here thapki’s voice
Bihañ: he takes out his phone n on the torch both get shocked by seeing each other
Thapki: u r here where is adithi
Bihañ: I dont know but what r u doing here
Thapki : I came here for washroom first plzz on the lights he goes
He on the lights n rise petal falls on thapki they were shocked to see the decorated room with heart shaped ball on n designed bed n candles
They both Nock the door for a long time but no value no one respond to them they try to call but they don’t have phone it was with adithi n shradha at last thapki eyes see the soundproof devi’ve she tell that our voice will not go out n she see the reduction of door n tell that it will not open until someone will open it from outside they sat on a bed
A hr ago
Thapki feels thirsty she ask for water they found a bislery in room thapki drink it bihan also drink it n feel thrut head heavy as adithi had mixed drugs in it they they both fall in each other on the bed again rise rose petals fall on them as button pressed by their weight they both laugh they dance childishly on the music me I there boyfriend to medi girlfriend
Aft that a song plays
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
They both hold thrut hand n hug each other

Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Bihañ pulls thapki towards him she was about to fall he hold her (rk) pose
Meri subah ho tumhi aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

He take her in his arm n.make her.lie on the bed he falls on her he gets up n lie beside her
The next song plays
Humma humma humma
Toh udd gayi neende re
Hey humma
Ek hogaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi neende re
Aur khanki payal masti mein
Tom Kangan
They both laugh uncontrollable
Thapki gets up she collect all the rose petals from bed n throws it on bihan .bihan also do the same thing
Ye pehli baar mile
Tum pe ye dum nikle
Tum pe ye jawani dheere dheere
Madham machle
Humma humma
Humma humma humma
Hey humma humma
Humma hamma hamma
She burst all the ball on in the room bihan hold her by waist n makes her fly round round they both kiss eachother???
They ding pizzz in the room they both feed each they fight for blanket n both falls on in bed n blanket on them they look each other n n laugh they hug each other n sleep

The next morning
Bihañ n thapki gets up they both get shocked seeing sleeping in each other arm .
They both get separate
Thapki :Bihan what i am doing here
Bihan: what i am doing here
Both together what u don’t know I
Bihan: i remember that we both get locked in this room then we drink water n then I don’t know do I remember
Thapki :no I don’t remember anything
Bihan: noks the door he shout he broke the glass but they were in 5th floor can t go
Thapki shouts from window and any way some waiter look towards them they ask him to open the door
He comes n opens the door n he mameles how romantic couple
Thapki n bihan get shocked
Thapki says no we r not couple
He again whisper o I love affair how sweet may be the night
Bihan was going to slap him thapki hold his hand n ask him what night
Waiter: yes this room was booked for a romantic couple for a romantic night they both get shocked
Thapki: bhaiya u go
Thapki: bihan what happen between us what he is telling romantic couple romantic night what is this all this
Bihan: I am sure I don’t know anything but if this room is booked for romantic couple y they don’t come here n u plzz don’t worry nothing wrong happen here trust me .
Thapki : bihan I trust u but where is adithi n shradha

Adithi gives money to that waiter for speaking those things

They both see thapki n bihan coming they rush towards their room n act to sleep
Thapki n bihan reach their n makes them awake n ask them
Shradha : act to cry ????n hus thapki di where where r u whole night I am finding u
Adithi : thapki di shradha get head ache n she falls down so we both sleep here only
Adithi: bhai whose hair is these where where r u
Bihan: woo Hamm
Adithi : what Hamm
Thapki: we both get closed in a room n I falls on him by mistake but he holds me that’s y ok now let’s go home all r waiting for us

Precap : thapki confess her love for bihan

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