Hello friends back with new part sorry because I know I m late as my examination r going on today I m late now also my examination r going on love u all dear plzz do comment keep encouraging me thank u very much . Silent reader’s plzz do comment.
So here we go
Everyone get shocked seeing thapki telling bhai to bihan kabir comes to thapki crying
Thapki: hi who r u y r u crying what happen in a cute voice like a child
Kabir: really u don’t know who m I
Thapki: no I swear I didn’t know u I m seeing I first time
Kabir : I love u I don’t know we r going to marry how do I forget this (very sadly forgetting everything) he was about to speak more but bihan pats him n he comes in his sense sorry that actually I look like my love I mean sorry
Before saying all this talk was already fall unconscious on bihan’s shoulder

Shradha: di loudly ?? everyone look towards thapki
Bihan: thapki thapki he shakes her
Shradha calls doctor
Doctor check thapki n tell everyone she is fine some words stress her mind plzz be sure don’t tell her those words again n plzz otherwise it will risky for her for now whatever she is telling just tell yes to her I hope I understand she will get consciousness soon.
Vasu to kabir: beta how much do I love thapki
Kabir: more than myself mom
Vasu: then how can I hurt thapki beta forget past now thapki’s future is with bihan now n this is written by god we can’t change it n have u seen thanks just remember bihan first name from her mouth was bihan beta I know it is very hard to forget her but beta u have to do it for thapki thanks for all of us I fold my hands I beg u plzz
Kabir: no mom your hands shine it looks good ma when I bless us not when I beg us I gave birth to me I can do whatever u tell I know mom is always right.
Vasu: I m the lucky mom who have children’s like u
Kabir just give her fake smile
Thapki is getting consciousness she is remembering kabir we r going to marry we r husband n wife words suddenly she shouts no n get up very quick n hugs bihan
Bihan get shocked but smiled
Everyone who is looking from window smiles seeing them hugging
Thapki hugs bihan tightly that even air can’t pass through it.
Shradha in mind how much they looks happy when they t together someone say or not say but I m saying they t made for each other
Bihan: thapki what happen
Thapki: bihan u r my husband na we r husband n wife na but someone tells me that I m marrying to him him how can it is possible
Bihan get superb shock by her words he was about to tell her truth but remember doctors word n tell her yes we r someone is just kidding with u u I don’t take tension
Shradha : di now when u know that bihan is u r husband than whom n I
Thapki: friend Shradha my life best friend more than sis u r my life really
Bihan: doctor I want to talk to u plzz come
Doctor: yes Mr Bihan
Bihan: doctor what is this thapki first imagine me as a friend now as a husband how is this
Doctor: see Mr bihan I don’t know what is going on but I can tell u one thing that it is love for u because when someone is telling her something she is imaging u in that one advise too that plzz don’t talk in front of her very rare things otherwise she will imagine u that person like ghost goons etc.because she is just know u . U have to handle her.
Bihan : thank u doctor
Doctor : ur welcome take care
Vasu : ok sharadha we will take thapki to our home n don’t worry anyway they r going to marry if they live like husband n wife what is the problem u relax nothing will happen to thapki
Shradha : aunty i know but
Vasu : beta i no u r worried for her but u trust bihan na beta then
Shradha : aunty thank u so much u r the best n i trust u also that u will take care of her
Kosi : ha vasundhara
Vasu: u trust us thank u so much I will not give any u option to complaint.
Thapki : bi bihan plzz take me home
Bihan : yes come lets go
Bihan help thapki he keeps her hand on his shoulder he put his one hand on her waist they looks at each other they smile they have an intense eyelock ( ranjha na….. plays )
Bihan take thapki in his car he make wear her seat belt he also sit in his car thapki needs water she tries to take bihan get that want she want n he makes her drink water n they both go home
Bihan take thapki in his room he makes her lie on bed
Bihan : thapki do rest i will come back soon
Thapki : bihan u r the best husband who takes care of his wife but what happened o me how i get injured
Bihan : ur n kabir ( he remember doctor words )
Thapki : what my n kabir tell me na plzz
Bihan : actually ur n kabir ball fall down from stairs n u n he was running to catch first n u slipped n nothing else this is a small injury it will get well soon .
Thapki : put her hand on her head but i didn’t remember anything she shouts ahhh
Bihan : thapki what happen r u fine thapki he cares her face he makes her drink water with love passion n care
Thapki : u r a magician my pain get disappear
Bihan : u r g 4 good g 4 gajaab girl now do rest he holds her hand n tell her i m always with u she looks towards him he also looks towards her a strong wind blow thapki’s hairs was flying in air bihan they are in intense eyelock ( ranjha na … plays )
Suddenly light goes off
Thapki n bihan came in the sense
Thapki was trying to get up bihan hold her shoulder n makes her lie on bed he bring candle n light it .
Vasu came to their room
Vasu : thapki beta r u fine bihan what r u doing there light has gone off n u r not with thapki if she get scared then come n sit beside her i will call M E C B
Bihan : ji maa ( yes mom )
Vasu goes from their n bihan sit beside thapki
Thapki : bihan maa is very good na
Bihan : yes thapki she is my lord ( he joins his hand )
Thapki see he get a scratch on his hand
Thapki : Bihan see u hand get hurt see blood is coming it is fully red how it happens
Bihan : no it is very small nothing actually i get this now while i was opening this certain i didn’t tell because maa was there n she will get hurt through that
Thapki : bihan u r the best son in his whole world u didn’t study that was ur fault but u have which qualities na nothing in front of that
Bihan : n have which qualities na in front of that u r stammering problem is nothing
Thapki feel very proud in mind bihan u r the first who told this she cuts her dupatta with her hand n ties it on bihan’s arm
Bihan in mind thapki today my Katrina fails in front of u r the best in this whole world n nothing in front of u n it is also true that i love u yes i love u once u get fine then w will marry n u n me will never get separate aft that
Thapki : tickle her fingers bihan where do u lost
Bihan : nothing just thinking why this light go off today only when u r not well
Suddenly power comes
Thapki : bihan see ur love n care also force power to come
They look into each other eyes
Preeti n suman bihan devarji from out of room only thapki n bihan who r sitting close get far n adjust
Suman : bihan devarji ham thapki ke liye khana laye hai ( we bring food 4 thapki )
Thapki : bihan who r they
Bihan : they r my bro’s wife i mean bhabi
Thapki : what but how i don’t know them
Bihan : because they come today only na
Preeti : bihan devarji is right come we will feed u
Thapki : no bhabi i will eat it plzzzz bhabi i m full now plzzz thank u so much 4 this
Suman : thapki apno ne kuch kiya to thank u nahi kehte ( if someone our do something we should not thanks to them )
Preeti : yes thapki u r telling bhabi to us first n then thanks like unknown
Thapki : no bhabi u know what u r the best bhabi
They both get’s happy they goes from there
Bihan : thapki u have to eat this
Thapki : no bihan i m full
Bihan : u have my swear
Thapki : bihan u na okk i will eat
He helps thapki to get up he makes her sit on bed with the support of bed n her head slightly
Thapki looks towards him he take a bite of food n brings near her mouth she eat it n they both looks toward each other .
Muskurane ki wajha tum ho
gungunane ki wajha tum ho
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
o re lamhe tu kahin mat ja
ho sake to umr bhar tham ja
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
he takes another bite n feed it to thapki they both still looking in each other eyes
dhoop aaye to chav tum lana
khwahishon ki barishon main
bheeg sang jana
dhoop aaye to chav tum lana
khwahishon ki barishon main
bheeg sang jana
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
now when bihan came with spoon to thapki , thapki feed this food back to bihan
they both eat food
Muskurane ki wajha tum ho
gungunane ki wajha tum ho
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na o re piya re
piya re , piya re oooo
aft this cute dinner bihan gives thapki medicine she ignores but bihan forcefully makes him eat that
aft medicine bihan makes thapki sleep
thapki ask bihan to sleep beside her bihan get shocked thapki u also sleep na this is not fair u r also tired
bihan : okk let me close the door
he close the door n sleep beside her little far in the feeling of shyness they again looks at each other they have an intense eyelock (ranjha na ….plays)

precap: thapki puts mangalsutra n sindur of bihan’s name

Thanks dear hope u like it n as u all want i make them husband n wife once again sorry i disappoint u by making Thaana bro n sis n i hold my ears for late episode very sorry my examination was going on n now it was over so will update next one soon . plzz comment me n again u want something in my ff plzz tell i will surely do it . thanks u so much silent readers plzz do comment.

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  1. Apeksha

    Hey soham. First of all tysm for changing thahaan’s relationship to husband and wife and don’t worry we all know how it takes to balance 2 things at one time. The episode was full of eyelocks and romance and I totally enjoyed it. About the precap, I think the update will be much more interesting if thapki forces bihaan to make her wear mangalsutra and sindoor. This is just my view. All the best for ur exams. I would like to ask which exams r u giving?

    1. Soham

      thank u apeksha thanks a lot 4 ur lovely response n my collage software engineering examinations was going on .

  2. Simrank

    Hey tysm for making them husband nd wife cnt imagine bro nd sis lol XD ohk coming to the chap it was amazing nd outstanding it was so romantic loved it ?nd dnt say sry we undrstand deary nd how were ur exams ? Nd do read my ff i updated it….❤

    1. Soham

      Thank u simrank di very much to appreciate me I will surely read ur ff di okk bye take care

  3. I enjoy this episode.

    1. Soham

      I m very happy seeing u happy
      thank u

  4. Hi soham. I hope you are fine. The episode was lovely, amazing and romantic. Thanks for making thahaan husband and wife. The precape was awesome. Waiting for nxt plz try to update soon.

    1. Soham

      Thank u for praising me Maria
      now 4 ur sweet lovely comment

  5. Inbisat

    Hi soham i am a silent reader of your ff your ff is amazing and best of luck for exams by the way i am also busy in exams

    1. Soham

      thank u so much inbisat do comment on my ff plzz i really appreciate by that n all the best for ur exams byee take care

  6. oh vry nice….you make thahaan husbnd n wife….i like this….the more romantic scenes can b seen now…whn thapki going to kiss bihu …but bihu hasitated…nd thapki going to chnge her dress….nd bihan get shockd….omg….it ws jxt my imagination …..wink…

    1. Soham

      thank u very much sadia u know what u r imagination was really amazing

  7. I am loving ua ff a lot its really awesome.. .. …. finish ua exams well n continue d ff.. i knw it very difficult write ff during xams… And all d best fa ua exams n fa ua ff.. ..

    1. Soham

      thank u saranya keep loving my ff n thank u so for giving me goodluck

  8. Inbisat

    Friends i am new here plz accept me as your friend vino accept me as a new friend plz and we all are very good writter

    1. Soham

      inbisat u r really very g 4 good g 4 gajaab i alredy accept u as my friend i welcome u to our thahaan fans team n i didn’t understand what u mean we all r a good writer r u also a writer u r also writing ff which one u r plzz can u tell me

  9. Garima

    Love it dear waiting for next part.

    1. Soham

      thank u garima di very much

  10. Inbisat

    No bhai I am not a writter well I am a singer mistakenly I wrote that and thanks for accepting me as a friend and you are really gajab bhai

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