Hello friends back with another part hope u all fine thank u for a lovely comments keep encouraging me love u all dear. Ur lovely comment appreciate me to write next part soon thank u .
So here we go 3…2….1… start

Paan : bhai u love her go n tell her
Bihan; no paan I didn’t love her
Paan : when u can’t see thapki with someone it means u love her. bhai yesterday when she is crying u r heart also crying I know u hide ur tears from me but how ca u forget I m ur life best friend .
Bihan : really this is love
Paan : yes bhai

Bihan: but I cant express my feeling because kabir bhai loves her n see they r happy together
I cant spoil my bro happiness n see thapki came in my life just few days ago but she stole my heart n I m b 4 bihan pandey b 4 bematlab b 4 bewajha b bakwas b 4 badtameez ( I m b for bihan pandey totally useless)
Paan : bhai forget past n come enjoy today urs bhai’s marriage is going to fix see pandit have also come
Bihan: haa ( yes) come
So everyone is sitting in hall of pandey nivas pandit is seeing the kundali (horerscope of kabir n thapki He I not given any answer from a long time everyone was worried finally balvinder pandey (bahuji ask what happen panditji
Pandit: very sorry

Vasu : sorry but for what
Pandit they can marry if only i mean they can’t marry
Vasu : but y what is the reason
Pandit :there kundali is not matching thapki will get so many hurt if she will marry kabir
Vasu : but when love is true how someone can came between them thapki n kabir will together fight with problems right kabir
Kabir : yes
Everyone laugh

Pandit : see I tell u what I saw next decision is upto u now give me the permission I can’t tell u murat sorry
Vasu : thanku
Shradha : love doesn’t need time because when it is true everytime is good 4 it
Vasu : u r right beta I want thapki to become my bahu so early so we will do engagement day aft tomorrow
Kosi : we will select rings tomorrow now give us permission too
Vasu : yes thank u very much

The scene goes to thapki house
Thapki; shradha why u intrupped in between I don’t want to marry him he is my boss I respect I just agree for u why u don’t understand this
Shradha: I know di
Thapki: then y r u telling there that we both love each other
Shradha : di ne day it will happen u don’t worry n I also make u agree 4 marriage 4 ur safety only u saw how much u r laws people love u

Thapki: but
Shradha : no but because nothing u r marring to kabir that’s final
Next morning
Everyone I present in pandey nivas
Kabir : thapki I told my feeling for u what about u tell me plzz
Thapki: sir what r my feeling for u I don’t know but I agree for my marriage for my sis sorry sir
Kabir : sir no now plzz tell me kabir now we r going to marry
Thapki: ok sir I will try

Vasu :what r u both doing we r selecting rings n u r talking see I select this rings 4 my thapki
Jeweler : but it is very coasty 30 lakhs it is pure diamond
Vasu : nothing is front of my bahu when see is princes like moon her ring must be like moon
Kosi : vasu u r choice is so good plzz select ring for kabir too
Vasu : no u select
Kosi : ur choice is my plzz select
vasu : this one
kosi :ok
jeweler : it is 20 lakh
kosi : ok this is nothing in front of kabir

the scene of engagement day
bihan n thapki r standing in front of each other
vasu : bihan n thapki make wear ring to each other
thapki makes bihan wear ring n tell him I love u bihan also makes wear ring t thapki n he kisses her hand
paan came n pat bihan’s head
paan : bhai what happen y r u blushing
bihan ; no no nothing u go I m coming

bihan to himself : gajaab ab ham bhi khuli aakho se aise sapne dekh rahe hai lagta hai hamko sach me thapki se pyaar ho gaya lekin kuch nahi kar sakta hu mai ( gajaaab now I also looking opened eyes drems I think I really love thapki but I cant do anything )
thapki n kabir r standing in front of each other all r clapping
vasu thapki beta make wear this ring to kabir thapki was just starring on one place
shradha : di
thapki: forward her hand n suddenly zumbar

bihan shouts thapki………….
Everyone looks upward he was running in order to save her but no avail he became late zumbar ( the beautiful designable light which is hanging in the ceiling of the hall) fall on her head n she shouts ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone looks back
Vasu : hey ram jib ( o my god) beta take her to hospital
Kabir : call the ambulance plzz
Bihan take his handkerchief n ties it on khaki’s head bhai bring to her car ambulance will be late till the time we will reach to hospital

They both take thapki to the car bihan drives the car at the speed of 180
Bihan: jaggu plzz apne akhe kholo me tumhara bestfriend hu na plzz mere liye aakhe kholo ( jaggu plzz open ur eyes I m u r bestfriend na plzz open ur eyes 4 me )
Kabir : thapki plzz open ur eyes I love u for me plzz
They reaches to the hospital n bihan take thapki in his arms as kabir is not in his sense he walk through the hospital taking thapki
Bihan: doctor she is my bestfriend plzz save her

Doctor : we will try our best nurse plzz take her to the emergency ward
Nurse bring stretcher for her they take thapki on that stretcher while going khaki’s dupatta get attached n bihan’s bracelet he sees that n he looks towards her sadly( ranjha na ….. plays ) he removes it slowly to the room bihan goes with her the gate get closed n he sat on his knees n shouts thapki… he shouts that much loudly that everyone hear even outside of the people this word mesmerized in the kabir’s ears n he came running there everyone comes in the hospital everyone is praying to god to save thapki .
After a long time doctor came there n everyone runs to him
Kabir : doctor is thapki fine

Doctor : see Mr. kabir we have done our best but
Bihan : but what doctor
Doctor : thapki needs blood to gain consciousness because her head hit with steel n iron n also some glasses was stuck in her head during surgery she lost blood n also we have removed the bad blood . n no guarantee of loosing memory it will came to know after consciousness only first she need blood.
Kabir : so doctor give her blood na
Doctor : see we have search in our blood bank we didn’t find her blood group because it is very rare o negative
Vasu : so doctor take our blood na u check everyone blood whoever match u take from him/her .
Doctor : okk come to lab
Everyone gives their blood after sometime a nurse came out of ward n kabir ask him whose blood matches her

Nurse : sorry sir but no one
Kosi to dhruv : have u listened I know my blood matches her that’s why I just act to go in but I didn’t give the blood I lie to doctor that I have given
Dhruv : best maa
Bihan: nurse u wait I will bring blood for her if I didn’t get in noida I will bring it from delhi if not from where anywhere from the country but I will bring u wait
He starts going doctor came out of ward n tell wait till now one report didn’t come bihan pandey’s report who is bihan pandey
Bihan : sir I
Doctor : good ur the true friend u r report matches with her

Bihan: sir take my blood how much u want
Bihan gives his blood to thapki
Aft that he came with doctor outside

Shradha to vasu : sorry aunty but now this marriage can’t happen
Vasu : but shradha thapki loves kabir n kabir
Shradha : no aunty till know she respect kabir she agreed for me n now I will only not allow to marry her with kabir because it will hurt her n I force her for marriage for my sake n 4 her goodwill not 4 bad will n now 4 my sake she will not marry to kabir sir .
Bihan: kabir se nahi to mujse to kar sakti hai na ha I love thapki but for bhai I kept quite ( not with bhai but with me she can marry na yes I love her but 4 bhai I kept quite)
Everyone is get superb shock
Kabir get mini heart attack

Vasu : bihann.. u
Bihan : sorry maa
shradha : really
bihan : yes
shradha : u can marry with her because whatever u done for di na it’s enough to proof u will protect her whole life
kosi : haa beta ( yes beta )
dhruv : but maa
kosi in his ears this is the only way left to become rich
bihan : but thapki
shradha : don’t worry di will agree for me

next morning thapki is getting consciousness n doctor came out of khaki’s ward
shradha : doctor how is di
doctor : congrates she is getting consciousness but unfortunately she lost her memory
shradha : what
doctor : sorry but don’t meet her u can see her from window
whole family runs to see her
thapki get consciousness
thapki : remember only bihan the movements with him she say the first word from his mouth that was bihan
everyone hears n get stable shock

bihan went to her running
thapki : jaggu u where where r u
bihan : jaggu u he hugs her
doctor ask him to feed her juice
bihan feed juice to thapki
thapki: what is this bihan why I m here y my head is tied
bihan : nothing u just fall from stairs

thapki: shradha
shradha came to her she hugs her everyone came out of ward except bihan
vasu 2 everyone
have u seen thapki also loves bihan she take his name first fm her mouth
shradha : yes aunty
dadi :we will make these two lovers one
shradha : vasu aunty we will take discharge of thapki as she is very afraid of hospitals
vasu : okk beta come we will talk to him
doctor : okk u can take her home 4 some days keep her as she is aft that we will do her treatment of memory back
shradha n vasu paid bill n thanks doctor

shradha came to thapki
shradha : di lets go home
thapki : yes but I will go home with my bhai bihan na
shradha : di he is u r friend
thapki : no u r my friend
shradha : no
bihan controls shradha
bihan : she is just kidding come let’s go home

Precap : thapki sleeps on bihan’s lap

Thanks friends plzz do comment it u r comments encourage me for writing sorry for late but I promise I will update next part soon. Love u all dear take care

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  1. Apeksha

    Hello soham. As a loyal reader, I want to say that you should not have made thapki and bihaan brother sister as they will be in a relationship of husband wife in the near future ( I guess) so I felt that odd as according to my view there are many people in India who believe that brother sis relationship is sacred even falsely as u know that people don’t need to be brother and sis’s only on the basis of blood. Apart from this the episode was emotional and elegant. Sorry if my views hurted u.

    1. Soham

      thanks apeksha i really feel happy that u post ur response but my imagination is making them get more close through this track but if u want plzz tell me what should i do i promise u i will do that for u

    2. Soham

      plzz apeksha don’t tell sorry ur response is really precious thank u very much

      1. Apeksha

        Thanks a lot soham for taking my response positively. I was scared a lot while posting it as I thought if my comment deteriorated our friendship then what will I do as I’m very lucky to have u all as my friends.

  2. wao nice …memory loss…keep it up…

    1. Soham

      thanks sadia

  3. Simrank

    Amazing epi but bihaan her bhai ?? i didnt understood nd this was a amazing twist loved it update soon…

    1. Soham

      thanks simrank di thank u very much 4 ur lovely response

  4. Nice.keep it up

    1. Soham

      thanks rifa


    Di no doubt that u r amazing writer…
    but please change the relation..
    “thapki ko y lagna chahie ki bihaan oska husband h..” it’s not digesable that he is brother even in imagination also it’s very horrible for us..
    Plzz sorry di, sorry if my words hurt you…

    well di, episode was FANTESTIC.. Eagrly wating for next fantstic episode, so please please plzzzzz di try to update as soon as possible..
    congrts for complting 5th episode…
    or thank you thank u so much fr writing beautiful thahaan story..
    bbbyyy….e !!! Please take care..
    Good luck !!

    1. Soham

      thanks kudrat my plan was different to make them bro n sis but if u doesn’t like i will change it promise

  6. Amazing dear. Very nice. But plz change this relationship. The episode was fantastic. Waiting for nxt

    1. Soham

      thank u maria i will surely change it 4 u

  7. hi Soham..I’m new commenting for the first Tim epi was gud sad for thapki memory lose.hope thpki gets her memory back soin

    1. Soham

      thanks ayshakhan

    2. Soham

      dear plzz do comment on my every ff thanks u so much 4 commenting me first time

  8. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi Soham amazing part yes Bihaan loves thapki.n her first word after consciousness was bihaan’s name loved it..nice twist but y bhai..don’t know what to say about it but I trust u u will get them back together.

    1. Soham

      thanks juveria di

  9. Superb episode do as usual congrats for teaching 5 wish I go 5to25 n 25 to 50 n 50 to 500 n many more

    1. Soham

      thanks uju very much

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