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So here we go ….
Bihan run in the feeling of shyness
Thapki looks towards him n aft a little distance he to look back to see her
Thapki went inside the office to have launch
Bihan : o god thank u 4 controlling that chuk chuk gadi what if she insult me but what happen to me why I can’t able to scold her whenever go to scold her I can’t do it why why why ????? She is nobody then why.
Aft break kabir announce that he is going out n he want every work in today’s schedule to be complete

Sankar : okk kabir everything will be done till u come I will handle every thing
Kabir : thanks sankar but thapki will take my place till the time I m not here
Sankar : but kabir she is just a intern
Kabir : but she has done my work that work which no one can do its my order I insist . thapki r u ready
Thapki: no sir
Kabir : but y

Thapki: sir I have not done this first suppose mistake happen then
Kabir : I trust u u just try I know u can do it because u done that file plzz
Thapki: okk sir thank u
Kabir : welcome he look toward thapki 4 sometime
Sankar look towards him n get teary eyes he disturb him by asking kabir this file
Kabir : get in his sense n tell ask 2 thapki.

Okk I m leaving now thapki take care of office
Thapki: yes sir
Sankar throws files in her cabin n slap herself that stammering girl win kabir’s heart but I have everything perfect then why I can’t what is less in me what ?? I have listen that mirror shows us our real face now show me what is less in me show me what thapki have n I doesn’t have what what what????????????

Bihan : gajaab is ladki ki nasib badi aachi hai isne to sidha kabir ke dil pe six mara ( wow what the fate of this girl she hit six directly on kabir’s heart )
Thapki was searching for the file in the cupboard bihan go inside the office he was going in her direction thapki has 10 files in her hand suddenly when she was bending files falls n she moves back in a way that she didn’t turn to back n collide with bihan n she fall on him n they both fall on each other thapki’s ne hand on bihan’s chest bihan’s one hand was on her wrist n thapki’s head was on bihan’s hand .

They both have an intense I lock(ranjha na… plays )they were in the same pose for a 5 min on file fall down n it disturb them they both get up n looks down as they r feeling shy. Both tell sorry to each other together n bihan n thapki look into each other eyes
Bihan : sorry I don’t know that u will came back like this
Thapki : I m really sorry I didn’t see u
Bihan : galti mere hai me nock karke nahi aaya ( no it’s my mistake I didn’t knock)
Thapki: tumhare galti nahi hai tumhe laga hoga ki sir andar khai isliye tumne nock nahi kiya ( its not ur mistake may be u think that sir is inside )
Bihan : nahi galti mere hai mujhe dekna chahiye tha ( no its my mistake I have to look first)
Thapki: galti mere hai (its my mistake)
Bihan : nahi galti mere hai( no its my mistake

Thapki: galti mere hai (its my mistake)
Bihan : galti mere hai (its my mistake)
N they both laugh at this fight
Bihan just stares on her smile that how cute does she smile
Thapki tickle her figure n make him 2 come 2 his sense
Thapki : where did u lost

Bihan : nothing I just came here 2 ask u about bhai n when he will come or any message that he gave to me
Thapki : sir went out 4 some work n he will be back till evening n n……o message 4 u h..e send
Bihan : ok but have u notice today u didn’t stammer while speaking just a little
Thapki: haa
Bihan :u take my no so that whenever kabir need something from me u will inform me ok
Thapki : yes thank u

Bihan : t 4 thapki ko t 4 thank u
Thapki : welcome u r very funny I have so many work nothing 4 u just 4 me if something 4 u I will call u .
Sankar 2 herself that what 2 do to fall thapki in kabir eyes no nothing left no I think I have to spoil her work
Bihan listened this from outside n was all shocked that she is evil
Bihan to himself no I will not let sankar to do this with thapki but who is she to me no if sankar will spoil her work it effect to bhai n I will not let by bhai to get hurt I will not allow sankar to go near thapki but what to do .he get a plan
Bihan : nock the door
Sankar : come in

Bihan: sankar kabir bhai ne phone kiya tha use tumse kuch kam hai ( sankar kabir bhai called me know n he is telling that he want u to do that work)
Sankar : but what which work
Bihan : that is there come with me
Sankar : okk lets go
Bihan take sankar to sound proof room of the topest floor where no one goes normally
Sankar : bihan here what is the work here
Bihan : don’t know kabir tell me here sankar see that file u have to do this file work here only because kabir can see that file only in this room ok that file have what is that thing which is like wireless cctv
Sankar :u mean ramphle drive

Bihan : yes
Sankar moves forward n bihan escapes from the room n locked her in that room
Sankar get shocked she see that file n didn’t find device she understood everything she get more angry but she can’t do anything becoz our hero have locked her every way from where she can go .
Bihan done his work n start going in a way he find thapki talking to someone he stares at her beauty her pink lips her eyes which r like deer her hair etc
Suddenly paan comes n put his hand on bihan’s shoulder
Paan: kya bhai tum to is ladki ke pechehe pad gaye ( what bro u r following this girl)
Bihan : no no come lets go

After few hrs kabir came 2 office he find everything properly she get impressed he told to himself that u r the perfect girl u can handle everything thapki n ur stammering problem is nothing in front of that
He told thapki : thank u n praises her in front of whole staff n ask her to go home today early this is the small gift from me

She agrees
Bihan smiles n free sankar
After pack up thapki was going home she find one out of the office crying she think maybe she is hungry n she buy milk .she have an aampapad box in her bag she take all the aampapad n gives milk to cat in that box n she hurriedly drink it thapki gives more n more to her until she ignores
Bihan was sitting on his bike he saw everything in mirror n was smiling when thapki was about to go he calls out her name thapki thapki…..
Thapki : looks here n there n finds bihan calling her she went to him
Thapki: yes anything

Bihan : u r so g 4 good g 4 gajaab girl u know u have humanity in u
Thapki: thank u very much u know what after sis u r the only who tell me this
Bihan : what ur mom o sorry actually I forget but I remember that night n also ur family
Thapki : u have one more thing u r very good hearted but why do u speak like this in funny language
Bihan : actually I didn’t study because I hate that in child hood n little bit English I learn from kabir bhai
Thapki: by the way u have some work from me
Bihan : I want ..i want ..

Thapki: yes u want
Bihan : u 2 be my friend n he forward his hand
Thapki: ooo kk n she shakes her hand with him n tell him from today u n me r f……( bihan pats her) friends thanks
Bihan : by the way what is ur name thapki only
Thapki: no I m jigyasa actually I need thapki to complete sentence therefore my name pretends to thapki
Bihan : u know what my name is also manish but I am little naughty that’s why everyone call me bihan

Thapki: what it means our story is little same from today I will call u mangu
Bihan : n u jaggu
They both laugh

1 month later

Thapki : sir I complete my work I sold all the products
Kabir : what but how this much early
Thapki : sir present it to people little beautifully so people take product fast
Kabir : well v good
Thapki was going kabir hold her hand she looks back kabir came close to her n said sorry
Thapki; but 4 what I m sorry

Kabir put his figure on her lips n closed them
Kabir: for this I don’t know how when why but I start loving u yes l love u n I want u to be my life partner he sat on his knees n opens his watch n ties it on thapki’s hand n tell her that from today my every second is of u will u accept me .
Thapki : just listen that n was all about shocked
Kabir : sorry u take ur time I will wait for u
Thapki goes from there she came in the garden which is front of office n sat there remembering kabir’s words

Paan n bihan was walking in the garden bihan see thapki n go near her
Bihan : jaggu what r u doing here
Thapki : u mangu she get up n start beating bihan’s chest u r so bad u r so bad u r so bad u r so bad u r so bad u r so bad
Bihan : ( get confused ) he holds her hand n tells her but what have I done .
Thapki: why u bring me to this office
Bihan : o mahan aattma p 4 pori p 4 pagal ho gayi ho meine tumhari help ki aur tum (o mahan aatma u become fully mad I helped u n u )
Thapki runs from their

Bihan : paan what happened
Paan : I don’t know bhai
Bihan runs behind thapki but she take auto n goes home bihan takes his bike n start following her but traffic didn’t allow him to meet her he make his bike stand in parking n start running thapki sees him n she start running towards home n goes inside she closed the door n bihan came there
Bihan : something is going wrong but what

Paan : bhai call her
Bihan : calling chee ee her phone is off
Paan : don’t worry yaar she is in her home come lets go
Bihan: yes
Thapki to shradha : shradha I want to tell u something
Shradha : tell na di plzz
Thapki tells everything to shradha
Shradha start dancing in happiness o wow kabir will be my jiju

Thapki: no shradha I don’t want this
Shradha : di plzz don’t refuse it is heaven for u
Di u have my swear
Thapki: okk then I will
Scene shift to pandey nivas
Kabir : maa I want to marry to thapki

Vasu : what how is that girl show me
Kabir shows thapki’s photo
Vasu : so beautiful
Kabir: maa but she stammer while speaking maa but in front all her talent it’s a small thing
Vasu : I trust my son I will examine her during rituals only but tomorrow I will g at thapki’s house okk

Kabir : thanks maa
Bihan listen everything n tells himself that’s why jaagu was reacting like this
He didn’t sleep the whole night his heart is not ready but y he also don’t know
Here shradha tells kosi n dhruv everything kosi refuses but dhruv speak in her ears maa kabir is very rich we will become more rich through thapki after this
Kosi agrees
Next morning vasu came to thapki’s house N do rituals n tell them that now thapki will become my bahu she ask 4 thapki’s dad when kosi tells them he dies by hearing thapki get teary eyes n vasu get that she is very caring
Vasu : come tomorrow at pandey nivas we will fix marriage
Kosi :okk thanks
Next day everyone at pandey nivas

Thapki was standing with kabir bihan looks at them n don’t know y he feel bad he ask to himself that y I get angry when I saw thapki with someone y I can’t scold thapki yyyy why can’t see thapki with someone what is the reason
He goes to paan n told him everything n paan answer him that he fall in love with her go n tell her that u love her
Bihan no I can’t I can’t spoil my bro happiness

Precap : pandit told to everyone that kabir n thapki get only married if ……….all get shocked thapki n bihan get engaged

Hope u like it Thank u very much 4 commenting me I love that Plzz friends do comment it inspire me to write n once again sorry .. silent reader plzz do comment n one more thing if u want something in my track about thahaan or some scene u want I will create it surely just tell me

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