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So here we go ….
Aft some time thapki came to office as sankar was taking revenge she send thapki out just before break n also told her so many work in the way so that she can miss the break .when thapki came back she find break was over n sankar act sweet o no thapki I m sorry do one thing u have u r launch I m sorry.
Thapki: no mam its ok I m already full. But thanks.
Sankar: thapki but
No mam its ok
Thapki went out
Sankar in mind now leave without because of u kabir scold me my love scold me I love him slowly slowly we r coming close but just because of u he scold me I have planned to propose him but just because of u how I tell him now that I love him.
Thapki was working in the office when bihan came 2 her
Bihan: o chuk chuk gadi waise tumhe yaha m 4 mast wala m 4 maza nahi AA raha hoga kyu ki tumhe to chuk chuk gadi bahut pasand hai aur yaha sab express hai. (O chuk chuk gadi I think here u r not enjoying because Ur favourite is chuk chuk gadi n here all r express)
Thapki: get up n point at him
Bihan get angry n give her a angry look n makes her finger down n went from their
Thapki get very scared.
Kabir calls thapki in cabin
Kabir: so have u completed the work which I have given to u
Thapki: yes sir
Kabir: u know what thapki this is correct have u taken sankar‘s help
Thapki: no sir
Kabir : great good job no one do this work correct in office till now not even sankar always I get mistakes but u have done is v good
Thapki: thank u sir
Kabir: u may leave now

Bihan listen all this n in mind he tell to himself gajaab bhai ke muhme aaj itni sari tariff wo bhi is chuk chuk gadi ke liye ek din aake nahi huaa isne to bhai ka dil jeet liya ( great today bro praise this much to that chuk chuk gadi one day not yet completed and she won his heart )
Sankar also watch this n get fraisted n tell to herself that I will take my revenge kabir is just fine till I m alive no one can take him from me not even u.
Thapki hiccups start n she eat aamapad n tell to herself that don’t worry tummy I m going home we will eat soon
She came out of office
Bihan was eagerly waiting 4 thapki outside
Thapki was talking on phone with shradha bihan was waiting that when she will end the phone but no w she start going n bihan hold her hand thapki look back n thy both look in each other eyes (ranjha na… plays) paan calls bihan n they get disturb . Bihan throws thapki’s hand
Thapki: r u out of y..our find u d..on’t have sham.e how cant u hold girl hand I m sorr…y but that day u r be…having god but to…day I don…t think lik…e that.
Bihan: chup ek shabd aur nahi tum jaise dekti ho Na waise ho nahi ek number ki chal baz ho bolte samay to rukti ho lekin tumhari khopdi Na bahut tez daudti hai dekho mere bhai pe apni bhori naraz mat dalna. ( shut up no one more word like u r looking na u r not like that no 1 chaalbazz while speaking u stammer but ur brain na running very fast see don’t put ur evil eye on my bro.)
Thapki : kya kiya maine kya d..ekna tumne ye nazar dalna tumko aata hai mujhai nahi aur kabir sir ne meri kam ki ta…rif ki thi meri nahi tum na moti budhi ho . ( what I have done what this evil eye all this things u know n dhruv sir was praising my work not me u r really fat minded )
Bihan : ha ham moti b 4 budhi b 4 bihan pandey hai ache ache hamse darte hai lekin tum hame gusa delate ho ( yrs I m fat minded b 4 bihan pandey great great people afraid of me but u r making me angry)
Thapki: hame Na dar se ladna hoga nahi to dar jit jayega aur ham har JA ye Ge (we have to fight with fear either fear will win we will lose)
Bihan: gaajab bilkul bhai ki tarha ab to paaca ham sahi hai (great just like bro now I m sure with my words)
Thapki: meri na behan kehti hai paglo ke peche nahi padna chahiye pata nahi us din tumne meri madat kaise ki uske liye thanku ( my sis always tell that don’t run after stupid don’t know why u helped me that day but any way thankyou)
N she went from their
Ye chuk chuk gadi ko mujhe rokna hoga.( I have to stop this chuk chuk gadi)
Thapki reach home n find shradha arguying with kosi
Shradha see thapki n hug her .
Thapki: shradha y r u arguing with maa
Shradha : nothing di leave this u told on phone na that u miss break so come I made chinnese with my hand 4 u
Thapki : what chinnese come I m very hungry lets eat it maa u also come

Shradha give angry look to kosi
Kosi : no I m full
Thapki: aree ma today u r daughter made food 4 u come first u taste it she made kosi sit on a chair
Shradha get teary eyes she tell 2 herself how good she was maa is one who is tourcher her n she is one who forget everything in a while.
Thapkiwas about to feed kosi but shradha hold her hand
Shradha: no dii I made this food 4 u so I want u to eat it first
Thapki: but shradha
Shradha: no n forcefully make her eat the first bite

Aft some time they both go to their room thapki thinks why shradha is not behaving well with mom she thinks to talk to mom about this
She went 2 kosi’s room
Kosi was drinking tea while thapki ask her about sharadha behavior
Kosi get up n closed the door of the room n put thapki’s dupatta in her mouth n take her figure n drop it in tea her hand get burnt thapki was crying very badly her eyes get red n her body start shivering n kosi scratches her hand n tell her that it is because u get that.
N ask her to leave
Thapki leave from their n went 2 her room all the way she was thinking about kosi’s word that just because of her it is disturbing her mind n she falls unconscious but shradha hold her n sprinkle water on her n make her conscious n ask her what happen di
Thapki: nothing just my slipped
Shradha: u take rest di I will bring juice 4 u
Thapki: no it’s ok
Shradha: di I already made 4 u wait I will bring it 4 u
Shradha went 2 kitchen she made juice 4 thapki n put dry fruits in juice so that thapki get gain more protein vitamins etcc..

On the way to room she see dhruv telling thapki n he went to kosi’s room n closed the door she get confused n thinks why did dhruv bhai closed the door why ??? Then she remember their black did n thought that maybe they r planning something against thapki di I have to find it I have to hear their talks any one. She stands near door n kosi saw her black reflection n start talking loudly
Kosi: dhruv beta we did very wrong with thapki
Dhruv: but mom see shut his mouth n point him towards the door.
Shradha: how can mom plan goodwill 4 thapki noo something is wrong she again start o hear
Kosi: dhruv beta we have to sorry thapki now
Dhruv: yes mom yes we have to
Shradha : dhruv too she start going n remember dhruv word she thinks why I feel like they r acting then she again think that if what they r correct n if what they r wrong then no I can’t trust mom an bhai anymore what if they saw me standing out of door n talk something else. She planned to keep phone out f room n keep it silently n went to room back again.
Thapki: shradha what r u doing
Shradha: o sorry di I was just coming to u only come let’s go to room loudly so that kosi can hear them.
N they both go to their room
Shradha: di u drink this juice come on n she feed her n thapki kisses her
Thapki: so u made my favorite juice so let me give u Ur favourite head oil massage
Shradha: no di u rest
Thapki: plzz she made a cute face n they laugh.
Thapki massages shradha’s head n she enjoys
Thapki: shradha I want to bath I will come fast ok
Shradha: ok di
Shradha to herself this is the good time she goes to kitchen again n find dhruv is coming out of room n she takes her phone silently n goes to her room she closed the door n put earplugs so that thapki can’t hear n listen in which
Kosi: this blo*dy thapki snatches shradha from me
Dhruv: so ma we do one thing we will sale her so that we will get money also.
Kosi: no dhruv if she gets lost then shradha will kill us n anyway she will find thapki
Dhruv: so ma what we can do
Kosi: we have to send thapki there from where no one can return we have to kill her n make something like everyone will say thapki died in some accident
Dhruv : yes maa u r right we will kidnap us 2 night n will stab her with knife n throw her in store room so that everyone will think that she has done suicide .
Kosi: best plan
Shradha mobile get slipped from her hand listening this tears rolled her cheeks n she wipe them n tell no I have to save my di any how she is innocent .today is the best chance to catch mom n bhai red handed.

It is 11 of night
Kabir was roaming in the balcony thinking of thapki that how can she did that work without no one’s help how can she??? till now talented experienced sankar can’t do that work then how that thapki do it n who gives her that file leave it whoever gives her but how she complete it correctly.
Bihan: what r u thinking bhai u tell Na u have no work today come on sleep
Kabir: no I m not getting my answers
Bihan: gajaab what u r not getting tell me I will bring it 4 u
Kabir: no u cant
Bihan: kyu
Kabir : my question is how that thapki di that work when know one done it correctly till today not even sankar n she didn’t take anyone’s help
Bihan: thapki who is this
Kabir u don’t know
Bihan: no
Kabir: u only brought her.
Bihan: o that chuk chuk gadi I will kill her u don’t worry
Kabir: no bihan she has done a very good work because of her I m free today she done that thing which no one can do
Bihan: laugh loudly ha.. ha… ha….. Bhai a girl fooled u today u know bhai she has taken the help of internet
Kabir: no bihan that thing we have to do with mind internet can’t do it. N she complete all her work always really amazing
Bihan: sach (true)
Kabir: yes
Bihan in mind this chuk chuk gadi is really talented she makes my bro free n I scold her tomorrow I will tell sorry to her
Bhai come sleep now talk to thapki tomorrow.

Scene shift to thapkis house
It is about 12 n thapki n shradha was sleeping kosi came o their room
Shradha already keep door opened so that they kidnap thapki n she will catch them red handed.
Kosi comes she spray chloroform on hanky n make thapki unconscious n kidnap her n take her to storeroom shradha walk back to them kosi 2 thapki
Kosi: u snatched my shradha from know I will snatch u from this whole world she was about to stab thapki when shradha hold her hand
Shradha : u r the worst n u r the worst bro unlucky r that u doesn’t get mom but I am most unlucky that I get mom her love but all nothing my sis always forgive u but u no u r stone hearted n u r the worst bro aree a sis who always tie rakhi on ur hand its ur duty to protect her but u r killing her sheee……………….she……..I never think u will can stoop this much low from now I m not ur daughter u got that n one more thing that if u tried more to hurt her I will kill myself okk. She call doctor n take thapki to her room
Thapki gain consciousness after n shradha send kosi n dhruv out n she act to sleep so that she can’t came to know what happened
Thapki wakes up n again sleeps
In Morning
Shradha mixes medicine in thapki’s milk n ask her to drink it she didn’t tell her because only she has to take one medicine she drink it n goes to office
Scene shift to kabir’s office
Thapki came to office she was working in her table
Aft some time bihan came 2 office he smiled towards her n tell to himself u r chuk chuk gadi but very good I love those people who make happy 2 my family I m sorry but today I promise to myself that I will be not get angry on u
He goes near her n ask her sorry thapki
Thapki: u but y r u telling sorry to me
Bihan: 4 what I tell u yesterday in very angry way
Thapki: smiled
Bihan: looked towards her smile her pink lips
Thapki: it okk
Bihan: come 2 his sense n tell her to meet him in break
N he goes without listening any of her word
Kabir: thapki I want to talk to u something plzz come to me in break
Thapki: okk sir
In break
Kabir: how u complete this file
Thapki: sir this I have read in some book about this matter I m..ean to say about it how this things use to make business online n how we sale product sir etc kabir get impressed by her word.
Kabir: thank u
Thapki: welcome sir n she goes out of office to meet bihan
Thapki to herself why this boy call me outside y?? may be some help he want from me I have to help him as he help him she start finding bihan
Bihan come from back side n put his hand in her shoulder she look back n saw bihan they have an intense eyelock ( ranjha na ……plays)
Thapki: why u call me
Bihan : because u r busy that time by the way thank u very much 4 whatever u done I am really b 4 bekar b 4 bematlab b 4 bihan tell u all that sorry n he hold his ears
Thapki: no bihan I already forget u yesterday o….bihan gives pat to her n she complete only
Thapki look at him n tell him yes I forget u. U r really a good hearted
Bihan: sach
Thapki: sach
N bihan hugs her
Thapki get shocked
He separates n they both say sorry together
Bihan: actually I m so happy that’s why he runs from their in the feeling of shyness

Percap: kabir propose thapki n bihan ask question to himself that why he gets angry when he saw thapki with some one.

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