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So here we go
Thapki was about to go and Bihan hold her hand she turns back and look towards bihan who have holded her hand wind blow very fast n they both look at each other they have an intense eye lock (ranjha naa….plays) suddenly rain start and it disturb their eye lock they come to their sense n bihan leaves her hand .they run and wait near a tree. Thapki start crying as she remember kosi’s word n that she didn’t get a job also how I go to home now ?? This question is disturbing her. Bihan in his mind why this chuk chuk gadi is know crying.

Bihan: o chuk chuk gadi (angrily) but he stops n remember the situation of his sis adithi when someone tries to misbehave her and control himself.
Thapki: thapki didn’t notice him as she think he is telling chuk chuk gadi 2 someone n again start crying.

Bihan : ( sit beside her ) suno chuk chuk gadi ab sab thik hai tum ab safe ho . ( listen chuk chuk gadi u r safe now )
Thapki : I kn..ow it but u know what no..thing ca.n fine in my li.fe . tha..k u so much . u r a ve…ry ..go..od per.son
Bihan: ha ha ha u r really a chuk chuk gadi ha ha ha .
Thapki feels bad n run from their in rain n walks on road

Bihan saw her n tell 2 himself this chuk chuk gadi is really foolish I m helping her n she run.
But where she will go I mean how she will go he remember her word that nothing can fine in her life n questions himself y she is speaking like this n then he blush n tell to himself definitely it will be some love matter this girls na pyar me a 4 akhe n a 4 akal dono band kar deti hai . but then he again laugh that who will love that chuk chuk gadi . anyway why I should think what I have to do .
Lekin ab to mujhe p 4 paya paya p 4 pedal hi jana ho ga (but know I have to go home by walking only.)

Scene shift to thapki

She was sitting on the public chair which is on the road side n she was fully wet n the rain also stops she had made a tajmahal in the wet mud down n was talking to that what should I do know ?? How I should go home it is 11:30 and anyhow I have to go home but how mom will sale me as she is very strict to her decision I can’t tell this to shradha also as she loves mom. Her body stare shriving as she was very scared n also wet.

As rain was stop bihan was going home by walking in the way he find thapki n was about shocked to see her at 11:30 on road all alone .bihan in mind (I think she had gone home but know also she is here I sense something is bad let me ask her know what she will think no she will not thing wrong she tell me a good person let me go to her this time I will ash her politely n will no tease her.)
Bihan go near her she didn’t observe her he tries to put his hand on her shoulder but hesitate somehow he manages n keeps his hand on her shoulder she was about to shout when bihan closed her mouth they looked at each other they have an intense eye lock (ranjha naa ………..plays) suddenly the dog bark and they come to their sense bihan take his hand back n tells sorry to her .Thapki then realize that he was not bad n ask him

Thapki: what u want why u came here what u want.
Bihan: nothing
Thapki: th..en why u came here .
Bihan : by looking u I never saw a girl like u I mean y r u not going home see u can tell me I will surely help u if possible .
Thapki: no nothing…

Bihan : listen it is not a safe place for a girl to stay here till late see I sense something is wrong mere bauji kehte hai ke aakhe dil ka aayna hoti hai aur tumhari akho me dik raha hai ki kuch to galat hai dekho tum mujhe bata sakti ho agar tumhe thik lage to . (My dad always say that eyes are the mirror of heart n I u r eyes show that something is going wrong plzz u can tell me if u feel right)
Thapki: (tears rolled her eyes n she feel comfortable in him) she tell him everything about her family everything y she didn’t g home about kosi dhruv shradha etc…….
Bihan : get teary eyes n he sit beside her n tell her that from tomorrow came to my bro kabir’s office I will explain him everything he will surely help u as he is very god hearted.
Thapki: get very happy n smiles n tells sach

Bihan: sach
Thapki: thank u very much u r very good person.
Bihan: it’s ok but knows go home.
Thapki: yes thank u

N she starts going when bihan stops her n tells her come I will drop u by calling some friend
Thapki :what u have done for me it is very big 4 me I promise u that I will not give a chance to your bro kabir sir to complain about me u don’t take more trouble I will go home by myself
Bihan: okk
N she starts going bihan looked at her n aft some distance thapki turns back to see bihan n then she go home.
Bihan to himself o my god today I control myself in my life. N he went home n thapki also went home

Scene shift to thapki’s house

Shradha was crying 4 thapki n praying to god as it was 12 :30 of night thapki comes home n tell her that u r prayer got success I got a job
Shradha: can’t control herself she comes n hug thapki n she hugs her back. Di r u fine tears rolled her cheeks.
Thapki: I am fine n wipes her tears and told her but I think u r not fine.
Shradha: I am fine di but were r u till this time
Thapki: I am searching job
Shradha: but y who told u

Kosi: I told her to earn u get that
Shradha: but muma it is wrong
Thapki: shradha let it be her hiccups start and they both laugh
Shradha: come di lets have a dinner
Thapki: yes

They have their dinner n they both chat some time and aft they sleep
At late night shradha feels thirsty n she find jug empty in room so she went to kitchen n take water n came out n saw dhruv coming n he is in drunken state she insults him n went to her room

Next morning
In pandey nivas everyone was having their breakfast
Aft breakfast bihan tells kabir about thapki n what he told to her
Kabir agreed with him n bihan thank him.
Sense shift to thapki’s house
Thapki was going to office when shradha makes her have sweet and gives her best wishes
Thapki came to kabir office n she ask about the work kabir give her a work of intern n she start doing her work sankar was the manager of office thapki meet her n she insult her
Sankar: o no I think kabir sir didn’t speak with u how can he give u a job u can’t even take Ur properly how can u do work

Kabir came their n ask her not to tease anyone someone have something less in themselves.
Sankar: yes sorry sir
Thapki: mam plzz give me work
Sankar gives her files to type n thapki take it
Aft sometime thapki complete it n gives it to sankar
Sankar get shocked that how can she complete everything this much fast
But as she was evil

Sankar: o dam this much slow u work
Thapki: sorry mam next time I will try to do fast
Sankar remember about kabir that he scold her first time so she planned to take revenge from thapki and ask her to go out in sun n Xerox the file she lie her that printing machine is not fine we need to repair it
Thapki: agrees n go
Out of the office she collides with bihan and fall on him (rajha naa………plays)
They both get up

Bihan: how dare u to fall on me
Thapki: sorry it by mistake n thanks for yesterday
Bihan: what thanks u flirt me right stop n by the way I didn’t help u I respect my mother because she tells me to help everyone.
Thapki : sorry sir buu..t I didnt flert u . u r …
Bihan: o chuk chuk gadi u . u know what u are mast atom
thapki didn’t listen n go from their .

Percap: kosi kidnaps thapki

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