hii guys myself soham writing a fan fiction for thahaan hope u like it

so let me give a small introduction
Kabir bihan and adithi are bro and sis and children’s of vasundhara and balvindar pandey.
Kabir is the great business man and bihan is helping kabir in his work.
Dhruv thapki and shradha are bro and sis and children’s of kosidevi. Thapki is threaten very badly with kosi
And dhruv only shradha is the one who loves thapki a lot

So here we go
thapki was sitting on a bed in a dark room talking with stars and moon that u are so lucky that everyone loves me but I m the worst child of this whole world that everyone hates me no one loves me expect my sis I always talk to god that y u made me y u give me this stammering problem y u made me blo*dy alone yyy??? Everyone betrayed me yyy????????? But they never answer me don’t know y suddenly someone slapped her very hard from back that she fall from bed n tell her tum kya bail budhi ho ( are u bull minded ) wwho speaks to stars n u know what y god didn’t talk 2 u because he also hate ur stammering problem u r stubborn on this whole world today I came here 2 talk very imp that know u have 2 earn u have a time of 24 hours if u didn’t do anything I will kick u out oooo what u will do then okkk good idea I will sale u in club .thapki get shocked her body start shivering and she does not have any power o speak but anyhow she manage to speak n again kosi slapped her very hard that her finger prints on khaki’s check she tell you become this much great that u speak in front of me she again raised her hand to slap thapki closed her eyes but someone hold her hand n she was shradha

Shradha: mom plzz leave her
N she takes her out
Dhruv is enjoying this scene from outside when shradha closed the door on his mouth
Her console thapki and put medicine on her cheeks n make her sleep n she came to closed window n prays to god to save her sis

Next morning

Shradha n thapki fresh up n prays to good n they came out of room n thapki saw that kosi is caring dhruv n feeding him his breakfast tears rolled her face when shradha wipe them and tell her that no di come we will do breakfast . Shradha feed thapki her breakfast n thapki also feed her.
Thapki went out in search 4 a job she roams like an animal in the whole noida but unfortunately she didn’t get any job because of her stammering problem.

The sun get dawn n she was walking alone on the road she remember kosi‘s word that if she did not earn she will sale her in club this words made her mad that she is start dreaming that kosi n dhruv kidnaps her n take her to club and sale her 2 some goons and goons start 2 misbehaving with her they tear her cloths n she shouts nnooooooooooooo. She come 2 her sense her find her alone on road. She tell to herself no I will not go home I will search job either ma will sale me I don’t want to go in that dirty world no. She again search for job in some offices but she didn’t get any job n know it was dark it about 10 thapki was all alone on road dogs are barking n she is very afraid walking on the road n no one was there not a single man or auto . she walked n walked n in way some goons came 2 her they drive there bike round and round of thapki was speaking plzz lave me .

Goon 1: hii motarma where are u going.
Goon 2: come we will drop u.
Thapki: no plzz leave me
Goon 3: it is impossible how someone can live like u s*xy girls.
Thapki feels cry n was very scared.

Shradha was very worried at home as thapki’s phone is switched off she was prying 4 thapki n kosi console her because she loves her. Shradha was crying when dhruv ask her to keep quite n tell her that he is going to search 4 thapki n he went to club .
Scene shift to bihan n kabir
Bihan was driving his bike very fast as kabir was being late for meeting .They were on their way while kabir see some goons following some girl .
Kabir: bihan stop
Bihan: gajaab m 4 mast m 4 maza nahi aa raha hai

Kabir: bihan see that
Bihan stop the bike n get up from a bike with an amazing stunt.
How dare u all to misbehave with a girl

He start beating goons while kabir told him t leave them as they are becoming bihan give his bike keys to kabir and ask him to plzz kabir ignore when bihan force him he go from their .
Bihan beats goon very much that their body starts beating while thapki ask him to stop she stammer while speaking n bihan tease her chuk chuk gadi n laugh haa………ha……….. N he enjoy n beats the goon.
His behavior made thapki more scared n her head start paining as also she didn’t ate anything she was weak and become half unconscious n was about 2 fall when bihan saw that n run 2 hold her he hold her but find her unconscious and become scared he shake her but no way she was not opening her eyes he get worried n goons escapes

As it was a rainy season he take dew drops from tree and sprinkles water on her n she opens her eyes.
Bihan: gajaab r u fine?

Thapki: ha
She find herself on bihan’s this and get up quickly n thanks him and was about to go when bihan hold her hand.

Precap: thapki collide with bihan n falls on him

Thanks friends plzzz do comment I want power from u all to write plzz give me don’t hesitate just comment whatever u feel.

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  1. hey….hapy to see new ff on thahaan….its seems intrsting….keep writting…and where is the other ff writters ….no one is updating their ff….whyyy???

    1. Soham

      thanks sadia

  2. Simrank

    Hi soham m simran ur story is wndrfull just loved it plz do continue dear it was quite intrstng nd loved ur plot alot m gonna read it its very nice good job keep writing nd update soon nd yes do read my ff you and me on thahaan if u have time ❤

    1. Soham

      yes i am reading ur ff dear n thankyou verymuch i will update next one soon

  3. New story New style ??? love it bcoz first time anyone show shadhar good ?? like thahaan I love her too ☺
    Keep writing ☺

    1. Soham

      thankyou noor very much dear i always saw in interview that shradha is very good but in serial she plays negative role so i made her positive .

  4. Very nice. The relationships were so much funny na. But your writing is not boring. Keep it up.

    1. Soham

      thank you sj

  5. Hello soham di, how r u…??
    di I like ur story..
    please continue..
    very eagerly wating for next episode..
    so, please try to post as soon as possible…
    or di, THANK YOU sososoooo much for writing most awaiting ff..
    di if u don’t mind please tell me about urself…
    God Bless You..!!
    keep writing..!!
    ok..!!! Di “TAKE CARE”

    1. Soham

      i am fine dear hand how r u ?? i will update next one soon . n thank u dear 4 a lovely comment n blessing . kudrat u know about myself can u tell me .
      and take care u to

  6. Very interesting. Keep writing.

    1. Soham

      thankyou rifa

  7. Hi happy to see another lovely thahaan ff
    I love it ,waitting for the next…..?

    1. Soham

      thankyou fatima n keep loving dear

  8. Nice story waiting for next part

    1. Soham

      thankyou suhani u will get next part very sonon

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Hi soham it’s an intresting plot liking it update soon to know more of it..keep going ur doing

    1. Soham

      thakyu juveria di a lot at last it is ur struggle 4 me . i will update soon next part dii .love u very muchh ………..

    2. Soham

      dii plzz update ur next post eagerly waiting 4 it

  10. Hey,Soham ..actually to be very frank with u ..pls dont mind ..In my opinion I think that u need to improve ur writing skills cause there r a lot of mistakes in this ff..don’t know if anyone recognised them or not,but it would n more fun n enjoyable 2 read ur ff if u improve ur grammar n writing skills..In other ways ur ff is overall gud

    1. Soham

      thanku jenelia for finding my mistakes i will improve it sure n thank u a lot for a lovely comment

  11. Juveria what about your ff? Pls update soon.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Will update soon dearie

  12. Thahaan forever.


    1. Soham

      yes thahaan foreever thankyou

  13. Alm.Abi

    hi soham ..feeling gud to read another ff.. amazing plot.. looking forward to a gud story..really enjoyed bihaan heroic actions nd the best part of ur story z dhruv z thapki’s brother lol…

    1. Soham

      dear i have updated the next part also plzz read it

  14. Its nice i just loved it dear

    I m so eager to knw what will happen next

    1. Soham

      thanks but i have updated the next also plzz read it dear

  15. Nice start. Poor thapki. I feel sorry for her. Waiting for the next.

  16. Soham

    thank u shanaya dont wait just read becoz i alredy posted part 2

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