Thahaan : Separated By Fate and United By Love ( Maha Episode ) ( Epi-2)


Good evening to all … Naira ( my actual name ) here … I mean NaiTan . Actually I was supposed to update on Monday but as my exam went really well ??? so I thought to upload the 2nd episode today and 3rd episode on Monday . Just wanted to inform all When I wrote the story I just wrote 7 parts without a proper ending so I if u find anything boring then I’m really very SORRY .
PS- In my ff , As Thapki and Sid were old friends so he gave his place to Thapki to live and so assume that she was not living with her parents and was living somewhere else with Siddarth …. Reason will be revealed in next episode
Here it starts ….

That girl is Nome other than Thapki … she is now bold and confident . In these 2 months she transformed herself completely . As she turns , everyone is shocked and Bihaan is happy . She starts dancing with Sid. Now Sid winks at her and challenges her to show her dance moves …. And she unpins her dupatta and throws it away . Bihaan although is mesmerized seeing Thapki after 2 months but is equal jealous seeing her dance with another man .
The dance ends and they both go to Kiran and Varun .
Kiran – Bhabhi you said u won’t come ?
Thapki – My brother is getting married . How can I not come ?
Kiran – Bhai – Behen ka pyaar . But you don’t worry bhabhi . From now I will take care of him.
All 4 smile . Thapki & Sid wish them a happy married life . Bihaan comes towards them but stops hearing –

Thapki – Did come with me to the room . I have to change .
Sid – You go and change na .
Thapki – Please … please …. I need ur help … ( makes a sad face )
Sid – OK OK … chal … You always emotionally blackmail me .

They smile and leave . Bihaan follows them and outside the room he walks restlessly thinking who is that guy who is getting so much attention from Thapki . While inside the room Thapki choose the dress for Sid and vice versa . They both get ready one by one and go down for the pheras . Thapki and Sid stand together in the corner and smile seeing Varun and Kiran . Bihaan was about to go to Thapki when he is again stopped . This time by Dadi . She says meet her after the wedding is over . Bihaan nods . All rituals happen one by one and finally Kiran’s bidaai takes place .
Thapki and Sid accompany the married couple till outside , make them sit in the car and ask the driver to take them to Chaturvedi house . Now whole family is standing near the gate . Sid takes out his bike and starts it , Thapki sits behind him and holds him tightly around his waist . Bihaan gets jealous . As they leave Bihaan also follows them and family tries to stop Bihaan but he doesn’t listen to anyone and so the family also follows them . On an alone road , Sid stops the bike … and all the Pandey family people hide behind the nearest trees to hear there conversation .
Do not misunderstand Sid’s character . He will later on being Thahaan together )
Thapki – Why did u stop here ?

Sid – Wait here only . I’m coming in 5 mins .
After 5 mins , he brings 1 Mirchi flavor ice cream ( Thapki’s fav flavor ) and Strawberry which is his favorite . Thapki thanks him and asks him …
Thapki – Suddenly ice cream treat kyun ?
Sid – You don’t remember today’s date ?
Thapki – Aaj kya hai ? ( just to tease him )

Sid – Kuch nhi . ( makes a sad face )
Thapki laughs and says … Sid today we completed 5 years of Friendship . How can I forget this date ? ( smiles )
Sid smiles and feeds her ice cream . She also feeds him and they both hug each other .
Shraddha sees Sid’s face clearly and goes towards them and hugs Sid . Sid also sees her and is shocked and happy . He reciprocates her hug .
Sid – Monzaa tu ?
Shraddha – Haan main . Maine tujhe kitni baar kaha hai , do not call me Monzaa . Mere naam Shraddha hai .
Thapki – Shraddha u know Sid ?

Shraddha – Arre how can I forget him … We are childhood buddies .
Thapki – We are college friends . We met 5 years back on today’s date .
Shraddha – Oh …. Btw, Sid meri ice cream ? Hum bhi toh 5 saal baad mil rahe hai . As u completed 12th u left for Agra .

Sid – Sorry Monzaa … I don’t have Money left …
Shraddha – Accha … Do not act smart in front of me . I know u since childhood . Chal mere liye bhi ice cream lekar aa .
Sid – OK, which flavor ?

Shraddha – Oh wow … You even forgot my favorite flavor .
Sid – Accha … accha … do not cry . I remember … Its chocolate . I will bring it . ( He leaves )
He brings ice cream for her . All 3 together eat the ice cream , take a selfie and Shraddha before leaving asks Thapki –
Shraddha – Thapki I forgot to ask where did u meet him because he was in Agra ? And what r u doing with him ?

Thapki – Do u remember the day when Bihaan asked me to leave the house . That day I decided to not go back to my parents house and live somewhere else . That night I was walking aimlessly and met Sid . He was walking while eating ice cream . There he saw me , stopped me and asked me r u Thapki ? When I said Yes he hugged me and asked me remember Siddarth ? When I heard his name I also hugged him . I Told him my problem and he invited me to live with him and so I agreed and since these months I’m living with Sid only .
Shraddha – Very good Sid …… You are a true gentlemen .
Sid- Thank u Monzaa .

Shraddha – OK bye now I will leave . Its getting late . Bye ( she leaves )
Now even Sid and Thapki leave . The whole Pandey family watched the entire scene and looked at Bihaan but he was lost in his own thoughts . Unknown to them …. Bihaan was thinking about Thapki only . As all the members leave . Bihaan follows Thapki and Sid , notes their address and decides to go there as soon as possible .

Precap : Sid and Thapki bedroom scene ( You will get to know Sid and Thapki’s relation ) . And Ganesh Chaturthi episode

My main idea of this ff is Bihaan’s jealousy . When I saw Sheena episodes , I thought to write a ff on Bihaan’s jealossly but at that moment I was not getting a perfect base about how to start .
And plz comment and tell how was this episode . It was actually a normal episode because I decided Thapki’s entry in 1st episode itself but I was not sure whether u all will like it or not so accidentally this episode is a maha episode . So till Monday guess what’s Thapki and Sid’s true relation .
Bye ….???

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  1. Hey…Donot make so much complication in their life and if you can make Thahaans scenes soon…

    1. Actually the storyline which I thought is a
      quite complicated one and so that is why Thahaan romance will take time … I’m sorry … Because my actually aim was how Bihaan gets jealous and later confrontation takes place . Sorry if u didn’t like it …

  2. wow interesting twist…waiting for it dear… 😉 😉 😉

  3. gajab too good

  4. Thanks Anu di and shivani di … And I will try my level best not to disappoint u people and show more thahaan scenes . Actually I’m not that good while writing romance but I tried . So if anyone has any idea of romance which u want with Thahaan … Then plz comment .. I will try to add it in the next episodes . Any romantic scene

  5. Jacqueline Nicole

    Cool darl… but pls naa bring thahaan together soon ! And add some thahaan scence… its my request to u. Thats it. Beauty is ur uploading daily… waiting for monday. Dont sprte thahaan dear pls

    1. Di I will not separate Thahaan . You just wait and watch ??? . I promise you next episode would be better than this one .

  6. Nice episode

  7. Seems interesting dear but plzzzzz want some thahaan scenes nd tashan fights

  8. Shrinjal

    Wah NaiTan!! I didn’t comment on previous epi but commenting in this….do read my FF too…its on Swaragini…do u watch SR??
    N haan reply me?

  9. Garima

    Good but bihaan’ jealous track I don’t like it so much but sorry for negative comment but I think that sidharth is thapki brother or friend and it is only your start so don’t mind my comment.

  10. Hi Naira it is nice episode dear…waiting eagerly for the nxt episode.

  11. Wow amazing. ?
    Keep it up.??
    Jealous bihaan.?
    Thapki leaving with another guy.?
    Waiting for bihaan jealousy reactions.??
    Plz next part ?
    I am waiting waiting since 4days yaar naira
    You said that next on Monday its Tuesday ???

  12. NaiTan

    Sorry to all … I was not well so could not upload on Monday . But I have uploaded now and I hope u like the 3rd episode . Plz comment in it also .

  13. Awesome dear and plz don’t separate thahaan

  14. Awesome dear and plz don’t separate thahaan btw plz don’t mind but the starting is complicated

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