Thahaan : Separated By Fate and United By Love ( Epi 4 )

Hey …. Guys … NaiTan here …. Back with a new episode … I tried romance here … Let’s see whether u guys like it or not … Plz comment and actually I tried my best for the romantic scene But as of my story That ignorant Thapki is there . Hope ulike it ,.???
Here it goes ….
Next Day : Pandey Office
Thapki comes to meet Bauji … But he is not in the cabin …. She asks receptionist but receptionists tells her the wrong way …
Thapki – Mr Pandey ka cabin kahan hai ?
Receptionist – Ma’am yahan se straight then left . The first cabin is Sir’s cabin .
Thapki – Thank u
Thapki leaves and goes to the cabin . Unknown to her that this is Bihaan’s cabin and receptionist gave her wrong cabin no. Thapki waits for 10 mins and then the door opens … Thapki turns and is shocked ..
Thapki – Bihaan tum ?
Bihaan – Haan ye humara cabin hai .
Thapki – Wow .. Tum kaam bhi karte ho ( says sarcastically )
Bihaan – Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho ?
Thapki – Its none of ur business … Bye
She is about to leave but Bihaan blocks her way … and comes closer …. Her back hits the wall and their eyelock continues … Bihaan comes closer … Thapki closes her eyes … Bihaan comes very close and whispers in her ear – Don’t u love me ?
Thapki opens her eyes and looks into his eyes and remembers how he misjudged her and says confidently … I love u Bihaan but u don’t deserve that love …
Bihaan – Thapki plz listen to me … Plz at least once …
Thapki breaks down ands says Why should I ? Did u trust me that day ? She comes closer to Bihaan a.d says Bihaan u know what … A girl asks for happiness in her life after marriage and I got that happiness with u . She hugs him unknowingly and he hugs her back and comforts her … .
Thapki continues – Initially I used to hate u … But soon I realized u have a clean heart and I fell in love with u . We were so happy Bihaan … Then why didn’t u trust me ? You broke all relations with me . Did u even once think about me and my family … no …. All because of ur anger … She continues weeping in his chest … and Bihaan realises he has hurt her so deeply … He remembers something and smiles ….

Bihaan holds her face … wipes her tears and kisses her forehead …. Thapki understands the situation and comes back to reality … and pushes him and says … The day u leave ur anger … I promise that day I will myself come and accept u back. …..
Bihaan – That means u won’t talk to me ?
Thapki – No … I don’t have time …
Bihaan – Jaane se pehle yaad rakhna Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey Tumne B phor Bihaan Pandey ko challenge kiya hai …. Dekhte raho ab hum kya karte hai ….
Thapki – Dekhte hai
Saying this she leaves ….
She goes to the correct cabin and meets Bauji
Thapki – Thank u Bauji …. Aap ne mujhe vishvaas kiya uske liye shukriya
Bauji – Koi baat nhi bitiya …… Just while going ….. Give these Rs 1000 as chadhawa in the nearby temple …. I have an old mannat ….
Thapki – OK Bauji she smiles takes his blessings and leaves .
While going she rwmebrs her and Bihaan’s convo and thinks what is he gonna do …. Suddenly she bumps into someone and trips …. That man holds her and makes her stand and says –
Sid – Thapki dhyaan kahan hai tera ?
Thapki – Sorry Sid bhai …. Btw , u here Where r u going ?
Bihaan would be passing from there and sees Thapki and Sid talking … Why dies she have time to talk to whole world except me …. God knows …. Leave it Thapki u challenged me . You wait and watch ….. Tomorrow u will itself confess ur love for me .. He smiles and leaves towards Bauji’s cabin .
Sid – I came to meet Balvinder uncle . you go home . I will come …
Thapki – Ok bhai …. Bye
Saying this Sid leaves towards Bauji’s cabin ….

Precap : Bihaan – Bauji – Siddarth’s convo ….. Bihaan and Thapki kiss ….

Hope u liked the episode …… If u find this episode too short plz let me know …. The next episode I will upload by Tuesday for sure …. Stay tuned …..
Bye ☺☺☺☺☺ Do comment ….

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  1. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Great writing..hope u can make it longer next time.. Pls do update soon..all the best for your writing

  2. Suhana

    its sooo nice 🙂 🙂 but pls write t n english darl as everyone s reading t here 🙂 u are on t correct track 🙂 it ws soo nice 🙂 pls continue dr 🙂

  3. Its nice
    And guys check jigyasa new look you just have to search in google as thapki as jassi then goes for images
    Jigs has posted her image
    Check it out


    Really love it…?

  5. Juveria.ghalib

    Nice episode keep writing

  6. Naitan it was an nice ff,but I seems it is so small ff…

  7. Nice episode keep writing

  8. Dil dhanushi

    It’s nice dr, even I feel it’s quite short , it wuld be better if u cn mk it longer nxt work

  9. pooja prabha

    I am impressed in your way of presenting the cute love story of Thahaan…if you are free pls upload next part soon.

  10. Nice .keep writting

  11. Nice episode dear…but its short.Waiting eagerly for the nxt episode.

  12. I’m so sorry …. My whole episode didn’t come …. That is why it is too short

    1. I wrote the Hindi dialogues in English also but it didn’t appear here

  13. Beautiful episode dear?good going ?

  14. Anubhuti

    Verynice?????? waiting..

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