Thahaan : Separated By Fate and United By Love ( Epi-3)

Hey guys NaiTan here …. Sorry for 2 days delay . Actually I was having high fever since Sunday . And yesterday I felt a little bit better and today I’m fine so uploading it . I know all are having complain that I am not making thahaan scenes . So specially in this episode I have tried to add a little bit of romance . It won’t be that romantic but hope u like it . Here it goes –
Epi – 3
In Sid’s bedroom : At Night
Thapki – Sid bhai thanks . You always help me … even in college and even now . I’m so happy to have u as a brother .
Sid- My sweet little sister Thapki , I’m lucky to have u as a sister . When u came and told Priya that u will take care of me , her tension got reduced .
Thapki – Priya bhabhi is like my elder sister . When u gave me place to live then can’t I do such a small thing for u .
( Priya is Sid’s wife . She was 6 months pregnant when Thapki came and told she will live with Sid and take care of him . Priya got stress-free and left for her mayka . )
( Note : Priya is not gonna come in this ff . She is just a additional character . )
Thapki – Bhai when will Bhabhi come ?
Sid – In 1 month . And after delivery directly she would come back .
Thapki – OK bhai , I’ll go to my room . …. Good night
Sid – Bye Thapki . Good Night …. And do not stay awake till late night … remember we have the dance competition .
Thapki – OK bhai . ( laughs and leaves )
Next day : Pandey Mansion ( Its Ganesh Chaturthi )
Bihaan is thinking about Thapki and Sid and didn’t sleep whole night . His thoughts get disturbed when Vasu Ma calls him down for breakfast .
Ma – Bihaan naashta karne aa jao .
Bihaan – Nhi Maa . Aap log kha lo , mujhe bhook nhi hai .
Ma – Chup …. Chalk naashta karne . Sab intezaar kar rahe hai .
Bihaan – Theek hai Ma , aa raha hoon . ( He sadly nods )
At Dining Table : Pandey Mansion
Bihaan would be lost in his thoughts and Dadi would notice that . To make him happy Dadi thinks we should take him outside . And says –
Dadi – Sab suno, we are going to the main ganpati dance festival organized every year by Ballu’s friends . Ballu has booked seats for all in 2nd row .
Bihaan – Dadi mujhe nhi aana .
Dadi – Chal na Bihaan . Please . ( smiles )
Bihaan – Theek hai Dadi ( he smiles )
At Sid’s house : Same time
Thapki – Sid bhai ready ? We have to go that Ganpati Dance Festival . We have a duo performance . Yaad hai ?
Sid – Haan yaad hai . Shambhu sutaya pe dance hai na . Vaise yeh Sab dance competition mein part leti hai toh iss cash amount ka karegi kya ?
Thapki – Voh aapko aaj pata chal jaayega .
Evening Time : 5 pm : All leave from their respective homes .
The Festival Venue
All are gathered outside ( including Pandeys and Sid & Thapki ) . Sid would see Bihaan and gets an idea . He decides to make them dance and sees a nail on the floor and intentionally puts his foot over it and shouts
Sid – Aah …
Thapki – Kya hua ? ( sees his wounded leg ) Oh my god , ye kaise lag gaya ?
Sid – Its hurting a lot …
Thapki – Oh god …. wait .. She goes to the organizer and asks for first aid box . She aids Sid’s leg and ties bandage . Bhai will u be able to dance .
Sid – No thapki , I’m sorry .
The whole Pandey family is going towards that side only and would see Thapki and Sid . Bihaan goes towards them and asks …
Bihaan – Kya hua ?
Thapki – ( she has not seen Bihaan yet and says ) Plz can u help my bhai . ( She doesn’t know its Bihaan )
Sid – Actually I got hurt a d my sister doesn’t have a partner . Will u dance with her ?
Thapki turns to see who is it and gets shocked seeing Bihaan . Nhi bhai its not needed .
Bihaan (in mind ) – Bhai … Did Thapki call that man bhai …. That means my Thapki is only mine and not anyone else’s . She didn’t marry anyone else because she still loves me . I will prove it . I’m so happy . I want to lift Thapki and do the pagalon wala dance ( dance madly ) but I need to control myself .
Sid – Thapki stay quite for 2 mins . You have to listen to ur big bro . Dance with him . I want u to win . Vaise what’s ur name ? ( asks intentionally )
Bihaan – Hum hai B for Bihaan Pandey . Naam toh suna hoga ( says proudly )
Sid – Umm … Nhi suna .. Let’s leave this topic . I will tell u the steps . We have very less time .
He explains Bihaan everything while Thapki is standing behind . Bihaan understands everything . Sid says –
Sid – Thapki tu ready ho jaa
Thapki – OK ( she leaves )
Sid – Bihaan all the best . And meri baat suno .
Bihaan – Kya hua ?
Sid – Dekho Bihaan , u have to win this competition . Thapki is having many expectations .
Bihaan – OK , Don’t worry .
The competition starts . All get seated . 2-3 performances happen . Judges seem to be uninterested . Then its our Thahaan’s performance . Everyone cheers for them .
The song Shambhu Sutaya starts . Bihaan enters with dhol and Thapki accompanies him and matches step with the beat . They just burn the stage . They dance perfectly and remember all their romantic moments and share a small sweet eyelock . Lastly when they go forward to pose , Thapki gets hurt by a glass piece in her leg but still she manages to pose . Judges give standing ovation .
Bihaan sees blood in her leg and gets worried for her . Judges ask them to come and collect the prize . Thapki was not able to walk . Bihaan lifts her in his arms .
Thapki – Bihaan what are u doing . Leave me . I can walk
Bihaan – Shhh . Chalo … ( he takes her ) .
They pose for the camera and in the picture also they are looking at each other . Then they collect the prize . As both Thapki & Sid were having problem , Bihaan says I will drop u both . Sid says Ok and Bihaan drops them to their home . Sid before leaving thanks Bihaan . Finally Bihaan also leaves …
Precap : Not decided


  1. NaiTan

    Plz comment and sorry for not making Thahaan romantic scenes more . I will try to bring the romantic angle by 5th episode . Hope u liked it 😊

  2. Joylin


    |Registered Member

    cute epi dear I liked ur writing a lot I wish u make countless epis and win our hearts like suhana di and how were ur exams dear I wish it went well

  3. NaiTan

    All went well 😊 Thank u

    I will try to upload the next one either on Saturday or before Saturday pakka , because tmrw my term-2 school starts so the normal school days would be hectic but still I will not stop writing and upload on time . I can promise that .

  4. Jacqueline Nicole

    Thahaan burn the stage there…. and u burned us alive here… hehe just kidding! Osm epi dear … u nailed it. Actually its better than the frst one…thums up for this. But pls na add more thahaan scence darl..

  5. Anu

    Too good my baby doll love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 u
    Bt want that jealous bihaan 😞😞😞
    Bt 😊😊😊 i liked it….

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