Thahaan- Secret realation (two shots) Last Part

Secret relation..

The last part of his two shots..hope u guys liked the first one n thank u for ur comments…the episode is super romantic in middle so the uncomfortable readers plzz skip that part bread u guys n sorry if any spell mistakes..

Since that day both started growing a friendship relation again..Thapki helped him in everything,in his office work,giving him advises n they started spending more n more time shop was in their everyday schedule..Bihaan shared many things about ananya n Thapki shared about her family..her father..
One day while sipping their coffee in a coffee shop.,
Bihaan:ananya is a very fast forward girl..
Thapki:yes she is..
Bihaan:she is sweet but she has a great attitude..I don’t like this thing about her,she is rude to innocent people,n goes very close to the boys n I don’t want my girl to do that..
Thapki:but things were different few years ago..even u went close to girls n I thought u r modern kind of people..
Bihaan:that was different Thapki I never go close to any girl they come behind me just because of my money..
Thapki:if ananya had soo much flaws n u were not happy with her then y did u got ready to marry her..
Bihaan:family force…ahh I feel I’m going to make my life hell myself..My mom have always liked ananya for me n she took our relation seriously..
Thapki:what type of girl did u wanted??..
Bihaan:some one who is genuine,honest in any relation whether it be with me or my family,innocent,who cares for others needs,n who looks beautiful with her inner self..if it would be my choice I would choose the best girl in this world..Thapki smiles..
Thapki:who would u choose..
Bihaan:ummmm YOU…Thapki was stunned she backed off n looked at him strangely..
Thapki:bi..Bihaan..Bihaan waits for few more seconds n seeing her deadly reaction he laughed loudly..
Bihaan:omg look at you ur soo scared..I was joking..Thapki sighed..
Bihaan:u really looked like a fool..
Thapki:Bihaan stop laughing I won’t talk to u then..he continued with his laughs.
Thapki:Bihaan stop I’m going..she took her bag n went outside showing her back to him.,Bihaan controlled himself n went behind her..
Bihaan:Thapki Thapki wait. Wait listen to me I was joking Thapki..Thapki took a right from the coffee shop..
Bihaan:we’re r u going car is at the left..Thapki didn’t bother to answer n walked away..Bihaan followed her everywhere
They were at some main road..Thapki was not ready to stop n Bihaan was not ready to leave her..Bihaan somehow managed to hold her hand n pull her towards him..she rested on his chest..they had an eyelock n the people around were smiling at them..the world was moving but they stopped like a statue in the middle of a road n that too so close to each other..Thapki n Bihaan were completely in eachothers eyes..they forgot everything even where they r standing..they cars n vehicles stopped by the either sides of them thinking what they r doing..Bihaan smiled at her n she was shocked…Bihaan kneeled down right infront of her n the whole public..he held his ears n she was stunned..she made an embarrassing face as everyone were watching..
Bihaan:I’m sorry I won’t prank u again forgiveness please..Thapki’s lips curved into a smile n Bihaan jumped on her for a warm hug..the whole public clapped for them n smiled.thapki hugged him too n they were in the same position until they realized that they r the one making the traffic jam..Thapki shied n they moved in a corner..Bihaan held her hand n brought her to the car..they drove to the office..Thapki looked out of the window n Bihaan looked at her..he smiled seeing her..his smile was not a normal one,not a friendly one..he adored her..he kept his thoughts aside n drives..
Bihaan started adoring her since that day n always made some or the other excuses to be with her..
Bihaan comes in her was more prettier now..
Thapki:yes sir any work for me..
Bihaan:no I just came to check..Thapki ur room looks amazing..
Thapki:thank u sir I added few more decorative things n a wall clock..
Bihaan:ur very talented..Thapki employee comes with few files..
Employee:sir I finished this file u check it once..I’ll keep it in ur cabin
Bihaan:no give it to me I’ll check it here itself..Thapki looked at him..employee gives the files n goes out..Thapki still looked at him with killing eyes..bihaan saw that..
Bihaan:umm I feel like staying here itself this room is very comfortable then mine..thapki’s nods her head childishly giving a fake smile n sits back on her seat..
Bihaan:n the fragrance is also good..Thapki just hmm n continued with her work..Bihaan stole a glance at her each time..he smiled at her innocence..her flying hairs were his attention..he smiles seeing her open hairs like that..her hands reached her hairs to pull them back her ear..Bihaan felt his heart beating harder..he kept his file aside n taking the support of his hand on his chin he started gazing at her smilingly n romantically..Thapki while playing with her hairs she felt some strong gaze at her n she looked at the person right infront of her n his gaze made her nervous..Bihaan got up from his seat n walked towards her..seeing this she got up too n stared at him..he felt like he knew his feeling now..seeing his walking towards her n she moved back but unfortunately she was stuck by the wall n till the time she moved Bihaan stopped her holding her hand..
Thapki:Bihaan…she looked around n specially at the door if any one would come inside.
Bihaan:Thapki..she smiled showing his dimples..he took few baby steps n moved closer to her..
Bihaan:Thapki ..he fanned her cheeks n she closed her eyes..she realizes their position n moved back..but not more as Bihaan was holding her hand..
Thapki:Bihaan leave my hand ..what r u doing??..Bihaan smiled..
Bihaan:Thapki I want to confess something..
Thapki:what!!!..she looked more desperate n he pulled her close again n she rested her hands on his chest..
Thapki:Bihaan!!..Bihaan just closed her eyes n inhaled her fragrance n she kept staring at him..after a little time when he was satisfied he opened his small eyes n looked at her big ones..
Bihaan:Thapki I don’t want to take more time to confess now..Thapki looked at him..
Bihaan:Thapki I…he breathed..
Bihaan:I have fallen for u..I started adoring u,n I think I think I..
Bihaan:shhhh no let me complete…he stressed each word n they were very close now..they inhaled eachothers breath..
Bihaan:n I think I have started loving u…Thapki gulped her saliva n looked down..
Thapki:Bihaan ur ur mad I know ur joking..leave me..Bihaan held her chin n made her look at him..
Bihaan:look into my eyes do u think I’m lying or pranking u again..can’t u see love for u in my eyes..Thapki was lost in his eyes again..(saanso ko jeene ka ishaara mil Gaya plays in bg)..
Thapki:Bihaan..she spoke softly..Bihaan smiled listening his name from her mouth..he went more closer to her n tried to kiss her..but she moved away..she puts oll her weight on the table n huffs badly..
Bihaan:Thapki trust me I’m serious this time..I really love u..Thapki closed her eyes..
Bihaan:Thapki plzz say something don’t be quite ur silence is troubling me..
Thapki:what should I say Bihaan what should I say???..
Bihaan:say ur feeling for me..Thapki was stunned n she choosed to keep quite..
Bihaan:Thapki..he came near her n made her turn n held her close by her waist..Thapki didnot look into his eyes..
Bihaan:Thapki look at me plzz..he tried to convince her but she refused..
Bihaan:Thapki plzzz..he held her chin n raised up but she closed her eyes to avoid eye contact..
Bihaan:y r u not looking into my eyes.what is the thing ur afraid of Thapki..
Thapki:yes I’m afraid I’m afraid that if I look into ur eyes I’ll fall in love with u again..which I don’t want to..I managed n controlled my heart,my feeling n assured
Myself that I’m meant to be alone..plzz don’t spoil everything Bihaan..Bihaan had a big smile at his face..
Bihaan:that means u…u love me too.thapki nodded unwillingly..Bihaan smiled giving a little giggle n hugged her tightly..Thapki did not reciprocate the hug until she felt his tears on her shoulder..she hugged him n patted his back..Bihaan detached her n cupped her face.
Bihaan:I’m soo happy but plzz never never say that ur alone I’m with u now,I’ll be always with u..
Thapki:no Bihaan I was alone n let me be an alone person..I love u soo much Bihaan n now that u also love me I want u to do something for me..will u??..
Manish:I’ll do anything Thapki anything..
Thapki:forget me n move on with ananya..Bihaan leaves her hands..
Thapki:no Bihaan this is the reality that u n me cannot be one anymore ur engaged to ananya she is ur fiancée don’t betray her not for anyone else for me don’t betray an innocent girl..after all a girls heart is soo delicate that it won’t be able to take such shocks..promise me that u will forget me n move on as I did..promise me Bihaan or else I’ll send my resignation papers soon.bihaan was shocked to hear that..he wanted her infront of him he agreed with a stone on heart..
Bihaan:but I can’t give her love Thapki my love is only for u..Thapki had tears in her eyes n she ran outside quickly..Bihaan kept looking in her direction..
That day Thapki didn’t meet him n went home Bihaan was sad by that he also went to his house.
Pandey nivas
Bihaan enters n sees vasundra n balwinder in a party attire n many gifts kept on the table.
Bihaan:da mom what is all this u guys r going somewhere??
Vasundra:thank god u came early today..go Bihaan n get ready we have to go.
Bihaan:but where..
Balwinder:such a careless fiancée ur don’t u remember today’s date.
Bihaan:what what is so special today..
Vasundra:it’s ananyas birthday n u forgot how could u Bihaan..Bihaan looked disinterested but fakes a smile..
Bihaan:sorry I forgot n work pressure..
Vasundra:it’s ok beta now quickly go n get ready..
Bihaan:mamma I’m hell tired I don’t feel like going..
Vasundra:what r u mad it’s ananyas birthday n u don’t want to come no ur coming she will feel bad..
Bihaan:but mom
Vasundra:I said no means no..go n get ready..Bihaan like an obedient one goes up n comes back wearing some casuals
Vasundra:what did u wore Bihaan who goes in casuals to a party..
Bihaan:mom I’m coming in this or else u guys have to go with out me..
Balwinder:let it be Vasundra ji if u force he won’t come..its presence is more important.vasu nodded n they moved to their car..

At the party venue..
Bihaan reach with his family n they went inside the hall..their were many guest..Vasundra saw ananyas mother n they greeted..Bihaan took her blessing n went away..he was searching for ananya..he saw her near the bar dancing with her friends(boys)
She was in a long maxi torn from her left thigh showing her left leg..the neck of the dress was very long that it was not covering her chest properly..the dress was skinny n she was exposing almost everything..she was close to the boy ..her hands on his shoulder n his hands were literally on her butt..Bihaan felt disgust seeing that..Ananya took a wine glass n made the boy drink it n Bihaan was even more angry now..he went near her held her hand with a jerk n she looked at him..
Ananya:hey Bihaan..
Bihaan:ananya we need to talk..he dragged her out of the hall..
Ananya:what happen Bihaan..ohhh so u want to romance with me..even I want that baby come I’m all urs..Bihaan gave a stern look n she came close to him..
Bihaan:don’t behave like u don’t know anything many times I told u not to go soo close to the other boys but u won’t listen right..
Ananya:what is ur problem u always take me wrong he is my friend n we were dancing..
Bihaan:that didn’t seemed like a dance ananya listen this is last n final warning to u I don’t want any one to touch my future wife..
Ananya:stop over reacting that was nothing he didn’t came soo close to me he didn’t kiss me..
Bihaan:so u were waiting for him to kiss cheap ur..
Ananya:mind ur language Bihaan..she points her finger n he holds it..
Bihaan:don’t u dare raise ur finger I know what kind of girl ur I know u since childhood so don’t try to hide ur flaws..I’m marrying u only for my mom that doesn’t mean that u will rule over me. n dare I see u with anyone..
Ananya:what will u do haan..n u know what I thought ur not a typical person..n listen Bihaan I was like this earlier I’m like this n I will be like this even after our marriage..u can’t do anything..
Bihaan:ohh ok then see what I can do..he goes away in his car..ananya was confused..she went inside..

When all the guest had left..leaving only pandey’s n ananyas family..pandey’s were angry at Bihaan as he left without informing…while everyone were talking Bihaan entered with a girl holding her hand n leaving the families super shocked..
Flash back
Bihaan was driving the car speedily thinking ananyas posture with that boy..he hated that the most..he drove without knowing his destination but ended reach thapki’s house..he went inside the house with out knocking..they house was still lit at the late night but there was pin drop silence..he knew the reason as she was scared of dark she never switches off the lights around her..he went straight to her room n the door was ajar.he peeped inside n opened the ajar door..Thapki was sleeping on the small bed like a princess..she looked soo cute that bihaan’s eyes were not moving from her..
He then remembered the reason he was here n went near her n sat on the floor close to her..he patted her shoulder but she was deep in her slumber..
Bihaan:Thapki get up..Thapki…Thapki..Thapki was little disturbed when he shook her shoulders few times n she got up..she sat on the bed seeing him..
Thapki:Bihaan u here..oh god I’m dreaming u again..hey Bihaan y do u disturb me even in my dreams plzz don’t do this don’t make me weak..Bihaan who was super happy knowing the fact that she sees him in her dreams..
Bihaan:if I trouble in ur dreams too then y don’t u admit that u love me n want to Be With me all ur life..I’m ur ur dream..Thapki was stunned to hear him.
Bihaan:yes I’m ur dream n I’m here to fulfill it.
Thapki:Bihaan ur really here.she moves closer n touches his cheeks..he smiles n flaunts his dimples..Bihaan holds her hand..
Bihaan:come with me..
Thapki:Bihaan where..n I said u not to..
Bihaan:shhh don’t say anything ur coming..Thapki gets up from her bed n walks with him.
Thapki:Bihaan tell me where r we going..
Bihaan:we r going to ananyas house..he says everything happened in her house she was shocked..
Bihaan:after hearing all this will u.let me marry her..will u leave me destroying my Thapki plzz I want to live with u I love u plzz come with me.he pulls her but she stops..
Thapki:no Bihaan u can’t take such step ur parents will me angry there might be some misunderstanding Bihaan u should go n clear it from ananya..
Bihaan:r u mad u know u love me but still don’t want to live with me y..
Thapki:not like that Bihaan listen remember u promised me..
Bihaan:yes I did but after seeing all that I won’t marry her..I will marry u.he holds her hand tightly n takes her to the car..
Thapki:Bihaan leave me..he makes her sit .he sits in the car n tries to fix her seatbelt
Thapki:leave me Bihaan u can’t force..
Bihaan:I can n I will
Thapki:I won’t marry u..
Bihaan:u have to..he takes hold of the seat belt going close to her n she moves back..she tries to get off the car but. He pulls her..
Bihaan:now stay here orelse..he raises his hand n she was shocked..
Thapki:or else u will beat me that also Bihaan but I won’t listen to u..
Bihaan:or else I will..he touches her cheek n moves closer looking at her lips indicating for a kiss..she understands n gets nervous.
Thapki:Bihaan..he moves closer n kisses her cheek n goes to her ear.
Bihaan:now be quite n if u speak anything I’ll kiss u n this time sealing ur lips..Thapki was scared now n she decided to stay quite..
Fb ends
They reach the venue n everyone were shocked.
Bihaan:yes Thapki n she is here with me because..he sees her family n narrates everything n everyone were shocked..
Vasu:I can’t believe this.
Bihaan:u have to mom n I have another confession that I’m in love with Thapki I don’t want to marry ananya I won’t be happy in my life I want to marry Thapki..
Balwinder:but ur engaged to ananya..
Bihaan:even if I don’t get my Thapki I won’t marry ananya she is a cheap girl n I want my girl to be simple n delicate as Thapki..after a little quarrel between ananya n Bihaan ananya backs off the wedding n Bihaan was happy..Vasu was confused can she choose anyone for her son..
Taking a chance a ananya took Vasu to a corner n said that she is not a good girl..she is Their classmate n since the college Time she is trying to pull Bihaan at her side only for his money..Vasu was angry to hear that..when Bihaan asked his parents Balwinder was happy with that but Vasu was disappointed..she refused to the marriage Bihaan knew their is something wrote as his mum always sees his happiness first..he tried to convince but in vain..
Bihaan:I know their is something wrong with u mom but I won’t leave my love..I love her m I want to be with her..I’m going with her..I’m marring her tomorrow itself..
Bihaan:come Thapki..
Thapki:no Bihaan..
Bihaan:Thapki plzz.he tries to hold her hand
Thapki:no Bihaan we can’t marry without our elders blessings..
Bihaan:dad is there to give us blessing n I believe moms blessings r with us always..
Thapki:Bihaan plzz listen..we can’t do this..u can’t leave ur family like this they need u
Bihaan:even u need me..
Thapki:I’m habitual to stay alone..but ur family can’t stay without u..forget me Bihaan n move on..u will find someone really special then me..
Bihaan:u know who is that person made for me…u it’s u I love u n I want u..
Thapki:u love me right..
Thapki:then prove ur love Bihaan..promise me that..
Bihaan:I’m not promising nonsense again Thapki..she shuts his mouth with her hand n he looks at her.
Thapki:don’t leave ur family for me they were with u in all ur thick n thins don’t destroy their happiness by leaving them n coming with me..u know what no one can describe the role of parents then an orphan n that’s me..I know the pain of being alone n I bet ur parents can’t live without u..plzz Bihaan..Bihaan looked into her eyes n nodded..she smiles n kissed him on forehead n saw everyone in the hall..Vasu was still angry..Thapki ran outside n took an auto to her house..Bihaan went in her car to his home…

Next day
Bihaan wore a simple kurta n went to thapki’s house..she was getting ready for office in her red Kurti..Bihaan Berger inside her room without her notice n she was stunned to see him..Bihaan gave a victorious smile..he came near her n makes her wear a red dupatta he had in his hand.
Thapki: Bihaan ye tum..
Bihaan:bhulgai ajj shadi hai hamari(u forgot it’s our marrige
Thapki:Bihaan what happened to u…after what happened yesterday..did u forget my promise.
Bihaan:no Thapki u said that I should not leave my family n I promised that..but u didn’t say to leave u..see Thapki I don’t know anything..I want u n I can do anything for that..listen we will marry keeping it a parents won’t get to know about it..n also we can live happily
Thapki:Bihaan ur mad…
Bihaan:yes mad in ur love..Thapki sees him..Bihaan holds her hand n bring her to the car..they leave for the temple..
At the temple..
Thapki:Bihaan listen this is wrong ur parents will get angry when they will come to know about this..
Bihaan:we r marrying secretly they won’t get to know..we will be in a secret relation..
Thapki:these things can’t be hidden for long..
Bihaan:I don’t know anything Thapki..pandit ji it’s our marrige plzz do the rituals
Pandit ji:plzz come here n sit in the mandap.bihaan holds her hand n takes her there.he makes her sit n himself a sits besides her.
Pandit ji starts the marrige rituals n Thapki was stunned n looked at him..Bihaan was worry less n he had a smile at his face.
Thapki:Bihaan this is wrong..she whispered..she tried to get up but he holds her hand tightly..
Bihaan:sit here..
Pandit ji: plzz get up for pheres(seven rounds)..
Bihaan nods n gets up with Thapki..
Thapki:Bihaan I don’t have anyone in my life to do my weeding rituals but I always wished that my husbands family would do my rituals..we won’t be happy without ur parents blessing Bihaan..
Bihaan:Thapki I can understands ur feelings..but do u think this world will unite
Us in this mom is very possessive..I know ananya said something wrong about u..since yesterday I’m trying hard to make her understand but she is not listening to me..Thapki I love my family but I love u too n I don’t want to marry anyone I want to marry only u..this is the only way..
Thapki:but Bihaan..Bihaan shushes her.. pandit ji gives them the garlands..he gives one to Thapki n takes the other one..he puts it in her neck n she was still thinking what to do n he holds her hand n makes her to put the garland in his neck..he asks pandit ji to start the pheras.pandit ji gives him a shawl n he puts it in his neck he ties the other end to her dupatta while she was standing tensed..he holds her hand n she sees him..he gestures to smile but she doesn’t.he decided to make her understand after the marriage.. Pandit ji recites the mantras n Bihaan starts taking pheras with her..Thapki takes baby steps behind him..
First promise
Bihaan:I promise to make sure that ur always happy with me n I’ll try to give u all the happiness in ur life..
Second promise
Bihaan:I will protect u from the world I will be ur savior n will help u n need or not in need..
Third promise
Bihaan:I want to live with u n enjoy this journey with u..i won’t leave ur hand anytime.
Fourth promise
Bihaan:my love is only for love u,to have children,to raise a love is for u n my children..Thapki smiles at this promise..pandit ji asks her to come front for the next pheras..
Fifth promise
Thapki:no matter how much this world tries to seperate us I’ll be with u n support u in everything..
Sixth promise
Thapki:ur the person I loved genuinely in my life. N u will be the last person I will love..we will stand together in our thick n thins..
Seventh promise
Thapki:I will love u with my honesty n dignity…I will cherish you in my heart all my life..all vows were taken hand in hand n eyes in eyes..With the last vow they smiled at eachother..
Pandit ji asked them to sit..they sat down again..he asks to fill brides mang with sindoor n put the mangalsutra in her neck.
Bihaan takes the mangalsutra out from his was a small mangalsutra with a diamond in centre..he puts it around her neck..he takes the sindoor n slowly fills her mang n she tightens her eyes release few tears n he wipes them away smiling at her n nods not to cry again..with that pandit ji congratulates them they leaves the temple happily..they go to a registration office n signs the papers of marriage..they were officially married now…they sit in the car to go back to thapki’s house..Bihaan takes out his garland n puts at the back seat..Thapki also takes out but few threads stucks in her earring n she moans a little as she pulled the garland n her ear hurted a little..Bihaan quickly like a possessive husband comes close to her n rubs her ear..she stares at him..he takes out the threads n sees her..Thapki smiles at him..he smiles n touches her cheek..
Bihaan:couldn’t u take my help..
Thapki:I’m not a kid to take ur help in such small things..
Bihaan:phir bhi if u would have asked me then ur ear wouldn’t hurt..
Thapki:Bihaan I’m fine my ear is not hurting now..
he hummed n started driving..
They reached thapki’s house n they went to the door.
Bihaan:Thapki wait here don’t come inside..
Bihaan:wait for me.he goes inside n she keeps looking in his direction.he comes back with a big thal with red water n a pot of rice..she smiles at him..
Bihaan:if my mom would be there she would have done this..I’m sorry Thapki a girl after getting married goes to her sasural but I brought u to ur own house I’m sorry..but Thapki I assure u that I won’t let u feel alone here.. also that when things get right my mom will welcome u like this me..
Thapki:I trust u Bihaan I know ur mom is very nice she misunderstood me because of ananya..
Bihaan:don’t take her name infront of me..
thapki:ok so let’s do the rituals..he nods n she pushes the rice pot n steps in the thal..she comes inside holding his hands..he takes her straight to some another room..
Thapki:Bihaan my room is that right one..
Bihaan:yes I know but we will stay here today..
Thapki:y n this room is not properly cleaned n there is no bed here..
Bihaan:I know but there is a sofa here.
Thapki:what I can’t sleep on a sofa..
Bihaan:Thapki plzz come inside first.
Thapki:Bihaan what r u upto..while she completes her sentence he drags her inside n the room was normal as before..
Bihaan:u change n get freshed n take some rest I’ll come in a bit.she nods n goes to washroom..
Bihaan goes to kitchen n pours juice in a glass..he adds some pills in the glass n smirks..
Bihaan:Thapki I have to do this orelse u will get doubt..I want to surprise u n I need time to do preparations..for that u need to go in a deep we will have an amazing night..our secret suhaagraat..n I want to complete both of us..he takes the glass to the room n Thapki was sitting on the bed..
Bihaan:Thapki u drink this juice.u will feel good.
Thapki:no Bihaan I don’t feel like drinking..Bihaan was sad..
Bihaan:Thapki see u didn’t ate anything since morning u have to drink this now or else I won’t talk..
Thapki:ok such a black mailer ur.bihaan gives his killer smiles n passes the juice..she she drinks it..
Bihaan:ok I’m going..he takes few steps
Thapki:where??..she gets up n he stops..
Bihaan:to office.
Thapki: to office!!!
Bihaan:yes any problem..
Thapki:Bihaan it’s our first day of marriage..Bihaan smirks n puts his hands on his waist..
Bihaan:ohh so ur saying that we should do what couples do after marrige at their first day(or)night..Thapki was shy..he comes near her n holds her by her waist..
Thapki:no Bihaan I didn’t mean that..
Bihaan:then what did u mean..
Thapki:I meant that..
Bihaan:that..he comes closer n she shies a lot..she hides herself on his chest n he pats her to sleep..she slept by the effect of the sleeping pills n he places her safely on the bed..he smiles n goes out..

At night
Bihaan was decorating thapki’s room..he bought a big King sized bed n places it in the middle.he made the workers place thapki’s bed in store room..he decorated each Conner n went to get ready.he change in a night track n tshirt..he took a gift wrapped box n kept it on the big bed..he smiled n went to thapki’s room..Thapki just came using the washroom
Bihaan:got up..
Thapki:yes I slept for soo long why did u not woke me up?
Bihaan:u r soo cute in ur sleep..she smiles at him..
Thapki:did u eat something.
Bihaan:not yet..
Thapki:Bihaan I’m sorry I will make something quickly..
Bihaan:no I ordered food it is on the table come lets eat..
Thapki:Bihaan I’m sorry but I promise from tomorrow I’ll be on time..
Bihaan:hey Thapki ur my wife not my servant..don’t think like that again..come now..she smiled n they went to the dinning table..they ate together n Bihaan was very excited for the surprise..
Thapki:when did u come from office?.
Bihaan:umm like one hour ago.thapki hummed
Bihaan:I’m done I think we should sleep we have to join office again from tomorrow…(he makes an excuse to bring her to the room)
Thapki:yes Bihaan I know but I slept for a long time I won’t get sleep again u go n sleep
I’ll come..Bihaan was frustrated n sad..
Bihaan(in mind):she is not at all romantic god I have to do everything..
Bihaan:if u won’t get sleep then lets do something..he gives a naughty smiles
Bihaan:umm why don’t u read some book in the room while I sleep..
Thapki:ok..Bihaan gave a light sigh for his victory..she walks forward n he walks behind with a smile..they reach the room n Thapki opens the door n to her surprise the whole room was lit with candles the fragrance was soo sooo sooo good she loved it..the big bed was covered with red roses in a heart shape..Thapki stepped inside giving a surprised look but that turned into nervousness when she heard the door sound..he locked the door behind n she turned towards him..he smiled..Bihaan comes near her.
Thapki:so u didn’t go to office today..he nods no childishly.,
Thapki:coz u were busy in this preparation.he nodded yes childishly again..
She remembered his words..”if u won’t get sleep then let’s do something.”she had stunner..she had mixed feeling,happiness,love,nervousness n lot n Many.
Bihaan takes the gift box n passes it to her..
Bihaan:for u..she takes it..she opens it n finds a baby pink nighty..she was shy to see it..she quickly hides it at her back n he giggles..
Bihaan:I have choosed it for u..Thapki was shocked.
Thapki:Bihaan this!!!..
Bihaan:Thapki plzz don’t say anything it’s our wedding night today I want to make it happening..l want to make it special for both of us..that we remember it all our life.plzz change in this n come..
Bihaan:I love u Thapki..
Thapki:I love u too Bihaan..they have an eyelock(ranjha naa plays)Thapki sees other side n takes the nighty n goes in the washroom..bihaan was happy n excited..meanwhile he texted his dad that he won’t come home he is busy..he got an ok as reply..he looked over the room n checked if anything is missing..he found the place very bright n perfect for their romantic night..
Thapki in washroom..
Thapki:omg the inner of this drew is soo short it is not even covering my thighs..what should I do..Bihaan is waiting outside..i should cover myself properly..she covers herself with the long nighty n decided to go out n face him..he sees the door opening n he gets up..she comes out feeling uncomfortable n arranging her nighty..Bihaan sees her top to bottom n smiles..
Bihaan:Thapki ur looking beautiful..Thapki faked a smile..she slowly comes near him n he smiles..
Thapki:but Bihaan don’t u think we r soo quick..we should think once..if ur parents gets to know about our marriage..if something happens..if…if I get pregnant n if mom won’t accept me..I don’t want my kids to live without their elders..Bihaan smiled..
Bihaan:nothing will happen Thapki..we can’t wait our whole life for moms permissions..he hugs her..
Bihaan(in mind):n if u r expecting it would be will accept u for her grand child I know she can’t be soo rude to me..he smiles n kisses her shoulder..while her thoughts were disturbing a lot..
Thapki(in mind):I think I should not take this step soo quickly..Bihaan is a big business man n it will effect his reputation too..I will be called as his wife but his parents don’t know that..if I get pregnant the world will ask to the father of the baby but what will I say I can’t reveal his name as the father of my I can’t do this I have to stop him..while all the thoughts were going in her mind he kissed her on her shoulder n she came back in senses when he bitted there..she quickly moved away..Bihaan smiled..
Bihaan:getting shy..he pulls her n embraced her..
Thapki:no Bihaan I’m not shy..I love u n I would love to take our relation ahead but not without mums permission..Bihaan I’m ur wife but the media n other people don’t know this n they should not get to know this will be angry at u..I think we should talk to her again..
Bihaan:do u think she will forget n except u…Thapki don’t be so innocent..
Thapki:Bihaan what will I say when the world ask the name of my baby..plzz don’t ruin everything..we should think over it..she moved back again n he pulled her again n she landed on his chest..
Thapki:we can’t do this..we just can’t..she nodded in a no n he shushed her..
Thapki:Bihaan plzz..let me go..she pleaded in vain..
Bihaan:no never I promised to hold ur hand always..
Thapki:Bihaan try to understand..
Bihaan:this applies to u too..she was out of words..he touches his forehead with hers n moves closer..
Thapki knew she had to go orelse something wrong will happen which will destroy thier life..Bihaan cupped her face n brought it closer to his..she jerked his hands n tried to go..he holds her n pins her to the wall suppressing her against the wall..they were very close with a gap of one inch between them..Thapki tried to say something but he stopped her..
Bihaan:no more words this moment..don’t think too much I’m with u always..his words comforted her n she left herself in his arms..
Bihaan closed his eyes n moved closer to her..he kissed her cheek n chin..he kissed her neck n she moaned n holds his tshirt tightly.Bihaan makes his way to her ear n bites her ear.she hugs him n it pain n he kissed n sucks her ear to soothe the pain..he leaves a lot of marks on her neck..he turns her around n presses her to the wall..she puts her hands on the wall..he moves all her hairs to one side n kisses her neck from back..he nuzzles over her ear n she moans..she turns herself towards him..Bihaan pulls her close embracing her in his arms..Thapki smiled n cupped his face..she kissed his cheek n nose tip..he smiled at her..Bihaan moved closer n seeing this she moved closer to him too..their constantly stare was at their lips..they moved closer slowly n finally their soft lips touched..Bihaan kissed her gently while she was shy to participate..he moved back n smiled at her..
Bihaan:I love u..she smiled n he moved closer again..he pecked her lips again n she did not participated again..he was sad because of this..he wanted her to participate..he moved back again..
Bihaan:I love u soo much..he kissed her again pecking her lips harder taking them in his mouth while she tried to participate but she could not match his speed..he was frustrated n she sensed it..Bihaan moved back again giving an unsatisfied look..before he could open his mouth to say something she sealed it with her lips…she kissed him this time n he was shocked,surprised,happy..bihaan holds her around her waist n she holds his shoulders..they kissed softly pecking eachother with equal speed n they enjoyed it..after a little time Thapki was shy she moved back n smiled she turned around..Bihaan smiles n goes closer..he tries to open the knot of her nighty but she stops him n moves away..she runs towards the bed n stand facing her back to him..Bihaan was confused.he goes near her n hugs her from back..
Bihaan:Thapki I said u not to worry soo much I’m with u..
Thapki:it’s not that Bihaan I’m worried for something else..
Bihaan:what is it..
Thapki:Bihaan actually..
Bihaan:yes say.
Thapki:Bihaan closes her eyes n gain a little strength to speak..
Bihaan:what happen say..
Thapki:my nighties inner is very small it’s not even covering my thighs..she said quickly closing her eyes n opened it then..
Bihaan:was this the problem??..
Thapki:yes..the next moment she hears him laughing at her continuously..
Thapki:Bihaan what happen.its ok I’m not used to wear such clothes I feel shy..
Bihaan:ur soo innocent Thapki..he kisses her on her forehead.
Thapki:Bihaan don’t make fun of me..he giggles n hugs her from back..
Bihaan:but that doesn’t mean that I’ll leave u today..he whispers n she was shocked..Bihaan kisses her neck n she smiles..he turns her to her right were she could see both of them in the mirror..Bihaan leaves her n pulls out his tshirt..Thapki gets shy n looks down he smiles..she looks in the mirror..he gestures moving his eyes n taking her permission..she smiled n nods yes..he takes out the upper part of the nighty n leaves it on the ground..she closes her eyes..he turns her towards him n she tries to stretch the cloth down..Bihaan stops her n pecks her lips to make her feel comfortable..he pulls her towards him n she balances herself without touching his bare macular body..he smiled seeing that n pulled her again with a jerk which made her take his support n she keeps her hands on his chest..he smiles a lot irritating her n she smiles..he makes her sit n sits beside her..he kisses her hands n she turns her face to the other side..he makes her lay on the soft comfortable bed n gets over her..she was very shy..her heart was throbbing out..she bitted her lips in nervousness n he smiled..he kept adoring her few minutes n she just smiled,his gaze was making her more shy..she giggles n hits his face slightly making him look to the other side.they smile at eachother..Bihaan kisses her jawline n she closes her eyes..she breathes heavily..Bihaan kisses her neck,her nose,her eyes n her ears..she smiled at his each kiss..he bites her neck n she moans..he keeps biting her continuously n she moaned each time..she held his neck n brought his face close to her lips n kisses him..he was happy as she was participating..he touched her leg bare which sent shivers in her body..he moved down n started kissing her leg he kissed her foot n tickled a little..she giggled n lets him do that..he wanders his hand on her bare leg which makes her crazy..she was out of breath..he moved up n kissed her thighs..he tilted the the inner n kissed her belly..she moaned harder that made Bihaan hard on n he started giving wet kisses on her belly..he started playing with her belly button n she enjoyed it..he made circles near her belly button n she breathed in n only in..she holds the pillow while moaning his name..Bihaan moves to her face n kisses her again..she takes the chance n gets over her..she starts kissing him..his neck,his jawline,his cheek,his ear…she moved down n kissed his chest..Bihaan grabs the soft silk blanket over thenm n they unfastened eachother under the blanket..Bihaan wrapped her in arms n they had an amazing romantic,sensuous night..

Next morning
Thapki got up in his arms n smiled at him..he was like a baby..sleeping with his mouth open..she hugged him n kisses his forehead..he wakes up from his slumber n sees her..they smile at eachother..Bihaan pecks her lips n rests her on his shoulder..
Thapki:I love u Bihaan..
Bihaan:I love u too Thapki..they smiled..
Bihaan:last night was the most beautiful one for me Thapki..I forgot everything,my problems,my snivels..n loved the moment with u.thank u Thapki.
Thapki:Bihaan last night was very special for me too..I trust u Bihaan n I wish n pray that mom accepts me soon..he kisses her forehead n she gets up..wears her nighty n goes to washroom..he wears his tracks n uses another washroom they both rpgets ready quickly for the office.thapki goes to kitchen to cook something..Bihaan comes in the kitchen n sees her..Bihaan makes an pissed off face.
Bihaan:Thapki y did u had to cook we would have ordered something of we would have ate at the office canteen itself.
Thapki:no Bihaan I like to cook for myself n now I would love to cook for u..Bihaan hugs her from back..
Bihaan:but ur not going to cook from tomorrow I have called a maid she will see to all the works in the house.
Thapki:but Bihaan.
Bihaan:shhhh..I don’t want my wife to work like a servant she should life like a queen..Thapki silenced..he hugs her tightly..
Thapki:Bihaan leave me I have to cook..
Bihaan:u do ur work I’ll do mine.he starts kissing her neck.
Thapki:ahhh Bihaan I won’t be able to cook..
Bihaan:then don’t cook.
Bihaan:ok ok in leaving..he left the kitchen not before biting her neck n pecking her lips..she smiled at him..
They joined the office again n Thapki keeps hiding her sindoor n mangalsutra always..
Bihaan always finds ways to romance her in the office to n she tries to shove him..
Bihaan kept maintaining balance between Thapki n his mom..he made sure that Vasu never gets to know anything n also made sure that he gives more time to both of them..he used to stay at home in the evening n the nights with Thapki..

After few weeks of their marriage Thapki went for some health checkup..she thought not to informs Bihaan as he is very possessive..she goes herself for the check up..Doctor analyzes her n asks her to give some tests..she gives the test
Thapki:is there anything wrong Doctor..
Doctor:no Mrs Thapki nothing is wrong in fact it’s a good news u r expecting..congratulation..Thapki was on the cloud nine she didn’t know how to react..she smiled widely n thanked the Doctor..she came out of the cabin n was excited to share the news with Bihaan..she leaves the reports in doctors cabin itself..
Thapki rushed to her house n was very excited for her husbands arrival.she prepared something n went to get ready..she wore a heavy peach top which was exposing her belly..
Bihaan came at night tired with the office work..he sees her near the mirror n smiling..
Bihaan:what happen sweetheart ur dreaming me..Thapki sees him n gets u.she smiles n goes towards him..she takes his bag n keeps it on the bed..she goes near him n opens his tie Bihaan holds her from waist..
Bihaan:what happen to u today u always get shy when u see me n today ur coming to me urself..he raises his eyebrows.
Thapki:because I love u Bihaan.he takes her more in his embrace..
Bihaan:umm I love u too..he moves closer to kiss her..
Bihaan:I know u got ready for shall we???..he gestures to the bed..Thapki nods no..he makes a sad face..
Thapki:yes I’m ready for u but not for that..I have a surprise wait..she takes few papers n holds it..
Thapki:Bihaan each paper has some word u should read it aloud..
Bihaan:what r u trying to say Thapki..give the papers I’ll read it ..
Thapki:no one by one.
Bihaan:ok..she shows the first paper.,it had a letter ‘I’..he reads it ‘I’..Thapki puts the paper aside n shows the next one..
Bihaan:”love”..she smiles n the shows the next one..
Bihaan:”You”..she was very very excited for the next one..
Bihaan:well nice way to say “I love u” Thapki..Thapki smiles at him n shows the next one keeping the paper near her belly..
Bihaan:”PAPA”…..papa..papa…Thapki….she smiles n he was confused n shocked..
Thapki:yes mr Bihaan pandey ur baby loves u soo much..I’m expecting Bihaan.he smiled widely n hugs her..he raises her from her thighs n spins her up..Thapki giggles..Bihaan puts her down..
Bihaan:I love u soo sooo sooooooo sooooo much Thapki thank u for this surprise gift I loved it.
Thapki:Bihaan I love u too..
Bihaan sits on the floor..
Bihaan:baby papa loves u too..n I pormise to protect u always..I love u both.he kisses her belly.she smiles..
Thapki n Bihaan goes out to celebrate their parenthood..

After few days Doctor calls Thapki to the hospital n informs something very very very shocking..
Doctor:Thapki I’m sorry I did not read the reports properly that day..
Thapki:y Doctor any problem..
Doctor:Thapki Ur Expected but ur pregnancy has complication..Thapki was shocked.
Thapki:why Doctor.
Doctor:ur not physically fit for delivering a baby..
Thapki:Doctor why did u not say this before..
Doctor:the reports were not clear Thapki..I’m sorry but if u deliver it’s risky to ur life..but u can abort the baby too..
Thapki:will it risk to my baby too..
Doctor:no Thapki ur baby is safe..
Thapki:then I choose to deliver my baby..
Doctor:but Thapki there r only few cases in which mother n the baby survives..
Thapki:I don’t know anything I want to deliver this baby it’s the sign of mine n bihaan’s love..I won’t abort it..
Doctor:I wish u lunch Thapki.thapki thanks her n goes out..she cries remembering her n bihaan’s moments,their love,their confession n cries..
Thapki:this baby will make my place in moms heart n more then that it’s mine n bihaan’s baby,it’s our love n I can’t destroy our love.she decides to not say this to Bihaan..

After few months
Thapki was 8 months preggy..bihaan gave her more time now.he took care of her day Thapki wished to go to the temple.he agreed n went with her.they went to the hospital first n doctor announced that Thapki is carrying twins in her womb..Thapki n Bihaan were more happy Thapki felt bad as her children will lack a mother love.
They went to the temple.bihaan got an important call.
Thapki:Bihaan its Mrs singhania our new business partner u take to call I’ll go myself.
Bihaan:ok take care..
Thapki goes up
She sees Vasundra there..Thapki prays to God.
Thapki(in mind):dear god plzz give strength to Bihaan..I know that he will bet he best father..he will take care of my babies..plzz be with my Bihaan always..
Someone pushes Vasu n she drops her thal..Vasu looks at the person n gets angry as he did not ask a sorry..Thapki sees that n goes towards her making sure that Vasu doesn’t sees her..Thapki picks up the thal n takes her blessing too..Thapki gives the thal n goes away hiding her face..pandit ji called her for the prasad.
Vasu also tried to stop her but she didn’t stop..
Pandit ji:oh god she went without taking her prasad,
Vasu:give it to me pandit ji I will give her down stairs..
Pandit ji gives her n Vasu goes behind Thapki..she calls her but Thapki didn’t stop..Vasu finally gets hold of her hand near the steps but Thapki didn’t turn..
Vasu:baccha here ur prasad..n thank u beta there r only few people who r nice to elders..or else that lets on he pushed me n didn’t bother to say a sorry too..Thapki was nervous..
Vasu:why r u running beta n u look pregnant u should not run n such ur face to me I want to see.vasu turns her n was shocked..
Vasu:ohhh so it’s u..I don’t believe that u helped me..
Vasu:so finally u left my son..u moved on n married someone right..good very good.
Thapki:aunty wo..
Vasu:I’m not ur aunty..
Vasu:so ur pregnant too well congratulations I’m happy for u..waise who’s kid r u carrying in ur stomach..Thapki was stuck with words.
Vasu:don’t tell me that ur not married n..but before she completes she hears a loud roar.
Bihaan:”MOM”…Vasu sees him.
Vasu:are beta Bihaan u here oh so u came to pick me good come lets go..
Bihaan:no mom I came to pick my wife..
Vasu was shocked.
Thapki:Bihaan plzz.
Bihaan:no Thapki don’t say anything now..
Vasu:what is going on..
Bihaan:mom Thapki is my wife..I married her the next day of breaking up with ananya..she is my wife n she is carrying my babies in her tummy..she is carrying ur grad children..she is carrying twins..Vasu was shocked but as she heard about her grand children her heart melted n she broke up seeing her large tummy..
Vasu:I’m sorry beta forgive me..I didn’t understood ur love I’m sorry.she joins her hands n thapki’s holds then apart..
Thapki:no mom as a mother u were right at ur point..but I swear mom what ananya said was wrong I’m not such kind of person..
Bihaan:infact mom she is the reason I got good scores in MBA she is the one who taught me.vasu smiles..
Vasu:Bihaan forgive me beta.,Bihaan his her..
Vasu:now u both r not living alone anymore come home bring my Bahu home Bihaan..Bihaan smiled n Thapki was sad..the moment she got her family back will last for few days only..she smiled fakely but she was happy that he children will get their grand parents love too..
Later Vasu,Bihaan n Thapki goes in the car to pandey nivas.
Vasu stops them at the entrance..
Vasu:wait both of u don’t come inside..she runs inside n comes back with a maid holding a thal n a rice pot..Bihaan sees Thapki n they remembers how Bihaan welcomed her in her house at their wedding day..Thapki does the rituals n they came inside..Thapki holds her large tummy n wandered around the hall adoring each corner..
Vasu:Bihaan ke bauji..Bihaan ke bauji..Balwinder comes from his room With a news paper.
Balwinder:yes yes why r u shouting..Balwinder sees Thapki n was shocked.
Vasu says him everything n he blesses Thapki n his grand children..they were a happy family now..
Vasu:beta I want to do a puja at home with ur baby shower..Thapki how do u want it beta..tell me everything u like I’ll plan the party same way.
Thapki:mom I don’t know about these things I never attended any party..
Bihaan:mom u make the arrangements simple she loves simplicity.thapki nodded..
Vasu:ok the party will be planned according to ur wish only beta..u both go n take rest we have lot of things to do..
Bihaan:mom don’t worry I’ll help u..
Vasu:yes Bihaan plzz but first take Thapki to ur room n make sure she sleeps..she must take rest..Bihaan nods and takes her upstairs..
Thapki holds his hand n smiles..he smiles back..Bihaan makes her sit on the bed n gives her water..
Bihaan:Thapki u take rest I’ll come in few minutes.thaoki n nods n he goes out.everyone were u in preparations then..

At night
Thapki was in her room sitting on the bed when Vasu came n knocked the door..
Thapki:are mom plzz come y r u knocking..Thapki gets up quickly n strips Vasu holds her..
Vasu:slow down Thapki beta y r u getting up..
Thapki:no mom I was,,
Vasu:relax now ur a part of this family so be comfortable beta..Thapki smiles..
Vasu:here ur saree u have to wear this today for ur baby shower..
Thapki:ok mom..Thapki was tensed as she never wore saree n she don’t know how to wear it..
Vasu:beta plzz forgive me the time when u needed me I was not with u..I’m sorry beta..
Thapki:no mom plzz don’t say sorry u were right at ur side..every mother wants best for her children..
Vasu:say anything which I can do for u plzz..
Thapki:I have two things mom…never say sorry to me hereafter n the second thing is plzz take care bihaan’s n my children in my presence n in my absence..
Vasu:y were will u go beta..
Thapki:no where mamma because Bihaan always been sad as he cannot bring me to home..n my children need their grandparents love..
Vasu:don’t worry beta I’m here..Thapki hugs her n cries..Vasu pats her back..
Later Bihaan comes in the room n sees them.
Bihaan:very good since these mother in law n daughter in law reunited everyone forgot me…
Vasu hugs her too n asks to get ready n come down.they nods..
Bihaan:so my dear wife also forgot me..Thapki smiles n hugs him.he hugs her too..but he doesn’t know the real meaning of that hug..she was emotional as there r few days left of her with him..
Thapki:Bihaan mom asked me to wear this saree today for the function but I don’t know how to wear it..u have to help me wear this saree.
Bihaan:what!! even I don’t know how a saree is worn.
Bihaan:y don’t u go to mom or any servant..
Thapki:no don’t u see in movies when a heroin doesn’t know how to wear saree hero helps her wear it..
Bihaan:yes I have seen but I have also sees that heroin always gets shy when hero does that but u…you r not at all shy n saying this to me directly..Thapki shies hearing that.
Thapki:what is the need of getting shy here..I have promised my life with u..Bihaan smiles..he sees some videos on Internet n follows the same n makes Thapki wear the saree.bihaan gets ready while she does a little makeup n wears her jewelry..Bihaan hugs her from back but makes sure that Thapki n his babies r not hurt..
Thapki:Bihaan what r u doing..
Bihaan:feeling u..
Thapki:latter now leave me.
Bihaan:umm let me do it na..feeling u is like feeling my babies..Thapki smiles n lets him hug her..Bihaan kisses her neck.
Thapki:Bihaan I want few promises from u.
Thapki:promise me that u will be the best father..n u will give everything which is needed to ur children but not the things which spoils them.
Bihaan:I promise.
Thapki:promise that u will make sure that everyone is happy..n ur take care of our kids in my absence like a mother does.
Bihaan:y were will u go.
Thapki:ah..ah generally Bihaan..
Bihaan:ok I promise.
Thapki:Bihaan I have one question.
Thapki:will u marry anyone if I’m not there..
Bihaan:what type of question is this..
Thapki:Bihaan I’m always in ur heart..she hugs him n Bihaan doesn’t understands n hugs her..he was little confused by her talks..they came down together n the function was started..Vasu introduced Thapki to everyone..everyone were shocked but then congratulated them..everyone asked Thapki n Bihaan for a dance n they dances together.(aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana)Bihaan dances slowly with her n they looked at eachother lovingly..after the function everyone sits on the sofas n starts chatting..
Vasu:I’ll get tea for everyone.
Thapki:mom wait I’ll make tea.
Vasu:no beta u take rest u might be feeling tired because today’s function.
Thapki:not really mom let me make tea for all its my first time n may be last time.bihaan sees her.
Thapki:ahh I mean Bihaan said that all works r done by the servants only..Vasu smiles but bihaan feels something strange because since morning she is using some last time kind of words..Thapki goes in the kitchen n Bihaan goes to his room for changing..he takes out his clothes for their bag n finds thapki’s report in her clothes.
Bihaan:ooh this is thapki’s report I have never seen this,how bad father I’m I should see it once.he opens the file n reads it..he was shocked to read the file which said she has complication n it will risk her life if she gives birth..he felt numb n quickly sat on the bed holding his head..
Bihaan:y did she hide such a big thing from me..but soon he hears a loud voice from downstairs n he runs knowing it was thapki.
Thapki was shouting from kitchen n Vasu n Balwinder reaches in the kitchen for her rescue..Vasu holds her hand..
thapki:ahh mom..
Bihaan:thapki,thapki what happen..
Thapki:Bihaan its paining..I’m getting labour pain Bihaan ahh it’s paining a lot.
Bihaan:but thapki its ur 8th month..
Thapki:I don’t know it’s paining sooo much..
Vasu:bhaan stop questioning her take her to the hospital
Bihaan:yes mom.he takes her in arms n they rush to the hospital.

In the hospital
Doctors analyzes her n takes her in the emergency ward.,
Doctor:mr Bihaan we have to do the delivery now ur babies r in danger..Vasu was shocked..
Bihaan:Doctor do anything but save my babies n thapki..
Doctor:we will try..she asks a nurse to prepare for the delivery.
Bihaan:Doctor Doctor..
Doctor:yes mr Bihaan.
Bihaan:Doctor I have seen her reports which said that she had complications is it true..or if off’s he completes doctors speaks in between
Doctor:yes Bihaan it’s true I said her at the beginning only but she asked me to hide this from u..I’m sorry she is physically weak I think because there was no one for her proper care..she shared that she was an orphan..don’t worry we will try our best to save both mother n ur babies.
Bihaan:nothing should happen to my thapki Doctor I love her more than anything..he runs away from there..doctors also goes inside.vasu n Balwinder were shocked..Vasu went inside the ward n said that she wants to stay with her Bahu.thapki also wanted that n Vasu stands beside her holding her hand..
Thapki:mom..I think u all know about the complications now plzz mom forgive me for hiding this big thing n plzz take care of my Bihaan n my kids should know me who their mother is..
Vasu:why did u do this beta don’t u know Bihaan loves u more then anything..
Thapki:this babies were very important.we thought at least hearing the news of ur grandchildren u will accept me n I wanted my kids to get their grand parents love too..
Vasu:I’m sorry beta all this is happening because of me..thapki wanted to speak but she was soo much in pain..she just moaned a name..Bihaan,Bihaaan,Bihaaaaan…
While Bihaan was near the Mandir..
Bihaan:Bhagwan ji my thapki gave everything for the family .she even sacrificed her life ..I love her soo much plzz give my thapki back..I can’t live with out her n not even my babies can..I love her soo much..
Bihaan:God we both always worshipped u with true heart n now it’s ur time to give us happiness,don’t take my happiness god my happiness is in my thapki n I can’t live without her..grant my thapki n my babies Bhagwan ji..
Bihaan:if anything happens to my babies or my thapki I won’t live..I will come along with my thapki to u.he starts moving the small bell making a loud noise which filled the whole hospital..everyone stopped n looked at him..Bihaan continued banging the bell angrily for his babies n thapki..after a little time thapki delivers a baby girl n after five minutes she delivers a boy..Vasu was happy to see them n takes them in arms..she takes them to thapki asks her to see but here yes we’re already closed..Vasu was shocked n she started crying..Doctor asked her to go out let them check her..Vasu went out giving the babies to a nurse.
Vasu shares the news with Balwinder but they were sad for thapki.balwinder consoles a crying Vasu..Bihaan comes running to the ward n find his mother crying..
Bihaan:what happen mom..y r u crying..don’t worry my thapki is a strong girl she will survive n she has to survive for me..a nurse comes with his babies n gives him.he carefully takes them in arms n smiles at them.
Bihaan:hey cuties I’m ur father n ur mum is inside she will come soon..
Vasu takes them n smiles at them.
Vasu:no Bihaan soon after the delivery thapki closed her eyes forever beta I was indie with her I saw that..
Bihaan:no mom ur misunderstanding she might have got tired so she slept..
Vasu:I hope ur right beta..
Doctors comes there..
Bihaan:Doctor how is my thapki
❤️Dhak Dhak

❤️Dhak Dhak.

Doctor:don’t worry Bihaan she is fine.ur strong thapki have survived..but she is a little weak now plzz let her rest..Bihaan was overwhelmed..she hugs Balwinder n cries..
Bihaan:I was soo scared dad..
Balwinder: since long u were consoling us saying she will survive n now ur crying stupid..

After some time thapki wakes up n asks a nurse that she wants to see her babies.nirse goes out n informs the same to Bihaan n Vasu..Vasu gets up with the babies but Bihaan stops her.
Bihaan:wait mom I want to meet her first she troubled me a lot.
Balwinder:dont shout at her she is weak.
Bihaan goes in the ward n thaoki sees him.she know he must be angry at her n came to scold her.
Bihaan:how r u now..
Thapki:I’m fine Bihaan..
Bihaan:thapki y did u hide such a big thing from I nothing to u..those babies r mine too..
Thapki:Bihaan I’m sorry but I knew u would go with abortion if I tell u about the complications..
Bihaan:n I would die if anything have happened to u.
Bihaan:I hate u thapki I hate u..
Thapki:don’t say that Bihaan I’ll d..before she could complete the word ‘die’..he stops her sealing her mouth with a kiss.
Bihaan:I’ll die if something happens to u..thapki smiles.
Thapki:forgive me..she holds her ears..Bihaan smiles.vasu comes inside with the babies n thapki sees them..she sits with the help of Bihaan n takes them in arms n sees them.lsje smiles at them n kisses their forehead.bihaan hugs her n keeps his head on her shoulder seeing the babies..
Bihaan:our babies..thapki smiles..
Vasu makes a umh umh n they parted away.vasu giggles.
Vasu:ok ok u both talk I will go now..she goes out..
Bihaan:thapki our babies r very cute I can’t believe we made them.
Thapki:yes Bihaan they r the proof of our love..she kisses his cheek..
They adore the kids for few more minutes n Bihaan asks about their names.
Thapki:Bihaan how is Rayansh and ahana
Bihaan:best names..our light of life..thapki smiles..
Thapki:yes they will fill our life with light,joy,happiness n our blessing are always with them..they smiled at eachother…

The end of two shorts sooty it’s quite a long one..I thought to make it three shots but that was not possible..any ways hope u guys liked it n thanks a lot thanks a lot thanks a lot for ur overwhelming comments guys keep commenting I love to read it n u soo much n tc n keep commenting..

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