thahaan….. a secret love story (Episode 2)


hi guys lets start our journey

thahaan went home after their sweet and cute candle light dinner
when she entered the house bihaan got a phone call and thapki entered inside the house just then shredda called her
shredda: ha thapki how was your dinner
thapki: it was nice shredda
shredda: did bihaan gave you something….
thapki: ha he gave me a beautiful ring look shredda how is it
shredda:(she was confused to see a smiling thapki) thapki so congratulations
thapki: one minute shredda …. i know you were waiting for my broken heart but u where wrong shredda because of you we became more close our love is stronger
just then bihaan entered the house
bihaan shredda ji what happened your face is getting red . dont worry just think you again failed in your mission now no one can enter between us…. so please try to move on in your life ok thapki come with mee
thapki:yes bihaan i am coming

when they entered their room
thapki : bihaan i want to say someting
bihaan: what is it
thapki: we want to marry again. i dont want it to be grand . but you want to marry me infront of a temple with the precence of our family members we want their blessings
bihaan:yes thapki lets sya our decision tommarow infront of the family now my chuk chuk gadi please go and sleep
thapki:before going to sleep please give me chubby
they have a sweet hug and went to sleep

precap: thahaan tells about their decision . druv was shocked to hear the news…

hope you like it

Credit to: ammu

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