thahaan….. a secret love story (Episode 1)


hi guys
i am starting a new ff of thahaan
so lets start……..
actually my story starts from sredda telling the truth to bihaan that thapki is not given him a second chance

he was totally upset. he was in the verge of crying. he felt that he was alone in that world . just then a voice came
bihaan where are you
it was thapki . he was so angry at her but still he didint show that to her

thapki: bihaan i want to say something. i…
bihaan: you dont want to give me a chance
(thapki was shoked to hear that)
bihaan: you want to tell me this naa i know every thing you were cheating me . i am very angry with you but i cant take it out because i love you
(thapki was not uttering a single word. she was shocked to hear his confession )

suddenly she spoke
thapki: i love you too bihan
but she didint tell that her heart made her tell that
this time bihaan was shocked . after a while of silance thapki realized what she said

thapki: bihaan its true i love you but i was lying to you when i came to you and told you for the second chance . but now i am truly in love with you…..
bihaan was happy and shocked and happy too
bihaan: in mind….. chukchuk gadi really loves me
just then bihaan bend down his knees and said : dear thapki will you accept my love
thapki : yes…….
then they both hugged ….. after the beautiful candle light dinner they went back home…….

precap:thapki and bihaan ka new decision


Credit to: ammu

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  1. nice keep it up

    1. thankss

  2. Wish this really happened..:(

    1. thankyou

  3. Kaash a real on screen story hotha tho ……..hum bahoth kush ho jaathe
    Any way nice start. ….but too short. ….

    1. I like your ff image …….its beautiful. …….

      1. thank you i was a bit nervous thats why it become too short

  4. ? Exellent!!pls try to write regularly & try to make it longer… Waiting for nxt update?

  5. I like this story better than the one showing now..

  6. when iread this i just feel a great relief………really AMMU its superb,waiting for next part.

    1. thankyou

  7. Awesome ep.???

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