Thahaan- Secret love (Episode 7)


EPI 7:-
Here it goes.
THAHAAN’S ROOM:- Thapki has fallen on bihaan. (Zehnaseeb, song plays in backgroud) she gets up and said:- “Why you pulled me” BIHAAN:- “sorry, By mistake”
THAPKI:- don’t do these types of mistake (tries to show anger but she is smiling from inside) BIHAAN:- I have some work, I’ll be back in 1 hour.” ………he leaves.
THAPKI:- “Oh God! I have started to love him!
Bihaan comes out from pandy nivaas and he also saw sahil and said:- “I saw sahil??????no no I am thinking so much about him that’s why!
PANDY NIVAAS:- here vasu bring tea for thapki,
THAPKI:-Thankyou maa! But I can take myself.
VASU (in taunting manner):- NO you’re not allowed to do work. Right!” And while giving tea, vasu leaves the cup and tea falls on thapki’s hand.
THAPKI:- Ouch!!!
VASU:- oh I am so sorry beta!

THAPKI:- NO problem! It’s okay!
VASU:- OKAY beta take care” vasu smirks and leaves.
THAHAAN’S ROOM:- Thapki does bandage on her hand. After an hour bihaan comes. And he lay down on bed and said :- “uhfff, I am feeling tired”…. thapki brings water for him. BIHAAN:- oo madam? What happend to your hand?
THAPKI:- Nothing, it’s just wounded by hot tea.
BIHAAN:- Sit here, without doing any argue.” He opens the bandage and said:- “this is not JUST wound! See your hand”………
Bihaan does bandage properly. Thapki is looking at him with love..
BIHAAN:- you know what I saw today! I saw sahil, but that was my whim too! Because I have been thinking about him.

THAPKI:- but bihaan, what if he will find us”
BIHAAN:- don’t worry my dear wife.. I am with you! Thapki smiles.
AT NIGHT:- bihaan brought chocolates and a card written I love you on it. He hides that card in cupboard and he gives Chocolate to her. THAPKI:- Thankyou so much, i love chocolates.
BIHAAN (whispers) :- I lv u too..
THAPKI:- What?
BIHAAN:- I mean I love chocolates too!
THAPKI:- Oh. . I heard….
Bihaan comes closer to thapki and asked:- “What you heard”? THAPKI:- Nothing! Sleep now… it’s 12 O’CLOCK” ………..someone knocks the door..thapki opens it and it’s Preeti bhabi. THAPKI:- yes bhabi, do you want something! PREETI:- NO I just came here to tell you that be ready tomorrow is party at our home. THAPKI:- Party for what?
PREETI:- For you! Bau g wants to introduce you with our family friends and others.
THAPKI;- okay bhabi thankyou for telling!(She Smiles)”……. Preeti saw Chocolates.
PREETI:- Wow chocolates, can I have one?
THAPKI:- Why not! Take all of these!” thapki took out one chocolate and gave rest of the chocolates to Preeti. She Smiles and leaves.
THAPKI:- We will share this one chocolate” they shared that. Thapki laid on bed and bihaan on Sofa.
BIHAAN(in mind):- I’ll give that card to her in morning.” Thapki wakes up. She is shouting: “ Bihaan”. He goes to her and holds her hand.
BIHAAN:- What happend thapki? I am here?

THAPKI:- horrible dream!!!! I saw sahil is going to shoot us! I’m tired of losing relations. And I don’t wanna lose you!
BIHAAN:- don’t worry thapki. It was just a nightmare! Don’t get scared
THAPKI;- I Don’t know why! But I have a feeling that something is gonna be wrong.” He hugged her and said:- I’ll sleep with you from now on, because you always get scared with nightmares! This side is yours and this side mine (By pointing his finger).” Thapki felt asleep holding bihaan’s hand.
IN MORNING:- thapki opens the cupboard and she found the card which bihaan put. She calls bihaan and asked:- “is this card yours?” BIHAAN:- Yes,” and he snatched the card from her hand.
THAPKI:- NO need to snatch. I have already red the card, I LOVE YOU is written in this card!
BIHAAN:- yap… I wanna say something
THAPKI:- What?
BIHAAN;- i……
THAPKI:- i…??
BIHAAN:- I love…..?
THAPKI:- you love??? What? Just then, he saw thapki’s bangles and mistakenly he said:- “I love bangles”
THAPKI:- Hahahahahaaa what???? You love bangles! (Thapki starts laughing)
BIHAAN:- oopssss! Anyways leave this. He ran away from there.
THAPKI (IN Mind) :- i know you were trying to say you love me! Hahaha but stupid moti buddhi!

SAHIL’S RESIDENCE:- sahil calls his dad.
SAHIL:- Dad! You’re coming tomorrow?
SHARMA:- yes beta! I’ll try to come..
SHAIL:- NO dad.. you have to come! Now I cannot bear my insult! If I’ll not marry thapki. Then everyone will make my fun!
SHARMA:- Nobody dares to make fun of sharma’s son.. i’ll come soon don’t worry!
SAHIL:- OKAY dad..


PRECAP:- Party at pandy nivaas.. bihaan said I love you to thapki. Sharma came to Noida!

fI know this episode was not too good..I am so sorry.. my exams are nearer that why.

Credit to: arruu

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