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Hey guys this is juveria back with an os..u might have read my previous ff ( the royal love birds )
This one is an os based on is my script which I wanted to happen in the original tpk..but thought to share my script..would love to read ur comments dear..
So this was a long back when bihaan was angry with thapki as she hide the truth n stayed in the pandey house as bihaan’s wife but later he got to know the truth of her staying back acting to forgive him..the day when thapki made some painting n wrote a book full os sorry but bihaan refused to forgive her..he went out of the room both were broken n crying..thapki was all alone..bihaan had everyone but not his love he punched his hand on the wall..vasundra sees him punching his hand on the wall n goes to him n stops him.
vasu:what r u doing beta..u will hurt urself..stop..she shouts. .bihaan sees her innocently like he want her to explain his destiny..
Vasu:what happen y r u angry bihaan
Bihaan:maa u know na that thapki got to know the truth
Vasu:yes beta
Bihaan:maa she is a cheater she betrayed me maa..she stayed here to know the truth..
Vasu:I know beta but I would have never get to know her truth if she never did that..she is a nice girl..ur very lucky bihaan..she caresses his cheek..bihaan sees her..he turns the other side.vasu sees him worried
Bihaan:no maa no she played with my feelings she played with all our feeling..vasu gets angry n shouts
Vasu:shut up bihaan..bihaan gets shocked n sees her
Vasu:she played with us..she did a lot of things to this family n ur saying that she played with us..thapki did not played bihaan we played with her feelings,her self respect,her confidence,her life..bihaan sees her
Vasu:yes bihaan don’t u know how u married I forced u to marry she broke down but still stayed here as ur wife to save our family honour..she sacrificed every thing to bring a smile on our face..she even sacrificed u to save ur life bihaan..bihaan gets shocked n sees her
Vasu:yes bihaan I’m the one who forced her to divorce u for my blood which u needed while operation. .she looks down..bihaan gets shocked..he holds the balcony
Vasu tells him everything..which she did to thapki n bihaan but thapki always saved him..
Vasu:bihaan ur believing that shradha over thapki..have u forgot how evil she is..go beta go to thapki n start a new life with her goo..she goes from there..bihaan feels guilty for his
behaviour towards thapki..but again he remembers shradha’s words n goes from there angrily

(Then again the dance scene if u guys want)

At night
Thapki comes to the room busy in her phone..she was in that same pink saree..she sees the room n gets shocked..she sees the decoration just like a suhagraat room..she keeps her phone on the table ..bihaan comes in the room n also gets shocked to see the room.thapki sees him n thinks that he don’t know about it too..bihaan sees her..thapki was seeing him like she don’t know about it too..bihaan comes inside n turns to the door..he closes the door..thapki sees that n gets tensed..bihaan turns to her n acts normally he comes to her thapki sees him..bihaan holds her hands thapki get nervous bihaan makes her sit on the bed..he gives her water..thapki sees him her hands start shaking bihaan sees that he sits on the floor n makes her drink water..thapki drinks it..
Bihaan:what happen thapki y r u nervous..thapki sees him
Bihaan:I have done this arrangements to start a new life with u..don’t u like it
Thapki sees him..she gets tensed she turns her face
Bihaan smiles n makes her see in his eyes
Thapki sees him
Bihaan:arre we r wife n husband y r u getting shy..u gave me a chance we r wife n husnand infrint of the family n also in this room..he holds her hands..thapki gets more nervous..she gets up n starts going..bihaan holds her pallu thapki stop n holds her pallu..he comes close n hugs her from back putting his chin on her neck n holding her around her belly tightly..thapki gets nervous she tries to free herself..she frees herself n turns..bihaan sees her
Thapki:bihaan r u in ur senses u even know what ur doing..bihaan holds her hand n pulls her …she holds his shoulders..bihaan holds her around waist
Bihaan:yesI’m in my senses n I know what I’m doing but what’s wrong in it we r husband n wife n I have all rights on u.he moves his hand on her hand romantically..thapki removes his hands…
Thapki:but bihaan u were..I mean im ur wife but..bihaan pulls her again n puts his finger on her lips..thapki sees him
Bihaan:u said that u gave a chance to this marriage u said that ur my wife but now ur..he holds her hands tightly which hurts her..she sees him trying to read his eyes..
Bihaan:u did soo much for me n now ur saying ur not my wife..thapki sees him shocked
Bihaan:u sacrificed many thing for me n my family n now ur saying that ur not my wife..u bared my hatred without saying a word but now ur saying that ur not my wife..u had the right to defend urself to fight for ur self against me for cheating u but u stayed by my side to support me..thapki sees him with teary eyes..bihaan was indirectly asking apology which was understood by thapki..she holds his hands like she was saying she is not hurt by his behaviour..bihaan reads her eyes..they see each other holding hands without uttering a word ..there eyes were the one speaking for them..

Bihaan:plzz forgive me thapki for everything I did..I was the one who cheated u n then disrespected u sorry thapki for everything..I m ashemed of myself I’m not able to look into ur eyes..he starts going..thapki holds his hands..she hugs him from back..she puts her hands on his chest..bihaan gets surprised..thapki puts her head on his back n closes her eyes n smiles..
Thapki:how will we move on n give a chance to our relationship with out looking in each other’s eyes..bihaan smiles to her words he puts his hands on her hands..he turns to her..they smile at each other. .bihaan holds her face n gets close..thapki closes her eyes.bihaan kisses her forehead..he sees her..thapki sees him with a smiles..bihaan takes her in arms n places her on the bed.on the flowers..he sits beside her close to her holding her hand..thapki tightens her grip on his hand ad she was nervous.thapki was sitting on the bed like a new bride..bihaan takes out her earrings n throws it down from the bed..thapki hugs him..bihaan also hugs her..he opens her blouse dori thapki clutches his jacket..bihaan moves his hand on her bare back..he slowly opens the safety pins of her pallu..thapki feels nervous..bihaan separates her ..he sees her n kisses her cheek..he then kisses on her left cheek..thapki folds her saree tightly n breaths heavily..he touches her legs n opens her payal ..thapki sees him..bihaan sees her n bends down n kisses her leg..thapki gets tensed n takes her legs back..bihaan sees her she was looking down..he smiles at her n goes to her..he holds her hands n comes close thapki slowly lies on the bed bihaan removes his jacket n gets over her..he comes close to kiss her but she turns her face in nervousness..bihaan smiles he kisses her on neck..he goes down n moves the saree from her belly n kisses her on her belly..thapki holds the pillow n breathes heavily..he again goes to her n gestures her for a kiss..thapki closes her eyes..bihaan comes close n kisses her on intervines his fingers with hers n kisses her passionatly..thapku also participates..they were out of breath but the kiss was very relaxing they kiss each other embraceing each other…they had tears of happiness..the kiss was conveying their feelings..bihaan separates her..they sees each other..thapki intervines her fingers tightly in bihaan’s fingers..they smile at each other. .bihaan tears fells on thapki’scheeks..thapki also gets tears..bihaan sees that n kisses her tears near her eyes..thapki smiles..bihaan removes her pallu n kisses her on neck passionately..he turns her n opens the blouse hooks n kisses her back..bihaan takes the blanket over them n they take their relationship to the next level..

Next day
Thapki wakes up n sees herself in bihaan’s arms she gets up slowly n looks at him..he was looking very cute..thapki corrects her saree n goes to bathroom..she comes out raking bath n stands in front of the mirror. She was in a yellow saree..she dries her hairs n opens her drawr n takes out mangalsutra n s indoor…she keeps it on the table n again starts drying her hairs..bihaan who was watch all this secretly gets up from the bed n goes to her..he hugs her from back..thapki sees him in the mirror..bihaan smiles..thapki gets shy..she takes the mangalsutra n gestures him to make her wear it..bihaan smiles n takes it..he puts it in her neck..he takes the sindoor box..thapki turns to him..bihaan fills her mang while thapku closes her eyes..she smiles..
Bihaan:thapki I want to say u something..
Thapki:bihaan I also want to say something
Bihaan:ok u tell first
Thapki:no bihaan u tell first..they again start nok jhok..then they together says-I love u to each other..they both get shocked but happy too they smile n hug each other. .
Shradha who was coming to their room to manipulate bihaan over thapki sees them hugging each other n gets irked..vasu also comes their with the aarti thaal n sees them hugging..she sees the room decorated n the bed messed up..she sees shradha irked face n gets happy..she goes to them. .thapki n bihaan sees her n gets tensed..
Vasu:it means u..u both r one now..she questions them happily..thapki n bihaan gets shy n nods..vasundra smiles happily..she touches bihaan’s cheeks
Vasu:thank one son is happy in his married life (tauntingly to shradha..)shradha gets angry..bihaan smiles
Vasu:I’m very happy for u both always be together n fill this house with our grand children..thapki n bihaan sees each other n smiles
Vasu:here take aarti..they take aarti n vasu gives then prasad..bihaan eats the half laddo n feeds the other half to thapki they smile at each other. .
Love reading ur comments comment I will try to come again with a new story u all

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  1. hello dear… it is so lovely….what an awesome consummation scene you wrote… it was way too romantic….. but in the original show we got some forced type of consummation scene between thahaan just for the bacchaa track….. i wish something like this would have happened.. do come back with an another OS or FF dear…. I had read your royal love birds completely but you ended it quickly 🙁 DO read and comment in my FF too dear Thahaan Sacrifice and Realisation….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear..thank u for always appreciating my work..n I also read ur ff dear but I won’t get time to comment..sorry for that..I love ur work.ur story..I always wait for your ff dear..god bless u

  2. Amazing super magnificent stunning u go to extra mile nice u r masterpiece continue please

  3. Shibil

    Just loved it dear…. i also expected tis only in the orginal track ….. Your royal love birds ff was awesome … I wanted u to write one more ff for our thahaan … i hope u will do it…Eagerly waiting for ur new ff………

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u dear..I will try getting a story n share with you

  4. Amazing dear.i am happy as you came back.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you rifa

  5. Kiran..8

    Amazing dear a lovely os I am very happy did you come back…and do come back again with new ff or os

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you dear..I will try coming back

  6. Kiran..8

    Amazing dear a lovely os it was so nice I am very happy did you come back…and do come back again with new ff or os


    Hello di,
    How r u ?
    Di thank u so much 4 os
    Because I really miss u and ur ff
    Mindblowing os
    Plz try to come again with ff,os and ts
    Because ur such a wonderfull writer
    That’s why v really miss u
    U know ur the one
    Jeske lea mene cmt kerna seka
    And ur the first person ….
    I cmt u
    Love u di
    Lu so much
    Plz take care
    And come soon

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much kudrat. .may God bless you dear.thank u for appreciating me..take care u too..

  8. Sulbi

    Juvi… u came back…. was waiting for u… Amazing OS… full n full thahaan scenes…. sooooo romantic…. loved it… will be waiting for ur ff… come soon dear… tc n study well… 🙂

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much sulbi dear..

  9. Thank u so so so much for accepting my request and writing an os ..? …. The way u wrote it when Bihaan realised his mistake … And their Thahaan room scenes ?? … Can’t describe that whole in mere words ..❤❤❤ It … ?? … Plz try to come back with another os

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much dear naitan for always supporting me..thank u dear. .will come back soon

  10. welcom bck dear ….as usual the super romantic epi….comebck wd a new exciting ff….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you sadia dear

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