Vaasundhara gives Vaani her old saree and says, “I know you didn’t bring your clothes. you may use mine for the time being, I have put a few more into Bihaan’s cupboard for today. Tomorrow I will send you for shopping with Bihaan. Now you change and take rest.”
Vaani speaks for the first time to Vasundhara.
Vaani- “Aunty, it is alright. I will get my clo-thes from the orphanage tomo-rrow.”
Vasundhara- “Vaani, why are you stammering? No need to feel afraid of me. I am like your mother, you call me maa.”
Vaani- “I sta-mmer since childhood and it is my defi-ciency.”
Vasundhara is shocked to hear this.
Vasundhara- “I am sorry if I hurt you. Nobody told me anything regarding this. Your stammering is not any deficiency my child. Look at me, my legs stammer while walking. I did many mistakes in life and God punished me. But your heart is innocent and pure, you are my husband and son’s life saviour, I owe much to you.”
Vasundhara- “No maa, please don’t cry, God has puni-shed me since childhood that is why may be I stam-mer. But maa, you are a mother, you can nev-er do anything wrong.”
Vasundhara rubs her face and asks Vaani to take rest and she leaves.
Vasundhara(in mind) -“Vaani you are right. Whatever I did for my child’s welfare but he misunderstood me. But I am happy he got you in his life, I hope he now soon forgives me.”


Bihaan is sleeping with his hand on his forehead and he thinks of Balwinder’s words.
Bihaan- “I don’t know my one decision will lead to where? How will I manage everything after six months I don’t know. But I can’t see bauji and anyone else in pain.”
Dhruv enters the room.
Dhruv- “Bihaan, maa has sent these clothes for you for the evening party. Get up.”
Bihaan- “Dhruv, you know I don’t like these parties and all anymore and I have least interest about anything else. I have some important case work. You go from here.”
Dhruv- “Okay then you go and tell this to maa.”
Bihaan- “Okay, keep the clothes here and go.”
Bihaan gets up reluctantly and goes to the washroom. He comes back and dresses up in the black coat. He finds his handkerchief missing. He opens his cupboard and finds Vasundhara’s clothes there.
Bihaan- “What is maa’s clothes doing here?”
He notices the sunflower bowl in his locker, then he reminisces Vasundhara’s words saying Vaani would stay with him.
Bihaan- “I think maa kept these clothes for that Chuk Chuk Gadi. No before this Mahan Aatma comes and occupies my cupboard, I have to place this sunflower bowl somewhere else. I don’t want anybody to know about my personal life or see this bowl. I can never forgive maa. But where to keep this? Oh yes, I have my confidential room.”
He leaves for his secret room with the bowl.

Vaani gets up from sleep and looks at herself in the mirror. She looks at her vermillon mark and the Mangalsutra. She feels emotional.
Vaani- “We got marr-ied in real, how can I deny this? I know the truth beh-ind this marri-age but after six mon-ths, it won’t be so easy to remove these marri-age signs. He has become my hus-band though by wrong rea-sons but these thin-gs has a lot of signifi-cance. And maa, CP Sir, all have trus-ted in our lies. How will I break their trust in the fu-ture? Bihaan Sir didn’t allow me to tell CP Sir the tru-th. I have to talk to him.”

Suddenly Vaani notices a shadow passing by Vasundhara’s room. She follows it and notices Bihaan going somewhere secretly through the corridor. He reaches a closed large door behind the stairs which reaches the terrace. She notices him silently from behind a pillar.
The large door is made of metal and is tightly locked. Bihaan bends downwards towards the lock and Vaani notices that it has a password coded lock in it. Bihaan enters a password pronouncing softly, “G-O-D-M-A-A-P-A”(8 characters) which converts into asterisks.
Vaani hears it and thinks in her mind, “Bihaan Sir is rea-lly an able off-icer. He has so much intelli-gence and a pass-word coded secret room in his house. May be it is his work-room. But bef-ore he sees me here and gets an-gry, I shou-ld leave.”
And she leaves from there.

Bihaan opens the door and it is dark inside. He switches on the light and shuts the door behind him.
The room’s scenerio was a surprise. There were paintings all over, a few clay statues etc. There were little notes written on each and everything. Bihaan throws away the old water of the bowl and pours fresh water in it. Then he places the sunflower bowl on a shelf in the room.
Bihaan gets emotional and sits on his knees.
Bihaan- “Now, it will be safe here. All my creations are still here today but nobody knows about it. All my paintings, sketches, hand made clay statues and everything. All my good memories are captured in these. But that one woman snatched my favourite hobbies and everything from me, I don’t feel like doing anything of this sort anymore now. Hence, all these things are discarded from my life forever. Here I look at this small statue. This is I with Bauji going to school for the first time, I also wrote a note about it below. Here in these statues,I am playing guitar on stage drama of my school and Dhruv standing beside me, I had won the first prize. Here in these statues, maa is feeding me sweets when I stood first in my entrance examinations, here bauji awarding me with the momento when I joined CBI. These statues are my biggest achievements of life that I had created. And these paintings and sketches are my daily happy little moments. I can’t see all these, no never, not anymore.”
He rubs his wet eyes, switches off the light and comes out of the door, locks it again with the passcode and goes running through the balcony to his room.

Vasundhara is busy with the evening decorations in the hallroom and Balwinder is looking after the arrangements. The guests have started arriving one by one and they ask for the newly wed couple. Vasundhara informs them that they are not ready yet. Balwinder assures them that the couple will arrive soon.

Bihaan looks at himself in the mirror and thinks of his marriage.
Bihaan- “Have I done wrong? I didn’t think this much but when I saw her crying after the marriage, I realise that may be this was a quick decision. But I only saved many lives. It was the sacrifice of my life. I owe much to her. Why am I feeling guilty? Even she agreed with me, it’s not that I forcefully married her. No, I will not feel guilty anymore.”
Dhruv calls Bihaan to come downstairs.

Vaani gets ready wearing the saree, and looks at herself in the mirror.
Vaani- “Today, many people will get to kn-ow that I and Bihaan Sir got marr-ied. What will they talk abo-ut after six months? I can tole-rate all the ill state-ments of the people around me be-cause whatever I did for the chil-dren’s lives. Yes I sacri-ficed my life for them. No, I won’t cry and think of this any-more. The chil-dren will also come to the recep-tion party. I feel nice.”
Vasundhara comes to her room to fetch Vaani for the party. Vaani says she will come after some time.

(THE THAHAAN SACRIFICE- Yes both of them sacrificed their own lives for the happiness of others, Vaani for the children whereas Bihaan for his parents and the children. Unknown to him, he did so for Vaani too. These two innocent souls don’t even know where their fate will lead to, but will they be able to stand against all the odds in their lives and emerge victorious at the end? Or are there any more sacrifices waiting for them before they realise each other’s importance in their lives? Time will only tell.)

The children along with the Sister and caretakers arrive and notices Bihaan in the hallroom. They go to him and hug him. Bihaan hugs them back.
Guest A- “Who are these children?”
Dhruv- “These are kids from Vaani’s orphanage.”
Guest B- “It means she is from an orphanage. She doesn’t have parents. She is an orphan? Oh my God!”
Bihaan listens to it but doesn’t answer. He finds himself confused with what they said because he too is unaware of Vaani’s past life.
Vasundhara- “No Vaani is no more an orphan. I am her mother from now on and Dhruv’s father has already meant her as his daughter. Stop talking all these and enjoy the party.”
The guests nod at one another.

Aditi enters the hallroom with a bouquet of flowers and her parents too enter.
Balwinder- “Vasundharaji, look Krishnakantji and Poonamji are here.”
Balwinder goes towards Krishnakant and shakes hands with him.
Balwinder- “Thank you for attending the party today.”
Krishnakant- “Balwinderji, you invited us and we won’t come how is it possible? Though I have lots of work but you are my first priority. But where is Bihaan? His elder brother is still unmarried but he got married so quickly.” and he smiles.
Poonam and Vasundhara hug each other.
Vasundhara- “Poonamji, I am happy you are here. Your daughter went away that day without informing us, I felt upset.”
Poonam- “No, Vasundharaji, she had hospital work and she came back. Don’t mind. Where is your daughter-in-law? We came to meet her only.”
Aditi and Dhruv look at each other. Dhruv smiles at her but Aditi doesn’t respond.
Aditi- “Aunty, where is Bihaanji’s wife? I want to meet her.”
Vasundhara- “Beta, she is upstairs in my room. I was about to go and fetch her after sometime. She wasn’t ready that time.”
Aditi- “Never mind aunty, I will go to meet her first and bring her, we both will introduce each other as well.”
Aditi goes to Vasundhara’s room ignoring Dhruv while Dhruv looks on.

Vaani is sitting in front of the mirror when she hears a knock.
Vaani- “Come in please.”
Aditi enters the room and they both see each other.
Vaani- “Aditi?”
Aditi- “Vaani?”
They both run towards each other and hug.
Aditi- “I never knew that it is you who married Bihaanji.”
Vaani- “I also didn’t know I will meet you he-re. Has uncle and aun-ty also come?”
Aditi- “Yes mom and dad has also come.”
Vaani- “I will meet them down-stairs.”
Aditi- “But Vaani, I didn’t see your parents or your family members or grandmother downstairs? Will they not come for the party?”
Vaani turns pale faced.
Vaani- “They don’t know about the marr-iage.”
Aditi- “What? I know your marriage was quick but they should have been informed? Okay I will inform them. I also didn’t meet them since the last 2-3 years, my parents and I were leading a very busy life, father has started his oil business in foreign countries too. So we didn’t meet for so long.”
Vaani- “No don’t say.”
Aditi- “Why what happened? Why do you look so tensed?”
Vaani- “I don’t stay in that house any-more.”
Aditi- “What?”
Vaani- “Yes I have been thrown out. But I can’t tell you any-thing more than this. Promise me you will not talk abo-ut it with my parents or any other mem-ber of that house and tell your parents also. You have my sw-ear.”
Aditi- “What are you saying? You didn’t even tell me anything of it. I know they used to misbehave with you and ill treat you but they would do this I could never imagine in my dreams too. But dadi? How is she? She loved you dearly?”
Vaani- “It is true Aditi. Two years ago, I left that hou-se and was stay-ing in my office quar-ter until I got the orpha-nage as my home. And yes dadi loves me very much but when they wan-ted to throw me out, dadi got a cele-bral attack and my parents were not ready to treat her of her ill-ness and out of extreme enforce-ment, I had to leave the house, they put this condition before me. Now I don’t even know how she is, I can’t cont-act her, my house members are always after her.”
Aditi- “I will bring dadi’s news to you. I will visit their house soon. But now you will stay here for six months and then go again. Have you become a toy Vaani?”
Vaani gets shocked on hearing this.
Vaani- “Nobody kno-ws about it. But how you?”
Aditi- “Dhruv and Bihaan knew it and Dhruv consulted with me about his mother’s condition, and he had to tell me everything. But it is between four of us only. Nobody else knows. But Vaani, a girl has to be strong enough to take such a decision. I am proud of you my sister.”
They both hug each other. Aditi takes Vaani downstairs along with her.

Bihaan is busy gossiping with the children.
Balwinder- “See Vasundharaji, Bihaan becomes like our old Bihaan when he is among these children.”
Vasundhara- “I hope he completely becomes like old Bihaan with us too, that jolly boy who loved to play guitar, do painting, clay handwork etc. But now we don’t even know where his creations are, he wanted to burn those that day but after that what he did we know nothing. My child has suffered a lot of pains.”
Balwinder- “Don’t worry, everything will be alright. I have faith on God and Vaani. And I know my son very well. He loves us very much still and those memories he will never burn, it was only his anger that he poured out, may be he has those things still who knows.”
Vasundhara- “Look, Vaani is coming. She looks so beautiful in that saree. Her stammering is nothing before her innocence and beauty.”
The children clap their hands, “Vaani di is coming.”
Bihaan lifts his head up and looks at her, (Na na na plays in the background). He gets mesmerised but again turns his face away.

Poonam and Krishnakant goes up to Bihaan to meet him when they feel surprised on seeing Vaani come down as Bihaan’s bride.
Bihaan listens to their conversation.
Poonam- “Vaani?”
Vasundhara- “You know her?”
Krishnakant- “We know her since chilldhood. Her father is one of my good friends and we know each other even before she was born. Aditi and Vaani both did schooling together, they both were bosom friends and soul sisters, but both of them lost contact when Aditi went abroad for her studies. I am happy both of them got back each other.”
Vaani and Aditi come towards them.
Aditi- “Papa, you forgot that we were also born on the same day, we are sisters by birth,” she winks and hold Vaani by her shoulders. Vaani smiles.
Balwinder- “That was surprising. We never expected that you both knew each other so well.”
Krishnakant holds Vaani and Vaani takes his blessings. She goes to Poonam, Vasundhara, Balwinder and take their blessings.
Poonam- “How are you Vaani? We met you after years? And how is your family, your parents and dadi?”
Aditi- “Maa, they are fine. I spoke to her about it. Again you will start with the same questions? Let us enjoy the party. You talk to her later.”
Vasundhara- “Vaani you have a family. I didn’t know. Why don’t you call them or give me their number I will inform them.”
Aditi- “No aunty, they are little upset with her because she married in a hurry. When they get normal, you meet them then. I will talk with them.”
Poonam holds Aditi’s ears, “You have become a grandma of Vaani, you are speaking on her behalf always, your habit didn’t go still.”
Aditi- “Maa leave my ears. You know I have always been Vaani’s lawyer and she always my saviour.”
Vasundhara- “Poonamji, let the children enjoy. Dhruv, play the DJ, and we will make the couple sit. The guests will meet them one by one.”
DJ music starts and Vaani Bihaan are made to sit together on stage. Bihaan looks at Vaani but she doesn’t. She constantly talks to Aditi.
Dhruv tries to speak to Aditi but in vain. He chalks out a plan.
Dhruv(in mind)- “I will make her dance with me.”
As Dhruv nears Aditi, Aditi announces something.
Aditi- “Now I will do a performance but all alone.”
The music begins.
Aditi dances on the tune of Cham Cham from Baaghi and Kala Chasma remix. She pulls Vaani to dance with her.
Vaani- “No, I can’t.”
Aditi- “Come on Vaani, do I have to believe this? You are a ten years trained classical dancer. Shall I tell everyone?”
Vaani- “Please I feel asha-med.”
The children speak in chorus, “Vaani di, we also know this. You dance well, you used to give us dance classes. Vaani di will dance.”
Vasundhara- “Vaani, don’t feel shy. You should dance. We are with you, I am eager to see your dance.”
Poonam- “Aditi, you also join her, may be then she will not feel shy.”
Aditi- “Come on Vaani, I will dance with you.”
Bihaan speaks softly in Vaani’s ears, “Do you how to dance in real or are your legs not in their senses too?”
Vaani gets angry, “I will sh-ow you.” And she gets up.
Children- “Yeah, Vaani di will dance.”
Vaani and Aditi decide the song and goes to the DJ.
The song starts playing.
NAGADA SANG DHOL BAJE from Ram Leela, the music begins and Vaani starts the first part, after two minutes, the song changes to DOLA RE DOLA RE DOLA from Devdas and Aditi joins her.
Vasundhara- “Oh my God, she is such a trained dancer, just mind blowing and Aditi was also no less, she gave her a perfect company.”
Poonam- “Yes, Vaani dances well but nobody valued her dance this much.”
Vasundhara- “Why Poonamji?”
As Poonam was about to say, another song begins where Dhruv starts to dance and she stops.

Then Vaani sits down and Bihaan doesn’t utter a word. Vaani eyes at him.
Vaani- “What do you ha-ve to say now?”
Bihaan- “You really danced very well. But why didn’t you go with your dance career?”
Vaani- “I can’t tell you ab-out this.”
Bihaan- “I gave you a good compliment but your behaviour is the same. My mistake, you don’t deserve anything good.”
Vaani- “I didn’t ask for your compli-ments.”

Dhruv dances on the tune, “TUNE MAARI ENTRY YAAR DIL MEIN BAJI GHANTI YAAR, TANG……” and he turns Aditi on stage.
Aditi makes faces, and he continues the dance. All of them smile, Vasundhara, Balwinder, Vaani, Poonam, Krishnakant…


DHRUV dances-
“Tune maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…
Tune mari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…
Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re
Tang tang tang…
Arey taada taadi karna
Na ab nahi sudharna
Phootne laga hai
Arey chaahaton ka jharna
Dil ki na marammatein ho
Naa ho koi warrantiyan re
Tang tang tang…
Tune mari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re
Tang tang tang…”

ADITI dances-
“Seeti veeti, aankhein vaankhein na yun maaro
Phenko na chaahat ke daane
Haa, Majnu-Ranjhe sare jhuthe hain yahan pe
Jhoothe hain dil ke fasaane
Ho.. chaahe toh, le le tu
Wafaa ki aaj kasme-wasme
Ho.. na hun main, na hai dil
Zara bhi dekh apne bas mein, bas mein
Peechhe meri aashiqon
Peechhe meri aashiqon ki
poori poori countriyan re
Tang tang tang…
Ho.. maine meri entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tang!
Tang tang tang…”

The song ends and everybody claps.
Aditi comes down the stage and sits beside Vaani.
Guest A- “Aditi and Dhruv make a nice pair we see. We saw Vaani’s dance also. Shall we not see Bihaan, the groom doing something? We want to see his talent too.”
Aditi- “Yes we want Bihaanji doing something.”
Bihaan looks at all of them.
Bihaan (louder)- “No, I can’t do anything, please don’t force me, I have no talents. I want this reception to complete quickly, I feel tired, I want to go and rest.”
He looked so angry.
Vasundhara- “We can’t force him to od anything right now because we know how much he hates all these things but I am sure, one day he will do these things by his own will. Vaani will change him, I trust her.”
Guest A- “Bihaan is so eager and in a hurry to go and rest. After all today is his first night after marriage.” and they all laugh.
Bihaan’s eyes turn red and Vaani’s face red.
Guest B- “Look they feel shy.”
Aditi- “Please stop talking rubbish, you may go and have your dinner.”
The guests goes towards the couple and gift them with bouquets and wrapper boxes. Then they leave for dinner.

Poonam comes forward and gifts Vaani with gold bangles and Bihaan with a gold chain. Bihaan accepts it unwillingly.
Vaani- “Aunty, your bless-ings are enough, I don’t want all these.”
Poonam- “You are like my daughter, we brought all these for Bihaan’s bride. If we had known it was you, we would have brought something more.”
Vasundhara comes forward and she gifts Vaani a box. Vaani opens the box and finds a diamond necklace inside. Her eyes turn bigger.
Vasundhara- “I had kept this specially for my son’s bride and hence you get it. I have one more like this for Dhruv’s bride too.”
Dhruv looks at Aditi but Aditi doesn’t.
Vaani- “No I can’t take th-is. I feel bad.”
Vasundhara- “Why to feel bad? I am gifting you this.”
Vaani(in mind)- “Aunty had so many wishes for her daughter-in-law which is not me. I am getting ind-ulged more into this false marr-iage. Bihaan Sir is suppo-sed to marry some other girl but he marr-ied me just for rea-sons. I have spoil-ed everything, I am hur-ting everybody unknow-ingly.”
Vasundhara puts the necklace around Vaani’s neck and Aditi hugs Vaani again and whispers in her ears.
Aditi- “We are now going to have dinner and then we will leave. Take care of yourself and Vasu aunty’s also. I will go to that house soon and bring the news for you, don’t worry. Mind it, Vasu aunty shouldn’t come to know about the marriage truth until and unless she is cured completely.”
Vaani- “I will see to it Aditi. Good night and inf-orm me soon.”

Aditi and her family bid everyone a good bye and leave.
It is around 10 p.m. The Pandey family are seated at the dinner table. Vasundhara has made Vaani to sit beside Bihaan.
Bihaan(in mind)- “I can’t even deny anything now. If I say anything to this woman, Vaani will doubt about the son and mother’s relationship. I have to be silent.”
Vasundhara- “Vaani, day after tomorrow you will have the “Pakphera rasam. Tomorrow, you get one day for rest. In the meantime, Bihaan will take you for shopping because you don’t have any clothes here.”
Bihaan(looking at Bauji)- “What I have office tomorrow, there are a lot of work pending there.”
Balwinder- “Come on Bihaan, if you take a few days’ leave from office, nothing will happen. But your wife will be your first priority now. You will take her for shopping, she has nothing here, she has trusted you and came here.”
Bihaan- “But bauji…”
Balwinder- “Bihaan it is my order.”
Vaani- “Please CP Sir, let Bihaan Sir do his off-ice. I will go to the orphan-age myself tomo-rrow and get my clothes.”
Vasundhara- “Vaani, you are married now. Why are you calling CP Sir still?”
Balwinder- “Yes Vaani, call me bauji.”
Vasundhara- “And Bihaan Sir? He is your husband now. Call him by name.”
Vaani nods her head and looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan (in mind)- “If she goes to orphanage alone tomorrow, it won’t be safe. I am sure he is keeping his eyes there.”
Bihaan(to Balwinder)- “Bauji, okay as you wish. I will take Vaani for shopping tomorrow.”
Vaani- “But Sir, I mean Bihaan, you have work…”
Bihaan- “Whatever I said that’s it. Have your dinner quietly now.”
After their dinner is over, Vausndhara announces something.
Vasundhara- “Vaani and Bihaan, I have got Bihaan’s room ready for your fist night. Bihaan, you come after sometime, Dhruv will fetch you, I will take Vaani first.”
Bihaan and Vaani look at each other in utter shock.
Balwinder smiles at them and Vasundhara takes Vaani away.

Balwinder- “I know Bihaan under what circumstances you both got married. It will take time to understand each other but I am sure you both will have a good compatibility. I wish you both a happy and successful life. Take care of my daughter.”
Bihaan(in mind)- “Why is everyone giving emotional dialogues? I know very well our compatibility is how much. One lives in the Arctic region and the other in the Antarctic region. We can’t even become better than enemies, forget about the marriage.”

Vausndhara brings Vaani to Bihaan’s room and Vaani finds it decorated. Vaani is made to sit on the bed and Vasundhara goes away.

Dhruv- “Bihaan, come with me.”
Bihaan- “Shut up Dhruv, you know all the truth isn’t it? You are also behaving the same.”
Dhruv- “Sorry brother, my hands are tied. Maa has become cautious like before as she gets cured day by day, we have to act before her.”
Bihaan feels nostalgic but goes up to the room along with Dhruv.
Dhruv asks him to get in and shuts the door from behind.
Dhruv(in mind)- “Bihaan, even I want you to accept Vaani completely in your life. Hence I will do everything that csn unite both of you. Vaani is a good girl and she is the only one with whom you are speaking much though it is always a quarrel, and you are standing with her against her odds. If this care and preventive nature of yours changes into love towards her then what is the harm? Even she is Aditi’s soul sister, she cannot be unfit for you.”
Dhruv goes away.

PRECAP- Bihaan and Vaani are at the shopping mall next morning. Vaani is selecting few dresses for herself. She buys many of it and carries all of it towards the cash counter, when she slips with the bags and Bihaan holds her and the bags. They have an eyelock. They separate, Vaani finds one of her heel shoes broken.
Bihaan- “Who told you to buy so many dresses for nothing? I saved you otherwise your legs would have broken with the high heels.”
Vaani- “Maa told to buy at-least ten dress-es for now.”
Bihaan- “She told and you will buy? You are an idiot.”



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    Awesome episode n I hope Their both start to like each other soon n accept the marriage. Next update soon please

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.