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episode 8

pandey nivas
balwinder comes down for breakfast and he sits on the table.
vasundhara brings the food bowl and is about to serve him.
balwinder- “vasundharaji, you are on the walking stick? are you alright?”
vasundhara- “yes.” and she smiles.
balwinder- “why are you so happy and smiling this much?”
vasundhara- “you don’t know anything?”
balwinder- “i don’t know anything means what?”
vasundhara- “bihaan is…”
balwinder- “yes bihaan,i need to talk to him,where is he?yesterday i couldn’t talk because he was fast asleep.”
vasundhara- “dhruv’s bauji, bihaan is getting married.”

balwinder- “what?” and he gets up from the chair.
vasundhara- “yes i heard with my own ears. even dhruv went to attend the marriage.”
balwinder- “are you in your senses or you have become mental patient now after your paralysis is partly cured?”
vasundhara- “no no no, dhruv confirmed it and now i will get ready with aarti plate to welcome my daughter-in-law.”
balwinder- “early morning i don’t like jokes, aarti plate, daughter-in-law what is all these?”
vasundhara- “vaani is going to be my daughter-in-law. bihaan proposed her and she agreed as far as dhruv told me.”
balwinder- “i will just now talk to dhruv.”

shopping mall
all of them enter the shopping mall together and bihaan goes and sits on a resting chair.
dhruv- “bihaan won’t you come?”
bihaan- “i have come till here and that’s enough. you all go and buy whatever you feel like.”
child a- “bihaan bhaiya, your groom dress should be chosen by you, we don’t know your choice.”
bihaan- “my elder brother is there, he knows what i like or i don’t.”
dhruv- “till today i never understood what is on your mind, how will i know your choices?”
bihaan gets annoyed seeing vaani smiling quietly at what dhruv said.
bihaan gets up from his chair and says, “i will choose myself, no need to understand me. let us go.”
they all enter a wedding attire shop.

shopkeeper(male)- “yes sir, what do you want? may i help you?”
dhruv- “we came to buy a groom’s sherwani and a bride’s lehenga.”
shopkeeper(male)- “sir, yes we have all of it available but before that i must tell you to keep all the children outside, make them sit there. so many people will create a chaos here.”
the children follow quickly and they wait outside along with the caretakers.
shopkeeper(male)- “sir, for bridal dress, you need to go to an another counter and groom’s one, you will get it here.”
sister maria takes vaani to the bride counter inside.
shopkeeper(female)- “mam, what should i show?”

vaani- “sister, do you thi-nk we have so much money to buy the-se things?”
sister- “dhruv pandey told me that he will pay for whatever we buy today, it is his mother’s wish.”
sister(to the shopkeeper)- “show us some bridal dresses but not too costly.”
vaani- “she is show-ing so expensive dress-es, i will not wear them.”
sister- “wait, let me che-ck which one will suit you.”
after an odd 10 minutes, sister atleast manages to choose one.

sister- “look at this. this blood red colour with golden and greenish blue border with some decorative patterns on it will perfectly make you look like a princess.”
vaani nods her head and sister asks the shopkeeper to confirm it.
shopkeeper(female)- “mam, do you want alteration?”
sister- “yes, obviously, the marriage is to be held after a few hours, she needs to wear it right today, take her, get it alter and make her wear it, get her ready with all the matching jewellery and bring her here.”
the shopkeeper takes away vaani.

at the other counter, bihaan is busy looking at his mobile phone.
dhruv- “see bihaan, how is this sherwani?”
bihaan(face down)- “whatever you choose will do.”
dhruv- “look at this, this green one.”

bihaan(face down) -“chalega.”
dhruv- “no, this has some black border, not good. look at this red one.”
bihaan(face down)- “red colour okay.”
they spend so many minutes but no conclusion.
dhruv- “okay, one last try, this greyish golden with peacock blue colour, how will it look?”
vaani at that moment, in bridal attire comes out of the women’s counter along with the shopkeeper and sister.
sister- “vaani is ready.”

bihaan suddenly looks at vaani and stares constantly. dhruv shakes him up.
dhruv- “you are not listening, from that time i am trying to make you choose but you still didn’t look at any. look here.”
bihaan looks at the golden sherwani that dhruv was holding and says, “bhai, this greyish golden one with peacock blue a perfect match with reddish golden, buy it.”
dhruv- “what? reddish golden? this colour is not there in your sherwani.”
bihaan corrects himself.

bihaan- “sorry, i mean to say peacock blue border perfectly matches greyish golden. get the other accessories too.”
bihaan(in mind)- “why did i say that thing? what happened to me suddenly? is it because maa wanted us to wear matching bridegroom dresses? may be.”
dhruv- “okay bihaan will get ready now. sister, you please take vaani and the caretakers along with you to the temple in my car, the children and i will bring bihaan in bihaan’s car as the groom’s side (baarat).”
bihaan- “what are you saying?”
the children from outside say in chorus, “surprise, it was our plan. we will go as the baarat.”
bihaan couldn’t refuse them and he leaves to get ready.
sister maria leave for the temple along with vaani.

dhruv sits on the waiting chair for bihaan to come out in groom’s attire. his phone rings. it is balwinder.
dhruv- “hello bauji.”
balwinder- “where are you dhruv? you know your maa has become a mental patient. come home quickly.”
dhruv- “when i came out, she was alright. what happened to her?”
balwinder- “i don’t know she is speaking all nonsense, bihaan getting married, temple, vaani etc. what is it? she said you too know it.”

dhruv gets up from the chair. he didn’t know what to answer since bauji knew nothing about it, he was afraid regarding bauji’s reaction.
balwinder- “hello, why are you silent? tell me.”
dhruv- “whatever maa is saying is true.”
balwinder- “is it and i knew nothing about it? how and when did all this happen?”
dhruv- “it was bihaan’s decision to marry her. rest i know nothing.”
balwinder- “so where are you now?”
dhruv- “we will be going to the temple now.”
balwinder- “when are you coming back?”

dhruv- “as soon as the marriage finishes.”
balwinder disconnects the call.
dhruv- “hello hello bauji…”
dhruv notices bihaan coming out in the groom’s attire and yes that greyish golden with peacock blue border made him look like a prince.
bihaan comes towards dhruv.
bihaan- “let us go, i am ready.”
bihaan notices dhruv looking tensed.

bihaan- “what happened again? all these were your plans right and now you look upset?”
dhruv- “bauji got to know about your marriage, he just called me. maa has told him all of it.”
bihaan- “it doesn’t matter. i knew he will be informed by that lady, in fact vaani will be going to the house with us, he should have known if not now, then later.”
dhruv- “but bihaan, his tone was not good, i mean he sounded rough, i think he is angry.”
bihaan- “i will talk to him at home, let us go. i have already made the payment.”

dhruv- “but i was supposed to pay for everything, even vaani’s expenses.”
bihaan- “i paid those too, since the marriage plan was mine, i had to pay. let’s go.”
bihaan gets a call from the lawyer that he has reached the temple. bihaan assures him that they would reach soon.

vaani is made to sit inside the matarani temple behind the statue of the idol of the goddess. the priest has arrived and has started doing all the initial rituals. they all hear a noise.
sister- “look the children have arrived and the groom too. oh my god, bihaan pandey is looking so handsome like a prince.”

vaani is seated facing the opposite side of the idol whereas sister and the others are near the door. they could see bihaan coming up the stairs of the temple.
caretaker a- “mam, our vaani is also no less. look at her. she too looks so beautiful like a princess. bihaan couldn’t remove his eyes from her in the shopping mall, you didn’t see? we noticed it.”
vaani blushes and feels shy but in mind, she knows the reality of the marriage and the feelings of bihaan towards her. these gossips won’t ruin her mind, she was determined.

sister- “ah, stop it, see the poor girl is feeling shy. let us go and fetch bihaan to the mandap.
they all go and bring bihaan and make him seated for the marriage rituals.
priest- “fetch the bride too.”
they go to bring vaani. dhruv switches on his camera as he had promised vasundhara.
vaani is being brought slowly outside the idol room and all of them look at her, but bihaan is constantly looking at the fire burning in front of him.

they make vaani to sit beside bihaan and both of them look at each other with angry and disapproved faces.
vaani feels her heartbeat increased since she knew the marriage is not a game and bihaan looked much serious.
the lawyer asks them to complete the official work before the marriage procedures actually begin. he hands over the papers to bihaan and asks them to sign it while dhruv starts clicking pictures.
bihaan takes the papers and reads it first,

‘mr bihaan pandey weds ms. vaani (mrs. vaani bihaan pandey)…’
gosh this was something he knew would happen but it hurt his mind. he looked angrily at vaani but again remembers whatever worse had happened with her and he signs the papers at one go.
lawyer- “ms. vaani, now it is your turn to sign those.”
vaani’s hands shiver as she holds the papers.

she reads the same and feels awkward but she knew her expressions would make the children and sister doubt, she tries to gain courage and signs those-‘vaani’.”
lawyer- “no mam, you are going to be mrs. vaani bihaan pandey, you have to write the full name and this is going to be your name’s legal document.”
vaani signs the full name and looks at bihaan angrily too. the lawyer takes away the papers.
lawyer- “now you both have become husband and wife legally, you can carry on with the marriage rituals, i will leave. i have to complete the other assignments that bihaan sir has given me and submit these papers too in the court. thank you.”
the lawyer leaves.

vaani (in mind)- “i had never ever thou-ght in my life that i wou-ld ever get marri-ed to someone, marri-age was not for me. and above that, my name got tied to some-one who can-not even tolerate me. god, how much more tests to go?”
bihaan (in mind)- “i had never imagined that this chuk chuk gadi’s compartment will get my name’s brand, what vaani bihaan pandey, how odd it sounds for an odd woman. i hope my name strikes off quickly from her after six odd months. she cannot tolerate me and even i can’t tolerate girls.”
the marriage rituals begun. bihaan is asked to put his hand below vaani’s to pour ghee into the fire.
they both look at each other and bihaan slowly cups his hand with hers.

priest- “now bride and groom will get up for the seven pheras (seven turns).”
sister maria comes forward and makes vaani get up. bihaan gets up himself. sister ties their knot. the children start clapping.
priest- “for three turns, the bride will follow the groom and then vice-versa.”
bihaan starts taking turns and vaani follows.

“taare hain baarati, chandni hai yeh baarat,
saatho phere honge ab haatho me le ke haath(2).
jeeevan saathi hum, diya aur baati hum…”
the song plays in the background.
after three turns, vaani comes forward. they start taking turns.
on the last turn when it is about to complete, vaani feels her legs shiver and she cannot walk. she was about to fall when bihaan holds her from behind and makes the turn complete.
all of the audiences clap together.

priest- “your seven turns are complete, you have made seven promises to each other during these turns. and at the last moment, the groom proved that he would always hold his bride throughout the life’s twists and turns. now the “sindur” and “mangalsutra” rituals are only left. please sit down.”
vaani looks at bihaan and is unable to give any expressions.
they both sit while the priest hands over the vermillon box to bihaan.
priest- “as i go with the chanting, you will put the vermillon on her hairline and then the “mangalsutra” across her neck.”
bihaan takes the box and waits for the priest’s chanting.

the priest starts chanting and “mangalam bhagwan vishnu” plays in the background.
vaani closes her eyes while bihaan fills her hairline with the vermillon and then the “mangalsutra” across her neck. vaani opens her eyes and bihaan finds her teary eyed. bihaan looks on the other side not to look at her again. he felt bad.
priest- “the marriage is complete and both of you are tied together for the rest of your life. stay blessed and have a happy & prosperous life.”

the children come running to bihaan in order to congratulate him.
child a- “bihaan bhaiya, you have now become our brother-in-law. we feel so very happy.” they all hug him.
the caretakers and sister hug vaani and congratulate her.
sister- “vaani, aren’t you happy my child? i see tears in your eyes, you were little off minded during the marriage.”
bihaan listens to their conversation.

vaani wipes away her tears and says- “no, i am hap-py, it is just be-cause i am about to leave all of you and go to a new hou-se which mak-es me cry.”
child a- “bihaan bhaiya, promise us you will bring vaani di with you to meet us every week otherwise we will cry.”
the children start crying and run to vaani to hug her. they all kiss her on her cheeks and she too reciprocates.
bihaan looks at how much these children love her and he couldn’t say anything.

dhruv receives a call from vasundhara and he informs her that the marriage is complete and they would reach home within an hour.
dhruv- “children, don’t be upset. your vaani di will be happy in our house, we will see to it, and she will come to meet you all weekly, i assure you. it is now time for us to leave. our mother is waiting to welcome vaani.”
sister goes up to bihaan and folds her hands in front of him.

sister- “today i submit you one of my treasures, i.e. vaani. i didn’t give her birth, neither did i know her since childhood, but since when i know her, i meant her as my daughter and she meant me as her mother. she is very childish and innocent, it has become your duty from now on to look after her every need. she has trusted you and agreed to go to your house which is new for her. she might be late to adjust there, but i know she will win everybody’s heart.”
bihaan didn’t know what to say and he puts sister’s hands down.
bihaan- “i will see to it that she doesn’t feel lonely in my house.”
dhruv- “our maa is very friendly and she will make her adjust in our house. may we go now bihaan?”
bihaan nods and dhruv makes vaani sit on the backseat of the car. bihaan sits beside vaani. dhruv drives the car and they leave. vaani waves her hands at the children while the children hug each other.

pandey nivas
vasundhara has made all the arrangements and decorations of the house complete and is ready with the “aarti” plate to welcome the new member in their house.
balwinder is seated on the sofa of the hallroom with some gloomy face.
vasundhara hears the sound of the car arrival.

vasundhara- “they have come.”
she gets up in excitement and starts to walk with the stick in fast pace.
balwinder- “please go slowly. look at your health. your son is bringing a daughter-in-law for you, and not any award that you are running like this.”
dhruv arrives at the gate along with the newly wed couple. they look at the decorations of the house. bihaan gets angry when dhruv stops him.
dhruv- “look at maa, she has improved. for her health sake, please tolerate everything please, and behave properly. bauji is also angry, look at him.”
bihaan controls himself and vasundhara comes.
vasundhara- “let me look at my daughter-in-law. she is so pretty, bihaan very nice choice my son.”
dhruv holds bihaan’s hands softly and bihaan doesn’t utter a single word.
vasundhara does her aarti and asks them to get in and asks vaani to do all the home rituals.
when they are about to come inside, balwinder asks them to stop.
balwinder- “bihaan, you got married against my knowledge and i got to know it from vasundhara. why didn’t you tell me? and vaani this was not expected from you.”

vaani was about to speak when bihaan speaks in between.
bihaan- “she has no fault in it. it was i who proposed her for marriage.”
balwinder- “and vaani agreed?”
bihaan- “yes she had too. the children also agreed and everybody approved.”
balwinder- “within a day, everybody approved and you got married, i can’t understand.”
vasundhara- “why are you enquiring like an officer at home? it was love at first sight and they got married. what’s the harm?”

bihaan and vaani look at each other and dhruv smiles in mind.
balwinder- “love at first sight? you are telling me as if i don’t know my son? he fell in love and married quickly? i can never believe this. and bihaan, who can’t even control his anger at the sight of girls, he will marry? i have to believe this. there is something wrong. vaani, you tell me what is it?”
bihaan stops vaani from saying anything and he says, “bauji, if you don’t believe i can’t help it. we are married and that’s it.”
vasundhara- “oh, bihaan’s father, stop it now. they look tired. let them go to their room and rest. in the evening, i have kept the reception party. till then, vaani will stay in my room and bihaan in his own room. till the reception gets over, the bride and the groom can’t stay together.”
bihaan and vaani both get nervous on hearing what she just said.

dhruv knew that this would happen but he was worried for both of them because he is the only one who knew everything.
dhruv- “maa, why reception now? and they both will stay together after it?”
vasundhara- “dhruv, are you okay? after marriage, the husband and wife will stay together in their room and that is normal. just till the reception, they will be away. and i couldn’t attend the marriage, but i needed to invite my guests for my son’s marriage hence this reception. come vaani, i will show you my room, you may sleep there for sometime. it is already 2 p.m. in the afternoon. again in the evening you have to get ready for the reception. i will give you your evening attire later.”
vasundhara takes away vaani with her, dhruv goes behind vasundhara to his own room.
bihaan turns to go to his room when balwinder stops him.

balwinder- “bihaan, now you tell me the truth, i know there is something and you are hiding it from all of us. have you married vaani bitiya for some causes or anything?”
bihaan(in mind)- “i can’t tell bauji the truth. he will never forgive me because he means vaani as his daughter. if he comes to know that i will apply for divorce too, i don’t know what he will do and i can’t see bauji or maa in pain. so both of them will not know it.”
bihaan(to balwinder)- “bauji, whatever i tell you, don’t tell anything to maa please, she will worry and again her health will deteriorate. a goon had made vaani sign marriage papers against her knowledge and he would have taken her away and tortured her for marriage if she didn’t pay some money to him for the orphanage land…” (and he narrates how the goon was treating her and how he saved her, etc. how the marriage decision was made and they married but he said the half truth to balwinder and not anything related to vasu or divorce matters).

balwinder- “i am proud of you today my son. i know you don’t like girls at all but i know this girl will win your heart one day. she is my daughter and you promise me you will never hurt her any day and be with her always. you have married her and she is your responsibility now.”
balwinder puts his palm forward. bihaan half-heartedly puts his hand on his, “bauji, i will never hurt you by hurting her, i promise.”
balwinder pats bihaan’s cheeks and says, “i hope you remember your promise. and i see your concern for your maa, then why don’t you forgive her? now that you are married too, with a good girl, is it not the right time to forgive her, she had been waiting for your marriage since that incident day. don’t you remember your own words that you had given us?”

bihaan doesn’t answer and goes along the stairs up to his room.
balwinder looks towards the home temple.
balwinder- “this boy, has still so much anger on her why? he married vaani with his own consent then why this? but my heart says that this is the only girl who will be able to unite the mother and the son. i wish she proves worthy of this house and family.”

precap- vaani is dressed in a gorgeous light green and purple saree whereas bihaan is dressed in black shirt, coat and trousers. both are standing in the hallroom and the guests are coming towards them with bouquets of flowers and gifts. vasundhara gifts vaani a diamond necklace, vaani looks on.
later, when the guests are gone, they are seated at the dinner table. vasundhara announces that she got bihaan’s room ready for their first night. bihaan and vaani look at each other in utter shock.

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