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Vaani starts walking towards Bihaan and Bihaan is looking at her. As she nears him, they both enter the park. Vaani looks here and there while Bihaan sits on a bench.
Bihaan- “Sit down. I don’t like people standing and talking to me at this midnight, I don’t want anyone showing me some extra respect..”
Vaani- “I didn’t ask you to call me at mid-night. I came here just be-cause you said it is urgent.”
Bihaan gets up from the bench in anger and says, “I came here all the way from the town to give you a solution that I have thought of, I will not tolerate your lectures.”
Vaani(she makes a sad and worried face)- “What is it Sir?”
Bihaan- “Listen to me carefully and then decide what you should do.”
Vaani- “Okay tell me what I ha-ve to do.”
Bihaan- “Marry me.”
Vaani- “What?”
Bihaan- “I have no other option than this. Do you have any then tell me, I will take back my words.”
Vaani- “How could you thi-nk I will agree to this?”
Bihaan- “You have to agree, yes you have to.”
Vaani slaps him and says, “How did you thi-nk to play with a girls’ emo-tions and take advan-tage of her infavour-able situation? What do you thi-nk if not Shakti, I will marry you?”
Bihaan- “How dare you slap me? I can understand your mental state but you didn’t bother to listen to me once? Even I don’t want to cross your path or see your face but the situation is out of control and I didn’t find any other way out. Do you have any plan? Have you chalked out any?”
Vaani has put her head down since she was at a lack of words, what she would answer him, she didn’t find any solution and she was ready to submit herself to Shakti as she had decided. She thought of listening to Bihaan once.
Bihaan- “What happened? Would you listen or shall I go? You may do whatever you feel like.”
Vaani- “Tell me.”
Bihaan- “You are not ready to take money from me, and if you don’t pay that Shakti any money, you will have to marry him. Now if I marry you legally, you will get my surname, your bank loan shall be approved, you will transfer the money to Shakti’s account. Since, you will be married to me, he cannot be able to claim you in court. We have a weeks’ time, till then I will collect proofs’ against him and try to get those legal papers away secretly.”

Vaani- “You have made a master-plan but that means I will be le-gally married to you, but I can’t marry or stay with some-one forever into the marr-ied life. No no.”
Bihaan- “Do you think I am intentionally doing this? I can’t even tolerate your dangerous face. I have to do this for the children only. And I have also decided beforehand, when all problems get solved, how to get rid of you. We will apply for a divorce after two or three days showing that we were wrongly married. The court will ask us to stay as husband wife for six months, till then I hope everything will be solved.”
Vaani- “Now I feel relax-ed. I am sorry that I slapped you with-out knowing the rea-son. How and when shall we exe-cute our plan?”
Bihaan- “Tomorrow. This will our first step of getting married legally in front of the lawyer. If not tomorrow, the laon approval will need time and Shakti gave us a weeks’ time. Then I will tell you about the next plan.”
Vaani- “But what to tell the chil-dren and Sister?”
Bihaan- “I will talk to them tomorrow. And do the rest. I only needed your consent. Rest leave everything upon me. You go home now and don’t say anything to anyone. I will come tomorrow.”

Vaani- “Okay, I am lea-ving now.”
Bihaan- “If you have any problem, you can call me on my number.”
They both start walking towards the park gate and the security guard of the park notices them and also sees Vaani holding Bihaan’s jacket in her hand.
S.G- “Hey, what are you two doing here at night? You didn’t get any place to romance? Is this the time to come to a park, you don’t know this park closes at 8.30 p.m. sharp. How did you enter?”
Vaani feels afraid and takes shelter behind Bihaan. Bihaan holds the guard’s collar and says, “It is useless to keep people like you here as guards. You people doze off to sleep without even locking the main gate. And then when people enters the park, you start blaming them. I saw you sleeping on your chair when I entered and you hadn’t locked the gate.”
S.G. (trying to remove Bihaan’s hands from his collar)- “Who are you to hold my collar and threat me?”
Bihaan shows his identity card and says, “I am here for some work, she also works with me.”

S.G.- “Sorry Sir, I didn’t know. And you, you stay in that orphanage right? Do you work in the CBI?” His eyes widened.
Vaani only nodded her head in confusion.
Bihaan- “Now shall we leave? And you do your duty properly otherwisse…”
S.G.- “Sorry Sir, from now on, I will not sleep on duty from now on. Actually, sorry I saw a man’s jacket on Mam’s hand, I thought something else.”
Bihaan looks at Vaani with a strange face and says, ”

No, that is just an evidence.”
S.G.- “Please don’t mind with what I said.”
Bihaan and Vaani both leave the park.
They start walking towards the orphanage.
Vaani- “Here take your jacket. I for-got to give you when you came. And why did you lie to him th-at I too work with you?”
Bihaan- “Then what should I have told? That I came at midnight with a girl to propose her for marriage?”
Vaani- “You could have said some-thing else but not a lie like this.”
Bihaan- “Oh hello, why were you silent then? Why didn’t you answer him when he was asking. I saved your self respect by telling a lie, I am a CBI and I myself hate lies. And you are giving me lectures. Seriously you are a mahan aatma(great soul).”
Vaani- “What did you call me just?”
Bihaan- “I called you mahan(great). And all these happened because of you and your forgetful nature. If you had given me my jacket before, this wouldn’t have happened.”
Vaani- “It happ-ened because of you. You call-ed me to the park, you saw the guard slee-ping but you entered.”
Bihaan closes his ears and says, “I don’t know how will I tolerate you for more six months. You go now, let me think of my plan. Bye.”
Vaani- “Same pinch, even I don’t know how will I stay with you for the six months.”
Saying so, she enters the main gate of the orphanage. She turns back to look at Bihaan. She sees him still having his fingers on his ears, she thinks he didn’t hear what she said last and she smiled a bit. She waved her hand at him to say a goodbye.
Bihaan suddenly find himself shocked.
Bihaan(in mind)- “Gajab, she is waving at me?” He looks behind him and finds nobody. With utter confusion, he leaves on his bike.
Vaani- “He didn’t even wa-ve back at me. He is so arro-gant, why should I be nicer to him? But what-ever he is doing for me, I will thank him once tomo-rrow and try to be friend-ly to him.”
Vaani goes to sleep in her bedroom.

It is around 10.30 p.m. when Balwinder enters the house from work. He notices Dhruv sitting alone on the sofa doing some file work. Balwinder goes to him.
Balwinder- “Did you have your dinner?”
Dhruv (inattentively)- “Yes bauji I had.”
Balwinder- “Vasundharaji?”
Dhruv- “Maa too had it.”
Balwinder- “Why are you looking so dull today?”
Dhruv(regaining his attention) -“No bauji, just doing some work, your dinner is kept in the kitchen. You may go and have it. Aditi kept it and she returned home.”
Balwinder- “This girl Aditi is nice. She thinks for everyone, she kept my dinner too but she was about to stay back tonight with Vasundharaji isn’t it?”
Dhruv- “No, she didn’t and she will not come from tomorrow she said.”
Balwinder- “Why so suddenly?”
Dhruv- “She said she has much hospital work so she will be busy. But I know she is lying. She is upset with the way Bihaan spoke to her in the morning.”
Balwinder- “So for this reason you are so inattentive. Why didn’t you talk to her about it and explain her? I know you will be able to make her understand. You know your brother very well isn’t it? He didn’t mean to hurt anybody intentionally, he chided Aditi just because Vasundharaji was sitting there.”
Dhruv- “I know Bihaan very well, I tried to make Aditi understand but you know, she will never tell on her own what hurts her. And nowadays I myself can’t understand Bihaan.”
Balwinder- “Why what happened? Where is this fat headed? I will talk to him. Let me go to his room.”
Dhruv- “He is not at home.”

Balwinder- “What? At this time, he is not at home? What you mean?”
Dhruv- “I myself don’t know what is he upto?”
Balwinder- “Today morning also I noticed he was much tensed with something and the way he was enquiring me. Let him come back home, I will question him.”
Dhruv- “Okay I am going to sleep. You can talk to him but please make sure, Maa doesn’t get to know because I just made her sleep. and tomorrow, I will go to Aditi’s house.”
Balwinder- “Go relax. I will have my dinner.”
Dhruv takes his files and goes upstairs to his room. While going, he looks back at Balwinder and thinks, “I know what Bihaan is upto, he wants to marry somebody for six months and then divorce her. May be for a good deed but this will bring down a shock upon maa and I am worried about her health. She always wanted Bihaan to settle down in life but not like this. I don’t know what awaits this Pandey nivas now.”
Balwinder finishes his dinner and waits for Bihaan in the hallroom. Bihaan has not yet arrived. After waiting for over an hour, he couldn’t see Bihaan coming.
Balwinder- “I will go to sleep. Tomorrow morning I will catch him. I know it is not related to any case that he is outside the house because he shares every cases with me. There is something else in his mind.”
Balwinder goes outside and passes by Bihaan’s room when he notices Bihaan sleeping on the bed.
Balwinder- “How come is he here? Did Dhruv lie to me? May be it was a mistake by Dhruv and he assumed Bihaan to be not at home.”

Balwinder leaves from there.
After Balwinder leaves from there, Bihaan opens his eyes.
Bihaan- “I know bauji you had been waiting for me. When I was about to come inside, I saw you sitting on the sofa, hence I entered the house from the window. You will not know what I am supposed to do. I can’t tell you otherwise you won’t allow me because she is like your daughter. After marriage, when all the problems are solved, she would be staying at the orphanage and nobody will come to know about it. and then after six months we will be divorced and that’s done, I will also be relieved of my debts.”
Bihaan goes to sleep.

Vaani gets up from sleep and goes to the washroom. She stands in front of the mirror.
Vaani- “I don’t know what will happ-en to my life after gett-ing married to Bihaan Sir, my prob-lems will be solved but…how would I save myse-lf from this society? Society peo-ple will never under-stand. I had al-ready decided never to get marr-ied in life because I cannot give happ-iness to anyone, I got to know this since when I drop-ped my surname. Thank God, this is not a serious marr-iage. I have to gain coura-ge to face everyone but be-fore that let Shakti’s prob-lem get solved.”
She goes downwards to have breakfast.

Sister- “Vaani, have you thought something? What to do? You don’t even have a job. From where would you arrange money?”
Vaani- “We have a weeks’ time, some-thing will be done. Bihaan sir is also with us.”
Sister- “We can’t rely on him fully. We need to think ourselves too.”
Vaani- “Let us see fir-st what he has to say and then we will thi-nk.”
Sister(in mind)- “How is she speaking so relaxed suddenly?”
Sister Maria nods her head and has her breakfast too.

Vasundhara is doing her morning AARTI all alone at the temple while Bihaan is over phone in his room.
Bihaan calls up his lawyer.
Bihaan- “We will arrive at the court by 12 o’clock.”

Lawyer- “Sir I am ready with everything, as soon as you come, the proceedings will be done.”
Bihaan- “And what about the divorce papers?”
Lawyer- “Sir, that you will get only after you are married. It will take a few days’ time.”
Bihaan- “Okay that’s not a hurry. Meet you soon.”
Bihaan disconnects the call when somebody puts a hand on his shoulder. Bihaan acts being shocked and turns back. It is Dhruv.
Bihaan- “Bhai, it is you? I thought somebody else.”
Dhruv- “Are you sure what you are going to do today? Did she agree?”
Bihaan- “Yes.”
Dhruv- “She agreed?”
Bihaan- “She is a such a girl who can sacrifice her life for those children. She agreed.”
Dhruv- “Won’t you give it a second thought?”
Bihaan- “There is no question about it.”

Vasundhara sees that there was not anybody in the AARTI with her, she thought of going to Bihaan’s room to give him AARTI. She also saw Dhruv going to Bihaan’s room.
Vasundhara reaches Bihaan’s room when she overhears the following.
Dhruv- “Don’t tell me later on that I hadn’t warned you.”
Bihaan- “I wouldn’t. I know what I am doing is right. I am going to marry Vaani and free her from all the pains of her life. I am going to the orphanage and pick her up from there.”
Dhruv- “I won’t tell a second word. You are old enough to take decisions.”
Bihaan nods his head and is about to leave his room when Vasundhara sees it. She hides behind the door’s curtain and Bihaan leaves.
Vasundhara enters the room.
Vasundhara- “Dhruv, what did I just hear? Is it true?”
Dhruv(holds her)- “Maa, you first sit down. How did you come upstairs? Where is your wheelchair? And this walking stick?”
Vasundhara- “I feel better since last night. I am walking with the stick. See I can walk a bit. Now tell me. What did Bihaan just say.”
Dhruv- “Maa, did you hear everything?”
Vasundhara- “I just heard Bihaan saying he will marry Vaani today.”
Dhruv(in mind)- “Thank God, she didn’t hear all of it. But what should I say her now? Since yesterday, she felt Vaani is fit for Bihaan and her health has improved, she is trying to be happy. If I tell her the truth, she might again deteriorate. I have to tell her a lie.”
Vasundhara- “Tell me. Did you forbid you from telling me?”
Dhruv- “Umm, Bihaan will marry Vaani today.”
Vasundhara- “He didn’t tell us anything about it and he is marryong someone of his choice. I am happy for that. Atleast, he will remain happy, I couldn’t give him any happiness in life. Where is the marriage happening?”
Dhruv is confused and he doesn’t know what to say. He had forgotten to ask Bihaan about the place.
Dhruv- “In the temple..”
Vasundhara(felt excited)- “I want to go there. I want to meet my daughter-in-law.”
Dhruv- “Maa Maa, relax. Bihaan will come here only after marriage. You will meet her then.”

Vasundhara- “Okay, but atleast you could go to the temple and bring the marriage pictures for me atleast.”
Dhruv looks at Vasundhara’s improved condition and assures her that he will go. He makes Vasundhara go to her room and rest.

Bihaan arrives at the orphanage and calls out to everybody. Vaani comes to the hallroom along with the others.
Bihaan- “I have sorted out the solution to the problem.”
Vaani who knew the plan was standing quietly with her head down.
Sister- “Wow, you have really found out? We want to know, please say.”
Bihaan- “I have decided to marry Vaani and give her a surname for the loan to be passed and then pay that Shakti his money and free her from the paper bonding.”
The children get happy.
Sister- “Are you serious? Mr.Bihaan Pandey, do you know what are you saying? It is not a joke. Marriage is not any joke, helping somebody out of a dilemma and getting married both are completely different thoughts. You are going to spoil your whole life into this forced marriage.”
Bihaan- “Who said this is a forced marriage? We both have agreed to it.”
Sister- “Both agreed?” She turns towards Vaani and holds her.
Sister- “Vaani are you sure you are doing this? Did you do this under pressure or just to save our lives you are sacrificing your life?”
Vaani is unable to say anything, she looks at the children and other caretakeer’s happy faces and she starts to cry.
Sister- “See Vaani, you are not ready, you are crying.”
Bihaan looks at everyone and at Vaani.
Vaani- “No-no, it is a happy cry Sister. I am happily gett-ing marri-ed to Bihaan Sir and these child-ren’s faces made me cry, I am see-ing them happy after a long time. They don’t have parents, I took this duty upon me to see them hap-py and I can never see them up-set, no never.”
Bihaan interrupts in between.
Bihaan- “If all these crying drama are over, I have something more to say and we are in a hurry to go and do the formalities.”
Vaani knew what he was about to say.
Vaani(rubbing her eyes and smiling)- “Yes Sister, we are gett-ing late. We have to get marr-ied and there is a lot many work left af-ter that. Aren’t we gett-ing late Sir? Let us go.”
She pulls Bihaan’s hands and eyes him to go with her.

They both go out and Bihaan removes his hand from her clutches.
Bihaan- “What is this? Why didn’t you allow me to tell them the rest of the things about divorce and you staying in the orphanage after marriage? What is your intentions?”
Vaani- “First-ly I don’t have any inten-tions, I can’t tole-rate you at all, why will I have inten-tions then. If I had wrong inten-tions, I would have sim-ply taken away all the money that you were giving us. I stopped you just be-cause I didn’t want them to know the truth now that we will get divor-ced. You haven’t seen how much those chil-dren love me? And they even have started loving and respect-ing you more since when you saved us from Shakti. If they come to know abo-ut it right now, they would never allow me to take this deci-sion rather they will accept to die. And I can see any-thing but not pains in their eyes.”
Bihaan- “But one day they will come to know about it then?”
Vaani- “Yes but at that time the prob-lem will alrea-dy be solved, and af-ter the divorce is done, they will have not-hing to do, they will get up-set with me that’s it. I will mana-ge them.”
Bihaan- “Okay then as you wish, even I don’t want to see them crying, our main focus will be upon solving the problem. But what will you tell them about yours staying back at the orphanage even after marriage?”
Dhruv reaches the orphanage. Dhruv had straight come to the orphanage to talk to Bihaan.
Dhruv- “She don’t have to say anything regarding this because after marriage, she will be straight going to our house.”
Bihaan(shockingly)- “What nonsense? Never.”
Vaani is too shocked at Dhruv’s proposal.
Dhruv- “Bihaan, till today I have always listened to you but this time, you have to listen to me. You decided to marry her I agreed to it later, you want to even divorce her, okay done but today you won’t deny this. It is the question of mother’s life.”
Bihaan suddenly holds Dhruv and asks, “What happened to maa?”
Dhruv- “Till now nothing, just that she has started to walk with the help of a stick.”
Bihaan smiles a bit, “Maa has started walking? How?”
Dhruv- “Since yesterday, her health has started to develop. Yesterday, when you were concerned about Vaani and questioning Bauji, she listened everything. Later, she expressed her happiness about uniting both of you, she started thinking that Vaani is perfect for you.”
Bihaan- “What rubbish? I was not concerned for Vaani, I was wanting to know the truth only. That woman thinks everything in this wrong way and that’s how she spoiled my lif…” And he stops upon seeing Vaani.
Dhruv- “Okay, she thinks that way, I accept but whatever happened today, even I cannot stop myself from thinking similar to her.”

Bihaan- “What happened?”
Dhruv narrates whatever had happened that morning, “…this is how maa sent me behind you. Now what should I do? I knew the truth otherwise I would have reacted similarly like maa did. But I need to save her life anyhow.”
Bihaan- “I don’t know what to do now.”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, just tell me one thing. Don’t you want to save maa’s life? I know you love her a lot still.”
Bihaan- “You are right but I want to save her. She listened to the half truth and…”
Dhruv- “Yes and now we can’t tell her the truth. She has started to improve because she is feeling her past deeds will be erased now, she is lamenting, she feels happy to see you going ahead in your life. Now if she comes to know, as Aditi said another shock may lead to her death.”
Vaani- “No, nothing will happ-en to auntyji. If I did so much sacri-fice since every-thing happen-ed due to me, I can do this much. I will go with you all.”
Bihaan- “Have you gone mad?”
Vaani- “What-ever your brother is very dis-heartening. I know the pain of losing a mother. I can’t agree with you on this be-cause I don’t want anything to happ-en to her. We will have a six mon-ths time, till then she might be comple-tely cured, after that we will tell the truth.”
Dhruv- “She is right. And don’t you know the court laws Bihaan, after marriage, if you apply for divorce, court will ask the husband and wife too stay together, she can’t stay at the orphanage.”
Bihaan- “I agree with you bhai, I also want her to get cured. Let us go to the court. But one thing, does bauji also know about it?”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, I have something more to say.”
Bihaan- “What is it now?”
Dhruv- “You both need to go to the temple in bridegroom attire and get married.”
Bihaan- “Listen, I agreed to everything but not this.”
Dhruv- “If you agree to everything then why not this? Maa told me to get the marriage pictures to her and I said you are getting married in the temple. I spoke to Aditi on the way and she told me whatever maa says, you have to make her happy by doing this, then only she will completely be cured.”
Vaani- “ACP Sir, we will go to the tem-ple.”
Dhruv- “Don’t call me ACP, my name is Dhruv. Okay Bihaan you call your lawyer also to the temple.”
The children and the rest come out of the hall door completely dressed up.
Sister- “The children saw you from the balcony talking with each other and in the meanwhile we got ready. We will also go to the court. It is our celebration time. Why should the children be left behind.”
Dhruv- “Mam, you are mistaken. We will go to the temple. Right now we will go and do some shopping for the couple.”
Sister- “That’s great enough. We will also go.”

Bihaan who was busy over phone talking with the lawyer knew nothing of the conversation.
Bihaan- “Let us go now, the lawyer is coming soon.”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, we will go to the mall first.”
Bihaan- “For what reason?”

Dhruv- “Maa wants to see you in groom’s attire I mean as a newly wed.”
Bihaan puts his fore finger towards him and was about to say something when the children starts laughing.
Child A- “Wow, Vaani di is getting married and Bihaan bhaiya also look too handsome. I am feeling super excited. Shakti dada can never imagine what will be happening with him soon.”
Bihaan nods and says he is ready to go. Vaani looks at him. Bihaan whispers near her ear, “What do you think I agreed for you? No for those children and my mother. I am even ready to drink poison just because of them.”
Vaani(softly)- “Poi-son?”
Bihaan-“Yes you.”
Vaani makes some strange and angry face towards him and they all leave the orphanage gate together.

PRECAP- Bihaan and Thapki are ready in the bridegroom attire at the temple. Sister Maria ties their knot. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other with strange and disapproved faces. Sister Maria and the children smile at each other.



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