Vasundhara is sitting at the home temple with a Bhagwad Gita book and praying to God. She doesn’t even know about Bihaan till now. Aditi is busy in the kitchen with other maids preparing breakfast for Bihaan and the family.
Aditi- “Let me go and feed auntyji something otherwise she won’t be able to have her medicines and if I cannot do this, Dhruv will be upset too with me. He considers me as his best friend and a well wisher, I should take care of his mother more.”
Aditi goes to the temple and looks at Vasundhara.

Vasundhara- “I know Aditi it is you with the food plate. But you go from here please. You know I won’t be able to eat anything now until my child comes back, please go.”
Aditi- “Aunty, please do not take much tension, your child will come back soon you see.”
Vasundhara- “Aditi, how can you be so relaxed? My child was not home the last night and you are casually saying he will be back? How why?”
Aditi- “No mam, I just meant to say…” and she notices the trio entering the house.
Aditi- “Look I said, they will come with Bihaan and they are here.”
Vasundhara quickly turns her wheel chair towards them and tries to get up and she is about to fall off. Dhruv comes running to catch her while Aditi too, holds Vasundhara. Bihaan was still standing like a stone-hearted person.
Balwinder- “Bihaan, enough of your anger now, look at her condition, she even cannot stand properly but she was waiting for you the whole night. Can’t you forgive her once? It has been almost 2 years my son.”
Bihaan- “Bauji, have you forgotten my sufferings, what condition I had fallen into just for this one woman? She has become like this just for her fault only, I didn’t do this to her.”
Balwinder- “She has given you birth, how can you think she can even think of hurting you intentionally and landing you up in trouble?”
Bihaan- “I know she didn’t do anything intentionally but she backstabbed me isn’t it? she didn’t even bother to tell me what she wanted to do. Can you deny this?”
Balwinder, who knew Bihaan was right ahd just put his head down.
Bihaan was about to go upstairs when Dhruv calls him.
Dhruv- “Where are you going? Why are you still like this? Maa is waiting for you.”
Vasundhara- “No Dhruv, let him go. I will never ask him to come to me. I will only pray to God for my son’s well being.” and she turns the other side towards God.
Dhruv- “Bihaan, atleast have the breakfast and go.”
Bihaan- “I am going to change and then I will come down.”

Vaani is ready in her formal attire wearing a simple salwar suit and her bag is too with her. She is about to leave for her office. She visits the home temple once.
Vaani(to God)- “God, I don’t kn-ow what will happ-en today or tomorrow but I am fee-ling very afraid today. My right eye is flap-ping since morning. I think some-thing worse is yet to happ-en today. I have sub-mitted my pains to you, it is your duty to help me out of the situa-tion.”
Vaani leaves for work and thinks about the letter from the bank on the way.
After Vaani has departed, a few goons arrive at the orphanage.
A goon- “Shakti dada has sent us to warn you all for the last time. If by today, he doesn’t receive the money, he will pay a visit in the evening.”
The other orphanage women caretakers and Sister Maria were peeping from the windows and they didn’t come out of the house. They had locked up their doors and they were shivering.
A caretaker- “Sister Maria, what will happen? our fears are coming true.”
Sister- “I have full faith on Vaani, I am sure she will do something. After all even her life is linked to it along with us. Let her come back, we will definitely find a solution.”
The goons leave quickly and Sister Maria rings Vaani.

Vaani is in her office desk and attends the call.
Vaani- “Hello Sister, what happ-ened?”
Sister- “Vaani, those goons came just now to threaten us. They had given us a deadline of two weeks and it is almost over. What to do? Thankfully, the children are at school otherwise it would have been difficult to control them. These people scare the children so much.”
Vaani- “What they have come? I hope you did not tell them any-thing? I know but I am too worr-ied what to do.”
Sister- “What happened? Did you get the loan? Yesterday, you received the letter from the bank.”
Vaani- “Yes Sister, but I could not tell you any-thing yesterday because I did not wa-nt anybody else to panic more. It got reje-cted because I do not have a sur-name and I don’t have any other op-tion. I need to even sub-mit an another expla-nation for it, I can’t even back off.”
Sister- “What would you do now? Vaani, even we cannot apply for the loan because we all are nuns and our names are only unreal, leave about our surname. What should we answer to the children and your life? We can’t even throw you in danger. Today evening they will come again and that Shakti will also come they said. The children will be back home by then and…” and she starts crying over phone.
Vaani- “I don’t know. If I can, I will talk to my boss to-day if he can give me some money in ad-vance. I will come home and talk to the chil-dren. I have noth-ing else to do. You ple-ase try to keep every-one in peace because you are str-ong, you should not bre-ak down.”
Sister- “Okay do anything but please come back soon.”
The call disconnects.

Vaani’s boss Mr. XYZ is seated at his desk when he receives a call from someone. The man over the phone is shown, a rough gunda of around Bihaan’s age is shown smoking a cigarette. It is Shakti, whom everybody calls as Shakti dada.
Shakti- “You are the boss of the 360 channel right? You have do me a favour if you want your channel to run peacefully.”
XYZ- “Hey who are you and how dare you threat me?”
Shakti- “Have you forgotten my name or shall I say? I am Shakti.”
On hearing the name, Mr. XYZ stands up from the chair and his hands shiver holding the phone.
XYZ- “Sorry Sir, I didn’t know it is you. You know I have eaten your salt. You give us lakhs of donations and our channel works on that. Tell me what you need.”
Shakti- “Remove Ms.Vaani from your office today itself. If you can’t, you know what I can do. I don’t even think twice before slitting anybody’s neck.”
XYZ- “But Sir, she is a very loyal worker, it was she who helped me buid this channel for the last two years when we were running at a loss. What reason should I give her?”
Shakti- “Huh what a joke! I know this, but it was I who used to give you doantions since 2 years otherwise you would have been nowhere today, no Vaani nothing, your channel is alive due to me. It would not take me even a minute to shut it down.”
XYZ- “No no Sir, please don’t do this. I will send her away. By today evening, she will be gone.”
The call is disconnected.

Vaani arrives at the boss’ room.
XYZ- “Why are you here?”
Vaani- “Sir I have an urgent talk.”
XYZ- “Keep your urgent talk with you now. I have some very important work. Take these files, complete them and submit me the calculations. If you do anything wrong and cannot tally the results, I will expel you from the job.”
Vaani- “I will com-plete it but Sir…”
XYZ- “You just leave now.”
Vaani goes outside the room.
XYZ(in mind)- “I am sorry Vaani but I can’t land myself in trouble just because of one employee. I have not given you the complete documents, here I burn it half and I will keep it in your room. When you are unable to tally the results, you will come to me and then I will put the blame on you and you will be expelled.”


Bihaan has changed already, he was wearing a white t-shirt, his full sleeve brown jacket and a black denims and his last night dresses were on the bed. As he takes those for washing, the sunflower which Chotu had given him at the station fell off his jeans pocket.
Bihaan- “Ohh this flower. But it is already withered. I should throw it off.”
But again he remembers Chotu’s words that his mother will be cured due to the flower.
Bihaan- “No, I will not give her the flower.”
Bihaan fetches a glass bowl and fills water in it.
Bihaan- “Now this flower, I keep it in this water, it will remain for many days here. The day Maa gets cured, and I am able to forgive her, I will give her this. I know what I am doing is wrong but I have to. She needs to get cured on her own and become a stronger person. I love her a lot, she is my God but since I have turned away my face from her, I have even turned my face away from God and temple. I am unable to explain my mind and heart to forgive her right now.”
He leaves for the breakfast table.

Vasundhara is sitting on the right side of the table and others are also seated. Bihaan arrives and looks at Vasundhara.
He takes the seat which is on the other side and far away from the seat where Vasundhara sits.
Aditi serves Dhruv, Vasundhara, Balwinder and Bihaan.
Bihaan(in mind)- “This food does not taste like maa has cooked but okay, it can be managed.”
Balwinder- “What happened? Are you not enjoying the food? Aditi has cooked for us.”
Bihaan- “No it is okay but the salt is a bit less and I like to have more salt in food.”
Aditi- “Sorry, I didn’t know that. I am not your mother that I will know otherwise I would have cooked.”
Bihaan removes the plate away from his hands and says, “Why are you still here in the house? Don’t you have your own house? who told you to cook? I didn’t say. Why are you teasing me then? I am tolerating you just because you are Dhruv’s friend otherwise…”
Dhruv- “Calm down Bihaan, she is here to even look after maa. And she didn’t mean to tease you, she didn’t know. she is doing a lot for us please forgive her. If you don’t like the food, you can tell us but please you shouldn’t insult the food atleast. Have it.”
Bihaan looks at Aditi and says, “I didn’t say I didn’t like the food. She is doing a lot so thank you for it. I will have the food.”
Aditi was standing beside Dhruv when Dhruv whispers in her ears.
Dhruv- “Don’t mind Aditi, you know there is a lot of tension in the house, he just poured out his anger.”
Aditi- “I know Dhruv, I didn’t mind. I know what he has been through during those days, I have witnessed all and I also saw how aunty fell ill and…”
Dhruv- “And even I know how you took care of my mother and my family being a doctor. Now come and sit and have breakfast with us.”
Dhruv pulls Aditi’s hand and makes her sit.
Bihaan notices all this but ignores. He talks to Balwinder.
Bihaan- “Bauji, I have to know a few things from you.”
Balwinder- “What?”
Bihaan- “Do you know Miss Vaani?
Balwinder- “Why are you asking this?”
Bihaan- “I just want to know. Please clear my doubts.”
Balwinder knows how much adamant is Bihaan, and without nowing the truth he won’t leave questioning.
Balwinder- “Yes I know her. She is my secret agent and she has been helping me since 1 year.”
Bihaan- “Helping means what?”
Balwinder relates a past incident just to tell how he met and knew Vaani.
Balwinder- “It was last year when I was kidnapped by those goons (any goons you may consider), and you all were searching for me but suddenly I arrived at the court to give my statements as a witness and brought the proofs,but that day no miracle had happened. It was Vaani who had saved me and helped me to reach at the court. She had secretly followed the kidnapper’s van when she suspected somebody was kidnapping me. At that time she was a stranger only, she didn’t even think twice to help a stranger. She had reached the kidnapper’s place and upon getting a chance, she untied me and brought me back. I didn’t want to produce her before court and put her life in risk, therefore I said I have escaped. That day I got to know she is a reporter too. And I thought of making her my secret agent since that day. There cannot be any other honest girl other than her.”
Bihaan- “Okay but how did she arrive yesterday at Phoolbagan and gave the proofs to the police?”
Balwinder- “You only saw the proofs my son, you didn’t see what all she did for you. I had only asked her help. She had reached there from beforehand and was hiding there, she had burnt all the false passports too. And the way she saved you with that catapult and risked her life to save you from the bullet, hats off to her. I call her my daughter and this is the only reason. She didn’t want to tell me anything regarding this last night over phone but since I gave her my swear, she narrated me everything. She is pure from her heart. But I am upset with the way you behaved with her.”
Bihaan didn’t answer more, finishes his breakfast and goes to his room.
Vasundhara, who was attentively listening to everything smiles to herself and thinks, “So God had sent this girl Vaani in my child’s life, I know I am again expecting something for my child but for his goodwill only. I have not seen Vaani but I am sure, she will only open my son’s eyes. God please, let this girl be in his life from now on. It is a mother’s wish.”

It is almost evening and Vaani is unable to concentrate on her work and her tally results too, doesn’t come. She goes to the washroom to wash her face. she was constantly crying. In the meanwhile, Mr. XYZ comes to her cabin with the half burnt sheet and hides it behind the curtain of the window and goes away.
Vaani comes out of the washroom and picks up the files and goes to XYZ’s room.
Vaani- “Sir I am not gett-ing the results.”
XYZ- “Why? Let me see.”
He checks the documents and finds one page missing.
XYZ- “Where is the last page of my document?”
Vaani- “I don’t know Sir, you gave me this.”
XYZ- “No, I gave you everthing, may be it fell in the office, go check your room as well.”
Vaani comes and checks her room, but is unable to get anything. Suddenly she notices the burnt paper on the window and picks it up. Mr.XYZ enters from behind and snatches the paper.
XYZ- “Yes, this is the only paper that was missing, who has burnt this?”
Vaani- “I don’t know Sir, it was here and…”
XYZ- “No, you have burnt it. It was my important document. How could you stoop so low?”
Vaani- “No Sir, I didn’t. You don’t trust me?”
XYZ- “How did it come to your cabin then if it is not you?”
Vaani- “I don’t kn-ow please Sir…”
XYZ- “Why will I answer if I don’t submit these documents. I can’t keep you here, you are going to spoil my reputation. Submit your resignation and leave today itself.”
Vaani(teary eyed)- “Sir, till tod-ay I have cared only for your repu-tation but to-day you have bla-med me without any rea-son. Today I have many things to face in life, I can-not stay here to prove my-self but one day I will defi-nitely come back to prove that I was inno-cent and that day your chann-el will be shut down.”

Vaani is walking lonely along the road thinking of how to tackle the disaster in her life. Vaani- “I have submitted my resig-nation and I have lost my job too. What face shall I show to the chil-dren? They are eagerly waiting for some good news, I have been proved worth-less in arranging money. Whatever it is, I will give away my-self today but save my petty orpha-nage but yes, I will face them today. I am ready.”
She reaches home and the children circle her.
A child- “Vaani di, what will happen? Shakti dada’s men came in the morning, we heard from Sister.”
Vaani- “Don’t panic, when they come in the eve-ning now, I will only go out. You all will stay in, you have my sw-ear.”
Another child- “Di, don’t give us your swear, we will too face them.”
Vaani- “If you all truly love me, you will not come out, go in-side the room, hurry up.” and she locks them in a room.
Vaani is seated at the dinner table in the hallroom waiting to face the disaster that is yet to happen.

Shakti and his men are on road in their open jeep, heading towards Vaani’s orphanage.
Shakti- “My wait is finally over. Today I will get what I demand. That girl, she is now not even left with a job, how will she save everyone? She has no other option left, he has to come to me.”
A goon- “Yes boss, their is nobody to deny you in this world and that Vaani is a chuhiya(rat).”
Shakti slaps the goon and says, “Tameez se baat karo, be in your limit. She is gonna be your sister-in-law soon, she is gonna marry me as she promised.”
Goon- “Sorry boss, it just split my tongue.”
Shakti- “Mind it otherwise I will kill you now itself.”
Goon- “Sorry boss.”
Shakti- “Ride fast, I have to reach quickly, my would be wife is waiting.”

They reach the orphanage and Shakti gets down his jeep.
Shakti(in a loud voice)- “Vaani, come out of your hiding place now. It has been many days since you have given me the words of promise, it is time to fulfill them. Today you will go with me and you have no excuse today.”
After a few minutes, he again shouts.
Shakti- “Will you come out yourself or shall I break into your house and take away those children?”
Vaani warns the rest not to come out as she will be going out to face them. The children, locked inside the room, were only able to look through the window.
Child A- “We can’t go out and this man is not at all a good one. He will take away our Vaani di.”
Child B- “No they can’t. We have to save her.”
Child A- “But how?”
Child C- “I have an idea. We can’t go out but we can do something from here. Come let us plan.”
The children search for Bihaan’s card in their room and they get it. One of them uses the landline to dial his number.

Bihaan is sitting tensed on his bed thinking about Balwinder’s words.
Bihaan- “I have done a big mistake. I know I hate girls to the core but for the first time in life, I have met such a girl. I still don’t know much about her and her past, but whatever I know now, it all points positively towards her. Shall I once tell her a sorry? I know her behaviour is awkward towards me but may be just because I have behaved similarly with her. With bauji and the rest, her behaviour was so innocent and flawless. Oh what am I thinking? Why am I thinking so much? May be just because I am under her debt. I will return it back to her if I get a chance and be relaxed.”
Bihaan’s phone rings suddenly.
Bihaan- “Ah this is an unknown number. Who can it be? Hello. Who is it?”
Child C- “Hello Bihaan Bhaiya, we are the orphanage children. We need your help.”
Bihaan(gets up from the bed)- “What happened and why are you all so tensed?”
Child C- “Bhaiya, Vaani di is in danger, please save her.”
Bihaan(in mind)- “This girl who is herself a danger for others, how can she be in danger?” (to the children)- “Okay tell me what is it, tell me everything.”
Child C- “Bhaiya, it is about 2 years ago when Vaani di started to stay with us. Vaani di used to work in the 360 channel at that time which was in its struggling days. The land of the orphanage was just a guest house type which was already closed down. A few orphan children used to stay on the streets of the guest house and begged and their life used to move on. Even we were one of them. Vaani di used to travel daily to her office from this place, she used feed us ice creams and many more. We became friendly soon. One day, a group of bad people came and tried to run bulldozer over the guest house in order to construct their wine fsctory. Vaani di was present too at that moment. The leader of the group was Shakti, whom locals call as Shakti dada, he is the local goon here. The guest house property is owned by him. When they were about to run bulldozer, many children were lying on the ground. Shakti had proposed to keep the children as his employees in the wine factory. Vaani di was embarrased at the thought that children’s life and future will be dull at these kinds of factories and she came in between. She spoke to Shakti about it that she won’t allow this to happen otherwise she will publish it in the headlines and he will be defamed. Vaani di asked for the keys of the guest house and she said she will start it again but as an orphanage. The children will even get place to stay. She promised to pay him monthly rent from the orphanage. We didn’t know what Shakti was upto, he agreed and left quickly. That day Vaani di took the help of us and we all cleaned and decorated the guest house, renovated it and named it “SWASTIK”, she spent most of her salary behind this. She even arranged for a few maids to help us out and she started running various camps and programmes. Her articles in the newspapers regarding our orphanage won many hearts, we started doing many handicrafts works and set up exhibitions. Many rich people started visiting us and gave us donations. Vaani di had left her channel’s quarter and shifted to stay with us here. Then Sister Maria, a rich lady visited us one fine day and she got much impressed. She decided to stay back in India because she had nobody in her family. She gave up all her rich life and luxuries, all her money went to the trust and whatever was left, Vaani di used them to admit all of us to a proper school. It was due to Vaani di’s articles that the 360 channel became much successul and she had a hike in her salary. We were living pretty well when one fine day, the fate came down upon us. Shakti da arrived and he said that he wants to sell off his property. We all protested but he didn’t listen. He caught hold of Vaani di and threatened and said something that you won’t believe. He said that he had been eyeing on her since one and a half years and he waited for her to become successful with the mission. He had collected her information that she worked in the 360 channel and he used to donate a lot of money. It was all his notorious plan to marry her. He had fallen for her the very first day. But he waited for the 360 channel to prosper with his money because he wanted the owner of the channel under him so that Vaani di don’t get a chance to defame him. We all were shocked, Vaani di denied to go with him but that man slapped her too. He gave a last warning that after two weeks he will arrive again, if she can by then pay him an eighty lakhs of rupees, he would name the entire property to her name otherwise he will kill us if she doesn’t marry him and nobody could stop him. Under the pressure, she had agreed and he even made her sign, if she cannot pay, she will marry him. Today they are here again and torturing her, they are going to take her away.”
Bihaan- “You all don’t worry, I have heard everything and I am coming soon. Just try to waste their time till I come.”
Child C- “But di has locked us in.”
Bihaan- “Don’t worry, do something from inside. Your di has stopped you all but I can always enter there, I will reach soon.”
Child C- “Okay we are trying. Come as soon as possible.”
Bihaan quickly leaves on his bike with full speed, “So again our paths will cross, though she didn’t want to see my face anyday, neither do I, but fate has something else in store. I have to return back all what she did for me.”

Vaani comes out of the big hallroom door and stands upright.
Vaani- “Yes I am here. Wh-at is it?”
Shakti comes towards her and eyes at her, “What is it? You don’t know? Two weeks are over and you have not arranged the money yet and as you promised, you will marry me if you can’t pay.”
Vaani- “Please give me a few more days time, I will arrange them.
Shakti- “From where would you arrange, you don’t even have your luxurious job now.”
Vaani(shocked)- “How do you know?”
Shakti- “Hahahahaha, what a joke? It was my mastermind to throw you out, I wanted to make you so lame that you will have no other option and come to me.”
Vaani- “I will not go with you ins-tead I will kill myself.”
Vaani had a knife in her hand which she had purposely brought.
Shakti- “Oh you want to kill? You don’t want to listen. I am being patient with you, and you? Hey go and those children out of the house.”
Vaani- “What have th-ey done to you?”
Shakti- “I have been telling repeatedly if you come with me, I will give them this property. Now it is up to you. If you kill yourself, well and good, I will kill them too.”
Vaani- “No you don’t do th-is,” and she notices the goons bringing all the children, maids and Sister outside.
Shakti pulls Vaani close and holds her tightly, picks her hand up in which she was holding the knife and twists her hand to aim at her.
Shakti- “One last time I am saying, will you go or this knife pierces you and then your full family.”
The other children, Sister and the maids all shout, “Vaani don’t listen to him, let him kill us. We will die but we will not allow him to play with your self respect.”
Shakti- “Tie these people with the rope, as she does not want to marry me but I can definitely have the first marriage night with her right now. She had already attracted me towards her, she stammers but that has nothing to do with it, her figure and her face attracts me. I was awaiting for this day.”
Vaani- “No, you don’t come close to me. I will poke this knife…”
Shakti moves forward and pulls her dupatta and throws it on the floor. He was holding Vaani so closely and he was about to kiss her on her lips suddenly when Vaani pokes the knife on his hand and runs a bit, he again catches her hand and tries to slap her when Bihaan hold it (Bihaan’s tune plays in the background).
Bihaan stands guarding Vaani while Vaani stands with both her hands crossed on her chest. Bihaan punches Shakti and he falls on the ground. Bihaan opens his brown jacket and puts on Vaani. Vaani thinks, “Why is he here again and how does he know about all these?”
The screen freezes on Vaani and Bihaan’s separate faces.

PRECAP- It is night time when Vaani is restless on her bed thinking about what all had happened that evening when she receives a call from an unknown number. She receives it, “Hello”. It is Bihaan who has called her. He asks her to come to the park near their orphanage at 10 p.m., he has to talk something urgent and disconnects the call. Vaani thinks why he has called her late at night? Is everything all right?


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