Thank you all for reading the first 3 chapters, liking and commenting… This has somewhat encouraged me. Hope you have not forgotten the track… This episode is short a bit I know but it is interesting. I promise the next episode will be longer… actually I was unwell for the last 2 days..

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Vaani is shocked on reading the letter from the bank and murmurs in a low tone unaware of the fact that Bihaan was peeping in at the moment.
Vaani- “What is this? I had app-lied for the loan but the bank rej-ected it? They won’t grant a loan if I don’t have a valid sur-name? I had dropp-ed my paren-tal surname but didn’t know this would happ-en with me.. I have my old voter ID with ori-ginal surname but since I have now drop-ped it, I can’t use that too. What to do now? What wou-ld I ans-wer them tomo-rrow? If any-how………..” and she hears the sound of a vase falling outside the room and stops.
Bihaan, who was in the habit of his detective nature was too engrossed in listening to her, that he accidently stripped on the vase outside and it fell. Vaani rushes out.
Vaani- “You? You are here at this poi-nt of time. What were you doing here?”
Bihaan-“I was just….Saw your room light on that’s why………………?”
Vaani( She felt restless if he heard everything)- “Your habit of being a dete-ctive won’t go right? You want to do your duty here al-so?”
Bihaan- “Ohh hello, you are more arrogant than me I see. I was unable to sleep that is why I thought of spending time in the balcony. I saw your light on that is why I came here if anything was wrong at midnight?”
Vaani- “That is none of your busi-ness. If you don’t feel slee-py, you would have called us. I had told you if you ne-ed anything, can always call me.”
Bihaan- “Ohh please at midnight I don’t want your lecture. You did a lot for me and thank you for that. I want this sun to rise quickly and I go away from here and I hope I don’t have to see your face again.”
Vaani- “Why would you wait till mor-ning? You could leave just ri-ght now. I see now you are much be-tter than before.”
Bihaan- “I thought of saying you sorry once but now I don’t think I have to do that. I will leave early morning only because those good children except you will feel bad if I leave without informing. Good night.”
Vaani- “Good night nd do not show yo-ur face again.”
Both of them leave for their respective rooms.
Vaani (in her room)- “From what-ever he said, I think he has not heard any-thing. But don’t know what will I say or do if those peo-ple come? From where should I arran-ge so much money? The bank has deman-ded an explanation and if I don’t get a sur-name, I won’t be able to get the loan and I can’t even with-draw my application now. God, I have left every-thing upon you. Please save everything and every-one.” Saying so, she sleeps but restlessly.
Bihaan (in his room)- “This Chuk Chuk Gaadi is so very arrogant than me. I thought of telling her a sorry for the way I behaved with her till now. But no, all girls are the same. And what about the bank letter? Why does she need a loan? Why don’t she have a surname? This girl is so confusing. Let her do what she want to do. Why am I getting worried? I want to go away from here and I hope I don’t see her face again.” Saying so, he too, goes off to sleep.

Early morning, the children were getting ready to go to school. The cacophony of the children’s voice disturbed Bihaan’s sleep. He gets up and comes outside into the hallroom. One of the children threw his tiffin box to an another child but it hits Bihaan’s head.
The child- “Sorry Bhaiya, didn’t see you coming.”
Bihaan (in mind) -“Atleast these children are not arrogant like that girl.” (to the chilld)-” It is okay dear but why are you all indisciplined so much? Get ready quickly for school otherwise your arrogant elder sister will come and scold you all.”
The child-“No bhaiya, didi never scold us. And we do like this everyday only to get Vaani di’s hand cooked food for the tiffin.”
Bihaan-“So the rules are different only for me? She only knows to scold and bark at me.”
A child-“What bhaiya?”
Bihaan- “Nothing, just praising your sister.”
Vaani, who was approaching them with the food tray to pack their lunch boxes had heard their conversation. She was fuming in anger.
Vaani- “Why are you all wasting your time here lis-tening to nonsense?”
A child- “No di, bhaiya will go away today that is why. Give us our tiffin.”
After everything is done, the children circle around Bihaan to bid him farewell.
A child- “Bhaiya, we will miss you so much. We have heard about you so much, you are a very tough cop and we hope you will captivate more of those goons who try to destroy our country. But in the midst of your heavy duties, please do visit us sometimes. We all will be highly obliged.” Every child nodded in support of what he actually said.
Bihaan sits on his knees and hugs each of them, “I promise you all that I will come to meet with you all sometimes and I will bring a lot of gifts too. Here keep my card. If you remember me or need my help children, you can always call me. Only one thing, I hope there are no black cats here to pounce on me.”
Vaani who was smiling at what was happening, now fumed in anger and was eyeing at Bihaan. She knew what he meant.
A child- “No bhaiya, there are no such cats here, why are you saying this?”
Bihaan- “Yes there are. Yesterday night, a black cat crossed my way.”
A child- “Oh, don’t you worry. Sometimes cats come in search of rats. and……”
Vaani interrupts in between. “Enou-gh of it. You people are not gett-ing late. You only need goss-ips. Go now.”

The children do not respond to her chiding anymore and they leave obediently. She looks at Bihaan ferociously but before she could say anything, somebody calls her name from outside.
Bihaan goes out on recognizing the voice and Vaani follows too.
Balwinder along with Dhruv enters their gate and Balwinder calls out to Vaani.
Bihaan (in mind)- “How does Bauji know that I am here? I didn’t inform him. I was about to leave alone this morning from here.”
Vaani rushes to him and take his blessings.
Balwinder blesses her and hugs her.
Balwinder- “Vaani bitiya, thank you for saving my child’s life. If you had not told me about his whereabouts, I would have been still searching for him.”
Vaani- “No, Sir, what-ever I have done just for huma-nity. Your son is safe. Ple-ase fetch him with you(and she eyed at Bihaan).
Bihaan(in mind)- “Does bauji know her? If not, but bauji said she informed him.”
Balwinder- “Yes, Bihaan come here. Why are you standing there? I see you are fit now. Let us go home, Vasundharaji is waiting for you. She has not eaten anything since morning.”
Bihaan(coming close to Balwinder)-“What she has not eaten anything till now? Who had asked her not to eat? Why does she show so much that she worry for me?”
Vaani(in mind)-“Though he is an honest off-icer but he is so arrogant. He is beha-ving the same with rela-ted to his mother too.”
Balwinder- “Till when Bihaan, till when would you be upset and angry on her? She has regretted a lot till now for her mistake. Could you not forgive her?”
Bihaan(on seeing Vaaani concentrating)- “Please I do not want to talk all these, enough of it. I need to go away from this place right now.”
Vaani(in mind)- “I would be the happ-iest if you go away. You and me are the two poles of a mag-net. We can never re-concile and that too with an arro-gant man, he is even talking in such a way for his mother.”
Bihaan(in mind)-“I can never allow an outsider to know my pains and insults from my past life. At present, I am rough and tough for the outside world and will be always. I have no emotions for them. And this girl, though it is proved that she stammers since childhood but still my other doubts remain the same. We both are P for Purab and P for Paschim, our paths will never meet, it can only cross. Right now, I need to go. That woman has not eaten till now.”
Balwinder- “Okay let us go. Vaani, I will talk to you later.”

Balwinder, Bihaan and Dhruv leave in their car and Vaani waves her hand bidding them a goodbye, especially to Bihaan.

PRECAP- “Vaani Vaani, come out of your hiding place now. It has been many days since you have given me the words of promise, it is time to fulfill them…” a goon of stout figure with some more goons calls out loudly in the orphanage garden. Vaani comes out feary faced.
The goon catches hold of Vaani’s hand and says, “Today you will go with me and you have no excuse today.” Vaani shouts a no but he does not stop. He tries to slap Vaani when Bihaan comes and holds his hand. Bihaan-“How dare you treat and try to touch a girl like this?”
Vaani- “Why is he again here?”


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