I will be writing the dialogues in english from now on because I heard there are many here who are finding it difficult to read both Hindi and English. Tthose who have read it, please do not feel bad because from now on, I will put the dialogues in English for everybody’s convenience. I had used hindi dialogues for getting the original Thahaan feel, from now on, in rest of the chapters, only songs would be in Hindi and don’t worry, I will translate them in English too. Please do not mind my loyal readers and enjoy Thahaan’s FF.





Bihaan is lying semi-conscious on the floor and Vaani is teary eyed.
Vaani- “Thank God, the bullet didn’t pier-ce completely, it has hit the side of Bihaanji,I mean Bihaan Sir’s hand. But I can-not sit silent li-ke this, I have to he-lp the officer but what cou-ld I do?”
She fixes the camera on the window pane carefully and goes about the house with traces of worries on her forehead.

Tarun- “So, you will not die quickly isn’t it? But I will not kill you at one go. You have always insulted in the bureau because I was lazy at work, you have scolded me, even suspended me many times. Today I will take my revenge.”
Bihaan- “Aaaahhhhh, you deserved tho-se things… You were eligible for that. And you are now betray-ing your country too.”
Tarun- “What country? What has this country given me? Working in the CBI, I thought I will earn a handsome money but all the officers and you turned out to be so honest that we couldn’t even look the other way round.”
Bihaan- “This country is like our mother. It has given us birth and some bugs like you try to des-troy it. People think CBI officers earn side money but they do not know how much hard work we do for this country’s welfare. Few officers like you are earning a bad name for us.”
Tarun- “Just shut up. You still have so much energy left to give lectures.”
Bihaan- “Because I am L for Lion and you will be a L for Loser.”
Tarun- “Bihaannnn……”
Tarun kicks Bihaan hard and asks his men to tie him to their car. They do as he say.

Vaani finds nothing in the whole house into the dark, “I shou-ld search out-side once, here in the back-yard.”
She goes outside in the backyard only to find a few children playing in the garden.
Vaani- “A mango garden? What are you all do-ing here? Do you all stay here?”
One child- “No didi, we come here to play daily and pick mangoes. Nobody stays here.”
The children run away feeling afraid of the stranger Vaani.
Vaani(in mind)- “I don’t think I will get any-thing here which will help me.”
AS she was about to go, she notices a catapult and feels relaxed.
Vaani- “Now, this will he-lp me.”
She picks it up and goes inside again.

Bihaan is tied to the car and he moans in pain.
Tarun- “You are going to die soon. You have to pull this car with all your might otherwise I will kill Gora.”
He aims gun at Gora.
Bihaan’s head drooped semi-consciously on his own bare shoulder, his shirt was detached from him by Tarun’s men only to hurt his bare body, blood still leaked through various cuts all over his body. Bihaan tries to pull the car but in vain.
Tarun- “Soembody please give me a whip, he needs to be lashed.”
Vaani reaches the window and sneaks her head through it. She notices how Bihaan was being tortured. Raghu hands over the whip to Tarun and as he was about to hit Bihaan, Vaani aims her catapult with a stone and the stone flying, hits Tarun’s head and he loses the grip of the whip.
Vaani quickly hides herself. Bihaan, Tarun and the rest revolves their eyes all around finding nothing.
Tarun- “From where did the stone come flying?”
Raghu- “I think it fell from the tree above you. May be some bird or something. This place is so lonely. I don’t think there is anybody here.”
Tarun- “Hmmmm may be…….”(and he bends to pick up the whip again when a piece of broken glass hits his hand.)
Vaani(in mind)- “I have bro-ken the old little vase there in the room, th-is has help-ed me. See,you bad peo-ple how I send you all run-ning from here.”
Tarun- “There is something wrong. But……(He again gets hit on his head with stones.)
All the goons get hit hap-hazardly and Gora and Bihaan laughs.
Raghu- “Boss, I think there is a ghost here I mean loitering soul inside the bungalow…”
Tarun- “There is nothing called ghost or soul, there is someone else who might have followed us.”
Vaani aims her catapult one last time towards the rope by which Bihaan was tied to the car. She uses the piece of glass twice and forcefully it hits the rope on both sides and the rope is torn apart. Bihaan’s hands get freed and he is taken aback.
Bihaan- (in mind) “How could this happen? There is nothing called ghosts in this world then who could do this? Is there anybody else who has followed us?”
Bihaan rushes towards Gora and unties him too.
Shankar- “See Boss, somebody unties Bihaan but how?”
Before Tarun could say anything,Bihaan picks up a brick and breaks it on Tarun’s head. Tarun falls down and the other three goons surround Bihaan aiming guns at him.
Bihaan sprang his hands all around him, snatches a gun, somehow rescues himself from their clutches and hides behind their car. The firing begins and one of the goons is shot dead. Raghu and Shankar is still alive while Tarun lies unconscious. Raghu comes from behind and aims gun at Bihaan’s forehead.

Balwainder enters the house in a hurry.
Balwinder- “Vasundharaji, where are you? Come quickly.”
Vasundhara comes out of the room along the hallroom in her wheelchair. Aditi helps her. Aditi rushes along with Vasundhara.
Vasundhara- “What happened Bihaan’s father?”
Dhruv too enters the hall when Aditi goes towards him.
Aditi- “What happened Dhruvji? Is everything alright? Why is uncle panting?”
Balwinder- “Has Bihaan come home?”
Vasundhara- “No not yet? But what has happened? Aditi told me you all will be late today. Where is my son? What happened to him?”
Dhruv- “Maa, please calm down. Nothing has happened to him. Actually he went out for some work in a hurry without eating anything and…”
Balwinder- “And, he is not picking up his phone now.”
Dhruv tries to call Bihaan again.
Dhruv- “It is switched off.”
Vasundhara- “What? Where did he go? Why you didn’t go with him? You know his anger, nobody can control it and you left him alone why?”
Dhruv- “Maa, what can I do if he doesn’t inform me and goes out in a hurry.”
Vasundhara- “You should have followed him. You are his elder brother right? You should have been careful.”
Dhruv- “But maa,…..”
Vasundhara slaps him in anger.
Balwinder- “Please Vasundharaji, calm down. You are already weak, if you get tensed more, you will fall more sick.”
Vasundhara- “How can I? My child is in danger and I…?”
She goes away quietly to the temple.
Balwinder- “Dhruv, you know how much your mom loves you both. She slapped you because she is much tensed, she didn’t do it willingly.”
Dhruv- “I know bauji, she loves us a lot. She is right, I left Bihaan alone. I should have followed him. She slapped me, I didn’t mind but I am worried for my brother.”
Aditi- “Dhruvji, have faith on God and calm down. Nothing will happen to Bihaanji. Please, you all try to find out where is he. Don’t worry, I am with aunty.”
Vasundhara sits on the temple steps and prays to God.
Vasu- “Bhagwanji, I know I have done many mistakes and I am still suffering for it but my son, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was not wrong that time but he has already suffered pains in his life because of me. But why are you still punishing him? He needs a support in life. He is completely broken because of those incidents. My son was not like this before. The situations in his life has made him so. I can’t see him like this. Please God…..Okay you will not listen to me. Okay, here I put my hand on your burning lamp and will not remove it till you save his life and he comes here back to my lap. Yes God, you have to come on this Earth in disguise to save him from all the misfortunes of his life.”

Vaani notices Raghu aiming gun at Bihaan.
Raghu- “So, you get up now, hand me the gun and surrender.”
A fight breaks out among Raghu, Shankar and Bihaan. Shankar and Raghu take two hiding places and fire from there.
Gora, in the meantime calls the nearest police station and informs them about the location. Suddenly Raghu points gun at Bihaan from the other end while Shankar marches forward diverting Bihaan’s mind. Vaani notices Bihaan and she runs to save him risking her own life (Har har mahadev, God Shiv’s slow tune plays in the background).
As the bullet is fired, Vaani pushes Bihaan on the ground guarding him against the gun shot and she falls over him. (NA NA NA NA plays in the background).

The lamps in the temple flicks and the bells start ringing with the heavy wind outside.
Vasundhara- “See, Bihaan’s father, God has come down to Earth for my son. Can you see all these? These are his signs. My son will arrive soon, he is safe.”
Balwinder- “Vasundharaji, it is going to rain outside hence this is happening, the wind is blowing. You have become too anxious that is why these thoughts are disturbing your mind.”
Vasundhara- “You can say this because you are a cop. You don’t believe these things but I know, my son is safe, he will come.”
Balwinder- “Okay, he will come, he is safe I know. Now you please remove your hand from the lamp.”
Vasundhara- “No, as I promised God, I will remove when my son comes back. You don’t stop me please.”
And she continues with her promise.

The local police arrive and catches hold of Raghu and his gun. Gora catches hold of Shankar quickly. The cops pick up the corpse of the other goon lying and arrests a semi-conscious Tarun.
One police- “Thank God, the bullet didn’t hit that girl and she saved Bihaan Sir at the nick of time.”
Bihaan and Vaani get up together.
Bihaan- “Who are you and what are you doing at this lonely place?”
Before Vaani could answer, the policemen interrupts.
A police- “Sir, is there anyone else other than these four?”
Bihaan- “No, I was fighting with these four only. Take these people with you and they should be hanged till death.”
Vaani runs inside the mansion and gets her camera.
One police- “Mam, what is this? Is this a proof?”
Vaani nods and Bihaan snatches the camera to look at it. He finds everything so perfect.
Bihaan- “Excellent. This will help us. Take these people and put them behind bars. I will meet you tomorrow at the police station. Gora, you go with them, you need to give your statements regarding whatever happened today.”
The policemen leave along with Gora leaving Vaani and Bihaan alone.
Bihaan- “And you? What are you waiting for? You didn’t go till now?”
Vaani- “Wait wait, you are so-so arrogant, I saved yo-ur life and even with-out thanking, you are as-king me to go. I am not here to wait for you Bihaanji, sorry Bihaan Sir. I will defi-nitely go. It’s just……..”
Bihaan- “Chuk Chuk Gadi……Hmmm she stammers like the boy in the station described about things which stammers……”(and he nods his head).
Vaani- “Did you tell me some-thing?”
Bihaan- “Yes, I said you just leave from here. What it’s just? What are you waiting for?”
Bihaan thinks something (in mind)- “What was this girl doing here? How did she know this place, is she a spy I mean does she work for the goons. Seeing that they will be defeated, she saved me and became a MAHAN AATMA (Great soul)in front of me? No, I can’t trust girls. I need to know about it somehow.”
Vaani- “It’s just that-that……..”
Bihaan- “What? I don’t have so much time to listen to you, you are stammering a lot. People, who do wrong deeds or speak lies, they stammer. Are you one of those or are you stammering because you are afraid of me?”
Vaani- “Your wounds.”
Bihaan- “My wounds? This is not the answer to my question.”
Vaani- “Yes Sir, your wou-nds. You are hurt and blee-ding, I will att-end it and go.”
Bihaan- “I didn’t get my answer still.”
But before he could say something more, Vaani tears off her dupatta a bit and ties it around his left hand to stop the bleeding. She takes out the ointment tube she had from her bag and applies it wherever he was cut all over his body and brings his shirt back and hands it to him. Bihaan, was yet to recover from the shock i.e., being attended by a girl.
Vaani- “Now, this is done, I am lea-ving. You are so-so thank-less, you didn’t even than-ked me for attending on you. But I didn’t hel-p you for gett-ing thanks from you. I did for huma-nity and…….”
Bihaan- “Madam, whatever your name is, you give a lot of L for Lecture and now please L for Leave. You are a girl and I am still controlling my anger just because you saved my life. If anyhow, I get a chance, I will return your help but never thank a girl and that too you are stammering because there is something wrong in you that you have done and you are afraid of me.”
Vaani- “I didn’t think so-so far. You are more than th-at.”
Bihaan- “What?”
Vaani- “Arro-gant. I stam-mer since child-hood and it is my defi-ciency since birth. Anyways I am lea-ving. Hope you don’t lament later for lea-ving a girl alone in the dark at this poi-nt of time. Please take care Sir and rea-ch home safe.”

Vaani didn’t waste even half a second to look at his face after pouring her heart out. She was too hurt. How could anyone misinterprete her stammering. She could have told him that she is a spy of the CP but Balwinder had strictly prevented her to disclose it to anybody. Poor girl, what could she have done. She leaves with her bag and camera silently, the memory chip that had proofs was already with Bihaan.
Bihaan, it was a jolt of shocking reply that he had received. How could he treat a girl like this and a girl, who saved his life? She said she stammers since childhood but no, he is a CBI. He can’t just trust anybody and that too a girl. But something in his heart was troubling him. His mind was saying no, she is lying, you shouldn’t fall in her trap but his soul was loudly accusing him- ” How could you leave a girl lonely on the abondoned street? It is already dark. People with odd intentions won’t see whether she is a good or a bad girl, whether she is an ordinary girl or someone’s spy, bad people will just pounce on her, secondly she is also a beautiful girl with a serene face, people won’t see her stammering.”
Bihaan- (in mind)”No, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. But if she is a spy? Okay let me think. If I silently follow her to her destination, I will even get to know where she stays and then find facts about her too. So I shouldn’t let her know that I am following her otherwise she won’t go to her proper place if she is a spy. And since I am behind her, if I find anything wrong that happens, I may be able to guard her. So here I kill two birds with a single stone.” He starts to follow her.

Vaani(on road) – “I don’t thi-nk I will get any bus from here to my pla-ce at this time. I need to walk most pro-bably. Okay, the dist-ance is not too much, it took twen-ty minutes by bus, it might need one hour walk-ing and if I sp-eed up, then forty minutes.”
Vaani starts walking faster than her normal pace with Bihaan silently following her. Unknown to her, she is murmuring on her own.
Vaani- “Today was the wor-st day of my li-fe. Firstly, since mor-ning, I was upset and second-ly that odd man I mean Mr. Bihaan Pandey Sir ate my head up. How can a per-son be so harsh and arro-gant? But yes, some-thing good happen-ed today. The goons were caught and the prob-lem was solved. I have to reach home, my chil-dren might be wait-ing.”
Bihaan(behind her, in mind)-“Oh, I ate her head up? She does not even know me properly till now who am I? I am B for Bihaan and would be B for Bhari(heavy) on her. But she is happy she got the goons caught. What does that mean? Is she really a good woman? And she said, her children are waiting? Is she married? Ohhh, what silly thoughts are pouring in, I feel so hungry. I can’t walk further. How much will she walk? Where is her house?”
Vaani receives a call from Balwinder.
Vaani- “Hello Sir, the job is done. They are cau-ght. Bihaan Sir is al-right. Nothing has happen-ed to him. He might reach home safe.” and the call disconnects.
Bihaan(in mind)- “Who did just call her? Is she really someone’s spy? I have to find out so I will follow her though I can’t walk but till I am breathing, I will.”

After a more fifteen minutes walking, Vaani stops near a large gate. Bihaan hides behind a tree and reads the board “SWASTIK ORPHANAGE”.
Bihaan- “Does she live here? Or is she targetting little children out here? But she said “my children”.. Ooofffff, I am so confused. Let me observe everything.” and he hides behind the gate wall.
Vaani opens the gate silently not to disturb the kids, they might have gone to sleep but to her surprise, the children were already waiting for her in the garden. They come rushing.
A child- “Di, where were you? We were so worried. You have never left us alone.”
Vaani- “I was at wo-rk dear.”
Another child- “Di, we have surprises for you.”
Vaani notices two children bringing cake and candles. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAANI DIDI” was mentioned clearly over the cake.
A little girl comes and kisses Vaani on her cheek “Happy Birthday Di.”
Bihaan wonders, “So today is the birthday of this Chuk Chuk Gadi but what is her name? I can’t even see the cake properly from here.”
Vaani- “Thank you so-so much but how did you all kn-ow? I have not told any-body about this day.”
A child- “Di, you have been staying with us since three years or so but you had never told us.”
Another child- “But today, a letter came in your name MISS VAANI from the bank and your birthday was well mentioned on it. You had never told us any day about it neither did you celebrate. We had to plan this.”
Another child- “Even Sister Maria told us that today you were upset, you were remembering your family. For this day only isn’t it?”
Vaani- “You chil-dren are my li-fe. Even, a whi-le ago, when I was coming, I was remem-bering all of you. I will ne-ver lie to you. Yes I was remem-bering my family but espe-cially my dadi, because in that house, she was the only one to wish me on my birth-day, rest every-one hates me(tears come in her eyes. I love her so much and I miss her so-so much to-day.”
Bihaan(in mind) – “So, her name is Vaani but her surname? Okay leave. What would I do with her surname or even name. I am here just to know her proper place and about her what she is. Now this is done, I should leave. I can’t carry my hunger anymore. I will come some other day. But what is the conclusion? On hearing their conversation, it feels she is not a bad girl, somebody who cares for children so much can never be bad, and she is not married I guess. She was murmuring about these children only. But then why her family hates her? She is such a confusing girl.”
As he was about to go, he finds Chotu, the station boy coming. Chotu enters the garden and hugs Vaani.
Vaani- “Chotu, you are also here?”
Chotu- “Yes di, my friends invited me for your birthday party. You have done so much for me, you pay for my mother’s illness, last month also you paid so much, if you hadn’t spent so much, your own problems would have been solved. But still you don’t think about yourself first. How could I have not come?”
Vaani- “You have be-come so clever in talking. My prob-lem is related with you all and this orpha-nage only. It will get solved. See I got the let-ter from the bank. I will read it la-ter. Let me cut the cake.”
Bihaan- (in mind) “So, she is a good girl hopefully. Even she helped Chotu so much. But what is her problem and what about the bank thing? But it is her birthday. Shall I wish her once? I have not behaved with her properly, shall I say sorry?”
Though half-heartedly, he starts walking towards the garden.
Vaani cuts the cake and everybody takes bites of the cake from her.
Vaani- “See I have also brou-ght something spe-cial for you all. It is special and the spe-cial one will get it fir-st.”
Vaani takes out the Aam Papad packet from her bag and unpacks it. As she was thinking whom to feed first, they hear a thud sound. As she turns around, she finds Bihaan had fainted and he was lying unconsciously on the floor.
Everyone rushes towards him.
Vaani- “What is this arro-gant person doing here and why did he fain-ted?”
Chotu- “Di, this bhaiya is very nice, he spoke to me so well at the station but since he didn’t have any money, he couldn’t eat anything. May be he fainted out of hunger.”
Vaani looked shockingly and she knew how hectic day was it for him. Did he die out of fatigue, thoughts began to pour in her mind. She quickly went to him and put his head on her lap.
Vaani -“Bihaanji I mean Sir, plea-se get up. Nothing will hap-pen to you.” She begins rubbing his hands and feet. “Ohhh, I am so foo-lish.” She takes out the little water bottle from her bag and pours water on his lips. “Please wake up. You may sc-old me as much as you want.”
Bihaan gains consciousness and stares at her.
Bihaan- “I am hungry….” and he faints again. Vaani quickly feeds him the Aam Papad she had in her hand. She feeds more from her bag and then asks everybody to help her to take him inside.
Vaani calls a doctor for check up and the doctor informs he fainted out of fatigue and dehydration. He should be fed with Oral Rehydration Solution and taken great care, he will recover soon.

The clock already stroke 1 a.m midnight but there was no Bihaan approaching. Vasundhara’s lamp had already extinguished and she was fast asleep on the stairs. Dhruv and Balwinder tried calling Bihaan but the phone was still switched off. Balwinder’s phone rings suddenly, a call from Vaani.
Balwinder- “Vaani, Bihaan has not reached yet.”
Vaani- “I know Sir, he is here at my orp-hanage. He had fain-ted suddenly but now he is sta-ble. Doctor did his work.”
Balwinder-“Now I can relax. We all were worried, his mother had already fainted. Okay tomorrow early morning I will reach there along with Dhruv and will bring him back. Take care my daughter and look after him too.”
Balwinder(in mind)- “How come Bihaan reached there? And that too he met Vaani also? He can’t tolerate girls. I am confused but whatever it is, my son is safe.”
Balwinder informs Aditi and Dhruv about Bihaan and asks them to keep it a secret. Tomorrow they will give Vasundhara a surprise. They all go off to sleep.

Vaani disconnects the call and sits thinking. “How could I feed Aam Papad to him? It was for some-one special? But….No, some-body who is sick, I help-ed the man. But my heart does not supp-ort this. Is he the spe-cial per-son? What is God indicating me? I trust and rely on God so much and God wants to play with me ag-ain? Wasn’t all the pains before enou-gh? No but…..So many if’s and but’s but no answer. No, I am just thin-king foolishly..” She hears Bihaan moaning and she rushes inside the room.
Vaani- “See, I brou-ght this glass of lemon jui-ce and this bowl of soup for you as doc-tor sugges-ted. I know I gi-ve lectures and you can’t tole-rate me, but for your well bei-ng I am doing it. Atleast think about your mo-ther and have it. She is worr-ied for you.”
Bihaan- “How do you know my mother is worried?”
Vaani- “No, I thought so. It is al-ready late night and you are not home, so she mig-ht be worried most pro-bably.”
Vaani leaves the room quickly in order to avoid his questions and she telling lies to him.
Bihaan notices her going away and slowly picks up the juice and soup and have them all within seconds. He feels relaxed and a bit better. He sleeps again.
Vaani goes to her room which is next to the guest room where Bihaan was sleeping. She arranges her bed and her things and goes to change. She comes out of the washromm and sits on the bed with a story book. She was wearing a light blue cotton salwar suit.
Vaani-“If I don’t read a book bef-ore sleep, I feel ill-at-ease.” She keeps reading without any knowledge of the clock.
Bihaan feels restless and he gets up. He notices the time 2.30 a.m. He sees Vaani’s room’s light is still on and wonders what is she still doing. He goes outside to check and upon seeing the door open, he peeps in.
Vaani- “The chil-dren are asleep and it is the corr-ect time to read the letter.”
Vaani takes out the letter from her cupboard that the children had handed over to her. She is shocked on seeing the contents of the letter. The screen freezes on her face.

PRECAP- She reads the letter and tries to confirm what she had just read in a low tone, she turns teary eyed. Bihaan overhears her words and is shocked too.
Early morning, Balwinder comes with Dhruv and calls for Bihaan. Both Vaani and Bihaan comes out one by one. Balwinder goes to Vaani and says thank you daughter. Bihaan thinks in mind, “So bauji knows her?”


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